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4.3 out of 5 stars29
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 5 December 2002
A story told with Lindsey's customary touches of humour and occasional tongue in cheek, here is another enjoyable example of her work.
Megan Penworthy is a squire's daughter, pampered and spoiled by her father. A stunning beauty, she is accustomed to men flocking to 'worship at her feet' as they say. She has lost many female friends and endured several cuts direct because of females not wanting her to be competition. The only one who seems to truly understand her is her best friend Tiffanny, with whom she's been fast friends since childhood. Feeling that she's endured one set down too many from the society matron of the of the parish, Megan decides to play on her beauty for once, to snag a Duke so that she can come back to rub her elevation in the nose of 'Lady O'. She chooses Ambrose St. James as her target, as she admires his estate (which she visited at age 12) and his stables. In the meanwhile, Devlin Jefferys shows up, determined to ask a favour of the squire so that he can hide in the country for a while to avoid having to shoot his best friend. Devlin is using a false name and position as a horse breeder to hide - can you guess who he really is? Now what do you think he feels about the Duke seemingly being targeted sight unseen, merely because of his possessions?
Much about this storyline is childish in a 'nya nya' kind of way. The story is rescued from this being a genuine problem by the humour that Lindsey invests in it, and the strong friendship between Megan and Tiffanny. I also found her abduction by Lachlan (who gets his own story in 'Love Me Forever') to be an unexpected gem. Lindsey is one of my favourite authors, and I think she pulls this one off, but I did often find both Megan and Devlin to be like two toddlers sticking their tongues out at each other in the playground, although they seemed to enjoy their arguments and the passions that arose as a result!
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on 19 March 1998
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book from start to finish. Lindsey creates characters that just knows how to grab you and won't let go. They seem to jump right from the pages. This is one of my absolute favorite! I'm happy to say that I've read this book 4 times and enjoyed it tremendously each time. Devlin and Megan certainly does have an explosive chemistry. They have charm and they have wit. Devlin IS a man of women's dreams and Megan is extremely charming. You will enjoy this book enormously. I highly recommend it to EVERYONE. It's a real PAGE TURNER. Once you've start, you won't let go and that is a promise!
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on 12 May 1999
this is the best book that i have read. the chemistry between devlin and megan was awesome. i was mad when it took them forever to get things going in the right direction and i wish that the book kept going and didn't stop when it did, but that is what makes "love me forever" a necessary book to read after this one. i own and have read every lindsey book out there at least 3 times a piece, but i have read this book more that 10 times. i have had my brother and my boyfriend read this book and they both liked it very much also. i would recommend this to anyone who is in the mood for a good laugh and a nice interesting love story that isn't all mushy and "lovey-dovey" stuff. this is a really good book and i would like everyone to read it.
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on 14 May 2000
Johanna Lindsey has got to be my favourite author,i have every one of her books to date and they have all had that"i can,t put this down till i,ve finished" quality. Except this one, it seemed to lack her usual zing. The main characters were tedious and it took me 2 days to actually complete which is unheard of with J L books.i can only say she must have been having a bad day when she came up with this one. Sorry
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on 8 August 2011
I have no idea what makes Johanna Lindsey such a popular author. She obviously took the principle of using conflict to drive a story completely to heart, because that is all this story is. Conflict, conclict, conflict. No light and shade. There is no character development whatsoever, so by the end I didn't know or like the characters any more than I did at the start.

The hero spanks the heroine because she didn't do as he told her. Physical abuse is supposed to endear us to him I suppose, being as how all us girls secretly want to be ruled by a strong man?
Add to this, he has sex with her "against her wishes". Mmmm. I think we call that rape these days. No, still not endearing him to me. Ah, but he blames her because she led him on. That's ok then.

Throw in a TOTAL lack of any historical knowledge or research. Some of the language/gaffs are cringeworthy. And what is "a'tall"? I assumed it was meant to be "at all". I'm English. I've read hundreds of books set in all sorts of different historical periods and I have never seen that word in my life. My favourite gaff was the hickory tree that she found, to groom her horse under, since they are not native to the UK and I have never ever seen one.

Beyond the above, the writing style is just plain poor and the behaviour of characters unlikely. I'm not a historical purist. I don't much care if the dialogue is modernised. I think sometimes it helps the narrative to flow, but this is just terrible.

Unless you really like semi abusive type relationships and constant squabbling, leave well alone.
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on 8 November 2000
I've just finished reading this book and i must say that Johanna Lindsey still has the ability to thrill. I think i read it all in two days, i have the bleary eyes to proove it! I loved the characters and the interaction between the two of them, and Devlin, what a highly sexy man! A must for any Lindsey readers.
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on 12 March 2001
This was an extremely enjoyable book to read. I smiled many a time throughout this book and enjoyed the pace enormously. The characters are strong and likeable and JL manages to convey the usual sense of frustration at the main characters' inability to 'get it together' extremely well. True, Megan's character is unbelievably niave, but that adds to her charm in the book and leads you to understand why Devlin falls in love with her. I was really sorry to finish this book and as ever with a JL book, felt regret that this story couldn't continue. An easy, enjoyable read for all fans; you won't be disappointed.
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on 10 July 1999
I thought this book was a definate "I can't put this down until I have finished it" kind of book. The story was intrigueing and charming. The Duke was funny and secretive, while Megan was a spoiled brat who definately deserved all she got. There is a BUT though. The first love making scene was a bit weak and I can't believe that someone who had spent all her live around horses couldn't understand what the Duke was doing to her until after he had done it and she was pregnant. Good Book, Good Buy.
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on 29 May 1999
If only other books were as wonderful as this one... *sigh*! Needless to say, I love this book! Reminded me of Judith McNaught's Whitney, My Love, except it is much lighter.
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on 15 December 2007
The chemistry between the two main characters, Devlin and Megan, was amazing! This book was wonderful all the way through. My only problem with the book was the name of Megan's best friend, Tiffany. In the 19th century, Tiffany was a male name. Female use of the name is quite recent. "Man of my Dreams" was much better than its sequel, "Love Me Forever," which was rather insulting to women in the s3x scenes. Looking forward to reading Linsey's next novel!!!! and if you missed Tino Georgiou's--The Fates--I strongly recommend reading it.
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