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4.4 out of 5 stars30
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 14 November 2005
I used to love MacGyver when it aired in the UK in the late 80s.. and have been dying to get hold of it on DVD or video over since - and now it's here! Everyone else has commented on price (but I don't care cos got mine as a gift! *lol*) so I'm going to actually review the programme...
If you've never seen the show, the basic premise is that MacGyver is a government agent type - but he doesn't like guns, isn't keen on violence, and uses his knowledge of physics and chemistry to build himself "weapons" to help him out of whatever situation he finds himself in. As with a lot of American TV shows, the moral is laid down with anvil-like subtlety and a certain suspension of disbelief if definitely required - oh and, in true 80s TV style, the bad guys are incredibly bad shots and no-one ever seems to get killed (they just get knocked out and arrested later!) There's a certain "James Bond" element to the show too - MacGyver always seems to get the women and the bad guys, if they ever catch him, always dream up some elaborate way to kill our hero - rather than, say, just putting a bullet in his head - from which, of course, he can "MacGyver" up an escape plan.
The first season has a good mix of episodes - some better than others - but is often let down by what appears to have been a seriously limited budget when it comes to hiring actors to play the bad guys - particularly in "The Golden Triangle" and "Target MacGyver" they are almost painful to watch! And "Thief of Budapest" is particularly hard to watch if you've ever seen "The Italian Job".. I mean, if you're going to save money by borrowing footage from a film for your car chase scenes, don't borrow it from one of the most classic, well-known car-chase films of all time!
Despite all this though, the series is thoroughly enjoyable - it's lighthearted fun, the "MacGyverisms" are entertaining and, what the heck, RDA was cute when he was younger.. :)
There don't appear to be any extras on the DVDs, aside from the option to change languages, but seeing as the show has not been available at all previously, it's nice just to be able to have the episodes and watch them. Roll on Season 2!
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on 4 December 2005
As somebody who missed the original run of MacGyver but became a big fan of Richard Dean Anderson through Stargate SG-1, I picked this box-set up on a whim. Based on what I'd heard about the series, I expected it to be cheesy but fun. I was quite pleasantly surprised to find that actually, it's much better than that. The quality of the acting is on the whole quite decent, the dialogue is fairly fresh, and (despite some use of archive footage that stands out rather obviously when watching on DVD) it really doesn't feel particularly dated.
The main draw of the series is, obviously, RDA and his great personal appeal. MacGyver is not really a slick James Bond figure, although he gets up to some similar capers; he's a pacifistic government agent who comes up with inventive solutions to rescue hostages, capture bad guys, defuse bombs, and generally do good deeds. The morality behind the episodes is not at all subtle, but like everything else about the series, it goes down easily enough thanks to its overall charm.
The violence is naturally not remotely graphic, this being an 80s show, but it's also non-cartoonish; when someone gets hurt, whether it's our hero or the bad guys, they obviously suffer from it instead of bouncing right back to keep going (which adds a helpful flicker of realism to the 'somehow, no one ever quite dies' action-adventure antics). And while MacGyver often 'gets the girl', it never leaves a bad taste; he's portrayed as being friends with women as often as ending up in bed with them, and you get the impression that a good time is generally had by all, no hard feelings involved.
The show is not without its flaws (most of them attributable to being an American TV show made in the 80s, with all that entails) but on the whole it's so enjoyable that they really don't stick with you. If you're a fan of RDA or of light-hearted adventure shows in general, this one certainly worth checking out. Here's hoping the later seasons will get a region 2 release sometime soon.
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on 26 July 2005
MacGyver was one of the truly great American Television shows but more recently known by the younger generation as the Simpsons' Pattie and Selma's all time favourite T.V hereo. It's got a few extras but not all that many but they don't really matter, MacGyver was simply MacGuyver and its a great boxset with or without the extras. However, if you're more concerned about the price then the extras and have a region 1 suitable DVD yourself the region 1 boxset it's half the price.
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on 24 July 2005
Ok MacGyver is probably one of the few greatest characters ever to come from the hothouse that is tv. With this you get pure Richard Dean Anderson, a pen knife, and some 80's and early 90's excellence. Those that don't know Mac I say hang your heads in shame. This dvd is a must for everyone!!!!!!!! No excuses!
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on 24 November 2008
The legend that is MacGyver! Why not give this guy a shot at fixing the global economic crisis, I bet he could fix it with two paper clips and a bag of sugar!

Seriously though the acting is terrible, the storylines are terrible and the haircuts are terrible but I still love this show. For a very reasonable price you get 22 episodes of good old fashioned fun,possibly the cheapest and safest form of time travel today. Sit back with a glass of red lemonade and let the nostalgia flow .........Aaaah the good times!
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on 15 July 2010
I love the show with Trumbo's World being one of my favourite episodes , me and my daughter have watched that episode about 20+ times now and we never get sick of it.I think it is great they have not remastered this series as it does remind me of the 80's when I was a teenager , we don't have to remaster everything out their people.

Richard Dean Anderson did a great job with this character and it is a shame they do not do shows on this level now as I think Television in general has gone to the pack with what they are bringing out-bring back some good old family entertainment like they had in the 80's instead of people getting shot every three minutes like they do now.
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on 31 July 2013
These shows are exciting and full of clever ideas from the hero for getting himself out of a wide variety of scrapes. It's also pretty clean and uncontroversial in subject matter - I've been watching with my school-age kids and haven't been concerned about them seeing it. It's reasonably sensitive too - there is one episode dealing with a community that grows plants for making illegal narcotics, and it presents them as fairly normal people just trying to get along.
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on 26 March 2009
Having watched the series when it was first on TV and having great memories about it I was looking forward to the box.
No dissapointment here. Although the look is definately 80's and the acting (especially of the guests) is 'wooden', watching the various episodes is very enjoyable. I realy like Richard Dean Anderson, he is the very best person for this role.
I will probably order the rest of the series as well
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on 22 December 2014
This box is a good choice for those who lived the best age of good TV series. It's not a remastered version but is OK. Unfortunately, the subtiltle is only in English. Although I'm a little familar with the language, I can't watch with my wife because she can't understand English. Thanks e-bay for the opportunity to get this one!
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on 10 December 2015
A good American adventure series - sometimes rather improbable, often unbelievable, always entertaining!
One episode uses footage of the Minis car chase from the film, The Italian Job, interwoven with a different story! (both film and episode were made by Paramount)
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