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4.4 out of 5 stars55
4.4 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 12 December 2011
This is the new series without wise cracking Nathan (Robert Sheehan). Instead we have Rudy, who is foul mouthed and slightly mad.

The new series starts off with the group each having new powers as a result of trading them for others. This is a good method for the writers to add fresh impetus into the series by exploring new angles. With Episode 1 focusing on Rudy, I really enjoyed Episode 2 with Curtis heading back to the running track and getting himself into quite a mix up.

Whilst I still love the original content of the episodes and the variety of insane characters, I have to agree that the series definitely misses the comedy value provided by Nathan in series 1 and 2. The show has changed subtly from a crazy funny original British show to a crazy and original British show with moments of comedy action. Good but no longer great.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 1 June 2015
The idea of E4's 'Misfits' without cheeky, party-loving Nathan sounded almost unthinkable to me. However, actor Robert Sheehan had decided to move on and do other things, so series 3 doesn't feature him at all. Nevertheless, the quality of the clever writing keeps show on a high, and the new characters are fascinating. I did miss Nathan and his tactless comments, for me this lovable rough was the comedy backbone of 'Misfits', and although I don't think this series is quite on par with the first two, it's still a great programme.

Nathan's replacement is Rudy (played by the brilliant Joseph Gilgun of 'This Is England' and 'Emmerdale' fame) who explodes onto the scene from the start. This is a character I took to immediately, although I can't imagine him being everybody's cup of tea. This guy is probably the most wonderfully crass member of the team yet, but despite his cockiness, he's actually very insecure.

All of the other original gang from the first two series reprise their roles, but the friends now have all new superpowers, resulting in depressed, former rising sports star Curtis being able to capture some of his glory days, but not without a major twist. By giving this dream team of great characters the ability to do other things was a masterstroke from the writers, and it keeps things fresh and interesting.

Simon continues his training to become Superhoodie, and with zombie-cheerleaders on the loose, he is going to be needed. Things certainly haven't become easier or quieter for our characters, who find themselves thrust back into community service, led by the cocky probation worker Shaun, once again.

If I'm honest, I thought that the first episode of this series was good (certainly better than a lot of the pap out there), but it didn't engross me as much as the earlier ones. I would urge you all to please stick around and not give up on it, because season three does get a whole lot better.

If you can appreciate some real quirky British humour, this show is for you. Although essentially a black comedy, things always venture into fairly creepy territory, and supernatural happenings, intrigue, and suspense occur as a result of this. It more than merits it's 18 certificate by including lots of bad language and sex references, but really, that's life!

This triple DVD set contains the complete eight episodes of 'Misfits' series three, originally broadcast on E4 between October and December 2011, plus a bonus disc containing over 70 minutes of special features. The extra content includes behind-the-scenes footage, featurettes on the stunts and special features, and two short movies. Top class value!
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on 4 February 2012
The 3rd series of Misfits has split a lot of the fans. Some weren't fond of it, some liked it. I'm part of the latter group, but only just. The most obvious difference between this and the last series is the absence of Nathan (Robert Sheenan)who has left to make it big in las vegas. Being Irish, you would think I would be on Robert's side but i'm not. He knew he was the best part of the show and he should have stayed on to support the show for another few years or at least until the creators could write him out of the show in a more believable way (he gets the power of magic, really?)but alas, it wasn't to be.
Anyway on to the 3rd series itself. Well it's still good if that's what your wondering. Better, in fact, than almost anything being broadcast these days on television. The big addition to this series is the new character, Rudy. Some people haven't exactly warmed to rudy but I personally think he's one of the greatest characters in tv history. He's funny, likeable and more complex than he initially seems. At first it's very hard to like him however. He's rude, a womanizer and only out for number one. But rudy isn't as simple as that. You see, he actually has two personalities, the second of which frequently leaves his body, usually just to inform him of what a loser he is. This is where the character of rudy really comes into his own. Seeing him talking to himself, you start to find out how little self esteem he really has for himself and how he hasn't exactly had the easiest of lives and you can't help feeling a little sorry for him.
The episodes themselves are great for the most part, especially the episode featuring a guy who can create the future by drawing it, the zombie episode and the final episode, which features a shocking and very sad finale. However, as good as this series can be, at times the shows creators seem to be struggling to come up with creative ideas. The nazi episode, for instance, is absolutely terrible, It makes no sense, is not funny or engaging in any way and the ending puts everything back to normal so it's not even worth watching.
Overall a good series, but I think misfits is starting to run out of steam. I think that the creators should wrap the show up in the next series before it goes the way of so many other shows that outstay their welcome.
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on 5 December 2011
After an absolutely amazing second series, the third season of Misfits was always going to be difficult. Especially after the writers made the dubious choice of stripping the main characters of their powers in the Christmas special. Add to this the fact that the actor playing Nathan decided to leave then I was slightly worried what Misfits series 3 had in store.

Sadly it seems Channel 4 are continuing their current trend of disappointing third series syndrome (Here's looking at you, Inbetweeners). If there was one bad point about series 2, it's that it was starting to dip into "Killer of the Week" territory and this seems to have continued in series 3. However whereas there was a strong overall story arc with Simon going back in time to save Alicia, it feels like this season has been compiled of standalone, one-off episodes and has been very disjointed. And despite everyone having new powers, the "Superhero" aspect seems to have taken a back seat to everyday drama such as relationships, STDs and getting drunk.

It does have some highlights though. The effects are great, as ever. Some of the new villains, such as "Coma Girl" and "Comic Book Nerd" have been very interesting and put a good spin on Misfits' general theme of "With great power comes irresponsibility." And despite perhaps being given a little too much gurning screen time, I actually prefer Rudy and his (literally) split personality make him a much more human character than Nathan ever was. Similarly Seth is a nice new inclusion and Kelly is given more time to shine with a great performance by Lauren Socha. Likewise the gang's probation worker is comedy gold every time he appears on screen.

But for all the great moments, there seems to be twice as many mediocre ones. I always felt that the powers being tied into each characters' individual personality flaws, lifestyles or desires was a really strong point so to change the powers of the original four feels like a huge cop-out for the sake of a few "What if we did this?" moments. There are some bizarre plot twists that don't really work in the overall Misfits timeline and the less said about the utter paradoxical, plothole-ridden tripe that was the Nazi episode the better (I refuse to acknowledge it ever happened in the context of the series any more). I don't know a huge amount about the rules of Science Fiction but I know that you can't just explain everything away with the characters going back in time to change the future as it leaves too many paradoxes. Similarly the Zombie episode might as well have not happened as absolutely nothing had changed by the end. Luckily the final episode is brilliant and ties up pretty much all of the loose threads.

So overall season three of Misfits has some quality moments, great acting by all the cast involved but unfortunately is let down by some dubious writing, plot holes and lack of direction. The whole series feels like it has been rushed and could have benefit greatly without the events of Series 2's Christmas special. Nazi/Zombie episode aside, the bad points are never really terrible (certainly not enough to warrant 1-2 stars) but they far outweigh the great parts. Maybe a fourth series will help it return to form but for now, I fear Misfits has strayed off course.
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on 20 March 2013
The Plot is based on a group of young people on probation and there is a thunder storm and they all develop super powers ie;going back in time,reading peoples minds,invisibility,touching someone and making them wanting too having sexual activity with them.and also one who has three clones of himself who can appear and disppear into hes body.!!!they have too fight against bad guys amd other adventures,great show.!!;-) channel 4 great show!!
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on 13 January 2013
The downside of Misfits, series 3 is the absence of Nathan - you really do feel it after watching the first two series' and then go on to watching the third. It's fortunate however, that Nathan's replacement, Rudy, grows on you and soon becomes one of your most favourite and loved characters. Series 3 is full of great and absurd moments. It's a really fun show. If you've watched the first two series', you know what you're in for. Enjoy!
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on 5 January 2012
I try to avoid stating the obvious, but yes, as many other people were, i was slightly concerned for the new series as Nathan would not be in it, and in many people's eyes, including my own, he was pretty much the star of the show. However, i soon learnt his "replacement" (I use the word loosely as they are individual characters who have similair aspects) was Joseph Gilgun, who plays Woody in "This Is England". I can now confirm that he does an amazing job of filling Nathans boots!

Of course all the other characters return, with different powers however, as we know they get different ones from the christmas episode. Some of the powers may seem a bit s**t (Curtis) but the writers do a good job of making the worst of powers interesting!

The new character, Rudy, i think has a deeper, better background than Nathan, and I think they are both equally as funny!

This series sees the misfits fighting Nazis, zombies, and even past foes! I know there has been complaint about the plot holes in the nazi episode, and yes, it is extremely unlikey that everyone would be born if Nazis had taken over the world, but to be honest i found myself not really caring as I found it amusing enough seeing how all the characters fit in the Nazi world.

I think the weakest episode is episode 2, which follows and focuses on Curtis' new power, but i still don't think it is particually bad, just the weakest out of the lot. One of my favourites is where Kelly swaps bodies with somebody in hospital, I won't ruin it for you but it is a suprisingly deep and emotional episode for Misfits.

All in all, it is still the same Misfits with the same humour, just with a different character. I would reccommend to people looking for a dark comedy, yet still with a very, very good storyline!

One minor critisisim, is it doesn't really explain what happened to Nathan, apart from a very brief referance to him going to Vegas, but it doesn't really explain a great deal about why he went, or when he went (unless i'm missing something?).

I would give it 9.5/10!
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on 15 September 2014
Love Misfits and series 3 for me with the original gang is where it ends, recommend series 1,2 and 3 for those who have never watched it, you won't be disappointed!
Arrived in good time. DVD sad it was in vgc but in one place did skip so not as described but worked fine the rest of the time played.
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on 4 January 2012
Misfits series 1 and 2 were about the Asbo Five (Nathan, Simon, Kelly, Curtis and Alisha). Series 3 was about new guy Rudy's c..k and the power dealer's dead girlfriend. Exciting right?
Not really. Too much changes in this series for someone like me who was a big fan since the first episode : original main characters becoming supporting characters, a good joke (killing probation worker) becoming stupid after beeing used too much, original directors Tom Green and Tom Harper replaced by way less talented new directors, ....

Series 3 was so painful to watch. Some good episode (1, 2, 3, 7 and 8) and some bad one (4, 5 and 6) when I find myself so bored I had to fast-forward half the episode. But the main problem is that the good ones were just barely good, not excellent and the bad ones were really bad.

This series left me extremely disappointed and I won't come back for Series 4.

In the end I think that Howard Overman should have just pulled out a Skins, changed the whole cast and do it all over again, as it was clearly his desire to start over with new characters.
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on 13 March 2013
loved every series of misfit so keeping up with the collection of getting them.
all of them are brilliant so worth it for anyone who watched the first lot, had to keep watching
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