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4.7 out of 5 stars86
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 7 March 2013
I did wonder with this tale whether it would lose some of the tension surrounding the back story of Bianca's tragic upbringing and James's unemotional prior relationships. These provide the interest of this story so need to stay prominent, the author did not disappoint.

Bianca has her space away from James after the horrific attack which hospitalised her, she is healing but is missing James's powerful presence. He has introduced Bianca to a dark world which she now craves.

The plot thickens with the search still on for Bianca's evil Father leading to a surprising twist with her 'stepmother'. James is still beautifully dominant and arrogant in his overprotective and adoring way.

Captivating story.

I will note that I borrowed this for free from the kindle library as I think that the price over the complete trilogy is too high and I would not have paid that amout overall which I think is such a shame for the author as I am sure lots of readers that buy a LOT of books like myself will be put off by this.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 1 December 2012
Having enjoyed 'In Flight' and its slight cliffhanger ending, this didn't disappoint at all.

Picking up a few weeks on from where the first book left off, it doesn't disappoint with story development or its hot and steamy content. There are also many heartwarming moments, both James and Bianca's characters have developed well and we learn much more about them. Despite her attack and lengthy recovery, she is still strong-willed but weak where James is concerned and her jealous side emerges. I found myself both loving and hating James. I love tender and loving James, but when you think he may be softening he enters dom mode and is cold, distant and frustrating, which makes excellent reading.

As with 'In Flight' I struggled to put this down and can definately recommend reading. I can't wait for the next book.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 21 November 2012
This picks up where the first story finished. After what happened between Bianca and James, she feels she can no longer trust his word. Combined with that is the attack that she has suffered, Bianca is not in a good place physically or emotionally. But as usual her BF Stephan is by her side, supportive as ever.

The second book in the trilogy is as intense and emotional as the first. I loved it. Bianca tries hard to regain her physical health as well as trying to regain her inner well being after James had severely disappointed her. But James is undaunted by the current situation between him and Bianca, and is not going to give up.
I think that James might just be one of my favourite male leads. I just love all the sides to his character he is brilliantly written by the author. But that doesn't mean that the other characters or plot lag behind. They do not.
An excellent read, loved the really hot love scenes. The BDSM parts of this story are so superior to those I have read recently in other similar stories.
I believe the final book is due February 2013 I can hardly wait to find out what happens next.
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on 20 March 2013
This for me has dropped to a 3.5 star rating..............

I still really have issues with the BDSM elements in this book especially after she has just been attacked by her father! I just cannot get into the mindset of wanting to be hit after running from it for all these years, I can't help it, I am just not connecting with that and then the pool scene, Oh. My. God!!!!! Asphyxiation!! Really!!! That scene really didn't do it for me at all, absolutely hated it. And why no strong warning about the content on the synopsis, it only says not intended for readers under 18? Well even over 18's would have a hard time reading that scene.........

Other than my own issues with the BDSM element I can't help but be immersed in their story, I found this book though to be a little bit on the 'filler' side, not much went on and I wonder what book 3 will bring, hopefully no asphyxiation!
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on 15 October 2014
First read – February 2013. Re-read October 2014.

Spoilers for those who haven’t read book one!!

This one picks up around a month after the ending of book one, with Bianca recovering from her injuries and trying to figure out what she wants to do regarding the beautiful James. They have kept in touch sporadically via text messages over the month, but that is about it and I have to say that James was rather uncharacteristically patient with her. He sticks to his promise to give her time and she takes it, despite the fact that it’s clear how desperate James is.

Things change though when they do finally meet up at one of Bianca’s work-gatherings. The instant she sees him, its game-over. That is, she’s lost to him as all her feelings for him resurface with a vengeance. So they begin yet another affair that involves a lot of super-hot sex, which I liked! But Bianca refuses to talk about the things that lead to their break up or indeed anything regarding their relationship and feelings for each other, which I did not like! Such a stubborn woman! Although James gives her this concession, he’s still full on possessive with her right from them getting back together, especially when it comes to guys he who might be interested in his Bianca. Not to mention his protectiveness when it comes to her safety, employing a team of security to watch over her.

What I loved? Well, did I mention the sex? The sex-whilst-riding-a horse scene was………ahem…….nice.

The ending isn’t as dramatic as in the first book, but still leaves lots of things to be addressed. Mainly…..that the two just need to admit their feelings for each other and solve many of those problems!
Enjoyed this just as much as the first time. 4.5 stars
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on 30 July 2013
Love. Love. Love. This is all I have for this series... LOVE. There is just so much I can say about the Up in the Air series. I will be gushing and the words love and adore will be used often.

"Meet my future. Her name is Bianca. Come to terms with it. My advice would be to get on her good side."

Bianca continued to impress me in Mile High. However, I did roll my eyes a few times at some of her internal thoughts and actions but who is perfect? I still find her to be a strong female character, and even her imperfections were endearing.

"There you go, belittling us again. You must know by now that I've never done any of this for anyone else. I was a sl*t once with my body, but I've never been a sl*t with my heart."

But the true star of this show continued to be James. I can't say enough good things about him. He has continued to be honest with Bianca. He pushes her just to the limit to which he thinks she can handle. He is mindful of her first inclination to run, so he never pushes too far or too fast. Instead of coming out and demanding something of her he puts the idea in her head, tells her to start thinking about as it is something he would like to see happen in the future.

I want to point out that there is of course a lot of sex in this series. But it just doesn't feel like it is all about sex, if that makes sense. And James always shows Bianca the respect she deserves. Even though this is a book about BDSM, the scenes never go too far in that you feel uncomfortable, at least I never did. James practically worships Bianca, and would never dream of hurting her.

There is so much give and take with their relationship. Bianca is very closed off with her emotions and her past. But again, he never pushes her. He also offers information about his past and his life in exchange for her opening up. I loved these exchanges. It showed how their relationship was slowly evolving into something deeper and more meaningful. We are in Bianca's head and we know her feelings for James. But even without being in James' head, I have no doubt his feelings for her. I really just love him.

"I don't feel alone with you. I feel like I have a family and a home again. You're my home. All of the dark shadows seem to disappear when we're together."

Stephan continued to be the very best BFF. He and James grew even closer in Mile High, and I still love their relationship. It would have been so easy for R.K. Lilley to make them spiteful or jealous of each other's relationship with Bianca and you just never feel that. They both love her and with that love they have become friends.

"Careful, Love. You can't offer a starving man a feast and expect him not to take you up on it."

The third and final book in the series is Grounded. I am so very excited to start it right away. I wouldn't say that Mile High ends on a cliffhanger, although it is obvious that there is more to their story that we need to find out. But as all three books are published, it doesn't matter. My suggestion is that if you have any interest at all in this type of story, that you start them as soon as possible.

Rainy Day Reads
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on 18 February 2013
Mile high...up in the air #2.
Ok so I've had this book actually downloaded on my kindle for over a week and just ant had the excitement to begin and start it.
Book flight was good but still missed summat? (I thought)
This book was actually better than book 1 and once I started it I couldn't put it down.
I actually warmed to James loads more(more chemistry) yeah I would actually say I liked him! Even though I hated his cold/Dom/master side of him though(I get that's the whole point) but I didn't like how cold he could be.

* I loved Bianca even though she's a a bit damaged she is a fab character
* I missed Stephen (not much of him in this book) wanted more.
* I really like Damien and felt sorry for him loving Bianca and her not feeling the same (maybe he's the safer choice)
* I also liked Pete's character and secretly wanted something a bit more to happen there .....GUILTY haha
* I couldn't stand Melissa, Jackie or yeah and Jules they all wanted a good slap. (Excuse the pun)
* was utterly shocked with jolene the minx

Annoyingly why haven't Bianca and James confessed their dying love for each other they obviously do love each other. That is annoying me. Arrgghhhh

This book was gripping, exciting, sexy and defiantly worth a read

Even though I enjoyed this book I just couldn't let myself give it 5 stars it was still missing summat so I gave it a good 4****

Overall though this book ...mile high was a good book, nice storyline, great sex scenes hot in some places.
A great cliff hanger ending so I will be defiantly reading grounded....up in the air #3 and actually excited to read it.

I would recommend this book....
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on 24 February 2013
I really really enjoyed this, fab book, and very easy to get stuck into. Chapters were cleverly written to make you want to keep reading, there was never a good place to put it down, hence having read it in less than 2 days!!
I just had a few small issues with not read on if you haven't read it all!!
I really didn't like the choking scene in the pool, I'm on board with all of the bdsm but this just took it a bit too far for me. After that I felt like I was waiting for there to be more shocking scenes that I wasn't looking forward to and didn't want to happen. This took the edge off for me, but was pleased when there wasn't anything else as uncomfortable as that.
There was also quite a few typos in this book and had to re read sentences to understand the meaning. But other than that It was very good and I'm looking forward to book 3!! Have given 4 stars and if it wasn't for the few thigs above I would have given a definite 5
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on 21 January 2014
Oh I did enjoy this one.
James Cavendish is one of my absolute favourite book boyfriends and number one kinkster - on the back of a horse - how does that, I really don't want to know.
This is the second part of the trilogy and it picks up a few weeks after the heartbreaking cliffhanger ending of book one. It wouldn't work as a standalone, but reading the first book in this series is no hardship, it's worth reading about how they come to be together.
There is some 'whodunnit' style intrigue going on in this which really keeps you on the edge of your seat, but what I really loved was James Cavendish. Having set his sights on the person he wants, he sets about wooing her as only a billionaire can. It's so romantic as well as sizzling hot, it really is the perfect escapist read.
Out of the three books, this one is my fave.
Highly recommended series.
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on 8 March 2014
Yes, you could say this series is like Fifty Shades, but, isn't that sort of plot the reason you're reading this book?
I'll admit it, I enjoy reading a book where girl meets boy, either both or one of them has significant flaws but they work through them, he's rich & treats women with respect, a real gentleman, it's a very passionate & lustful relationship with details of the sex not withheld, there's always a true friend just trying to look out for her/his friend & an antagonist of an ex, some major problems get in the way which usually means arguments & a sad mid relationship break ups, BUT, there's a happy ending.
Yes this book is that format but that's why I enjoyed it, that's my modern day Fairytale knight saves girl, I'll admit it.
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