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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 6 September 2007
Armageddon. Pah
Deep Impact. Phooey.

Meteor. Hits the nail right on the head!

Brief synopsis. Comet hits big rock. Big chunk of big rock sent on collision course with 3rd rock from sun. Sean connery pulled away from yaught race and puts on Tweed jacket. Sean goes to New York. Small piece of rock hits Earth causing film director to copy-paste snip of film 'Avalanche' onto his movie. Lots of skiers kick bucket. Sean meets Karl Marlden. Sean says 'Enough is Enough'. Sean decides to utilise US military orbiting ICBM station to destroy Big chunk of rock. Not on your nellie says US goverment. Another small chunk of rock hits Hong Kong. Everyone in Hong Kong spends rest of day swimming. US goverment wets pants. US goverment decides to launch at big chunk of rock. Alas! not enough ICBM's to finish big chunk off rock off! Call in the soviets, says Sean. Can we use YOUR orbiting ICBM platform to finish off big chunk of rock too? Soviets fanny about a bit. Decide 'what the vostock' and agree to let off their fireworks too. Rockets pointed at big chunck of rock. Launched. Small bit of rock hits New york. Sean and Karl get covered in chocolate milkshake in a subway station. Rockets hit big chunk of rock. Director over uses a starburst effect filter on the camera lens and runs out with 45 seconds of red flame effect screensaver. Everyone Happy. Rockets all gone. Big chunk of rock gone. Sean goes to airport. Plane takes off. Massive moral and ethical statement appears on screen. Credits roll. Tears finally stop running down your cheeks. But somehow you will still think to yourself.....'oOoooOohhh....what if it REALLY happened???'


Buy it.
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on 20 November 2015
Some reviews suggest this is a terrible film, it is not. It's actually quite alright, it's not brilliant but it's watchable and for a film from it's period not too bad on the effects. Parts of it look a bit dated but it's an ok story behind it. I for one enjoyed it. Be warned however about the language issue, there is an option to watch the film in englisg but not the subtitles. This is fine in most of the film except for a few minutes where russian characters are speaking russian amongst themselves, subtitles are shown for this but the subtitles here are in french not english, there appears no way of working out what the charcaters are saying in these two or three short scenes except for guessing by looking at the french subtitles for words that look a bit like english words, Fortunately the scenes where this occurs aren't hugely important scenes and it's fairly easy to work out what is going on in them.
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on 12 October 2015
An interstellar adventure set against Cold War space based missiles being used to destroy monster meteor caused by comet collision in the asteroid belt. The fiction of the film is real insomuch that celestial bodies do routinely impact the Earth, but are largely burned up in the atmosphere.
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on 8 April 2013
Meteor certaintly had potential, the plot for instance is highly feasilble.
The cast is a good one, headed by Sean Connery, Karl Madden and a cameo of sorts by Henry Fonda, who always seemed to be in these films.

The first 40 mins or so, though at a slow burning pace, fare pretty well, and up till now Meteor is quite enjoyable.
But the rest of the movie starts to drag. It doesn't help that the script is poor and that the movie is filled with unintentional laughs. The world is about to end, but I guarantee you , you will be laughing hard at some scenes.

Connery et all are sleepwalking here, and it all feels as if said cast signed on to get that mortgage property by the sea.

The special effects are actually awful. Only the disaster scenes in Hong Kong looked good, but maybe that was real footage. Another irk was that it took an age for the missiles to get going, six mins in fact, and that is followed by a tedious scene for scene of the missiles flying in space and....

It's also not too believable that at every opportunity Connery is trying to get into the lead actress' knickers even though he has been employed at a high salary one would believe to sort this meteor out.

On the plus side 95% of the movie is revolved around the actual meteor, and doesn't fall into the trap of modern disaster movies where love, realtionships and issues take hold over the plot.

Even so Meteor is not that great a film, and should be left for only disaster film completeists only.
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It really isn't very good, there is no way of getting around the fact that this splendidly cast disaster picture is a ropey looking cheesy piece of cinema. But to pour vitriolic scorn on it like many other IMDb and Amazon reviewers have is going a touch too far, for one thing it's overlooking the fact that the film does have good points and is not short on bright moments.

Bsically a meteor the size of Brazil (for example) is heading towards Earth and one can safely assume it's a global killer that will be the dawn of a new ice age. The Americans (bless them) have a nuclear defence weapon in space called Hercules, which apparently was put up there to avert any threat from those pesky Russians. Thinking that Hercules could knock out the meteor before it dooms us all to worm bait, the Americans assemble a cunningly intelligent team to asses the possibility, trouble is is that Hercules doesn't have enough power for the job. Enter the Russians, who of course have their own nuclear weapon in space (bless them) that really wasn't put up there to avert any threat from those pesky Yanks, can the might of the East & West unite and save the world?

The effects look dated and weak but it's still a hell of a lot of fun watching a 1979 disaster film try so hard to entertain us. The film contains an avalanche sequence that is highly entertaining (not intentionally it should be noted!), a sequence of our hardy band of smarties down in the broken sewers is also well worth the wait, and of course the cast is definitely worth an interest. Sean Connery (saying one of the best lines ever written), Karl Malden, Natalie Wood, Martin Landau, Henry Fonda (all too small a role tho), Richard Dysart and Trevor Howard, not bad really. The writing also stands up to scrutiny, a nice line in tension as the Russians and Americans try to come together in spite of mistrust and an unwillingness to show their hands.

All in all it's one to pass the time of day away with if you aren't in a particularly demanding mood. 5/10
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on 4 April 2009
Even if you love this movie, this is not the product to get, unless you really don't mind it in FULL SCREEN! At least the US Region 1 copy by MGM is in wide screen (though not anamorphic!). Sound IS in Stereo, though it listed on the cover as Mono.

Go look for the US Region 1 copy by MGM, which is out of print, or hope that someone will come out with a better copy soon.

Guess I have to copy it from my old copy of Laser Disc to DVD!
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on 16 October 2007
I have watched this film several times and have always enjoyed it. The characters are all there, truculant brilliant scientist, diplomatic scientist, Russian bear scientist, several pretty girls brave and with brains (gasp!)not to mention anti Russian general and a nice mix of oddballs. No real baddies except that piece of rock hurtling towards us and our doom. As disaster movies go one of the better ones from that era without all the over-angst. Could it happen? Food for thought.
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on 13 June 2014
After Sean Connery left the Bond set up to Moore, life in the movie world was not kind to him until the late 80's when he scored a part in the excellent "Untouchables" next to a very young Kevin Costner, and a star was re-born.

But until those halcyon day returned Connery was taking prety much any fiilm work he could find, and some were awful, some were incomprehensible and some were fun B movie efforts as this asteroid crash disaster movie.

The plot is as follows. A bunch of astronauts are sent to study a vast asteroid in a near by belt. When a passing comet hits the asteroid it smashes a huge chunk, the astronauts are killed but manage to give an indication that the chunk is on the loose. Later investigations conclude that the chunk is on a collision course with Earth. Brought back after a falling out where he found his invention, the nuclear missile platform that was made to guard against this catastrophe, is being used instead again the Russians, Connery is bought back to head up a way of stopping the threat.

Not wanting to spoil too much of the story i will stop there. I guess at the time it was a decent enough film, scripting and character development is good enough and acting is quite convincing from the leads. Special effects are a little wooden but hell, how old is this film?

A good laugh, cheap enough to buy and watch when your bored!
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on 22 November 2014
I have had this movie on Standard Format DVD for quite some time the DVD also had a few minor scenes removed although nothing significant but enough to spoil my enjoyment somewhat as I saw the movie at the cinema in its full glory. I am very pleased to state that this blu-ray version restores it back to widescreen and replaces the deleted scenes. I can't find fault with either the picture or sound quality. This is however your bog standard collision with Earth type movie which has been done to death over the years. But being one of the earlier movies with a good solid cast it is in my opinion one of the better versions. My minor criticism however is the over dramatic scene where Martin Landau as an American Officer does his nut over having to collaborate with the Russians followed by Brian Keith as a Russian Scientist doing his over the Americans reaction. Still worth seeing for the little piece of over acting by both brilliant actors.
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on 18 September 2003
To be honest you will not see Sean Connery perform better than he does in this film! This forgotten B movie is an absolute classic! The mighty Connery plays the leading role in a suspense master piece where the Earth is doomed to another ice age by a fierce meteor hurtling its way toward us at terrifying speeds. This time the human race does not rely on a team of ageing oil riggers to save us, just good old fashioned nuclear weapons. Look out for the menacing meteor music and the uplifting missile theme as the two speed toward one another (also the classic English actor who appears on the monitor "Right about........NOW"). This movie is best watched while eating mints. Enjoy
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