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3.7 out of 5 stars332
3.7 out of 5 stars
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[I've added a photo to the item page showing the back of the Blu-ray box which details the disc specification and content. I have written Amazon reviews for the Blu-ray disc of each film in the trilogy...]

'The Matrix Reloaded' is the second film in a trilogy written, directed and produced by the Wachowski brothers. Although dating from the early 2000s, it will continue to stand as a benchmark, along with the previous film 'The Matrix', for the use of special-effects in films for many years to come....

The trilogy is arguably THE series of films which should be watched first on any new Hi-Definition video format to fully appreciate it and the film; Blu-ray is no exception to this 'rule' and I can confirm that it is simply astounding to watch (and listen to !) in this format. The remaining film is 'The Matrix Revolutions' and you can buy all 3 films in a Blu-ray boxset; Amazon links below for product and my review :

The Matrix [Blu-ray] [1999]
Matrix Revolutions [Blu-ray] [2003]
The Matrix/Matrix Reloaded/Matrix Revolutions [Blu-ray] [1999]

Whilst many people consider 'The Matrix' to be the superior film of the 3, I believe that 'The Matrix Reloaded' is better. Although excellent, I think that 'The Matrix' astounded viewers and remains in the mind as it was not only the first of the series, but also because it introduced the aforementioned filming techniques to the masses and used them in such a revolutionary way; but 'The Matrix Reloaded' improves on that standard as it pushes the boundary of those techniques even further and has many more stunning action sequences.

This film again includes a lot of imagery produced using a special filming process to digitally enhance the simulation of variable speed. Although not the first films to use the technology, they did so in such a way that it essentially pushed the process into mainstream film-making; so much so that it was quickly given the registered trademark of 'Bullet Time' by Warner Bros (the film studio which financed the film).

The overall plot for the trilogy is novel and extremely complicated, requiring 'mere-mortals' to watch the films several times to start appreciating everything that occurs and all the reasoning behind it; quite a lot of the dialogue is involved and needs to be properly understood for everything to make sense....The initial synopsis is that 'Reality is a world run by artificially intelligent machines who control the human slaves in a simulated 20th Century', with 'The Matrix' referring to the simulation and that the lead characters being either human 'rebels' who are free from the simulation and fighting for 'true reality' or computer program villains, known as 'Agents', tasked with defeating the rebellion.

Each film stands on it's own as a story, but the plot progresses through the 3 films and all need to be watched to get the whole picture and, of course, the ultimate ending. As before, things get moving very quickly in this film and there continue to be periods of 'explanation' and an increasing number of stunning set-piece action sequences. There is a lot of violence/shooting/knifing/death and some truly terrific fight scenes. The fighting is usually based on techniques originating from the Orient and are extremely complicated/magnificently choreographed; they took a LONG time to produce and, for the most part, are performed by the actors...

Whilst there does seem to be a gap in time between the events in 'The Matrix' and this film, the story continues onward and we are introduced to the sanctuary home for the remaining human population, given a deeper explanation to the existence and format of 'The Matrix', presented with more of the 'programs' which exist in it and then see the battle for supremacy widen, become far more involved and suggest that a result will soon occur....

'The Matrix Reloaded' improves on the original film as it includes a seemingly never-ending fight sequence between Neo and a multitude of 'duplicate' versions of Agent Smith, a simply stunning lengthy outside fight/chase sequence on a multi-lane road shot in daylight (making it more difficult to present special-effects), which I don't think will ever be bettered in any film, and a glorious indoor fight scene involving many people and weapons.

Adding to the these notable features are an overall heavy-reliance on spectacular digital special-effects (which blend seamlessly with the imagery and look completely authentic), massive and dramatic explosions, many more superb 'machinery' creations and a pulsating rock-based musical soundtrack (which often has an injection of synthesised music accompanied by choral vocals !) - as before, this film demands to be watched in a darkened room, on a big screen and at high volume !

The Blu-ray image on this issue is flawless/superbly detailed and, unlike with 'The Matrix', I found the sound quality to be excellent and a clear improvement over the DVD format. The extras on the disc are again copious, including a 'Picture-in-Picture' narrative inserted into the film, 2 feature-length commentaries and a load of very interesting 'featurettes' - several cover the chase sequence very well; see the photo I've added to the item page showing the back of the Blu-ray box which details the disc specification and content.

Anyone who either already knows about, or wants to experience for the first time, this superior follow-on to the initial ground-breaking film really should see it in Blu-ray format - it will blow you away !

PS You then need to watch the remaining film in the trilogy....
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The Matrix Reloaded was one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2003 but it received a less than rapturous response from the critics on its theatrical release and under-performed at the box office, despite making over $275 m to date in the U.S. alone. This is not to say that it's bad. It certainly isn't and for the most part I thoroughly enjoyed The Matrix Reloaded. It's just not as good as the first movie and not as good as expected. Furthermore it is another classic Hollywood example of failing to grasp the simple concept that less is sometimes more. For if the Wachowski brothers are guilty of anything then it is over egging the pudding.
So what's good and what's bad about The Matrix 2? Well, let's start with the good.
First off, The Matrix Reloaded is (in parts) jaw-droppingly spectacular in scale and confidence with three or four breath taking action sequences that go beyond anything else ever attempted on celluloid. This is the all-new flying and exploding upgrade and The Wachowskis, Yuen Wo-Ping and John Gaeta's effects wizards have combined to create some stunningly original sequences. The best of which include; Neo (Keanu Reeves) battling 100 Agent Smiths (Hugo Weaving), a chateau sword-fight and in particular a lengthy freeway set sequence where Neo, Morpheus, Trinity, indulge in a free for all with Agents Johnson, Jackson and the virtually indestructible Merovingian twins. On this basis alone The Matrix Reloaded completely delivers (and then some) exactly what its fans want and the second half of the movie is nothing short of excellent but the first hour in particular contains some very glaring faults.
The biggest thing that is wrong with The Matrix Reloaded is that it is far too long (138 minutes) and full of unnecessary and elongated sequences that could have been trimmed back half an hour or so. Due to this, the opening hour of Reloaded positively labours and the Zion-set opening sequence is at least a quarter of an hour overlong with a rather pointless and frankly rubbish love scene between Trinity and Neo among it's many unnecessary moments. There is also far too much furrowing of Neo's brow and emphasis on cod philosophy (more pretentious than profound) and the nature of choice, free will and reality. Apart from this being far too earnest it is also very much a repetition of everything already discussed in the first movie. Meanwhile, many of the new characters are decidedly underwritten and the likes of Monica Bellucci and Jada Pinkett Smith are frankly wasted. Plus, whilst accepting that this is the middle part of a trilogy, the plot is very linear and by the time the credits roll it could be argued that the story has hardly advanced from the end of part one.
All that said the second half of the movie is very exciting rollercoater ride and succeeds in raising the bar in action and SFX. On this basis alone, Reloaded is still well worth watching and worthy of 4 stars but just be warned, it isn't as good as its five star predecessor...
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on 30 May 2016
Reviewed Version: 2008 UK Blu-Ray by Warner Bros. (as part of the Complete Matrix Trilogy Blu-Ray set)

MATRIX RELOADED follows the legendary 1999 smash hit THE MATRIX, shot back-to-back with the second sequel MATRIX REVOLUTIONS, it feels the sequels were "rushed out", as they both are hugely disappointing and nowhere near the quality of the original film. I was quite surprised at how someone could completely screw up a trilogy like this, and had I known this I would have just picked up the single Blu-Ray of part 1 rather than to waste money on the box set.
Where THE MATRIX was original, new, groundbreaking and truly visually stunning, MATRIX RELOADED starts out really slow and utterly boring. When the action does start, the "WOW!-Effect" no longer applies. So, we get to see Neo facing multiple Mr. Smiths? Yawn! Overly long and tedious! The story of MATRIX RELOADED offers no surprises; add bad pacing and you already have a fatal mix: I found it very hard to sit through the 138 mins. with really nothing to grab my attention and I kept pressing the "Display" button to see how long the movie was still going to run. Overall at times it felt like a cash-in rather than a well-thought out sequel.
In the acting department Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) is by far the only good character in the sequel, while Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Trinity (Carrie-Ann Moss) appear wooden images of their former selves. Mr. Smith's (Hugo Weaver) performance is lost to a bad script for his character. What a pity, he deserved much better (and got it in THE LORD OF THE RINGS movies). I did not care for the Oracle in the original movie, but she undergoes a change of character here (not the actress's fault), that makes it even worse. Probably one of the best characters of the original, Tank (Marcus Chong) is painfully absent in the sequels.
Maybe this is a 2-star film, but I felt rather disappointed, so I'm only giving it 1 star.

Audio: English DT-HD 5.1, English DD 5.1, French DD 5.1, Italian DD 5.1, Brazilian Portuguese DD 2.0, Latin Spanish DD 2.0
Subtitles: English, French, Latin Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Dutch
Runtime: 138:15 mins.
Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1
Region: A,B,C
Extras: 2 commentaries (Philosophers commentary by Dr. Cornel West & Ken Wilder
Critics commentary by Todd McCarthy, John Powers & David Thomson), In-Movie Experience picture-in-picture commentary, Written introduction by The Wachowski Brothers, Behind The Matrix featurettes (total: 46:57), Car Chase featurette (86:07), Teahouse Fight (7:04), Unplugged (40:24), I'll handle them (17:08 Min), The Exiles (17:52), Enter The Matrix: The Game (28:13), Enter The Matrix (42:29), Musikvideo "Sleeping Awake" (3:43), Reloaded/Revolutions Teaser (1:46), The Matrix Reloaded Trailer (2:25), The Matrix Reloaded TV Spots (4:30),

Video Quality: 5/5
Audio Quality: 5/5
Extras: 5/5

Despite the movie's atrocious quality, the Blu-Ray is still state-of-the-art with superb video and audio quality and approx. 300 mins. (!) of extras.
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on 13 June 2010
I guess by now just about evryone has seen this film,so what can I add? As a sci-fi fan this still rates as one of the top all time best films in this genre,in fact the whole tri-olgy is outstanding as an ultimate sc-fi fest!.When BLUE-RAY came out I swore I wouldnt waste money replacing my original DVD collection,but being weak willed of course There are certain Films which must be watched in the very best format available and this is one of them.If you love this film as I do,then invest in the BLU-RAY version,and step into the awsome future of technology!!
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on 3 November 2003
It can't be denied that this film is flawed. Despite probably the best special effects in history and some incredible stunts, there are simply so many on this movie, and they go on for so long (eg.neo fights Smith for ten minutes, 12 minute freeway chase) that they just lose their effect.The action should have been used more sparingly for it to appear as striking as it did in the original Matrix.
Other parts of tyhe film suggest that the directors have just lost the plot. There are too many comedy moments, which make the film seem like a bit of a farce at times. The actor who plays 'Lock' is embarrassing, and the Zion scenes look too much like Star Wars. Morpheus talks in his monotonous philosophical voice incessantly, so that unlike the first film, where he was the most complete and impressive character, he ends up looking more than a little silly. Neo suffers in the same way when Larry and Andy have him flying around like Superman, one arm outstretched. The Merovingian was surely included for a bit of light relief.
This film could have been brilliant, but as it is it's just good.
The common fate of sequels is evident again here, as for the most part it's just more of the same, and although it's extremely well made, we've seen it all before. The truly new ideas are rare, but have the same startling effect of the original. Examples are Neo meeting 'The Architect'( fantastic scene), his developing relationship with Trinity, and the discovery that he has power even in the real world.
The MTV Movie Awards parody on disc two, featuring Seann William Scott and Justin Timberlake, is almost as funny as the film itself.
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Once again the graphics outstretched the story, and for this day and age the CGI did not exceed that of most movies. The continuing saga of the movie requires that you have seen the first one to get the proper background information. As with Keanu Reeves' portrayal of Siddhartha in "Little Buddha" (1994), this time a change of costume and he must deal with impermanence and the Vedic cycles. Super imposed on this gem of understanding is excessive action that would rival that of "Kung Pow! Enter the Fist" (2002).

Neo is supposed to be "The One" according to prophecy. According to Morpheus he is to lead the people out of bondage.

Is the oracle what she appears to be?

Will Neo, in the midst of endless kicking and shooting, go on to fulfill his destiny?

Or will the love of Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) interfere?

This story is not so comprehensive. It needs to be viewed as part of the series to make it worth viewing.
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on 23 November 2003
This sequel, while not as good as the first, (but then how could you match that) is still worthy for its excellent and unusual special effects - where The Matrix gave us bullet time, this one shows that you can dispense with a camera altogether. The viewpoint spins and whirls in perfect accompaniment to the action, and the set pieces are terrific; Neo vs 100 Agent Smiths is a pulsating fight scene, (although our hero can look a bit cartoony in places); the highway chase is just awesome.
The story expands a bit from the first one - it also offers different levels of experience as with the previous film. If you are an MTV-educated action junkie you will see an action film with some boring bits in between; if you are a classical Bible scholar with existentialist pretensions then you will see a referential comment on the Descartesian human condition of self-determined free will within a Barthian Creator-imposed predestined omniverse. (probably)
Packed with special features; I didn't think the DVD transfer was that good considering it is a digital film. 5.1 sound is great - shame it didn't come in DTS. But you will watch it over and over again.
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on 17 August 2009
15yr old daughter writing this review..
i must say i really enjoyed this sequel. I totally disagree with people who say that the plot line is too complicated. It is quite complicated but only so much as to make it interesting and exciting. I enjoyed this and would recommend it to all matrix fans.
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VINE VOICEon 3 February 2004
I have seen this film three times now, and to be honest, it’s not quite as bad or as good as I first thought. The visuals are great, some wonderfully balletic martial arts choreography, and even some hint of a plot. And yet….
The main flaws for me are, firstly that the premise of the first film has been thrown out, and the struggle to liberate humanity becomes subsumed in plots surrounding various programmes free floating in the Matrix (which give Reeves and co plenty of opportunity for sometime over-elaborate fight scenes). Secondly, being the middle film is always a problem (although I still think ‘The Empire Strikes’ back was the best of the Star Wars films, and the ‘Two Towers’ stood very well as film in its own right). But actually, when you see the final film, ‘Revolutions’, ‘Reloaded’ almost seems elegant and coherent by comparison.
Finally, cod philosophy (no its not deep, even if you’ve only ever done ‘o’ level philosophy), and being in love with the idea of being clever without actually being clever, means that this film gives up plot and character for a veneer of depth that is only too shallow. ‘The Matrix’ was a good film – a rarity in that it was a Hollywood sci-fi blockbuster that actually understood science fiction as a literature of ideas. The Wachowski Brothers were not afraid to use ideas as the basis of the film’s story telling, and ‘The Matrix’ had a bit of depth as a consequence.
Sadly, ‘The Matrix’ seems to have been a one-of. ‘Reloaded’ pretends to have depth, and turns out to be just another sci-fi blockbuster. Not a bad film in and of itself, but a wasted opportunity nevertheless.
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VINE VOICEon 31 August 2003
It irks me considerably when I repeatedly see comparisions of this sequel with its predecessor. I believe it is an unfair comparision, for while the first one was definately unique in its conceptualization and picturization (remains fresh to this day) its sequel has added the depth to the story that was clearly lacking in the first.
The only drawback I felt was that it seemed as if the movie couldnt decide which viwer to satisfy, i.e. those who viewed the series purely for its action sequences, or those who watched it for the 'plot'. In an attempt to placate both, I felt the first half went a bit overboard in delivering the action, and then a rushed attempt was made to catch up on the real story. The last half hour and the interaction with the architect is brilliant, however. And while it answers a whole range of questions, opens up some new ones in the process.
The movie closed on an excellent note, leaving open the question of how/why Neo was able to strike down the sentinels in the 'real world'. So do his powers now actually extend outside the Matrix, or is the 'real world' merely an extension of the Matrix itself?
All in all, a very good sequel that manages to do justice to the VERY high expectations of its core fans. I believe that vewiing (and evaluating) 'Reloaded' and 'Revolutions' as a single sequal to the original will enable the viewers to make a more informed judgment.
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