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4.6 out of 5 stars164
4.6 out of 5 stars
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The first season of Lost was refreshingly different and a real rollercoaster ride of cliffhangers and revelations.

Season 2 approaches things differently and to get the most out of it you need to be prepared for a slower and more thoughtful story.

As new characters are introduced the overall story expands and as the survivors explore what was beneath the hatch we slowly learn little bits of what the mysterious island may be about.

As before peoples backstories are revealed and the 'others' begin to exert a stronger influence.

Now confident and reassured of a hit show unlikely to be cancelled those responsible for the show take their time to allow the characters to grow and to explore. While this can sometimes slow things down a little the shocks and surprises are still there and as before they begin to pile up as the season gets into it's stride at the halfway point and sure enough come the finale you're left to pull your hair out as another cliffhanger leaves you looking forward to season 3.

The introduction of new people is particularly well handled as they are interesting and pretty feisty.

Needless to say there really isn't much else on T.V that can compete with Lost and if you have yet to see any then start at the beginning and enjoy. This programme is very well suited to DVD as it allows you to let the story-line flow more by "just watching one more".

The series is very well served once again on DVD as the 5.1 surround is atmospheric and clear as a bell and the picture quality is exemplary and extras are plentiful and most are more than just the usual backslapping.

Lost evolves into a more considered and mature programme in season 2 and is all the better for it.

Fully recommended.
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on 31 July 2012
This second season of Lost is when I got hooked on the show, as it focuses on the mystery of the island and introduces key elements to the series that would come into play heavily in the final few seasons. While the first season concentrated on the mystery of who the survivors were before the plane crash, this season turns its attention to the island itself, and the mysterious `Others' who seem to hidden within the jungle, waiting to strike out against our heroes from Oceanic 815.

The first episode continues straight on from the cliff-hanger finale of the previous Season - Jack, Locke and Kate head down into the bizarre hatch they found buried in the ground of the island, whilst Michael, Sawyer and Jin attempt to stay alive on the remains of their raft, blown up by the sinister group of Others who stole Michael's son, Walt. The first four episodes take place over the events of this chaotic night, and there is some play with the narrative structure, with overlapping stories which might annoy people as it feels like there is no real advancement at first.

The main threads for the season are Michael's hunt for his son, Walt, who remains captive, the discovery of a new group of survivors and whether Locke's faith in the island (specifically the contents of the hatch) is misplaced or not. As a whole, this season works really well although it did attract a lot of criticism at the time of broadcast for the change of pace from a character-driven show into a more science-fiction based drama. Some of the episodes are less vital than others and the flashback sequences begin to repeat character motifs that we already knew from the outset, such as Jack's `father issues'.

There are some answers to the mysteries that bugged viewers from the first season. We find out what happened to Claire during her abduction, during one of the more riveting flashbacks of the Season. We also learn what crime Kate committed to earn those handcuffs on the plane. Not all the mysteries about our Losties are answered, however, such as the cause of Locke's paralysis prior to the island.

I really enjoyed this season as I found the dynamic of the Losties vs. The Others to be more compelling this time around, with the introduction of more antagonists, and the slow drip-feeding of information. We also got introduced to some new cast members, as well as seeing some others get killed off, proving that the island is not a safe environment.

Key episodes include: The opening few episodes which introduce the state of play for the season and the new location for most of the action: The Swan Hatch. Another favourite is Episode 11 - `The Hunting Party', where a group of survivors are met by an opposing group of Others, and they have a tense conversation at gunpoint over just whose island this is, and what happens to those who become too curious. Episode 15 - "Maternity Leave", is an interesting glimpse into the events that happened during Claire's abduction and provides some answers. The lead-up to the finale is particularly satisfying, with a real action-movie feel, particularly the two-part finale, `Live Together, Die Alone' where all the key threads tie together, and leave us wondering what next.

The existing actors are all comfortable in their roles, and the additions to the ensemble are all pretty good, especially Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje imposing turn as the quiet, yet threatening `Mr. Eko' and Michael Emerson's `Henry Gale', who manages to teeter on the edge of innocence and sinister for the majority of the season, before revealing his true motives. Michelle Rodriguez plays her usual stock character of the butch tom-girl for the cop `Ana-Lucia', but does open up towards the end, showing a bit more depth to her character (and acting set!).

Overall, this is a great season and while it does have its lulls in the middle, it benefits from the box set treatment and not having to wait a whole week for a new episode. The themes of the Season seem to be about Faith, in particular highlighting the faith that Locke has, but Jack doesn't. Jack is the Man of Science, who refuses to believe in the fantastical elements of the island, whilst Locke is ready to accept the supernatural and believe. This season does a good job of weeding out the casual viewers by introducing certain elements to the storyline, which increase in complexity with each forthcoming season. If you find the sci-fi elements in this season to be off-putting, then it is unlikely you will enjoy the next four seasons as the focus moves further from the characters and deeper into these complex themes and ideas.
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VINE VOICEon 12 June 2008
If Lost Season 1 set the formula, the tone and the bones of the franchise, Season 2 takes some serious strides into fleshing that out and putting some real weight onto the framework already established. Yes, as other reviewers rightly point out, it has a different flavour to Season 1; however in my opinion this is a decidedly good thing, and here's why.

Formulaic clones of a good thing can be repetitious and run out of steam: consider 24, for example, which started as a great premise but is starting to splutter and trip over it's own setup. What takes real guts from writers, producers and directors is to take your set up, and run with it in new directions. This is what Lost Season 2 does.

To recap, Season 1 sees the surviving passengers of Oceanic Flight 815 awaken on a tropical beach in the south Pacific, the wreckage of their plane still smoking around them. It was a slow-burn exercise in magic realism, character development,philosophical posturing (but not in a dull way) and, of course, those unanswered questions. These characteristics cut Lost away from the pack, and continue to do so - it's a daring thing to treat your audience as intelligent human beings and not spell out everything for them. Season 1 was heavy on intrigue, light on answers and wound up to a fabulous cliff hanger of an ending.

Season 2 literally begins exactly where we were left. However, contrary to other reviewers, I would argue that Season 2 actually starts off rather poorly, and continues to gather more and more power and momentum. For example, the first 3 episodes shoot the same situation from different point of views, which I, frankly, found infuriating. Maybe this was necessary, as the discovery of what the Hatch means changes the dramatic core of the show, and sets up a new status quo which the rest of the series rests on (push the button every 108 minutes... if you don't know what that means, you will do). However, once this change of scene is established, the Season comes into it's own with a decidedly more pacey tempo. Believe it or not, questions are answered. Skeletons come tumbling out of good guy's closets, and the show winds up, once again, towards a Season finale that frankly kicks Season 1 into touch. I would disagree also with comments made about the supposedly flabby middle episodes of this Season - I felt it used got better and better.

That's not to say the show is without it's limitations. As mentioned, the establishment of a new status quo takes a little bit of time to ease into, and for me Lost has yet to rise to it's full potential: it feels like all epsidoes so far have been the slow-burn establishment of foundations and low level structures onto which greater things will be built.

The acting is generally superb, with Terry O'Quinn standing out especially: as an almost anthropermorphic representation of the Island, his character Locke is the spiritual pulse of the show. His performance wouldn't function alone though, and the cast is uniformly excellent.

SO don't believe the nay-sayers - this is a Season that puts meat on the bones of Season 1. The only question is where we will go from here.
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on 15 May 2011
Well I was very happy with Lost Series 2! The viewer now gets to learn more in depth information about the characters and about the lives they were living before landing on the island, this involving a lot of startling moments. There are twists and turns galore for mystery lovers to fawn over! I almost wish I had kept a notebook from the start as it becomes easy to forget certain little parts, although part of the fun is when you are sitting watching and then go 'ahhhh yes!' I don't want to add any spoilers at all but will just mention that we also begin to learn more and more about the bizarre Dharma initiative and what they were doing on the island. I am still loving watching Lost and am very much looking forward to getting stuck into series 3 as I recall it being a real cracker!
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on 5 May 2012
The pace pickens up considerably in the second series. - There's the mysterious goings on of the Hatch, (that really forms the core of the series), and we're introduced to the survivors of the tail section part of the plane. The Others feature more prominently too.

I won't spoil the ending of series two but its fair to say that there were some goings on that left me with a lot of questions! (That's Lost for you!) What I will say is that I feel that the overall series was more interesting than the first series, however I preferred the ending in Series One To Series Two.
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VINE VOICEon 14 July 2008
Wow! Just when I thought that this show couldn't get any better at the end of season 1, season 2 proves me wrong as this season is just simply incredible.

It begins with the hatch being opened and the first meetings with some new characters, so it's not short of excitement at all. Some questions are answered as the series goes on and some more are created. More characters are introduced whilst others are killed off, which can be quite surprising as some scenes are just so unpredictable. So many more background stories giving insight into the characters' backgrounds are given in the flashback sequences, going even further back into their pasts than just the few days leading up to the flight. Some character cross-overs are also developed nearer to the end of the series.

I'm not going to go into the details of the story as it's all already been covered in the other reviews on here or I just simply don't want to reveal anything about the story for those who have not seen it yet, but what I am going to say is - you must watch this show as it is amazing! Probably the best TV show to come out of the US since The X Files, Twin Peaks The Twilight Zone before that. It doesn't slip in quality for one moment and each episode always ends with a cliffhanger to make you want to watch one more. I can't recommend this show highly enough and it is a completely unmissable show.

Right, I'm off to watch season 3 now!
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on 14 March 2015
Season 2 of Lost is much better than Season 1.

While the discovery of what lies beneath the hatch becomes the nexus of the story, the characters and social couplings of the stricken survivors become much more prominent, and for the first time in the show we're afforded a chance to really get to know who we do and don't like.

The season is much more cohesive and purposeful and a real sense of friction between the survivors and (OMITTED) becomes palpable. It's a gripping story, and the end of season finale brings an intense and dramatic close to what feels like the end of the current story arc. An impression that Season 3 will bring in a new chapter, so to speak, is left lingering as the last episode ends.

Despite this finality there are plenty of new characters to keep things fresh, and some exciting, suspense-laden set-pieces to leave you hanging. The familiar flashback story telling is still present and correct, though.

Lost season 2 is a fantastic drama set in a mysterious and illusive setting. If the subsequent seasons continue this trend, I think I'll understand what all the fuss was about...
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on 30 June 2012
Following on from Lost season 1 was never going to be an easy task but season 2 more than lives up to the challenge. Naturally we get more questions posed to us than answers given, but that was what Lost is all about. One of the rare program's not afraid to talk up to the audience instead of down like so many others.

People could argue that in places season 2 literally lost its way and the writers struggled to define where they were heading. And granted at 24 episodes this is a very long season and it is very easy to see which are the mere filler episodes. Part of the reason Lost managed to step up another gear in seasons 4,5 and 6 was because they condensed the amount of episodes down. However I can overlook these minor issues and appreciate the season for what it is.

So whilst not perfect it more than amply sets the scene for things to come and leaves you wanting more.

After all Lost was one of those rare programs that come along every now and then which you just have to sit back and admire. Blu-Ray was made to showcase shows like this.
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on 20 September 2006
This show is absolutely brilliant - words cannot describe how capturing the storyline is. I got this shipped over from usa amazon the other day and am proud to say i was not disappointed. Still confused about things though, but I think that is the whole idea - to not give too much away.

When season one finished we were left with the hatch being discovered, and thus a whole line of events followed swiftly and carefully. ABC, the broadcasting network in the usa of lost, have allocated this show to be of the ARG (alternate reality game) genre, and have launched a whole mass of media to comply with the show. For example, a hanso foundation website which allows clues to be discovered about how the island came about (please note the website is now 'closed'). But how good is this? Although not all the hatches are discovered in this particular season, i get a feeling in season three we will discover a lot more. For example, there is the possibility another hatch is underwater due to the mysterious "Dharma Initiative" symbol that was imprinted on the shark that attacked the raft. We also discover other weird landmarks and camps on the island, outlaying just how huge this place is! The "others" make more elaborate appearances, and the tail plane survivors make a few appearances of their own. I know a lot of people are saying that Michelle Rodriguez (Ana-Lucia) was a bad choice to the show, but I think she gave a fantastic appearance alongside Kate as queen bee! Finally...we find out how the plane crashed. And what happens at the end is proof that these people are definitely not in purgatory as i had imagined they may have been. They are very much ALIVE!!!

If you love mind games and shows that boast intelligence then buy this season. Its completely enigmatic, unique and worthy of a dedicated audience for years to come. Can't can't can't wait for season three, as apparently it is split up into six episodes, eventually followed by seventeen more a couple of months later. Or if you think it is just a waste of money as you have already seen it on tv, buy it to trace clues. For example, in the black smoke that mr eko confronts, you see the faces of his past, something i never could clarify until i watched that scene a few times. Quality television!!!
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on 18 November 2006
The annoying thing about Season 1 of Lost was the cliff-hanger at the end and in Season 2 the same thing happens.......I just screamed at the tv when it ended....'noooooooo'. These guys do cliff-hangers and they do them well. Even though S2 cleared up many questions left hanging from S1 it also ended with more questions than ever before.

Season 2 continues on from where S1 finished with the door to the hatch being opened. Opening the hatch was supposed to answer you'd expect from Lost it does answer some questions....but it poses a whole lotta new ones! A few more characters join Lost this season as more survivors emerge from the other side of the island. Their introduction to the main group doesn't quite go smoothly and their characters definitely clash on one or two occasions. While S1 gave us the background to the main characters, S2 shows us the darker side of them as suspicions, jealousy and tensions soar. I don't want to say too much or I'll give the game away but one things for sure.....I'll be getting S3 as soon as it hits the shelves. I'm dying to know what happens next already......and I only finished S2 a few days ago!!!!
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