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3.9 out of 5 stars29
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 13 February 2011
I bought this for the price, but soon settled into the easy reading and page turning on the Kindle.
It has interstellar travel, cyborgs, giants, corrupt politicians, feudal societies and complacent security forces, and puts them all up against near unstoppable adaptable aliens. If you like the sound of that so far, just go and buy it. Its good value after all.
However the Title is misleading, as the 'Mechs' are actually cyborgs, and not as indestructable as they are made out to be in the early chapters. As a final-solution task-force they would not be anybody's choice after reading this story, but overall they do not detract from, or enhance the story.
I found the spelling mistakes irritating (how many ways can you mistype 'cryo'?) , and the pacing around drinking 'caf' a bit wearing, but still found the book readable and enjoyable.
I have since read and enjoyed the sequel, Mech 2, and will buy Mech 3 when it becomes available.
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VINE VOICEon 7 February 2011
And so it begins... the advent of the Kindle spawns a new genre, successor to the pulps of yesteryear - the self-published ebook. Priced to sell and unedited, ebooks like Mech are very much a lucky dip.

Mech is essentially ok, but it has many flaws. The central premise is that a race of aliens very similar to Erikson's K'Chain Che'Malle invade the planet next to their homeworld (why?), after it has been colonised by a corrupt human regime. The descriptions of the aliens are good and the various castes are well thought out, and I liked nice touches like the inbuilt organic crystal radios for communication. There is an interesting cast of human characters, but only a handful are fleshed out. Even so, Mech rattles on at a good pace and as an unchallenging entertaining read, it is priced reasonably well.

But. The perils are self-publishing are writ large here - this books needs a darn good editing to get it up to scratch. There are spelling and grammar mistakes aplenty but worse some sections really need revising as they hardly make sense at times. I was also irritated at some of the exposition - towards the end the author handily explains what a polymer is, but earlier provided no details as to how a bag of brown fluid could be regrowing an arm.

I was also very disappointed in the mechs themselves - the whole word implies robot, but here we are actually dealing with cyborgs- human brains "stewed inside a bubbling tank". They also do not appear in force for some time, and seem peripheral to the action for most of the book.

So, a good effort but flawed enough to be annoying at times. With a lot of editorial work Larson could be putting out some decent entertaining pulp SciFi.

Is Mech worth the cheap asking price? Only just.
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on 2 February 2011
Got this on the strength of the ratings, but who are the people that are enjoying this so much? As Blackadder said about Baldric's poem "Well, it started off badly, and tailed off towards the end, and the less said about the middle the better. Apart from that - great!". The plot idea itself is ok - dormant aliens from millennia ago wreak havoc (wait, that's the plot of the film Alien, hmmm). But the writing style, although it starts off alright, somehow becomes more and more childish - to the extent that there are about two spelling errors per page eventually. I mean, this is the type of cliched, cringeworthy rubbish that I would come up with, if I wrote Sci-Fi! I nearly snapped my Kindle in half when the protagonist notices that a woman's hair 'falls sensuously across her breasts' or some words to that effect. Not a complete waste of a few quid, but a total waste of a plot idea which, instead of being an epic, degenerates into crude fantasy. And to those that would say that short books can't be epic, I have two words for you - Ender's Game. Gave it two stars because I am for some reason still reading it, just a few pages left - it's like eating that horrible Friday night kebab to the end, for some inexplicable reason..
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on 23 January 2012
I read this all the way through quickly: it's a genuine page turner. Okay, the quality of the writing isn't very good; it's the sort I'd usually give up on after a few chapters. But it's fun and it's got a nice premise. The gore and the revolting aliens made my skin itch. And the plot rattles along, jumping over most holes and blemishes in the process.

The writing improves throughout and all of the many problems could be solved by a good literary editor. None of the elements hang together. There are a few annoying typos and plenty of plot inconsistencies. The story is directionless and has no real theme. Despite the blurb there is exactly one mech.

I won't read more in the series, but there's promise here, and this is a fun read.
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on 25 April 2012
This was a very enjoyable read - I only really bought it because it was called Mech and it had very good reviews (yes, a slightly odd criteria for choosing a book but I have a poor imagination!) but it turned out to be a great decision! So thanks for the others who reviewed it.

The book was full of action with interesting mixes of human and alien technology - a lot of thought clearly when in to the different alien types. I enjoyed this one so much that after finishing it I immediately bought all three other books!

This was my first taste of BV Larson and I plan on reading his other series next!
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on 31 January 2011
Really good, reminds me of Stephen Banks or Alistair Reynolds.

Also at a brilliant price.

I'm going to some more of B.V Larsons books soon.
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on 19 January 2011
As others have already said, it takes a bit to get into, but after the first chapter i was hooked, flew through this one, bought and flew through mech 2, just couldn`t read fast enough. bring on mech 3.
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on 15 March 2011
I devoured books 1 and 2 of the Imperium series in just a few days, and am posting this in the hope it will encourage others to buy, and therefore encourage the author to write book 3!

The story reminded me very much of Starcraft, playing a Terrans versus Zerg scenario - most enjoyable and a must for fans of Space Opera, Alien First Contact or just plain old high-tech SF action-adventure.

Hard to get started, some have written - but I have to disagree!
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on 8 January 2016
I really enjoyed this book and I will be reading the next in the series. Only 4 stars because as has been mentioned by others it is in need of an editor, there are a couple of inconsistencies (I really didn't mind them) and the title Mech 1 doesn't make much sense given the lack of a noteworthy Mech character/plot - maybe this'll be explained in the later books?
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on 21 February 2011
I enjoyed this book a great deal, it wasnt of to a flying start I felt however both the story and the quality of the writing improved as the book progressed and by the end I found it difficult to put down.

I would definately recommend this book, especially for the price, I have am now beginning to read the second book in the series and it looks very promising right from the start.
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