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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 10 May 2007
First I would like to say that if you are researching books about miscarriage I am really sorry, whether it is yourself or someone you love, this is a heartbreaking situation to go through.

As a sufferer of recurrent miscarriages (six with a seventh threatened as I write) I could also be said to 'suffer' recurrent books about miscarriage. This is the first one I have read in which I have had total faith. Professor Regan explains carefully the most up-to-date information about recognised causes and relevant tests, and also debunks much that is out there in books and especially on the web. For example she explains that dropping progesterone levels are a symptom of a pregnancy that is not working and not a cause, and that progesterone supplements therefore do not have a place in evidence based medicine. Knowing this I can quickly recognise a poor source of information if supplemental progesterone is suggested.

Professor Regan also explains how the tests should be done, and I have found out that my hospital have not tested me correctly for antiphospholipid antibodies. Sadly the one time I had a sample they also wasted the opportunity to test for chromosomal abnormalities and make other investigations. However armed with this book I now can go back and request that things are done properly.

Surprisingly for a book written by a medical expert she is very supportive of the use of alternative medicine, stating that until conventional medicine literally has all the answers there will be a place for alternative treatments. She also recognises the value in a person feeling that they are being proactive in dealing with their problems.

One chapter towards the end is perhaps the most cheering chapter of all. While all of us that suffer this problem want to find 'a reason' so we know what we are dealing with, some of us will never have a cause identified. Professor Regan and her team have found that those women with no known cause for their miscarriages that remain under their care for their next pregnancy have a success rate of 80%, which she firmly attributes to Tender Loving Care.

The only information lacking is how on earth we can get the optimum treatment described in the book at our local hospitals. I couldn't even get a consultant to see me with this pregnancy until I was in my second trimester, so no hope of TLC here. My tests of APA were done incorrectly and I know that other reviewers have had similar problems, but if we can't get the hospitals to acknowledge the information that we have (from this book and other reputable sources) I don't know what else can be done. At the moment I am praying that the consultant will refer me to St Mary's ( he refused previously). Maybe if enough of us read this book and start expecting to be treated correctly then consultants will have to buck their ideas up.
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on 25 February 2006
This is a wonderful book, written with just the right tone, for anyone affected by miscarriage. It is factual, frank and totally unpatronising, yet also hopeful and written in such a way that you feel you both like and trust the author. This book has made a great difference to my state of mind in the difficult days after my second miscarriage.
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on 30 October 2001
This book is written by a wonderful lady. She manages to write factually about all the different reasons for miscarriage, facts and figures etc in a very caring and sympathetic way. It was a godsend to me after my second miscarriage - it makes you realise that you are not alone and that the odds really are still in your favour in succeeding in having a "take home baby". It is particularly interesting to read of the results that her clinic have found from the "tender loving care" approach offered in early pregnancy to previous m/c sufferers - they found a much higher success rate in future pregnancys in mothers who were looked after, offered frequent early scans etc than those who didnt. Has made me a lot more informed of what I should be expecting from my GP and local maternity clinic in the future. Much more positive after reading this about the next time!
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on 18 January 2006
Of all the books and information I have read on miscarriage - this book is the most levelheaded and a must read when you have gone through such an emotional experience.
Like most people who seek out this book, I have recently suffered a miscarriage. As I underwent fertility treatment (ICSI) and miscarried at 6 weeks so I was keen to learn as much as I could on the subject before I tried again to try and ensure a greater chance of success. The sea of data, rather than information, on the internet left me confused, upset and extremely worried. If I followed the advice it would mean I would have to wrap myself in cotton wool for 9 months.
Lesley's book gives you the facts, backed up by the latest research in a warm and humane style. She explans all the medical terms and weaves several examples of her person experience throughout the book.
At the end of Lesley's book I came away with the knowledge that miscarriages are common, are caused by several different reasons, but it is more likely that you will be able to "bring home a live baby" when you try again than miscarry.
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on 30 April 2002
I bought the original edition of this book in 1997. It is the most comprehensive guide to understanding miscarriage I've found. Lesley Regan explains the main causes of miscarriage, types of treatment and prospects for future pregnacies in a straight-forward and sensitive way.
Although she provides detailed medical information, it is always clear and easy-to-understand. I've since moved to the United States where there really is no comparable book or research program. Thanks to Leslie Regan, I know as much or more about recurrent miscarriage than some of the doctors I've seen. It's really helped me to identify a good doctor and to understand my treatments.
But it's not just medical information. Lesley Regan uses her experience to address the most common fears and anxieties experienced by women who have had multiple miscarriages - things I haven't seen anywhere else. Her genuine sympathy and compassion for miscarriage sufferers is the common theme throughout the book. I'm sure it makes everyone who reads it wish she was their doctor!
Frankly, I don't know how we would have endured my four losses without this book. It was incredibly informative and comforting. I know it has played a huge part in helping me and my husband to find the courage to keep trying.
Whether you or a friend has experienced multiple losses, or a single loss, this is the single most useful book available.
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on 17 September 2003
This is a very useful book from an acknowledged leader in the field. I disagree with previous reviewers who have suggested that it is of little use to those suffering their first miscarriage or that you shouldn't read it too soon after a miscarriage. While much of the book does deal with recurrent miscarriage there is plenty of relevance to a first miscarriage (including reassuring statistics on the likelihood of a successful outcome to future pregnancies) and I found it very helpful even when going through the miscarriage process; it gave me a good basis of knowledge from which to make decisions about treatment options and discuss my situation with medical professionals.
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on 29 March 2003
The walls of Professor Regan's recurrent miscarriage clinic consulting room are papered with a multitude of photos of much longed for babies - my two included.
Based on years of world-class research and expertise, this book will tell you pretty much everything you need to know about miscarriage - why it happens, and more importantly, how to get through it and on to a successful pregnancy.
If you have had experience of miscarriage you will have already discovered that, despite it being an incredibly common experience, it remains taboo: all too rarely discussed - and certainly not in constructive terms. Lesley Regan changes all this and achieves something quite special in this book - and in her work - by navigating the perfect route between scientific fact and sensitivity.
If you need information and comfort - and a dash of inspiration - this is the book for you.
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on 26 April 2002
After suffering 4 miscarriages, one after another and receiving no answers from my local hospital, I watched the TV documentary and then found the website to order the book.
Its a book that you can't put down once you start it and it explains everything in terms that I could understand and now know what alot of it meant at the time when doctors where too busy to try and help me understand and overcome my miscarriages.
Its given me hope that one day I will become a mother and not feel as gutted as I do now !!
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on 2 December 2003
It's worth reading from cover to cover, and then again, in order to find out cutting edge information about the latest ways of dealing with miscarriage.
Use this information to help you get the best possible care and results from your local medical staff. For example, our local hospital failed to deal with our latest miscarriage sample properly and we consequently missed a golden opportunity to find out information about that particular miscarriage. We now know what went wrong, thanks to this book and have made sure that the hospital does too. We would never have known about this mistake had we not read this book. Thank you, thank you Professor Regan.
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on 14 December 2001
Miscarriage is a devastating thing to happen to a woman. This book deals with this subject in a sensitive, yet positive manner. It gave me a better understanding of what happened and discusses the grieving process which results. It was very, very helpful.
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