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14. Mars vs. Mars

After one of Neptune High's haughtier students brings a sexual harassment suit against a favorite teacher, Veronica is pitted against her father when the girl's parents hire Keith to help in their case. Meanwhile, with the tabloids claiming his mom is still alive, Logan turns to Veronica to help him track down the truth. Later, Veronica discovers more unsettling information about Duncan's hidden m

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Season 1

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Genres Drama
Season year 2005
Network The CW
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51 of 52 people found the following review helpful By Jumbo on 6 Nov. 2005
Format: DVD
This is easily the best programme on television this year, topping every offering from every country. It got broadcast (and subsequently screwed) by LivingTV, who bought the rights to it, only to stick it in a daily 6PM timeslot. That very timeslot suggests that Veronica Mars is a show that can only be appreciated by the young teenage audience. Wrong.
Summing up the basic premise of the show sounds misleadingly, well...lame, that of a high school student that acts as a private investigator in her spare time. I guess telling you that Paris Hilton shows up in the second episode won't help much either.
The precursor to the plot of the initial season is this; Veronica Mars lives in the town of Neptune, a town consisting of the extremely wealthy and the marginalized lower classes. There is little middle class here, but a lot of friction.
Veronica had it all: she was one of the popular kids, with a much sought-after boyfriend and a happy home environment. Her father was sheriff.
Then disaster strikes several times before the first episode. Her best friend is murdered - her father accuses the family of a cover up. He loses his job as sheriff and the Mars family have to move to a miserable two bedroom flat on the bad side of town while father Keith makes his money in the PI business. Days later, her mother leaves them in the night. To top it all, Veronica is drugged at a party and wakes up knowing something terrible happened to her.
So it's a typical "fall from grace" story, only it's incredibly well written and often has echoes of the film noir style of directing. The acting too, is always faultless, from the incredible main actor Kristen Bell right down to the supporting actors.
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32 of 33 people found the following review helpful By Mark Baker - Carstairs Considers TOP 500 REVIEWER on 12 Oct. 2005
Format: DVD
Here's a chance to catch the best new show of the 2004-2005 TV season - ratings challenged Veronica Mars. While the ratings are low, it has a loyal following for a very good reason.
In the seaside town of Neptune, California, there are the haves and the have-nots. You're either one or the other with no middle ground. Veronica used to be part of the popular click. But that was before her best friend Lily was murdered, her rich boyfriend Duncan dumped her, and her father lost his job as the town Sheriff because of his handling of Lily's murder investigation. While her dad opened a PI office, her mom split for parts unknown, leaving the two to cope with the changes in town.
Because of her station as a former popular girl, Veronica doesn't fit into either crowd. Fortunately, the detective skills she's learned from her dad help her make friends. Seems like classmates are constantly coming to her to help with little things like bomb scares or missing pets. Even teachers turn to her in times of crisis, like false accusations of statutory rape. Along the way, Veronica begins to pick up pieces of the puzzle of Lily's murder. Will she piece them all together and figure out who really done it?
I tuned into the premier because several friends were planning to watch as well. I was hooked from the start. The show is smart with decent mysteries each week. The clues to the season long mystery of Lily's death were tantalizing as well. The show is definitely shown through Veronica's eyes, with her voiceover narrating events as well. Veronica has a sarcastic sense of humor that livens things up and keeps the often-serious storyline from becoming too depressing. Newcomer Kristen Bell does an outstanding job in the roll, believably hitting all the peaks and valleys each week.
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71 of 75 people found the following review helpful By Geo Blorge VINE VOICE on 6 Dec. 2006
Format: DVD
Okay. Okay okay. I searched relentlessly on Google for an answer as to whether or not the Region 1(American)Veronica Mars DVDs play on any UK DVD player, but all I found were people saying "I hear" they play on them, or "someone told me so".

Well, I took the plunge and brought both series from Also, upon receiving the series(just now), I wanted to give UK Veronica Mars fans the answers to their region questions. Thus, for you, I did an extensive test.

I tested all six discs of both DVD sets on 3 very different DVD players and two very different TVs.

Firstly, the TV issue doesn't exist. Considering one TV is a 2005 Widescreen Sony TV and the other is a 1999 Matsui portable combo, both worked fine and the picture looked beautiful. It all worked fine with the TVs, this won't be a problem for you.

Secondly, I tested it on each DVD player I have; an original XBox, a slimline PS2, and a really fickle Sony DVD player that normally only plays Region 2 DVDs, not even copied CDs or DVDs. All are UK Region 2, with no multi-region stuff or anything.

Well, it WORKED ON EVERY ONE OF THEM. All 12 discs of the first two series works on every one of my Region 2(Uk) DVD players and TVs. No problems AT ALL.

This is awesome! Literally no problems occured with anything; no need to wait for a Region 2 release, save yourself a LOT of money and import them.

So there you have it; Veronica Mars, series 1 and 2 work on Region 2 Dvd players. Nobody gave me a good answer to my Region questions, but I just did it for you. Import the "Region 1" Dvds, because there really is no boundary on them.

I'm now off to watch the series. Enjoy! I hope this guide helps; buy with certainty.
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