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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 2 January 2001
Never having been one to think before buying, I have always suffered from the old 'too much month left at the end of the money' syndrome. But with Alvin's help, that is beginning to change!
Initially hooked by Alvin's forthright, no-nonsense attitude in his TV show, I went out and bought the book. Probably the best thing I did last year! His witty, challenging style makes you think about your own financial situation, without being condescending. Chapters on reducing debt, credit cards, investing, budgeting and buying property are neatly summarised in the first chapter; this is a book that you can read from cover to cover or dip in to as and when you need a little financial wisdom. Handy questions at the start of each chapter help the reader to identify their own 'financial personality'; a great tool for those people frightened to look too closely into their own budgets and blowouts!Sound advice based on personal experiences coupled with a great sense of humour really brought me to my senses - after reading this book I cannot make a purchase without seeing the face of Alvin Hall before me, repeating the mantra 'Do you really need it?'!!!
For all those people struggling with their outgoings, or trying to admit their financial failings, this is THE book to buy this New Year!
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on 24 January 2002
When this book arrived my first thoughts were that it was too small!! But its just the right size - an easy to read book full of encouragement to get you saving and reviewing your finanaces.
Did I think Alvin would pay me a vist in person and sort out my finances? - Maybe !! :) But I got the book instead and its the next best thing.
It does not contain magic wands or miracles - so if thats what you are looking for, you are looking in the wrong place. It has one practical "Annual Budget" questionnnaire - and maybe it could have done with a few more analysing your spending etc. But it has enough content to make you think about your own situation, how and why you spend money, and why you should be planning for the future.
I would recommend this book to anyone looking for the encouragement to take control of their finances. It would be a very good present to a young person in their first job......start as you mean to go on!!
I will definately look at Alvin's other books - once I have followed the advice in this one (And I have started to already!)
Thanks Alvin!
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on 9 August 2001
From watching Alvin on the television and saying 'I must do something about my finances' I bought this 'financial miracle' of a book and consider it the best use of a few pounds in my life. Alvin's style is fresh and direct with no hidden language only understood by the monied few. His plain speaking and common sense approach shocked me into looking into the murky depths of my credit card debts and personal banking finances.
From his wise words and advice I have suddenly grown up and have been forced to take full responsibility for my spending and lack of saving provision. Thankyou Alvin, I may well be on the way to enjoying a decent pension when it comes round without the stress of huge credit card debts.
This little book is a must for anyone who thinks that money is for the concern of others. God bless you Mr Hall. I have seen the light.
Phil Lowe.
Nottingham. UK.
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on 24 August 2001
Ok, there's nothing new in Hall's book of financial wisdom - don't borrow money, make a realistic assessment of what you can spend and, most importantly, realise that spending money you don't have won't make you happy.
However, this is a entertaining and lively read. Where it does score points is on examples. It (painfully) brings it home just how much money you can waste, and the implications for your long term mental health.
I recommend it to anyone, like me, who always seems to be in debt. If you follow his simple approach to financial planning - you will save money, painlessly. Having watched his great TV show and read his book makes you wish he was your favourite uncle !
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on 28 September 2001
The subject of money just gives me a blank but this book is easy and enjoyable to read with a lot of good tips.
I have taken on board some of them already, and they do work!! Of course you have to apply yourself, this book is not a magic wand, but it is easy to absorb, especially for the regular person, and people like me who are so baaaaaaaad with money!!
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Alvin Hall takes the apparently complex and turns it into a topic you want to keep learning about.
Working with this book has helped us to strengthen our own finances and develop a clear retirement plan based upon the sound principles and lessons he shares with the reader. His writing style is easy and you will finish the book faster than you might imagine. He has breathed life into a topic frequently misunderstood and made it live for the reader.
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on 28 March 2002
First off, I like Alvin. I think he presents money in a fun, non-boring way that makes the whole subject less dull.
What Alvin does, which a lot of finance experts dont do, is he helps you to plan to SPEND your money. He encourges you to enjoy your money and helps you plan for those big events that drain your cash. Its all very well to be rich but what it money for? enjoying it thats what and Alvin doesnt forget this.
He warns of debt, Credit cards etc but for me and this is the only thing that lost him the extra star is he does not detail enough how to get out of debt, he is far too simplistic in his views which dont address the debt problem if you are already in debt.
Regardless, buy this book, it will help you budget and teach you valuable lessons on spending, but if you are in debt, buy another book to help you out of that situation.
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on 16 March 2014
This the Audio Program of the popular BBC TV series that Alvin Hall presented. In which he dispenses his golden advice to hard-pressed financially stretched families,couples and singles. He shares the key steps that you need to take in order to put your personal financial affairs in order whether if its getting to grips on your spending, or saving for a pension or overcoming debt. He also states that we need to take personal responsability to managing our finances. A very clear and detailed roadmap to getting back in control of your money
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on 25 February 2001
After following Alvin Halls, series on managing money, I decided I must have a look at his book.
It has become my financial guide, he explains things humoursly and simply. Every area of finance that we all need to know about is included.
I agree with the other reviewer it should definatley be part of the school curriculum.
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on 2 March 2016
This book is the ultimate money diet book. I read it over a decade ago, and it made me realise about how taking responsibility over my own finances is totally key to building my future. It helps to build an understanding of the importance of saving for a pension. Who would want to rely on family hand-outs after retirement? Or even have to go on working beyond 70 to make ends meet?
It also helps one to think about unnecessary spending and strategies to curb it.
With extra chapters on financial biggies like buying property, or budgeting to start a family, it really is a book that everyone should read.
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