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4.6 out of 5 stars196
4.6 out of 5 stars
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I'll start bluntly by saying that I'm a man. That's to no surprise, as you've guessed from my username, but I just thought i'd point this out as the lads I know have laughed at me for buying this on DVD, believing it to be more of a chic flic. All I can say is, Screw them! I've loved this film since I was a kid!
The 80's was a... hmm, 'diverse' time for films. You look at such momentous movies, and then their is the selection towards the end of the decade that could be cheesy enough to make a mouse fat. However, I want to make it clear that I love cheesy films, despite certain peoples arrogance towards them because they take them too seriously (their own fault). But of course, their is no escaping the fact that Mannequin falls into the category of borderline criminal when it comes to amateur acting. From the many times i've watched it however over the past decade or so, I can recall this being the only 'cringing' part of the film. But hey, that's what makes a good cheesy film! Why didn't they just create a separate genre for films like these?
The plot has always for me had a real awe about it - something you can go to bed at night dreaming about, because it's so special. Unfortunately, in low budget style, it's a rushed animation during the credits that reveals how Emmy became a 'Mannequin', but rest assured it has never made an impact on how I've watched this film! To be honest, it would have still been nice even if Emmy the Mannequin had just suddenly come to life. But the writers decided that her origins lay back in Egypt; 2000 and something years B.C. With the haziness of these peoples history, the story tells us that Emmy has the power to go back and forth through and time, and that eventually, she ended up in 1987 in the form of a Mannequin, where the film starts.
But rather than being thrown into the deep end, we get to grips with the cast of characters. Andrew McCarthy plays a very luckless, and indeed jobless Johnathon Switcher, who's having trouble 'keeping' a job rather than getting them. As he suggests later on in a job interview, "I've had all the work experience possible".. I might try that one time! While McCarthy does a descent effort playing the young man who wants a creative and aspiring job, he has one of those faces that makes you keep thinking he reminds of you someone. Never mind, it must be a personal thing!
His seemingly 'lasting' job finally arrives when he saves the life of the store owner of one of the towns leading department stores, and the humble 'oldish' woman gives him a place in the store dishing out goods on the rails.
So where does the Mannequin come into it, you're probably wondering. Well with some 'dummy making' experience under his belt, Johnathon simply can;t help but want to fiddle around in the front window, playing with the dummies. Enter the incredibly beautiful Kim Catrall (I think she is anyway!) as one of the mannequins springs to life...
From here on, you could say it's much of a ride, so I won't spoil the fun. The reason I love Mannequin though is simply because of its dream-like story. The film doesn't step foot on the boundaries of violence or similar themes, but keeps a hold of that sense of danger. With Emmy only coming to life when no-ones looking at her except Johnathon, it brings a romantic and lustful feel to it in times of panic, and when they're alone. And with most of their activities being held inside the store at night, with the whole place a playground for them, its the stuff dreams are made of.
What's more, it has something no modern film can... that synthy 80's soundtrack! As a DJ myself, I would do "anything" to live in the 80's as an older teen/adult, and be in clubs back when they were safer, dancing and playing such great music. For the film, it brings a good feeling and of course, adds a bit of nostalgia. Long live the 80's!
I don't care if my dad the sad old git hates cheesy films like this, I absolutely love them! Mannequin is to me, the ultimate feel good film, and it'll send you to bed with happy thoughts in your own world :o)
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on 21 January 2004
Okay, I admit it...this is my 2nd all time fave film. I've ben watching it since I was a kid and love it!!! This werid but wondefully funny romantic comedy about a drop out artist & what happens when a store window mannequin which he built, fell in love with, and can't seem to get over; comes to life!
Kim catrall is at her acting best as Emmy, an Eyptian who has been bouncing around time looking for her one true love. Andrew McCarthy is wonderfull as the slightly bumbling Jonathan Switcher. James Spader makes one of his rare comic appearances as McCarthy's boss, and a wondefull supporting cast makes this a must have chick-flick!!!
All I can say is buy it now!
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on 14 January 2009
This quirky film manages to take the Pygmalion idea and apply it to a big department store, where a window dresser meets a dummy brought to life as Emmy, a feisty Egyptian girl who did'nt like the life planned for her, and is skipping through time looking for her Mr. Right.

Mr. Right turns out to be an aspiring window dresser who could (with her help) produce the store windows that will turn around the fortunes of a struggling but loveable store.

For anyone who's ever wanted to run wild in a department store at night when no-one else is there, this is total wish fulfilment. The scenes where they play with the contents of the store each night, when Emmy comes to life, are wonderful fun. Hang gliding from the top of the store down to the bottom is a great idea.

Full of great characters, both heroes and villains, and some very funny scenes involving a neurotic bulldog, vengeful ex-girlfriend, and flamboyant window dresser, as well as a wicked rival store owner.

It's great, just watch it.
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on 20 March 2000
This film personifies everything about the 80's. If you loved the decade, you will love this Michael Gottlieb film. Starring Kim Cattrall as the shop mannequin that comes alive when only a bemused Andrew McCarthey can see her, this wonderful romance story will touch the hearts of every 80's fanatic. The film has it's faults, and those who don't love it for it's wonderful feel-good appeal, will find the film very tacky. But, forgetting critics' cynicism and ignoring the film's errors, this film can only leave audiences with a warm glow of satisfaction from watching it. And, don't ignore the soundtrack either. With songs such as the classic 'Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now' by Starship and a masterpiece by Belinda Carlisle - 'In My Wildest Dreams', you really can't go wrong!
If you're feeling down and out, stick a copy of this film into your VCR, and give yourself a good cheering up! I heartily recommend it!
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on 8 February 2007
Well this film certainly brings back the 80's !? It is a cheese-laden rom com with a boyish lead (McCarthy)and a sexy heroine (Cattral).

Each character is a camp sensation ! Over acting, silly lines, slapstick comedy, boppy electro music and a completely non-plausible story ! It's fabulous !

The BEST thing in this film, however, is the extremely watchable and totally quotable Hollywood Montrose !? He makes Dale Winton look like Arnold Shwarzenegger !? He is hilarious ! A tip for anyone who would like to see more of Hollywood........ try and get hold of Mannequin On The Move (prob via ebay - only on VHS). This sequel basically is a carbon copy story line of the original, except Hollywood gets more of a look in and will have you in stitches !!?? "Ah-ha honey, Momma put the coins on my eyes cos I surely cant believe what I am seeing !!??"

Dont take this film seriously, watch it on a girly night in with a glass of wine and some nibbles and your laughing !!
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VINE VOICEon 8 April 2009
I just LOVE this Picture!

One of several harmlessly entertaining feel-good movies to be churned out of the 80s, and sometimes 'knocked' for its innocence. Others included 'Who's That Girl' and the original 'Hairspray'.

A guy gets too attached to a mannequin and suddenly life is breathed into it. This leads to some really hilariously funny scenes - with an award-winning performance from Meshach Taylor as 'Hollywood.

Now almost a quarter of a century old, this movie was made at a time when both music and fashion had their real last fling with success - now pleasantly dated, somehow makes this all the more entertaining. Once the 90s dawned, both music and fashion-style came to an abrupt end - along with its innocent movie-making.

N. B. Soundtrack features the massive Number One hit from Starship 'Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now'.
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on 10 March 2000
Without a doubt, the fantasy tale of 'guy-meets girl-and-has-to-work-real-hard-to-get-her' has never been achieved better than in this wonderful Michael Gottlieb film. This film is funny and emotional, with an incredible on screen chemistry between Andrew McCarthy and Kim Cattrall. The somewhat harsh review from the writer does not teach you the spell binding atmosphere that is within the film. The soundtrack fits perfectly; and who will ever forget the hit 'Nothing's gonna stop us now' from Starship. I fell in love with Kim Cattrall when I saw this movie, and have fallen in love with my original copy of the film. Ignore the critics. Trust a person that loves his films. I would recommend this film to anyone who has a sense of romance, fantasy and humour inside of them. This film will touch all those senses, and more.
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on 9 October 2009
Reading the reviews you'd think this was one of the worst films ever: it's not. When my kids were small they wore out the VHS tape of it, and although now long grown up and left home they rushed to buy this when it came out on DVD.

It is cheerful, funny, decorative, has a coherent (if unbelievable) plot and above all has real a 'feel-good' essence about it. It is a lovely modern fairy tale. No wonder it has turned into a cult classic.

And it is certainly one of the best and most popular things that Kim Catrall has ever done.

The poor review given by Amazon's reviewers say far more about them than about the film.
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on 12 December 2009
Well I TOTALLY disagree with the official review. This film is brilliant! Sure the storyline is a little weird but it's fun and light hearted. I just love 'Holly Wood' his camp character has me in stitches every time. I love the setting of the department store- gives sense of time gone by. Also love the bulldog- what's there not to like about this film?
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on 19 August 2014
Jon is a young artist, but he just doesn't seem to last in any job he does. But when he builds a mannequin, he makes it so perfect, he falls in love with it.

It is the first thing he has made that makes him feel like a real artist.

The mannequin ends up in the window of a big department store. When he saves the life of the owner of that store, he is rewarded by getting a job at the store as stock boy.

Later the mannequin comes to life, who was an ancient Egyptian known as Emmy.

The two redesign the window display to make it most eye catching in town.

But the store competitors are not happy and will do anything to stop them.......

Yes the film is arguably one of the pinnacle movies associated with the eighties, but I guarantee that when you ask anyone about the movie, they will immediately quote the Starship song, and I dare you to remember a scene that wasn't in the music video.

Its a case of great song, very average movie. I've seen the film at least six or seven times, and I had no idea that Spader was in it, and I am an eighties (proper) child. Born in the seventies, so I could appreciate the eighties, and not wear a tee saying 'born in the eighties'.

But the two leads are great, and Cattrall is less plastic than she is in the abhorrent SATC. And Getty aside, the rest of the cast are just stereotypes. Spader is always the villain, and when he isn't, he's a pervert. Bailey has wandered in from Police Academy, and Taylor must play the most Un PC character ever committed to celluloid.

It's not a bad film by any means, it's quite a sunny old ride, it's just a film about a man who is depressed about keeping a job and high maintenance girlfriend, so seeks solace with a shop dummy.

When you think about it, it's the eighties version of Crash, which starred Spader too.
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