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Akibas Trip: Undead & Undressed

by Marvelous USA, Inc.
PlayStation 3
 Ages 16 and Over

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Game Information

  • Platform:   PlayStation 3
  • BBFC Rating: Suitable for 18 years and over Suitable for 18 years and over. Not for sale to persons under age 18. By placing an order for this product, you declare that you are 18 years of age or over.
  • Media: Video Game
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Amazon.com: 4.7 out of 5 stars  27 reviews
18 of 19 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Explore Akiba from your living room! 19 Aug 2014
By Synchronicitized - Published on Amazon.com
Verified Purchase
If you're thinking about buying this game, I'd suggest that your enjoyment of the game will be directly proportional to your overall level of anime fandom. Within the first 10 minutes of the game, you discover that the main character has been partially transformed into a vampire-like creature, after responding to a sketchy job listing, having been enticed by the promise of limited edition figures and other otaku goods.

The game itself is part brawler, part RPG, and part visual novel. There are heroines to woo, vampires to strip, and plenty of weapons and accessories to tinker with. There's a battle arena to challenge and your little sister can fuse items into more powerful ones. So, it should be clear that every trope in the universe is out in force. Now, if the game took itself seriously, it would be dire, but fortunately its tone is lighthearted and fun.

Further, the game world is a fairly accurate rendition of the real-life Akihabara. Just like the real thing, there is a maze of little back streets and hole in the wall shops to explore, where various weapons, accessories, and powerups can be purchased. Further, there are some familiar places to see and visit (early in the game, you can visit Animate and Toranoana for example, and see places like Taito Game Station). And, just like the real Akiba, people pass out flyers on the street and large displays try to draw in the otaku crowd, and some familiar faces can be seen (like Super Sonico!). So, you could spend quite a bit of time just wandering the streets and taking in all the sights.

So, if you're reasonably knowledgeable about anime and otaku culture, and you'd like a quirky and offbeat game to pass a little bit of time with, I'd strongly recommend this one. It might be hard to play for hours on end, but it's ideal for a mindless game to pass an hour or two at the end of the day.
8 of 8 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars An interesting game. 22 Aug 2014
By Andy Voong - Published on Amazon.com
Verified Purchase
This is my first review on Amazon so I’ll do my best to give you an entire overview of this game. To start off, this is an amazingly fun and unique type of game that will most likely fly under the radar for most gamers due to the zaniness concept of stripping clothes off from people.

Story/Presentation: You play as a boy named Nanashi (You can change the name and his appearance) and he took a part time job that will pay him with rare and collectable anime merchandise. Your character describes himself as an “Otaku” basically it’s an equivalent of calling him a Nerd or a Geek. He prides himself with the knowledge and collection of anything that is related to anime; hence why he signed up for the part time job. However, the “job” was a front for something more sinister. You start the game by waking up and realizing that you are strapped and chained. You are soon introduced to a man named Zenya. In reality, Zenya drugged Nanashi and converted him to modern day equivalent of a vampire. Zenya’s ambition is take over Akihabara (Where the game takes place) and drain the resident’s life energy away from them with the help of vampire minions. Fortunately, you are able to break away from your chains by a girl name Shizuku. After battling Zenya and his henchmen, you were able to escape and temporarily stop his evil plans. Both of you head back to the game’s headquarters called Mogra (A Videogame theme bar) where you meet the other main characters and also when the game and story begins.

For the visuals, it takes place in a very bright environment. Throughout Akihabara, it is constantly bustling with NPC’s (Non-playable characters) and filled with Japanese music. It also gives a nice recreation of Akihabara and portrays how lively it is. I read that the company that made the game, meticulously studied and researched Akihabara to get it close to 100% resemblance to the real counterpart. It even has actual advertisement (You can see them during loading screens) of real businesses and services that are in Akihabara. Also, the game has a lot of tongue and cheek jokes and satire that portrays themes like: Anime, Videogames, Social Media, and even breaking the 4th wall. The game does not take itself too seriously by having many comical and fan-service moments in the game.

Gameplay: For the most part the game is an Action RPG. The combat centers a simple but intuitive control scheme. There are multiple types of weapons ranging from Markers to a Glowing sword. Also there is a vast amount of clothing that allows you customize your character and find your own unique style. Your overall health, is represented by the health of your clothing. You can wear up to 3 levels of clothing: Head, Torso, and Lower Body. These clothing and weapons can be enchanted to increase its durability and attacks (Also can be applied to your female companions). In order to win a battle you must completely strip all the enemies clothing from head to toe. There are three forms of attacking: High, Medium, and Low attacks. Also, these attacks correspond to the position of clothing the enemy has. So for example, a high attack is useful with enemies that have headgear while low attacks are good for pants/skirts. For most battles, you will have a female companion or allies that will aid you in battle. There are useful ways to get the clothes off the enemies’ back either by force, chain-stripping (When you successfully strip a piece of clothing there is a chance you can strip more clothing by pressing a button via quick time event) or triggering a finishing move (Most female companions have a finisher) that can hit and stun a group of enemies at once. The gameplay is solid, however it can get repetitive down the line and also the overall framerate could drop due to a lot of action happening at once. However, the framerate is not entirely game breaking.

Also, as the story progresses it’s like reading an interactive novel. There will be moments in the game where you are given three options of how to respond to a situation. For the most part, you pick a decision that is based on your personality but there are certain situations that affect how the main female characters react to you based on the choices you picked. These choices, will affect the ending of the game as well.

Once you’ve completed the game, you can start a New Game + where all the clothes and weapons you’ve acquired from your first play through will carry over to the new one. Since there are multiple female companions in the game there are multiple endings so it gives the game some replay value and also entice people that are completionists (Like myself).

Sound: For the most part, the voice acting is amazingly well done. Each English voice actors/actresses did a tremendous job portraying their characters. All of them match the personality of the videogame characters quite well. The conversations are quite dynamic and there is no extra filler or tangents in the game that take away from the plot. If you like, there is an option to switch the voices and text from English to Japanese at anytime.

Overall, this is a very good game. Yes, there are slight hiccups with the gameplay but it does not take away the full enjoyment of playing this game. I have a feeling this game will have a cult following. I hope they make a sequel for this game and show that niche games can do well in the United States; which in turn allow many gamers to play games that only came out in Japan. I hope I was able to help you decide to get this game or not. Thanks for taking the time to read my review.
24 of 30 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars I haven't had this much fun playing a game in a while 15 Aug 2014
By Nic Rose - Published on Amazon.com
First off, do not let the whole stripping of clothes make you turn your head to this game and judge and criticize it. This game is just absolutely a freaking blast. I haven't had this much fun playing a game in a while. It is so different compared to other RPG's out there and I think that's what has kept me playing non stop. Just mindlessly beating the crap out of people with all these different weapons and stripping them of their clothes is hilarious, fun, and can't forget the eye candy ;). Not to mention there is over 450 different clothes you can collect and equip to make you look awesome beating everything up! The story is pretty good, I'm enjoying it and the characters are very likable. Just give this game a chance... Watch some gameplay and see if this is a game for you, but I really suggest trying it out before tossing it aside. Much more fun to play it yourself.

I really wish more people would support this game. I would love to see another one of these! If you like RPG's and brawler type games you will have a lot of fun with this game.

I am currently at the end of the game right now and can't wait to go through it again and again for the many endings there are!
12 of 15 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Surprisingly good, considering how wrong it could have gone. 18 Aug 2014
By Resident01 - Published on Amazon.com
I hesitated to purchase this game. I usually pre-order every JRPG that comes out on amazon, but this one I let pass because I was worried that it would be nothing but a bunch of fan service with a horrible story to boot. Well, long story short I traded some games in and decided to give it a try. Let me just say, I am insanely impressed by this game. The story is actually pretty good and so far (about 3-4 hours in) and I haven't found myself hating it for long, drawn-out, pointless, nonsense conversation sequences like I encounter in games like Disgaea. As a matter of fact, I'd say 90% of the conversations so far actually have a point and drive the game's plot (I know, amazing right?).

But enough about my hang-ups on modern JRPG's, the battle system in this one is pretty fun too. It's a standard beat-em-up style game where you can choose and upgrade your weapons, clothing, styles and stuff like that. I could see it getting repetitive down the line, but so far I've really enjoyed it. It's apparently got a ton of multiple endings as well, and is constantly asking for your input throughout the story which is a big plus for me.
3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Akiba Strip 2… I mean Akiba's Trip 2 24 Aug 2014
By Jason - Published on Amazon.com
I own the PS4 japanese version of the game. Actually bought it the same day the PS3 and Vita versions were released state side. and the reason was simple, i wanted this game both on my TV and my Vita. That said, i think when it's on my Vita, it looks the best, and plays great. And if i decided to buy an english version to help round out my understanding of the story, I'd go for the Vita version.

The Good:
* Cute story with a some what simplified dating sim going on.
* Location has tons of little details about the real place which gives it a great feeling of belonging.
* Combat is fun, though it can get repetitive.
* Not as sexist as expected, you strip men just as much as your strip the ladies. But it is a anime game, so plan on lots of fan service especially during the boss battles.
* Weapons and all other accessories are everywhere, and there are tons of them.
* Also has a crafting system that is pretty easy to use.
* you can see what weapon ever character has for they carry them on their backs, if you want it, give them a feel and hope they fight you. then after they die, or if human run away naked steal it.
* When you pick a fight in the street, if you accidentally it someone walking by, they often join into the fight, starting a huge brawl. fun to see how many people you can get to join into the melee.
* All advertisements and bulletin boards are real. there's even a Gundam Cafe. though some shop names have changed for copy right purposes.

* Graphics even on PS4 look like a upscaled Vita game. Good for the Vita version owners, not so much for the PS3 owners.
* Side-quest once in a while are like fun interesting missions, like a mission where to help a guy form a sentence to ask out a girl, but expect a ton of fetch quest.
* Each weapon style has it's own fighting style, which seems like a cool idea, but some fighting styles are just so weird to use, i found myself dying way to often before gave up and switch back to my handy sword thing.
* game makes you feel slightly pervy for the way to get people to fight is to just reach out into the public and give a quick feel.
* Some how no one in the streets is shocked when you kill a vampire.
* Story can be a little so simple when it comes to everyones understanding and excepting vampires into their lives.

Interesting Side Note: Clothing determines the gender of your character, so when its unlocked, and you can wear ladies garments, your look also becomes a sexy anime girl. How this plays out in the english dubbing I'm a little curious for Japanese tend to not use gender based pronouns. For any LGBT people out there know this games got you covered. Though romance options remain the same.
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