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on 4 April 2013
I had this delivered to work and have been itching to get home and see if these would work on my European Blu-Ray player. After checking into things i was convinced i was going to have to buy an American Blu-Ray player and explain to the wife why i had wasted so much money.

However, i can fully promise that these are region free. Each one worked straight away (Iron Man and the Hulk downloaded some extra content from somewhere called BD direct through my internet connected player).

As I do not have a 3d player/TV i cannot vouch for the 3d discs of Thor, Captain America or the Avengers. But each of the 6 films and the initiative disc all got to the first scene of the film (then i stopped it to eject and try the next one).

Decent value for money, looks amazing. I am definitely the coolest person i know.
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on 4 April 2013
They are region free. Im playing them now on my uk br player. All are bluray disks. No dvd. I paid 144 via amazon com and that included upfront import tax and express shipping 2 days. You dont have to pay tax upfront but if you dont and its checked it could be higher. Great set!
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on 24 April 2013
I have been a Marvel comics fan since the 70's and am a movie prop collector so I ordered this as soon as it first became available as this seemed to be a great looking collectible. Even after the Rimowa fiasco I retained my order and received the set on Monday of this week.

Firstly, the movies are all great and if you are reading this I guess you already know that so I will mainly review the set. However for the avoidance of doubt I will also confirm that these discs are region free so will play on European blu-ray players. I must also say that the content of the special Shield archives disc is quite frankly pathetic. I saw an Avengers special on Sky when the movie was released which had more content so this is truly disappointing and Disney/Marvel should have done better for this release.

One piece of information missing from every other review I have read are the dimensions of the case, which are 30cm by 25cm by 12cm (about the size of an SLR camera case) so this is in no way a full size replica of the case see in the movies. This is however presented very well and made of hard plastic, and from a distance it does look like an aluminium case. The case contains several "Shield Archive" folders and these contain a number of nice little prop replicas such as Thor's fake driving licence, the Arc reactor blueprint see in Ironman 2, a Pingo Doce label so you can make a replica of the drinks bottles in the Incredible Hulk (if you wish) and the Tesseract files shown to Steve Rogers at the beginning of The Avengers. Unfortunately because of the size of the case these folders are also not regular size which diminishes their appeal as collectibles slightly, but these again are well presented. The case also illuminates nicely with blue leds when opened and the shield logo illuminates when the Avengers button on the outside of the case is pressed.

The case contains a Tesseract replica which has received mixed reviews especially in the US. Firstly ignore the promotional pictures as these are CGI versions of the cube. The actual cube is white plastic which illuminates when you tap it quite hard on your palm with blue leds in a kind of strobe effect. This effect I believe is pretty good given the limitations of cost and current technology but this cube could have been enhanced one thousand percent with little or no additional cost by just having it made of opaque or frosted plastic rather than solid white. This is one of the reasons this only gets 4 stars instead of 5. Another is the size of the case. This arrived in a box 7cm longer, 4cm wider and 1 cm deeper than the case itself. If the case had been made just this little bit larger it would have been a much more impressive collectible and held a higher premium than this scaled version. Finally, a small but incredibly annoying feature is the size of the handle on the case. As I said this case is about the size of an SLR camera case so why is the handle so shallow that it is impossible to put your fingers through it to hold it. Instead you have to pinch the handle on each side to lift it or not use the handle at all. Now I know this is a collectible box set and not a functional piece of luggage but if the handle hinges had just been raised 1 cm each side (and there is space for this) it would have been possible to actually use the handle and this actually would have balanced the case better that it currently is for transport. I can only conclude that whoever designed this aspect of the case was a complete idiot.

All in all this is a good attempt at a collectible box set that could have been great but failed due to a lack of attention to detail. Given the delays in bringing this out and the fact this had to be redesigned anyway, these little issues should have been addressed. For the collector, this is probably worth the Amazon price of $149.99 in the US and STILL IN STOCK there, but is not worth the premium some sellers are asking. As I said this could have been great and how I wish it had been!!!!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 5 November 2014
 This set is great for Marvel fans - all the movies are high-quality entertainment. If you do not already own these movies, then this set is perfect for you because it's all the movies in one box set. But if you already own some or all of the movies, the big question is: should I also buy this briefcase set? Well, here are my thoughts:

- The blu-ray discs included are identical to the ones found in the previous individual releases of the films. Picture and Audio quality is very good.

- For those interested in 3D, the 3D versions of "Thor", "Captain America", and "The Avengers" are included.

- If you already owned the 2-disc Special Editions of "Iron Man" or "Iron Man 2", you might want to keep the special features/bonus discs from those sets. Unfortunately, this briefcase set only includes the one movie disc for those films.

- There is a SHIELD Bonus Disc exclusive to this set... it contains about an hour of deleted scenes and pre-visualization sequences. I expected there to be so much more bonus content - I would have liked to see more interviews, featurettes, VFX breakdowns, etc.

- No DVDs or Digital Copies included. This is a bit surprising, because the individual Marvel releases always included those.

- The briefcase feels a bit cheaper than I would have liked. It has a nice finish and is fine to look at, but once you pick it up it lacks weight and doesn't feel very durable.

- The Tesseract (cube) itself lights up when you tap it against your palm. The briefcase also lights up via a button on the outside of the briefcase, or whenever it is opened. The effect is very cool when you are in a dark room.

- There are a number of artifacts within the briefcase, that come in SHIELD files. There are files for Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, Thor, and Steve Rogers. The files include many cool items and prop replicas - newspaper clippings, Captain America cards, ticket to the Stark Expo, the Ark Reactor blueprints, Jane Foster's ID card, data sheets on the Tesseract, character photographs, etc.

- One of the files in the briefcase contains a hidden clue that directs you a website (where you can see a 5-minute first look at the Phase Two movies). It was fairly easy to find, but its fun to look for it.

- There is a unique code included in your set, which is used to unlock the content above. This was not advertised anywhere, but it turns out this code is also valid for 500 points on the Disney Movie Rewards website.
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on 16 December 2015
I think the set is a great idea, and I wanted the whole of phase 1 on Blu-ray, but I've found that the quality of the disc cases is very poor. I don't' mind that they're made of cardboard, and I really like the designs on them, but they were ripped and torn before I had even opened the set up.
The extra features (folders etc) again, I found where squashed, although none of them were ripped.
The set is a great idea, although I feel it's poorly made.
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on 28 July 2014
Great box set for UK - 3d Blu-ray Discs work fine on uk player; order came through without need for import duty good delivery time and seller responded promptly to a query on timings couldn't have been better.

The movies American versions with the usual tweaks (PC scene with extra blade!) and nice set of special features - very glad I purchased it; one star down since the special edition box is a little plastic but the 'files' are great
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on 14 July 2015
Hi, if you re going to buy this, consider buying it from because the price works out cheaper; $168 which makes £106 plus £15 postage, it is quite a bit cheaper plus, they are all bran-fire new!! This box set is great, if you love Marvel I would highly recommend buying it!
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on 31 March 2013
The set itself doesn't contain any DVD discs; the ten discs are an assortment of blus and blu 3ds, and so the set itself is region free. will ship it to the UK, but be wary of the import duty!
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on 23 September 2014
its a nice looking collectors edition of marvel and the contents inside are amazing in detail and really fun looking at the superheros profiles and cover art for the disk sleeves look amazing, they should use them for the actual Blu-rays
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on 19 February 2014
Brilliant Item. Exceptionally impressive and a must for all fans.
My only regret / downer is that on arrival in UK I had to pay £35 in Import Duties - a quarter of the original price!
Well worth the price anyway!
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