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Discover Miore’s contemporary range of fine diamond, pearl and coloured gemstone jewellery. Dress up the special moments in your life with Miore’s elegant engagement, wedding, eternity and solitaire collections. You’ll find the best prices on a variety of high quality rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendants, as well as a fun and fresh children's range of jewellery.

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Miore Collections

Designed for the contemporary, fashion-forward woman, Miore’s collections are informed by over 50 years of international diamond and jewellery experience, coupled with cutting edge design and production processes.

Each piece of jewellery is of the highest artisanal quality, and offers an all-round luxury experience at attractive prices.

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Featuring fine diamonds, pearls and coloured gemstones set in 9 carat and 18 carat yellow and white gold, our Ladies' Collections showcase a captivating variety of rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants and bangles.

Miore also offers a special range of engagement, wedding, eternity and solitaire rings and jewellery to celebrate life’s precious moments and special occasions.

Fresh and romantic, Miore jewellery offers juicy bursts of colour for fun occasions, and fine diamonds and luxurious gold for more glamorous affairs. Pretty sterling silver pieces and semi-precious stones are also available for more everyday casual wear.

Miore Certification of Authenticity

Miore’s high-end diamond and gemstone jewellery have been carefully selected by our diamond experts for their exceptional quality – each piece is offered with a Certificate of Authenticity, and a strong quality assurance warranty.

Certificate examples

A diamond certificate represents independent verification that the stone purchased has all the qualities of cut, colour, clarity, shape, and weight expected.

Such certificates are issued by several agencies employing highly trained gemologists and provide an unbiased and accurate evaluation of the diamond. These gemologists scrutinise each stone to analyse its dimensions, clarity, cut, color, finish, symmetry, and other details.

Diamond Clarity

No two diamonds are alike. A diamond's most distinguishing characteristics are its inclusions, marks that are often invisible to the naked eye. However, under a jeweller's magnifying loupe or microscope they can look like crystals, tiny rivers, or clouds.

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A diamond's clarity is determined by the presence or absence of inclusions – fewer inclusions mean better clarity – and how visible they are. The greater a diamond's clarity, the greater its brilliance and value. A diamond categorized as internally flawless will have no inclusions, but this is extremely rare.

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Diamond Colour

Although diamonds come in a wide range of colours, colourless diamonds have traditionally been considered the most valuable.

Most diamonds are graded on a scale using the letters of the alphabet, from D (colourless), the best grade, through Z (a light yellow). It is difficult for the untrained eye to notice such variations in color unless stones are being compared side by side.

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Caring for your Diamond

Diamonds, as the hardest substance on earth, are resistant to damage. However, diamond jewellery is set in different metals, and care will vary from piece to piece.

Diamonds should be cleaned in a solution of one part ammonia to six parts water, using a gentle scrubbing brush to remove any dirt. It is a good idea to have them cleaned once a year by a professional jeweler, at which time the security of the setting can be checked as well.

Diamond jewellery should be stored in a soft cloth pouch to ensure that the stone will not scratch other jewellery.

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