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4.4 out of 5 stars80
4.4 out of 5 stars
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At last, this classic film gets the release it deserves: full length, uncut and hi-def! And the good news is, I can confirm this US import is a region free Bluray!!!

If you're reading this, chances are you've already seen Marked For Death about a hundred times and know it's not only Segal's finest film, but just a great action flick in its own right. If you haven't seen it - watch it!

All the usual Steve Segal Akido and undercover badass is here - but mixed in with it is a theme of voodoo, black magic and Jamaican Yardies, which makes the film immensely enjoyable to watch.

This film spawned some of the greatest lines ever committed to film and one of cinema's most terrifying villains in the shape of Screw Face, played brilliantly by one Basil Wallace.

Scene after scene is totally incredible, whether its a fight scene with Segal or Basil delivering a captivating, spooky and terrifying performance. And there are so many brilliant monologues and one liners that vocal samples taken from this film virtually kept the Drum and Bass and Jungle scenes alive in the 90s.

Great fun, brilliant acting, incredible fight scenes, a non nonsense story, a great twist and non-stop action - what more do you want? Screw Face is mesmerising to watch and even More so in HD, so if you're a fan of the film buy this region free Bluray now. It's an absolute classic!!!

Until your copy arrives in the post here's a few of the best lines to refresh your memory and keep you going:
"E'ry body wan' go heaven... nu'body wan' dead!"
"Who kill 'im, de white boy Hatcha?"
"If a man commit a crime against you - he must be paid back, a t'ousand times!"
"Screw Face give me a t'ousand deaths worse that you..."
"You a do tha selling... you a' be tha mule."
"Don' worry... i's not ya body we wan'... it's your spirit."
"Let no man stray from the pat' dat I 'ave prepared!"
"Me a'carve yer now bwoy, me a carve yer... I got you where I want you now, you like a dog without teeth!"
"I wan' Hatcha dead! I wan' him family DEAD!!!!... an' if you can' kill him, I gon' kill him...... an' then I go kill you."
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on 5 August 2013
From the (ahem) golden Seagal period. Unintentionally hilarious, mostly due to Seagal's 'acting', and propensity for downing 3 or 4 bad guys with the flick of a wrist. But Basil Wallace steals the show, chewing huge chunks out of the scenery as Screwface.

Classic line: "You can't kill me, I'm a made man" Seagal: (after dispatching bad guy) "God made men".
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Marked for Death is a bit of an anomaly in the early, golden-age of Seagal cinematic rampages. The man was virtually owned by Warner, but M4D was released by Twentieth Century Fox. As his third big screen movie, it's not really THAT much different from the rest of the vintage. Once more he's out for revenge/justice, and is hard to kill and above the law as he does so.

Seagal plays John Hatcher, a ruthless DEA agent who lives the life of killing/maiming absolutely everything and everyone in sight. There's virtually no one he hasn't killed. Tired of making death a living he retires to the cozy, strictly white and middle-class Lincoln Heights suburb of Chicago. Upon arriving home he greets all his old pals, and his mother who appears to be Italian or Spanish (another lame attempt by Seagal to quietly imply that he's got some mysterious roots when in reality he's Steve Seigel, an Irish-Jew). It's not all happiness and handshakes though, as the terrifying Jamaican Voodoo Posse, run by Abu Qua High Priest madman Screwface, have infiltrated Chicago and are dealing death to schoolkids.

Irie, Irie.

Hatcher wants nothing to do with it, and would rather just mind his own business despite the protest of best friend Max (a mostly wasted, but brilliant as always, Keith David). But after a couple of close encounters Hatcher just can't help himself and returns to the business of killing absolutely everyone and everything in sight.

Basil Wallace, as Screwface (and Screwface), is honestly one of the most enigmatic, mesmerizing, and downright weirdest movie villains of the 90s. He's really, really out there. I recommend watching this with the subtitles on as you'll have absolutely no idea what the Jamaicans are saying. Some of the things they say, while being mostly gibberish, are highly quotable. One of Screwface's many quirks is the fact despite his millions and magic powers he spends his spare time sitting around playing dominoes with his minions while wearing the world's best jumper.

Director Dwight H. Little handles the action competently, if not brilliantly. The fight scenes and chases are relatively straight-forward, but in terms of story coherence the editing is all over the place. It appears that the original cut of the film was in a different order, and had much more plot. There are several established threads (the Voodoo, the Professor, the Columbians, the FBI) that are never developed. At 93 minutes, M4D is too rushed and has a rather abrupt ending.

James Newton Howard provides a score that is sporadically brilliant, much like the movie itself. There are some lovely cues in there, but overall it's brought down a few notches by the generic nature of the rest of it. If only a few more elements of M4D were developed and taken a few stages further we would have had a true classic, as it is it's merely low-brow entertainment with a truly bizarre and outrageous villain.

The Blu Ray is a MASSIVE improvement on the DVD (which was just a direct port of the flawed 1991 Laserdisc). In fact it may well be the best DVD-to-Blu Ray transition so far. You've not seen all of M4D until you see this Blu Ray. Sporting a 1080p 2.35:1 picture with more information on the left, right, AND TOP of the screen, the film is presented with it's true, naturalized cinematography and correct color timing. The DTS HD-MA sound is also a big improvement. Sadly, Fox denied us any extras.
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on 1 February 2010
THE BBFC HAVE CUT IT TO PEICES!!! Don't even bother buying it. Get the NTSC region 1 version or a Dutch import. The fight scenes are heavily cut and really, it ruins the whole film and is very evident - and I mean they will cut out an Aikedo arm break or a knife slash or stab or sometimes an entire fight with an individual. The BBFC are insane choppers of movies even intended for adults of 18 and over.
THEY are the ones who need to be censored!!!
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on 21 July 2013
I chose this rating because i like Steven Seagal and his older films tend too be the better ones. Regarding the movie itself, there was nothing i disliked about it, but wasn't too keen on the length of time it took for me to receive the dvd (understandably of course it was from abroad). I have a few friends and even family members i would certainly recommend this too.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 13 October 2012
I'm a big fan of Steven Seagal, so much so that I have every film he as released to date across multiple formats, but even the most ardent of fans surely cannot deny the considerable drop in the quality of his output.

There has been a gradual decline in production values from more or less his first few films, there have been the ocassional glimmers of hope offered but these are very much few and far between unfortunately.

This film, 'Marked for Death', is generally considered to be one of his very best outings, released in 1990 it was an early hit but further established him as one of the leading action stars following 'Nico/Above the Law' Above the Law [Blu-ray] [2009] [US Import], Nico - Above The Law [Blu-ray][Region Free] and 'Hard to Kill' Hard to Kill [Blu-ray] [1990] [US Import].

The film has a pretty standard storyline for this genre, but it has a pretty strong cast and a particularly memorable villian in 'Screwface'; the fight scenes are some of the very best from Seagal's career and the film is both tightly scripted and directed, with a couple of classic one liners eg. "One thought he was invincible, the other thought he cold fly............ they were both wrong"!

I won't take the time here to provide a synopsis of the storyline, I can imagine that there are few purchasing this Blu-ray who have not seen the film at some point, I will instead concentrate on the reasons as to why someone who may already own this film on DVD should re-invest in this high definition version from America.

Ok, first things first, this Blu-ray disc is REGION FREE.

Secondly the disc casing whilst having the same general dimensions as UK versions is the thinner American type, measuring 10mm thick (rather than 15mm), I only mention this because it may bother some, personally I think I actually prefer them!

The running time of the feature is 93 minutes, the UK DVD release is 89 minutes, and therein lies the first advantage of this version, it is UNCUT.

Just about all of the Region 2 DVD releases of Steven Seagal's early films (ie. the best ones!) have been heavilly censored; I actually first became aware of this several years a go when I purchased the Region 1 DVD version of 'On Deadly Ground', this much maligned film certainly has its faults but I simply could not believe just how much better the longer uncut version was.

And so it is also the case here.

The main difference is that the scenes of violence are generally just that little longer, the camera shots linger just that second or two more when a limb has been broken for instance, but trust me when I say that it makes a huge difference. With my Region 2 DVD version I have always found the fight scenes in this film to be badly edited with them appearing clearly cut, always changing to another angle as the actual trauma occurs, in this version they flow much more realistically and the breaks that Steven Seagal applies to the various villians limbs are far more gratuitous with the camera lingering on the shot for that few seconds longer, this version of 'Marked for Death' feels like a quite different film and the violence at times is graphic.

The film has many additions to the fight scenes, in fact just about every violent encounter has additional footage, and although there are no major alterations to the actual story, what changes there are do add up to it being very different to the UK version.

With regards to the audio and visual improvements, they are superb.

This Blu-ray release of 'Marked for Death' delivers everything and more that you could hope for from a 1080p High Definition transfer of a film that is now over twenty years old.

I have played it side by side to my DVD version for comparison and the difference in clarity is that of 'night and day', the sharpness of the image on the surface textures is very impressive indeed, I would actually go so far as to say that it is the most impressive Blu-ray transfer of a back catalogue film that I have seen to date. The original DVD version was not of a particularly good quality, I was already aware of that, but when comparing it to this version I simply could not believe the difference; I have watched this film a fair few times of the years, probably 30+ when I think about it, and I would say that it almost felt like I was watching a different film, I simply could not believe the amount of detail and features that I had not previously noticed!

The sound is also excellent, although it is not such a huge improvement as the picture, the upgrade to 5.1 DTS-HD from the DVD's Stereo is still very noticeable; despite these audio improvements I still have to use the subtitles to understand the villians (those familiar with this film will know what I mean!).

With regards to the subtitles they are provided in just English and Spanish; the aforementioned audio track is provided in English 5.1 DTS-HD, English and French Dolby Surround and Spanish Mono.

The disc is absolutely bare bones with the menu screen just offering 'Play', 'Set up' (audio & subtitles) and 'Scenes'.

Overall I am really pleased with this Blu-ray; despite already owning the film on DVD (and VHS before that!) it has still proved to be a most worthwhile acquisition, with the added bonus of having additional footage that improves the film on top of the massively improved picture quality, thus making it a justifiable purchase for anyone regardless of whether they already own it on DVD or not.
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on 29 November 2008
MARKED FOR DEATH is a great action film - and also marks the most violent film of his career.I have no idea why the BBFC finally passed this one uncut, while some others remain heavily edited.
MARKED FOR DEATH - having been wrongly accused as being a racist film - features more bone cracking action than any film I have evers seen, as he attempts to bring down the Jamaican drug dealers that have invaded his hometown. Together with an old buddy of his he takes them on bear handedly and soon finds himself marked for death by their occult leader who uses voodoo.
Combines action with a bit of occult horror and very strong violence.
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on 4 July 2013
This is a classic action movie starring aikido master Steven Seagal........................ the one liners the over top action
make it a must watch....also this version is UNCUT you see all the violence in all's it glory
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on 19 November 2010
I couldnt recomened it enough for such a cheap price you can buy it for here on amamzon for a few pence or a little over a pound and a cheap delivery charge. If I saw a movie as decent as this at least in action these days in the cinema I wouldnt be disapointed. A quality movie. Basicly it invovled cops and drug dealers and a focus on the stories new top dog dealers who are jamaican in this movie and the leaders ruthless determination to dominate his territory. Seagal eventually fights back ending in some serious firepower and hand to hand combat, if you enjoy this check out Nico, above the law or hard to kill, all good action films.
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on 7 September 2002
This is one of my favourite DVDs, the first Steven Seagal film Isaw,and the reason I started my collection,one I play again and again,the combination of Voodoo, martial arts and storyline makes this a memorable film,wonderful setting and scenary, well worth my5 star award.
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