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4.2 out of 5 stars9
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 25 September 2010
I've been a screenwriter for quite sometime. Although writing scripts can be a long and tiring job, trying to get everything done in a small amount of time. It's not easy. But what if you had to present it to a producer or a film company? Would they look at it, or throw in the bin?
Maybe? Maybe not? But if you're looking for something that can make your work stand out more presentable, then look no further than Movie Outline.

Since I've bought this, I can write as well as focus on my scripts a lot more easier than just typing out on some weird format.
The work in the end will stand out more in the end. The characters arcs will have a better understanding. Very good for first time screenwriters.
I reckon everything on there is just as easy as pie.

I maybe halfway editing through my second script, but at least it's worth the money.
Forget Movie Magic, shove aside Final Draft. This is the real deal here.

A very good software for writing scripts. Can't promise you'll win an Oscar!!
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on 28 October 2011
I've been using it for about a year now. Has some excellent parts as far as character development, but when it comes to actually writing the script I run into problems.

1. The outline, script, and step cards seem to be disconnected from each other. I have steps numbers that do not match up with the outline numbers, and I have script scenes that don't have corresponding outline numbers or step numbers.

2. I now have some scenes that have no step numbers, and some steps that I've tried to delete that resulted in the scene being deleted, but the step numbers staying.

3. If you have the steps open while you are entering in script, the step numbers will flash and jump around in an extremely distracting manner.

4. The software is unforegiving when it comes to formatting while you enter. I frequently copy my parts of my outline into the script, then add some dialog, then write some explanatory text to help me keep track of where I am at, then write more dialog, switch back and for adding general notes, action, and dialog, then go back and delete out stuff I don't need.. This drives MO 3.12 nuts, as it wants to go from character to character during dialog. And if you are used to using carriage returns to separate paragraphs while entering dialog, action, or notes, it causes more problems. Too bad it doesn't have a way of selecting blocks of text after you've written them and then flag them as Dialog for a specific character, general notes, action, etc.

5. I am also surprised that when you start looking on various forums for threads related to Movie Outline you really don't seem to find any talk about it.

6. I've contacted support a number of times, and they are always very fast to respond. Unfortuantely many of their responses fall into the category of "you just don't know how to format a script" or "nobody else is complaining about that."

I will caveat all this by saying that I have been a software developer for 33 years, as well as a manager and executive in various businesses. So, I may have higher than average expectations when it comes to how user friendly and intuitive a Windows based piece of software should be.

I will keep MO3 if just for the character development capabilities, but I think I'm going to look for other software to do the actual script writing with.
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on 28 July 2010
I wasn't sure which script-writing software to buy so I downloaded demo versions of the available choices - Movie Outline, Final Draft etc and found Movie Outline to be the best and as such bought the full version.

It's very easy to use and understand and is perfect for quickly setting up and writing your script. The software also has has considerable depth with regards to story development and character development by charting the course of your character through the story and by creating in-depth biographies for them. It is also possible to break your story down into bite-sized 'steps' which allow you to work at a less daunting pace and be more focused on the part of the story you're working on.

The only issue I've had with this software is that once my script gets to 50+ pages it begins to slow down quite conisderably. The software has an auto-complete function in which, for example, a list of character names are prepared for you so you don't need to keep writing them everytime they speak. However it is this feature which I find grinds to a halt when my script grows in size. I cannot. however, say whether this is the fault of the software or my computer.

All in all, if you want a good piece of scriptwriting software I would recommend Movie Outline.
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on 11 November 2011
This software is brilliant for planning and executing your screenplay step by step. It allows you to work within the confines of that step, without being distracted or tempted to run on into new scenes. It allows you to give real focus. Not only that, it has great character building templates, and asks many questions of your characters, to build a true to life profile. It also allows you to see all of the dialogue each character says, allowing you to be sure dialogue and speech patterns, tags, of your characters are consistent. It comes inbuilt with other produced screenplays so you can see how they are structured, as well as having 3 Act Structure, and other structures such as Vogler built in. You can also design your own structure. Seriously, if you want to write a great, tightly structured screenplay which allows you to focus on individual scenes and steps, and work from a detailed outline, this is for you. Masterful software for perfecting masterful techniques. Perfect!
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on 9 January 2010
I was very happy to receive Movie Outline quite fast and I started to use it immediately. The software is very simple to use and very good for writing screenplays and to export it in pdf format. I needed some help for a problem that I didn't understand and the people at Movie Outline very kindly and quickly helped me by phone to solve it. I was astonished by this fast reply to my problem, because nowadays companies often sell thing and do not care about what's happens afterward.
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on 22 March 2013
Depends. For any tool to be of value, the worker wielding it needs an effective method.

To be of any real value you need to have previously hit a few textbooks on screenwriting (Syd Field, Robert McKee, et al). I'm not saying you need to be an expert on screenwriting (hell, I'm no expert) but a few textbooks worth of know how will help you work productively.

I prefer to do a lot of pre-drafting: writing character bios, sussing out the plotline, deciding on the ending and so on, before I get down to writing proper otherwise I suffer from complete mental block. Syd Field advises knowing the outline and ending of your story before you begin drafting proper.

Once upon a time I would keep all my ideas in notebooks, index cards, bits of cardboard, etc. and it didn't work. It would all go astray. Movie Outline lets my keep all ideas in once place so it's more convenient.

The way it's structured also makes you work harder. For instance, the character wizard asks has plenty of boxes to fill in so you develop more rounded characters. This helps deliver some more polish to your script.

My method is to start with the germ of an idea and use it to create a precis - like a stringvest, an outline but with plenty of holes. Once the basic framework is there I expand it and then later add the details. Given the rough-and-ready first draft I can fine tune it. Movie Outline complements this method very effectively.

I have found Movie Outline gives me a much improved overview of my screenplay. I can interrelate the various scenes more easily and write a better coordinated story.

Movie Outline can be purchased online for about £130. I brought the disk (cost £100) which lets you install on two separate machines. I've got a copy on my laptop at home and the other on my netbook. Saving the work to Dropbox or similar (Google Drive, etc.) allows me to work on the move and backs up all at the same time.

There is of course a demo which can be downloaded for free.

The free demo will let you get started on a screenplay which you can subsequently work on in the complete-feature version should you so wish.

So is it worth the £100? For me, absolutely - the most productive aid for screenwriting I've so far seen.
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on 17 September 2009
This really is a great piece of software for screenwriters. I'd been using Word for everything up until a few months ago when I finally decided to buy something specific to writing scripts. I checked out Final Draft and Movie Magic Screenwriter but Movie Outline beat them hands down. Unlike the others, Movie Outline seems to have been created from the writer's POV because it doesn't just focus on formatting (which is obviously an important factor) but also helps you organize all of your ideas about characters and storylines. I always outline my screenplays and this is what Movie Outline encourages.. but doesn't force you to do. If you don't like outlining, then don't use the step by step methodology and just write your script from page one to the end in a single step. If you, like me, feel that outlining is important then Movie Outline can help you even more by allowing you to create coloured structure templates to define acts, sequences and turning points in your story.

I think one of the most helpful features were the twelve scene by scene movie breakdowns the software included. Films in different genres like Scream, Seven, Die Hard, When Harry Met Sally... Each breakdown gives a description of what happened in the scene followed by an analysis in terms of character development and the plot. The software also has something called "Dialogue Spotlight" which lets you view the isolated exchanges between two selected characters in your script or the dialogue or voice-over from just a single character. The character development tools also look very impressive. I haven't actually delved into them just yet but I can see how they can help you flesh out your characters, their arcs and their relationships together within the story.

If you've written scripts before and want to have better tools for structuring and organizing rewrites or you just have an idea for a movie and don't know where to start, I recommend Movie Outline. You won't be disappointed.
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on 22 August 2009
Having used Final Draft for a number of years I was reluctant to switch products and had every intention of just updating to the latest version. However after hunting around the web for a bit I came across Movie Outline and am really pleased that I did. This software goes that step further then simply helping format your script this takes you on the whole journey from initial idea through to the final screenplay. This is a an easy to use piece of software that takes away that feeling of being all on your own when writing.
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on 18 October 2014
the box was tatty with a ring stain this was not as quoted nearly new I would have brought this new if I had of known the state it was in
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