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4.6 out of 5 stars287
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 27 July 2008
The photo showing the mount with a monitor must be showing some 15" display, because when the item arrived I was pretty surprised how small it is. I have 24" monitor and it pushes this mount to its limits. It droops, but I could set it up so that the screen stays vertically. Still I can't move it as freely as I hoped, because of this drooping. Anyway, I say it is good enough for 32 quid.
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on 28 August 2011
This review is based on the "MDM11S Single LCD Monitor Desk Mount Bracket Tilt Swivel Arm Rotate Pull-Out" as supplied by eHome. Purchased for £30.48 including postage. At the time of writing the price is shown as £19.99+£5.50 postage, reduced from £39.99.

I'm not sure how heavy I expected this product to be, but I was quite surprised when I received it, it felt solidly heavy. It weighted about 3 kb (6.5 lbs). The product was posted in a single box containing two other boxes. In these boxes were the upright bar, the arm, the mounting bracket, the loose items and a set of instructions. The instructions consist of a single double-sided A4 piece of paper, printed in black and white. Both the paper and the printing were of good quality with only one minor grammatical error.

All of the items required to successfully construct and fit the stand were supplied. There were however, two problems. 1) The instructions said that there were two spare plastic covers, these were not supplied. The instructions also listed two wire clips as being supplied; these were not provided loose with the rest of the loose items, they were already fitted to the upright bar. Depending on height that you need for the monitor you may have to remove either one or both of these wire clips. On both of the wire clips provide one of the plastic retaining clips had been stressed and was permanently bent out of position. This is not an issue for my set up as my cables are not long enough to follow the path of the upright and arm but others may find this an issue.

The only tool which you need to supply yourself is a Phillips/cross-head screwdriver (number 1 or 2 size).

Having briefly read the instructions, and checked that everything needed was included or available, I found constructing the bracket easy for the most part. I did have a little difficultly fitting the arm onto the upright bar, but once I had ensured that the friction pads inside the arm were correctly seated it slid on without difficulty.

I had no difficulty selecting a suitable position for the mounting bracket to secure the bracket to my desk. My desk is about 0.8"/22mm thick and with the mounting bracket in its thinnest position and the securing bolts done up there is still at least an inch/25mm of the securing bolts left to travel. I see no difficulty in being able to fit this bracket to a very wide range of desk thicknesses, although if you have a desk more than about 3.8"/97mm thick you might have a little difficulty sliding the bracket on to the desk. If you have a heavy monitor, and very thin desk, you might want to consider whether your desk is strong enough to support the weight of the monitor and bracket.

I purchased this bracket so that I could have two monitors side-by-side. This required adjusting the vertical height of the monitor. This proved to be a little bit fiddly, although mostly because I don't have easy access to the back of the monitors; they are against a wall, which meant that it was necessary to lean over the monitors to get to the mounting bracket to loosen and secure the arm in place.

With the monitor at the right height it was then necessary to securing the tilt; I found that my monitor, a 17" model, was drooping down. This was easily fixed once I realise that it was possible to remove one of the plastic caps and tighten the joint.

The final adjustment was to get the monitor to rotate to the correct angle. This again proved a little bit fiddly, and there is no securing bolt to tighten this movement. In the end I discovered that by over rotating the monitor one way, I could then rotate it back slightly to the position that I required.

Side-ways adjustment of the arm is limited. Unless you have a very deep desk you will probably find that you need to mount the bracket well off to the side, and not directly behind the monitor.

On the whole, this bracket does exactly what I wanted it for. The metal components are solidly built. You only need to supply a screwdriver to be able to construct it and the instructions were easy to follow.

The points that let it down were the lack of the two spare plastic caps, and the broken lugs on the wire clips. Neither of these have prevented use of the product, but both would have been reasonable grounds for its return under the Distance Selling Regulations or the Sale of Goods Act. Consequently, I have awarded this product three stars. One star was lost due to the missing plastic caps and the broken lugs on the wire clips. One star was lost due to the lack of an easy method of securing the tilt and rotation of the monitor.

I've uploaded several pictures of the bracket, although at the time of writing they are not initially displaying; click the 'view and share related images' link to see all of the gallery pictures for this product.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on 22 April 2011
I've used this arm set to mount two 24" Dell monitors to a standard-thickness desktop using the included bracket and clamp.

Well, it does do the job - just. I've a few criticisms.

Firstly, the VESA mount plates aren't removable, so you can only screw your monitors to the arm directly. With the benefit of hindsight, before setting up the arms on the upright, I'd have laid the monitors face down somewhere, screwed the arms to the monitors in that position, then wrestled a now rather heavy arm onto its post. This also causes another problem, and I'll come to that next.

Secondly, both the rotor mount that allows you to turn the monitor from landscape to vertical, and the tilt joint that allows you to tilt the monitor back (towards ceiling) or forward (towards desk) are nowhere near tight enough. My monitors simultaneously drooped to one side (their VESA mount wasn't at centre mass), and started to tilt forward.

Access to the tilt joint bolt for tightening can be made by removing a cover. The rotor mount bolt was another matter entirely, though. It can't be adjusted without demounting the monitor again. And if you don't get it tight enough first time round, you're going to be repeatedly demounting and remounting the monitor until you do. Wrestling a 24" monitor onto the arm single handed, whilst juggling a screwdriver and screws with the other, is no simple feat.

How much easier it would have been, if the makers had used a separate screw-down VESA plate that locks onto the arm, and which can be detached from the arm by pressing an unlock button - as used in other (better) products.

Oh, and one other thing - I found the internal lining collar that fits the arm assembly to the upright almost impossible to put (and keep) in place whilst sliding the arm and upright together. I improvised a different approach, holding the collar to the post at the right height, and sliding the arms down onto it. That works well enough.

Summary: if you're after a cheap two-screen arm set, it's OK. And of course, once the monitors are up, and the arm joints tightened enough, it's fine. Just don't expect too much of it.
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on 5 July 2015
Arrived on time, was slightly wary as it was so cheap and some reviews had said there was a droop in the product when trying to hold a monitor in position. I'll come back to this.

Arrived well packaged and well organised with clear instructions including both pictorial and written instruction. Tools are included with the exception of a phillips screwdriver of which you'll need two sizes - large and small. Both should be without the star wings, just '+' plan phillips.

Comes with a selection of bolts though you would need to purchase some separately, for example I needed M8 (8mm) bolts for my samsung TV. When assembled and in place with the hand-fastened desk clamp there is ample adjustment. The listed dimensions are correct and there is room for purchasing different sized posts if you need it higher than normal / whatever.

I managed to mount my 32" monitor (despite this being outside the recommended size) but I required a 200x200 VESA head mount plate adaptor (available on amazon for under a tenner). You put the plate on the mount and then place the TV on the plate. Works great.

Sure, it drooped but you can reveal a nut that you fasten to adjust the strength of the tilt clamp. It is a friction device, and it may have been better to have had a better means of adjustment but it works. Absolutely rock steady. No shake or rattle, and I can adjust the view as I wish. I tilt it down 15deg normally, but sometimes use the monitor to watch movies from the couch so I can now just pull the monitor out and adjust the tilt instead of having to drag the whole monitor and stand out.

There is a cable tidy system which I don't use simply because of my setup position but am sure they would function just fine.

Recommended on all counts. Especially the price! See pic for a freshly installed example!
review image
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on 30 November 2011
This product arrived this morning, easy setup, mounted the monitors and tightened the joints.

Both of the VESA mounts kept slouching down under the weight of the two 24" monitors, I tightened them as much as possible with no success. I ended up super gluing the joint so that the screens can no longer tilt but are in perfect height/position for me.

This purchase was cheaper than the other more reliable monitor stands, even with the current problems I'm facing I am happy with the product overall.
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on 29 January 2010
Looked ok but with 17" monitor the monitor tilted when extended so had to exchange and same thing happened again so I feel it is either the wieght or size of th emonitor that is the problem. was ok for a 15" monitor.
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on 12 October 2011
First of all, I didn't expect it to be so hefty! (which is a good thing)
The grip is strong, hinges tough, and made of solid metal.. though the plate hinge that you actually need to be the strongest just isn't.

If you're using it to hold a monitor perpendicular to the desk (i.e. at a 90 degree angle) it'll be fine.
If you're looking to face it upwards at any angle above 91 degrees, it wont stay there. It'll just droop down again.

Baring in mind my monitor is only 20" and 2.8kg

Hope this helps
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on 3 May 2011
For the price I wasn't expecting this bracket to be very substantial but I was surprised by how solid it is and the mounting clamp for the desk seems a lot bigger than I expected - my desk has a metal frame running around the bottom which I was afraid would cause problems but the circular ends to the thumb screws are pretty big so it just went on top of the desk frame without the need to get creative with blocks of wood or anything!

Some other reviews have mentioned that once in place it has trouble keeping the monitor straight but after tightening all of the screws on each joint all the way up with the included allen key it feels rock solid (I have a 24" monitor attached and it isn't going anywhere!)

Very happy with this product and the delivery was speedy with parcel tracking too!
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on 3 February 2011
The device is robust, solid, well built, well painted and comes with a variety of fixings allowing (for instance) curved back monitors to be mounted.

The desk mount looks as if it were designed for use in a military tank - it is 'industrial quality' - fortunately most of the heavy engineering is hidden when assembled and in use.

Cable clips are a bit flimsy and difficult to click closed but they are largely functional.

So, what is the problem then....

Pretty simple: It does NOT function!!!!! The monitor simply droops off the end of the rigid arm and swivels without control.

a) The last joint (presumably intended to allow tilt-up/tilt-down) is only a very simple 'friction joint' with smooth internal faces designed to slide smoothly rather than to hold in place. In order to hold the monitor vertical, one must REALLY force the giant screw as tight as possible with the hexagon key provided and it simply does not work!

b) The final mount pivots (presumably intended to allow the monitor to be in portrait or landscape mode) which seems like an advantage, but, it has no friction or click settings so the monitor simply turns each time you touch it - like switching the monitor on/off!!

What a pity they went so far and spoiled it by simply not thinking about it's implementation/usage properly.

You would have to re-engineere the joint(s) perhaps with some simple drilling and pegging. If you are not prepared to do this, you may want to think carefully about purchasing it as your expensive monitor will probably be flapping around rather than held firmly.
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on 14 December 2012
I had read all the reviews about this and was aware of the caveats around tightening up the screws that keep the screen from drooping - so that's what I did first.
Instructions are quite poor, but hopefully you won't need them.
I found it easiest to build the frame and tighten up all the screws - allowing a little give to allow me to pull out/push back and rotate the monitors - then I mounted the monitors by laying them flat on the bed and screwing them to the back of the monitor.
From here - you *need* two people. One to hold the heavy stand+monitors in place while someone else screws the two clam screws. Check they are tight yourself - and if you got the "droopy" screws right in the first place - then you'll be very happy with this setup. I love it.
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