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4.6 out of 5 stars126
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 30 March 2005
The best thing about this film is Fairuza Balk; she's a brilliant actress with a penchant for crazy bitch roles (see American History X for her as a diminuitive psycho Neo-Nazi) and as far removed from the plastic Hollywood blonde as you could wish! Her manic performance easily steals the show, but her co-stars put up a fairly good fight, particularly Robin Tunney as the quiet, but intense Sarah (the film's heroine, to be sure).
Three schoolgirls (Neve Campbell, Balk,Rachel True)are the resident campus weirdos who dabble in witchcraft. Along comes Sarah with the ability for the craft to make up the 4th corner of the witches' circle. All goes swimmingly as they plot revenge spells against their classmates forgetting the lesson of Karma. Classmates get just desserts but lo and behold, the witches find that in the process they too begin to suffer. Nancy (Balk) decides to cast the daddy of all spells, turns into the barmy army and all hell breaks loose. You still with me? Can Sarah fight off Nancy's assault, can the natural balance be restored? Hmm, for those answers, you'll have to watch!
This film is like catnip for disenfranchised teens, but it's pretty entertaining viewing for those who just enjoy a supernatural thrill. The Craft is no deep and meaningful journey and there's no mystical/religious semiplot (like Stigmata for example) to complicate the popcorn value. Plus there is a nice patchouli scented soundtrack featuring, for starters, How Soon Is Now, which seems to crop up in every spooky film/tv series going!
This is recommended dark, lonely night viewing!
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VINE VOICEon 14 September 2007
Some reviewers seem to have the wrong idea about this film. It is cleary not supposed to be scary, not in the traditional sense anyway and nor is it supposed to be another high school comedy. The nineties brought a resurgence of teen horror and comedy movies onto our screen, 90% of which are awful, but this one was different. The Craft refuses to be labeled as horror or comedy although it has strong elements of both, and it is more akin to Heathers than any other recent film. The humour is dark, biting, hitting at modern teen society, while the horror is psychological, dealing with transformation, our deepest personal fears, exposure of our secrets, and the the question of whether we can truly know or trust our friends and peers.

Campbell is as gorgeous as always, her performance is strongg and convincing, showing a different side to her Party Of Five role. Balk is superb, taking her character by the teeth and plays with devilish relish. The rest of the cast is respectable, and both the script and effects are sharp, giving the movie a darker tone than any of its contemporaries. The clichés are there, with the outsider becoming the hero, but the result is never boring or predictable. Forget your knowledge of magic if you have any, and any preconceptions about teen movies, because this one is cool, dark, entertaining stuff.

The DVD has a few good extras, a short documentary being worthwhile. This can usually be picked up for less than a fiver, so snap it up.
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on 8 October 2011
The Craft is one of my Top Ten films of all time, mainly because of the performance of Fairuza Balk who plays Nancy Downs, one of the main characters in the film. Nancy Downs is the kind of girl you don't need in your life unless you really want to be led astray! This film also raises an interesting question, a bit like St Trinian's, what would happen in real life if teenage girls really did band together with evil/mischievous intent? They'd take over the world I bet!!
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on 18 May 2009
Besides the really good cast the plot to this is really good!!

It follows the main character who moves house with her family, she ends up befriending three other girls who are all friends but outcasts of the school they attend in different ways.

The main character soon discovers her new friends practise witchcraft, hoping that it will change there lives in different ways.

It follows that there prayers start to come true due to their new friend, however with all the fun comes consequences, and things start to go wrong.

This movie deals with so many issues, like wanting to accepted, feeling alone, friendship, the consequences of your actions aswell as having comedy, romance and suspense.
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on 27 January 2014
I don't often give a movie five stars but this deserves it. I was only a child in the 90's but i love watching films like this and clueless to remind me of childhood. Neve Campbell proves what a versatile actress she is as this character is completely different to Sydeny in Scream, it's nice to see the not popular girls in the lime light and it teaches us that's it's ok to be unique. The witchcraft is well done, it was a huge craze in the late 90's.
It's dated now, you know it's the mid 90's by the style of clothes. The music is also excellent, defiantly of it's time.
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I bought this film for my grand-daughter and expected it to be total nonsense but it actually turned out to be quite a good little film with passable performances from all four of the adolescent key actors, a reasonable storyline and script plus good special effects.

OK, it is typical mid-1990s teenage fare, released when the craze for teenage witches, werewolves and vampires was at it's zenith with the younger female demographic, but it is quite harmless fun and overall a fairly decent film.
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on 2 October 2012
The craft is a movie about a young girl who moves to a new area and a new school. She has gifts that she never even knew she had and not long after coming here they get stronger . After beginning a new school she meets up with three girls in the school, these three are outcasts and have reputations and are often given a hard time by the other kids at their school. When our main female character joins their group she soon learns their interest in magic and it does not take long for them to convince her to join them.nancy is leader of the group and her interests are almost foremost in her mind and actions. There is a pretty good storyline and great sound track, some cute guys and bonding teenage female friendship. Would make a great gift for most teenage girls.
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VINE VOICEon 23 September 2006
Sarah Bailey (Robin Tunney) is new to the school she brings with her some witchy ways. It is not that she is anti social just not comfortable in the main stream and those around her can tell.

Witch group will befriend her? It is an odd group (Rachel True, Fairuza Balk, and Neve Campbell) that needs one more aware person to make a quorum necessary for some spells.

Each of her new friends is outcast in one way or another. But now they are capable of calling upon spirit of Manol to fill their desires which start off pretty innocuous but soon gets out of hand.

How will Sarah be able to handle this?

Or can she?

They better change their Wicca ways, not that they have any idea of what they are doing. This is Teen-age angst with a unique outlet. This type of story has been portrayed before, but they go a good job of not just turning this movie into a strictly blood and gore revenge movie. And I think it had an appropriate ending.

Of course if you are just interested in the vicious one, then see Fairuza Balk again in "The Waterboy" (1998). There she bites heads off.

For snake lovers, this movie features over 3000 snakes including pythons, boas, water snakes, garter snakes, rat snakes, and a 10-foot Amazon constrictor - even rare albino snakes.
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on 20 October 2009
This is an old fav movie of mine its a good story and the pace is also good. Its refreshing to see a movie about magic, with a fairly sweet cast i might add. I could watch this time and time again without it loosing its entertaining value.
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on 27 July 2001
If you've seen this film before, this DVD is well worth thinking about. The extra features include a 'Making of' and deleted scenes, both of which are brilliant. The film itself is a masterpiece, with outstanding performances from all the actors. This film has incredible depth, and the running commentary on this DVD gives you has loads of background info, an insight into the special effects (some of which are incredible to watch) and background information on how particular scenes were shot. Not many films have attempted storylines like this, and none of them feel as authentic as The Craft. It is wonderfully dark, daringly insightful and startlingly original, with some memorable scenes and subtle effects that enhance the overall feeling of this film. If you own a DVD player and you're looking for a brilliant DVD to play on it, The Craft is your best bet. Don't settle for VHS, theres simply so much you miss out on. Its definetly one of the best DVDs I own!
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