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4.2 out of 5 stars105
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 18 September 2009
This was exactly what I was looking for to compliment my wii fitness regime! I had read about Gold's Gym and was really keen to try it, and disappointed when I first heard it was not available here. So delighted when it came out under this cover. I have read the other reviews, and am slightly baffled at the people who rate it really low for poor graphics etc. If you were getting this type of game for the graphics then I would be surprised, and frankly I can't see a problem with them. There are loads of different lengths and difficulties of warm ups and shape boxing programmes, each of which tells you how many calories you can expect to burn before you go in, so you can really tailor your workout for what you are hoping to achieve. The 'exercise' things (skipping, sawing logs etc) are less of a draw for me, as I am happy losing myself in the boxing, although there is one that has you ducking and dodging punches from a strange terminator type machine (!?), which if you do it everyday as part of your routine will bring great results for the old waistline. If you do an 8 min warm up and then 16-20 workout I would challenge you not to feel as if you have had a good workout and be sweating. A real plus is that you have to keep your legs moving so it is for the whole body, not just the arms. Beware the first time you use it as my arms and legs ached the next day!

I suspect that like all other exercise games for the wii you would eventually get tired of this if it was all you did. Personally I combine a 20-25 min work out on EA active, 30 mins on this, and 10 mins yoga on wii fit to get a really good all round work out, that IS bringing results (visible shape change within a week :-)
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on 19 August 2009
I bought this to use alongside My Fitness Coach: Get in Shape because I always do the cardio workouts on it and I wanted to shake things up a bit to keep my motivation to exercise up. It's based on Gold's Gym Cardio Workout in America, but rebranded for release here.

I have to say, i'm very impressed. As opposed to Get in Shape, this one feels like a game rather than an interactive fitness DVD. There is an exercise section where you can do squats, skipping etc but the actual boxing lessons are far more fun (although try as i might, i can't get the skipping exercise to work for me!). You box in time with the instructions on screen and do the type of punch it says e.g. right hook, left jab etc. The music sounds like computer game music from the 80s even though a lot of the tracks are based on actual released tracks, they have been changed into what sounds a lot like midi files! Having said that they are easy to keep time with and do help motivate you and make it feel like you're playing a game.

Another big motivator is that after every exercise you earn gold. You can spend this gold on outfits from the shop. This might not work to motivate some, but being a completionist gamer i want to buy everything so it works for me!

At the beginning you create a little avatar. The game has a japanese cute feel and your avatar is no different. Surprisingly, you can make a cute person that does look a bit like you from the cartoon faces and hair! When you input your weight your little avatar does get fatter (but not like on Wii Fit where your belly pops out) instead your avatar gets bigger but remains in proportion, which is much better.

I've been using this game for three weeks now and my muscles still ache the day after playing it. I expected my arms to hurt but i was amazed at how it affected my back and legs and even my innner thighs (the difficult bit to tone up). The only area i'd say you might want to do extra exercise for is your abs, as i haven't noticed a difference there.

Overall, i didn't expect to get as good a workout as a i do from this game and for the money it's well worth it!
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on 29 October 2009
I love this! I was disappointed when I bought the Get in Shape version - as it didn't incorporate the balance board & remotes. I have enough workout DVDs that do the same thing - if not better - so I got bored with it. The Cardio Workout is brilliant. It has different sections from beginner to advanced, so you can work your way up. I usually ask one of the trainers to prepare a workout for me, and I usually get a 7 or 8 minute warm up, then a 15 min workout - these will give you combinations of punches; jabs, uppercuts etc, and then you may get a 3 min roadwork - which is running, and then punching bears - funny! - mitt work or jump rope etc - it also asks if you want to have light, regular or hardcore - so you tell it how hard you want to work. The best way is to have 2 remotes - rather than a remote or nunchuck, as the wire gets in the way. It is based around boxing, so if you don't like boxing, don't buy this game. It certainly gets your arms aching afer the end of each session. You don't have to do the workout prepared for you by the trainer. They ask if you want a la carte - so you can make up your own workout. At the end of your session, it will take you to a calendar, and then you have to punch, and it will either say good or great, depending on how hard your workout has been for that day. There is also a section called exercise, this is where the balance board comes in. You can use either the balance board or remotes for this section; which is the roadwork, mitt work, jump rope etc. One review mentioned a strange terminator type machine - it looks more like the bad machine in Robocop to me. There are also exams to go for - I have passed the master exam, so I am pretty chuffed about that. You collect gold after every workout that you have done, and then you can buy clothes from the shop, so that you change the clothes on your character. You can also change your trainer's clothes. This might not be for everyone, but I like changing the clothes. You just have 3 different backgrounds to choose from, but there are plenty of music choices, which are ok, and there is obviously Eye of the Tiger! I can't see anything wrong with the cartoon graphics - they look good to me - I love how my character looks - I am overweight, but it doesn't give me a pot belly, like my wii fit character does! I would certainly recommend it.
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on 19 August 2009
ok, let's get the badpoints out of the way first: the graphics are basic - there really isn't any other way to put it - they're basic. And moving between the excercises could be quicker and given this is for the wii: slicker. There'you go those really are all the bad points. Now on to the good ones:

i've owned this cheep n cheerful software for 3 weeks and used it 5 days a week. In that period my 35" waisline has dropped to 31", my flabby chest and arm muscles have firmed and are taking on a better defined shape and my tum, as mentioned, is flattening out a treat. I've not changed my diet at all, just used this for at least 30 minutes per day.

If like me the thought of going to a gym or jogging around the cold wet streets on your average British summers evening does not motivate you, then I really recommend that you try this out - it's working wonders for me!

By the way, go easy for the first few days as your arms and shoulders are going to ache, ache, ache.
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on 5 January 2010
My first review! I asked for this game for my Xmas as I thought I'd better start somewhere after the New Year. Boy after I got the motivation up for putting this game on I was hooked, 2.5hrs later I managed to drag myself off only because I had to head out! I'm not sure this would suit kids, I'm 28 and thoroughly enjoyed this, it was like a real exercise class.

This game is exactly what I was looking for. If you like the boxing on the Wii Sports but were looking for more training routines - this is your game. I was a bit duped by the title being cardio workout as its really a boxing training game, although there are other mini exercises that you can do. Its Wii Balance Board compatible which you can do crunches, push ups, squats and back muscle exercises. Some of the non Balance Board games are Jump Rope, dodging etc.. All great fun!!

The game takes you through the basic steps and punches adding more moves as you progress to the combo sets, which really get you moving! Be warned though, you need rhythm to play this game as its very important in order for you to hit your punches at the right time and for someone who grew up dancing it was even a little difficult for me to start with. The game allows you to play with the Wii remote and nun chuck or two Wii remotes which I think is better - you hear the pow on both punches!

You create a profile at the beginning for which when you progress through the game you can buy more outfits etc... You have various instructors to select from, up to date music and workout areas to enjoy - once you've unlocked them. After the 2.5hrs I'd got a new outfit for my current instructor, a new instructor and gained some points to by my self a new trendy outfit in the shop.

I've only completed the beginners section and boy it was great fun but I'm now suffering as every bone in my body is aching but I can't wait to jump back on it tonight and see if I can tackle intermediate!

I bought the first game, My Fitness Coach but only played it once as it was all jogging on the spot and squats - not really what I wanted. If you want a better more energetic work out and you like throwing a few stress relieving punches, you will not be disappointed with this game - I've recommended it to all my friends, well worth the money!!
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on 21 January 2010
The first 2 times I played it I loved this game, I was acheing for some time afterwards and thought I'd found a great cardio workout. However, having now played it for 10 days I've realized that the muscles were only aching due to the fact that some of them don't get used that often, rather than this being a great workout. I honestly think you'd have to spens an hour each day playing this game to get any sort of real workout from it or even to work up a sweat.
As another reviewer commented, there's far too much 'downtime' between exercises which breaks any continuity.
At first the controls seemed to be excellent but as you progress onto the harder stages this all goes out of the window as the motion sensor seems to struggle with fast combinations which is very frustrating.
The game tells you what punches to throw, from jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts, which is great until you realize that you can throw any punch you want and it will still register. If you carry out a right weave by mistake when it should have been a left weave it will still score. What at first appears to be a very clever control system soon turns into a bit of a joke. Add to this the fact that, when you do throw the correct punches they occasionally fail to register (especially on the harder levels) and it soon turns into a very frustrating experience.

To sum it up, this is an exercise game that rewards you by unlocking harder levels, which is great. Unfortunately, the controls aren't up to scratch and it all feels very cheaply done. More use of the Wii Fit board would have made a big difference for left/right ducking and weaving, and the game should be able to tell the difference between a jab and an uppercut. One other thing, there are times when a punch registers before I've even thrown it (ie, upper cut registers while my hand is still by my waist and about to rise). I've also found to to get 'excellent' from jabs requires an unnatural punch as you need to almost point the control at the sensor which means twisting the wrist, which you wouldn't do if boxing.

Not a bad game, but could have been so much better.
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on 21 July 2009
I have been tracking this workout game for some time now, it is know as wii gold's gym cardio workout in America. The cardio in this workout game, is based around boxing.
First you create a profile, which includes height, weight and age, then it is onto the basics.
The first stage is the basic section, which took about 30- 40 mins to complete.
Basics consist of teaching you how to jab, hook , upper cut, foot work and how to hold the controls correctly. Each lesson is followed by a small shape boxing session 1 -2 mins, so you can practice what you learned. I have to say that this section is brilliant, especially if you have never done boxing before.

The workouts
After basic, you unlock the entire shape boxing sessions, which consist of beginner, intermediate and advanced.
Before each session beginnings you get to choose a location and the song tracks you want to workout to. I started with a beginner warm up jab session, which took 5 mins to complete, burning 51cals, ( the calorie estimated is based on your height and weight, so the estimation is more accurate.)
While you cannot create a playlist of sessions, like with EA active, this becomes insignificant. For example two combo sessions ,last 30mins and burns 350cals, so not much time spent navigating menus.

Wondering what your stats are? No problem, all your information is stored in My Data, which is set up like a calendar ( much like wii fit), it stores, workout time, calories burned, and score for the day.

Exercise Training
There is a bonus section, which includes, jump rope, mitts work, dodging and weaving, with a further un-lockable, punching bag, jogging, squats and push ups. I found the mitts work and the punching bag to be a little un-responsive, how ever the jump rope was brilliant and the jogging was fun, intense and hilarious. I also was having trouble with the uppercuts, but my boyfriend, seem to got it figured out and it on to the advance sessions already, it seem that you got to get the timing right for full marks.

I only wish it had a 2 player session, so I could workout with my partner.Overall I think that this is a brilliant addition to my gaming exercise experience on the wii. It has bought some much needed variety to my workouts. It is an intense fun and brilliant workout.
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on 8 November 2009
I'd got the Wii Fit a couple of months ago, and found it didn't really push me, I liked the rhythm boxing on it so looked for a boxing based program.

Like others I ached after the first use, but used it it daily and lost 2lb in my first week.

Its good fun, I usually let the trainer put together a workout for me, then go to the exercise section afterwards.

The use of dual remotes instead of the nun chuck is a brilliant idea.

Definately recommend this - if you like boxing!
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on 13 May 2010
Post Christmas commitment to losing weight and getting fit saw me briefly try wii fit plus. I soon got bored so I tried this program.

I've really liked it, reasonably quick pace , building up as you go through. Though the routines are similar they all vary. I'm on number 52 now and commit to 4 times x 30 minutes a week.

Combining this with a better diet and walking a bit more has seen me drop over 2 stone since 1 Feb. I feel great and still enjoy using the program. One tip buy a step elevator and some weights they really help push you.

This is the first time I have written a review.
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on 25 January 2011
My girlfriend has been through loads of Wii fitness games and although I try to take an interest, I end up finding most of them far too boring and unchallenging. At the same time I've secretly been looking for something that I can play on my own, makes me build up a serious sweat, actually works some muscles and doesn't turn into a tedious exercise of clicking through hundreds of pointless screens to do a bit of random hand waving.

For a change, this game does actually give me a decent workout. Of course like all Wii fitness games it's a bit sporadic whether your movements actually register properly, and you can put as little or as much effort into it as you want. But if you do the footwork throughout the session and pretend that you're beating up your boss or other suitable enemy, this is a lot more effective than any other game I've tried. It gets surprisingly fast-paced early on and once you start combining the punches with the ducks and movements, it's a great combination of cardio and physical strength (well, if you enjoy throwing flailing punches at the air). Takes me ages to cool down afterwards.

The menu system, graphics and music is neither here nor there - it works competently enough and thankfully is lightweight enough that you can quickly skip through most stuff. The only really tedious thing is that every single session starts with an explanation of the footwork that goes on a bit too long and can't be skipped but I'll forgive it that. There are gimmicks like choosing different outfits and backdrops which are mostly needless fluff but then again I've grown quite fond of my female trainer in her hot-pants outfit.

I just wish it came with an inflatable Wii punch bag.
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