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I've got a Huawei E3220 on 3 and it works perfectly, not the same model but would be surprised if it didn't
28 Nov 2013 by Macca
Mine was a credit card sized item with a micro sim push out for an ipad 3. Smaller nano sim was not an option with this item.
8 days ago by Ian Wilkinson
I am sorry I can't give you an answer, I only use mine in my Mifi.
29 Jan 2014 by supereader
I've been buying these for a couple of years at between ten and eleven pounds. The price rise coincided with 3's announcement of "4G at no extra cost". These are now not 'expensive 3G SIMs' but 'cheap 4G SIMs'?
10 Dec 2013 by Hal_9000
Yes you can top up. When you put your sim in you need to follow steps to register. Every time you go on-line you will go straight to 3 home page where you can check your balance/ top up etc.. But what I do is buy another sim as it is cheaper. Topping up cost more per day than the pre paid sim. I have been buying the pre loaded sims for years. If its your first time buying, get a 3 dongle either on its own or with a sim in and data on. Then when runs out put in a new sim. I usually buy a few sims at a time(wish I had bought more last time due to rise from 11 to 21 for a 3gb). The 3gb work out best.
24 Feb 2014 by layne cc
I really don't know .. I use for a mini iPad (a nano sim) & a standard iPad (a micro sim) .. If your laptop has cellular access & you can insert a sim I would assume it would be one of these. If you can insert a sim I think you should check with the manufacturer of your device what size sim it takes.
2 days ago by Mrs. Jb Morris
No was 3gb sim
6 days ago by sarah r
Not too sure I purchased for iPad , on my kindle fire there is no slot for sim etc
21 days ago by kathmayer
I use mine to do all I would do on my home PC ie access my email accounts, internet, Twitter Facebook etc
23 days ago by Mrs. Jb Morris
I think so but I am not 100 per cent.
25 days ago by Ms. T. Fiford
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