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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 27 August 2008
I first became interested in this film when a committed socialist told me how much he had enjoyed the film. `Hang on', I asked, `isn't `Marcelino' a bit too religiousy?' My friend shrugged and said he didn't think so. I ordered my own copy and it is now one of my favourite films. The film has touches of the classic `Three Men and a Baby'. It concerns how Franciscan friars are left to cope when a baby boy (Marcelino), is abandoned on their doorstep. Throughout the film, there is that expectant, lovely atmosphere of a nursery with a new baby. As Marcelino grows, he becomes ever more curious about who is mother is. He starts holding conversations with a life-size crucifix. And when little Marcelino is at his most sincere, Christ on the crucifix grants the child's wish to see his mother...

Not only a captivating film for adults, children love it especially. I showed it to a group of ten year olds and whilst they found the old fashioned music amusing, they were mesmerised by the central story and the film's apex, which is of course the miracle of Marcellino.
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on 5 August 2014
charming 50-ish story of a foundling taken on by a group of monks; the challenges they have in raising a baby and the pranks the child gets up to as he grows. His longing for his mother plays a large part of this emotive if simplistic story. Absolutely charming - but be careful - if you want to view in the Spanish language check out the EXTRAS option on menu first as it is not immediately obvious that the badly dubbed English version is not the original if that is what you wanted. The original Spanish is of course the natural and quite easy tollow - sub-titles are also available. The child actor is amazing.
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on 7 April 2005
"Marcellino, Pan y Vino" (1955) is a marvel. Simple but touching, beautifully acted and filmed, it captures that elusive mixture of logic and mystery at the heart of childhood. Ladislao Vajda's spare yet sensitive direction is mirrored by Pablo Sorozabal's masterful score, and by the child Pablito Calvo's marvellous portrayal in the title role.
This Spanish/Italian co-production came up fresh as paint in a recent Spanish-only release from Video Mercury Films (2002.) It gives me no pleasure to report that the 2004 Vanguard Latino issue - the only one currently available with English subtitles - is a travesty of the crisp original print. It claims to be "digitally remastered", but the Vanguard DVD is horribly bleached, blurred and blocky, with crumbly sound and laced with video artefacts. It is in fact well-nigh unwatchable. Presumably it was taken from a poor VHS copy, maybe of Mexican provenance (which might account for its attribution of the film to that country.)
The English subtitles are sparse and spiky - whilst the magical sung scene at the heart of the film is not subtitled at all! It's frustrating that the excellent Spanish issue has no subtitles, but anyone with even the barest smattering of Spanish should seek it out, rather than this appalling Vanguard Latino travesty, which defaces a cinematic masterpiece beyond repair.
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on 8 August 2012
The DVD "Miracle of Marcelino" was purchased for my wife. It is one of the best films that we have seen for a long time and well worth an investment of a few pounds with Amazon to obtain a copy.
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on 25 October 2015
This is one of the most touching little films, and a wonder Hollywood hasn't done a remake (the Spanish have); probably because the market segment it'd appeal to is too flat... still might to get done, one day? A real great and all time classic tear-jerker. It's not well known so I'll risk a plot spoiler type review. (turn away now if you want to catch the full flavour as crisply your own).

An uncertain period of war in a poor region and from it emerges a safe refuge among the chaos, is a little franciscan monastery. A community which, for all its flaws, works well and kindly. The narrator monk recounts the tale to a sick village child he's tending, much after the events. Into this little group of nearly-but-not-quite-saintly fellows, is left a baby boy, orphaned or abandonded. The authorities (cue grumpy mayor) are unable to take him on. So the Monks roll up their cassock sleeves and we see him grow into a well loved little boy, lots of the usual mischief. He is barred from an attic in the barn, heavy furnishings being stored there, and of course, he sneaks in. One item fascinates him, a life size crucifix. Between Jesus and the boy a touching dialogue ensues eventually overheard by one of the monks. The miracle has a heart rendingly beautiful final plot twist, that I won't give away.

This is one of my desert island top 10 films of all time... but I don't over-re-watch it, so as not to spoil it. It sticks in my mind so well. You can see how it won Cannes film festival's Grand Prix.

Includes Clips of the theatrical trailer, and clips from the 1992 colour remake put side by side with scenes from this (the 1955 original B/W film), Spanish and English verisons. Region unlimited.
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on 1 April 2012
This masterpiece about childhood was a huge International hit back in 1955. I have not seen it since its original release so I can't wait to see this memorable film again. I have never forgotten the impression that it left on me back in 1955.
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on 17 December 2013
This is a delightful version of the classic Spanish story, which is more or less true to the book. For some reason the character of a bad-tempered local mayor has been added, which doesn't enhance the story. The film was made in 1955 and colour has not been added. The sound is passable only, it has been dubbed using American actors and the subtitles are in Korean. If you have read/studied the book in Spanish and loved it, you will be able to cope with this as the film captures the essence of the characters. If you are just looking for a children's film, this will not be for you.
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on 28 June 2011
I NEVER heard of this film til i saw it for sale on here and i thought i'd give it a go and buy the dvd and i was NOT disappointed. No words can describe this film on how FANTASTIC it is.
The story is about a baby boy found at the front door of a monastery the brother who finds the baby brings the baby in and between the brothers they rear him.
There is something about this wee lad that indears him to the people in the surrounding area later on.
One day the boy wants to investigate upstairs but! is told not to go but! curiousity
gets the better of him and he sneeks upstairs to see a door he goes into the attic room and sees a full size crusifix of jesus i don't think marcelino knows who this man is but! he (marcelino)talks to him and brings him food and drink.
Marcelino tells jesus that he marcelino wants to meet his mother. In the mean time one of the brothers goes upstairs after looking for marcelino and overhears marcelino talking he looks and what he sees makes him run to get the other brothers they find the wee lad dead right beside the crusifix.
You MUST buy this FANTASTIC film its worth it. sorry for spelling.
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on 28 October 2004
Friendship has no limit............. A great movie to see and to own for Xmas.Marcelino that young abanded boy who lived with priests meets the crussified Jesus who became a great friend to him....
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on 15 February 2012
Whatever you believe in God or not..this movie is beautiful and has a message of faith and hope which shows that this world is not Gods place. A must see film.
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