Microsoft Windows 8

Windows 8 Featured PCs

Whether you want a PC for entertainment, professional use, everyday usage or for on the move, there’s a Windows 8 PC for you.

For Everyday

For Everyday
A range of great-value PCs capable of performing a wide variety of daily tasks. The Everyday Windows 8 Featured PCs are easy to setup, easy to use and and great for watching TV and movies or sharing your digital photos.

Everyday PCs

For the Professional

For Everyday
Performance and compatibility to assist your personal and professional productity, the Professional Windows 8 Featured PCs are perfectly suited to the tasks you face.

Professional PCs

For Those On the Go

For Everyday
Never lose touch on your travels with these stylish, lightweight and highly mobile Windows 8 Featured PCs and tablets, giving you continuous connectivity while on the go.

Mobile Companions

For Entertainment

For Entertainemnt
Perfect for all your multimedia needs, the Entertainment Featured PCs are high-end media machines perfect for downloading, watching, streaming or listening.

Entertainment PCs