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on 20 June 2005
This book claims it is Charles Mansons real story although the author also says that the final decision about was included was his not Mansons.However it does in greater depth what the other books do not.It looks at his early formative years and how Mansons personality developed.There are many people out there some of them ex "family" mambers, who still support the idea that he was a charismatic leader and innocent of all charges. This book shows clearly that he was not only involved in planning the murders but that he actively killed several people himself thus dispelling the myth of the martyr once and for all. It is also another signpost for society, who will once again ignore it, that if you brutilise children and sanction institutionalised abuse then sooner or later they will come back to haunt you.If you have read the more sensationalised accounts of the murders this book is a more balanced account although leaving the murders to the last section and possibly minimising them somewhat. The most telling sentence for me and one to send a chill up all your spines is where Manson says," I can't clear anything up on Shea without being a snitch but I will say......someplace out there in that society he (the DA) protects so well, he has left several killers to prowl the streets.
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on 17 February 2016
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, being one of the first I ever read about Charles Manson and my knowledge of his life and crimes had come from Wikipedia and hearsay. I definitely recommend reading this in conjunction with other books on the subject, it gives a more rounded view.
I'm slightly confused by the "shocking confessions" part of the title, but I guess that's marketing for you. He doesn't confess to anything, and paints himself as a very likable victim of circumstance and the behaviour of those around him (and he was surrounded by some pretty freakin nuts people who aren't reviled nearly enough for their behaviour). But then, I guess he would make himself appear innocent and likable so you have to read this, as anything, with a pinch of salt.
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on 26 April 2016
He may have been magically fascinating to the young ladies who followed him around, but he effectively de-bunks his own myth here. Just a massive loser really, and to be pitied for such appalling abuse suffered as a child.
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on 28 July 1998
This book began with the childhood of Manson and the numerous institutions he's been in and out of throughout his life. It eliminates hype and sheds light on the truth of the madman behind the mask and gives a personal account of how experiences led him in and out of institutions for the duration of his life.
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on 27 December 2012
I only chose four instead of five stars because there are a quite a lot of grammar errors throughout the ebook. Fantastic otherwise
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on 26 February 2012
When will people stop elevating this pathetic little madman onto some sort of serial-kiler super-celebrity pedestal ? He was in part responsible for those now infamous murders but this pathetic excuse for a human being should have been left to rot and not been given any further opportunity or platform to air his warped bullshine. He revels in the attention and notoriety those murders gave him he has continued to mould himself into some sort of anti-establishment guru when in act he was/is a criminal with severe mental health issues who should have been silenced since his incarceration instead of being sought out for interviews, quotes and reasons as to why he and his hangers-on did what they did. The real danger here is giving him any type of attention which has garnered him thousands of "fans".
I suppose it is small comfort that he, unlike his jailed cohorts did not "find Jesus" which of course wipes out the horror of what they did.
Leave this runt of a man to bleat his tripe to his prison walls instead of giving him the attention/fame he so pathetically craves.
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on 30 August 2009
The best study of mankind, is man (it's said)
Charles Manson is here being exposed naked almost.
Readable and coherent, yet abstract thoughts make a lot of sense, when taking everything into consideration here.
It's often wrongly assumed by some reviewers that his always rationalising his crimes, I bet you would too?
Extremely open as he is, we hear the tales of Manson here revealed. Just study all material of TV conducted interviews, his drawing obvious parallels with a smear of sardonic wrath along his words; it's both pure and tragic at the same time.

There is nothing much to gain for him no more, except maintaining him self to certain ambivalent point, a valid point indeed! (a Supernatural cult leader) a typical stigma he was dubbed by the media, who afterwards call every word of his ``INSANE``

No hoax, but told to people who might have lived another life and does not cope with the moral of such diversity. His not even trying to paint a heroic picture of him self. I can recommend this book to anyone without conform and corrupted values from society, anyone who can think for them selves!
It's obvious this is a part of the American experience to me. Or the uncontrolled chaos this world thus possess!

What are you waiting for? Buy.

I can recommend - The Gates of Janus (Serial killing and its analysis, by the Moors Murderer `Ian Brady`

If you want to read a perhaps more sophisticated view from another point of view.

But I highly appreciate Manson for putting it straight in an excellent way.
Don't worry Charlie, I can handle it. It all makes sense this more you talk openly about it.
What really bother me are peoples libel moral always has to attack people for standing up, even behind bars till they die, we shall only hear the truth from others? I would assume that the best entangled goodies are staying with the murder and his persona. Unfortunately this purchase of books is rarely seen. Despite the police and society trying to act out all normal and best sheltered from what they really produce and enhance mentally unto people.
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on 10 May 2003
I'll keep it short and sweet! A compelling and highly informative account of Manson and his works. if you're interested by Manson (or his likes) buy the book and give it a read! you wont be disappointed!
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