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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 18 October 2007
The mighty voice rip-roars through the songs from the Bat trilogy with all the power of a jumbo-jet tearing down a runaway and blasting into a hell-raising takeoff. Here is another Meat Loaf performance that goes far enough to make the original studio recordings sound timid (listen out for "Objects In The Rear View Mirror", "Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through" and "Bat Out Of Hell").

"Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through", "You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth" and "Blind As A Bat" are amongst the songs to be missing segments - pity that they should be somewhat 'incomplete' when they are sounding this good. It doesn't really matter that Meat Loaf doesn't always hit the notes like he once did or that he survives the chorus of "Blind As A Bat" with the help of a backing track because what he does sing, when he really goes for it, is all there.

I saw this show when the tour arrived in London, England by which point "Paradise By The Dashboard Light" had found a few great gags and "I'd Do Anything For Love" had a franticly awesome new opening arrangement (all of which are not present for this show). John Miceli's drum beats are pure rock, delivered like an earth quake bulging through an intravenous drip. The cover songs at the end are fine, but if Meat had the energy (and he does) it would be nice to hear him perform his own classics, after all, he has plenty more of those that aren't included on here. The show is superbly filmed and includes plenty of sweeping camera angles and a feeling that you're up on the stage next to him. It's this intimacy that helps give this DVD an edge over the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra DVD.

Where the show flounders is where the lead female vocals come into play, and they come into play frequently. Sure the girl can sing, but she isn't Patti Russo who, after 13 years, Meat Loaf appears to have unforgivably replaced in favour of a 'newer model', prior to the release of Bat Out Of Hell III, and a mistake that no amount of on-stage pyrotechnics can compensate for. Maybe Patti Russo was just too good. Russo is why I'll favour the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra DVD, and her absence here is my main reason for giving this DVD four stars and not five.

The bonus DVD is a fly on the wall documentary of the few weeks leading up to the show in London, Ontario and compliments Disk One perfectly. We see Meat rehearsing, driving his car, packing his suitcase, preparing for shows and collapsing from exhaustion after them. You might be disappointed to see this towering rock legend reveal enough of himself to make us realise how 'un-star' like the man behind the Meat Loaf character is: quiet, reclusive and fragile. It is a documentary that is in essence about the road leading up to the show on Disk One, and as for Meat Loaf himself - we are left little the wiser. Even his autobiography was told in glimpses. It does leave you realising that perhaps the on-stage and off-stage personas couldn't be flung any further apart.

The king of rock crown isn't leaving Meat Loaf's head (even if the king is missing his queen). Frankenstein has no hope of ever recovering this overweening creation.
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on 12 November 2007
This is an amazing DVD of Meat Loaf live in Canada, 2007. Meat and the band are on top form... yes Meat's voice is weaker than it used to be but he can still blow almost every other singer off the stage.

For me only one thing spoils this DVD; the audience. There is hardly any audience partition, and also the audience is very flat; There is very little singing along or cheering (or at least you can't hear it) which does ruin the atmosphere of the DVD slightly.

In response to an earlier posting, yes the show is little weaker without Patti Russo; she has such a powerful voice and had such chemistry with Meat after touring together for so long; it should be pointed out that she chose to leave, Meat did not sack her, and Aspen Miller has a great singing voice which complements Meat perfectly. Given a few more months or years singing together they would be awesome.

These are however minor gripes... Meat Loaf is still one of the greatest showmen and most powerful singers alive today... hopefully he'll recover from his current illness and return to rock us once more!
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on 1 September 2014
Definitely 3 Bats and good support the scenic work matches the songs I am not surprised Meatloaf singers lasted but a short while, he is a perfectionist requiring top performance, must be hard to retain that for tours.
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on 18 June 2013
I have the Special Limited Edition version with the 2 discs. The first concert DVD is very good, although some of the songs are not complete for some reason, What is on it, is fabulous though, Meat in full throttle, what more can you ask for. The Second dvd follows Meat around while he is touring, it is very interesting, but actually it seems Meat Loaf is a very private person so you do not actually learn a great deal about him, he is obviously a perfectionist too as he cares very much what people think about the concerts. This was not cheap, but for me, worth every penny.
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on 8 April 2014
Excellent DVD with a great mix of old and new footage, really interesting to see how these were staged and the changes in the band and the look of Meatloaf over the years. Great for any fans to add to their collection and revisit when the nostalgia bug bites !
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on 19 June 2012
When i had seen reviews of this DVD, especially the ones concerning meat loafs voice, i was a little weary but ordered it anyway and i was not disappointed! its true to say that meat loafs voice isn't as up to scratch as it was 30 years ago but the man still knows how to put on a show and can still sin all hits hits as only meat loaf can. The first 2 songs he is a little out of time with the music but if you purchase the DVD don't give up after these songs because it gets a lot better. The documentary in search of paradise is also excellent and shows meat loaf for the hard working performer that he is.
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on 28 March 2015
If you listen to this concert with your ears you will be disappointed. If you listen with your heart you will be in the seventh heaven, sucked into an emotional experience with loads of excellent musicians and backing vocals and you will watch this concert over and over again enjoying fantastic songs arranged in a superb way, probably crying now and then because this is pure emotion from the beginning to then end. And that's what music is about; emotion!
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on 10 February 2008
this review, like the product, has to come in two parts;

firstly to tackle the 2nd disc, which features "in search of paradise" a documentary filmed at the start of meat loaf's "3 bats" world tour. its very interesting to see the tour preperations, and is a genuinely well made documentary, to which i would give 4/5. the reason it doesn't get a 5 is two-fold, firstly that it doesn't even refer to the fact that meat loaf cancelled the entire tour after the newcastle show in england (which they could easily have added in at the end) due to vocal cysts, and secondly meat loaf himself doesn't really say a lot of interest.

as for the concert itself...fantastic effects, great band, good backing singers, well-filmed...but meat loaf himself simply murders some of his own songs. he is even miming the chorus in "blind as a bat". you can see his band casting disbelieving looks at him as he misses notes time and time again. its actually sad to watch a once great singer at times performing terribly, almost collapsing on stage and bent over at awkward angles. having said all that, when he hits it, he puts on a great show, and the performances of "the monster is loose" and "black betty" in particular are brilliant.

in all, i would recommend that if you just want a live meat loaf dvd - get the storytellers one from a few years ago before his voice went. if you are interested in the makings of a tour etc, this is worth buying for the documentary. sadly this concert represents an artist who has missed his time to call it a day.
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on 27 November 2010
Totally awesome to be honest, I love watching this again and again. In fact I have watched this so many times I have had to buy this again due to the disc being scratched.

I read the incredibly detailed review below and most I agree with the singing from Meat Loaf is awesome, he may not hit every single note (which is something people have been moaning about) but the bloke is 60! If fans can sing Meat Loaf songs any where near as good as Meat Loaf did in his prime then moan, however I highly doubt that!

For the sake of clarity as I have read this a few times now, with the whole "Aspen Miller replacing Patti Russo" yes technically Aspen replaced Patti, however not in the sense that so called "fans" seem to be implying. See had these fans bothered to do their research properly (via TV spots and interviews from Meat Loaf himself) they would have actually discovered that Patti left before the 3 Bats Live Tour in order to pursue her solo career, which is why she had to be replaced! Meat Loaf actually said before the tour that Patti had left to do her own thing!

However come Casa De Carne (translated to "House of Meat") annoyingly this has not been released on DVD yet this followed the 3 Bats Live Tour, it's not official but with my understand due to the 3 Bats Live Tour being such a massive hit, Meat had an encore tour, however due to a cyst on his vocal chords he was unable to finish. So with what I understand (not officially stated) Meat Loaf done the Casa De Carne tour as a kind of replacement, anyone who went to that (me being on of these people) would have noticed something. The fact that Patti returned! Aspen was no longer with Meat Loaf but Patti Russo was back with Meat Loaf Rockin' it up.

If you are a true die hard Meat Loaf fan (much like myself) you will love this show, if you wish to listen singing every song exactly perfectly simply stick on his album, it's why you got it. If you wish for pure entertainment and to watch Meat Loaf put every ounce of his being into a performance in order to rock your world then watch this DVD, yes sometimes Meat Loaf relies on a backing track to help him but now-a-days most people tend to mime everything so to see Meat Loaf putting all his effort into actually singing at the age of 60 is still awesome.

This was the first tour I ever saw of Meat Loaf and I loved every single second of it, I bought the normal 2 disc version, the found the special edition (the cardboard box one) the special edition I never watch as that's just for show. The one I watch I have watched so many times I have had to buy again due to certain parts of the disc being serious scratched. All three copies I have are all DVD versions, however now I am purchasing a PS3 so now I shall be buying this again but on Blu-ray. That's how awesome this is.
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on 29 August 2008
I am so disappointed by this dvd. I've seen Meat Loaf perform live over a dozen times & his voice just seems to go downhill every time.

I guess he's getting on a bit now, but I now wish he would retire gracefully, as this performance is painful to watch.

He struggles through virtually every song & his timing is way off. His fantastic backing band & backing vocalists try to mask his shortcomings, but it seems to just magnify his own woeful vocals!

The first time we played this DVD at home, we actually couldn't stand to listen to any more after the first half hour. Meat's contant straining & re-interpretation of the vocal harmonies & melodies are nowhere near as good as the original versions (let alone in tune) & his physical contortions are not comfortable to watch as he strains his way through each song.

I found myself almost willing him to sing just a small part of each song well, but he just kept on losing his way, missing his cues & then rushing his lyrics - just horrible.

A sad demise for a once great singer & performer.

The only plus points are his excellent band & a decent documentary... but that's about it!
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