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Writing Law Dissertations
Social Work
Social Work Law
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Constitutional and
Constitutional and Administrative Law
Law Express
Legal Aspects
Legal Aspects of Nursing
Inside Track
Inside Track to Successful Academic Writing
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Atiyahs Sale
Atiyah's Sale of Goods
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Law Express
Letters to a Law Student
Smith and Keenan's English Law
Smith and Keenan's English Law: Text and Cases

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Created to support law undergraduates through their challenging studies, the Longman Law Store provides choice and support at every level of your law degree.

Build strong foundations to your legal knowledge early with textbooks for core topics. Develop your legal skills ready for future assessments and practice and get prepared for your exams with the best revision guidance available today.

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Law Express Revision Guides

Browse the best-selling law revision series and get the best and most practical advice. Law Express guides are available across core and optional subjects, and each one comes with comprehensive online support which will enable you to take your exams with confidence. Together, the Law Express series and their companion websites provide unrivalled revision support.

Contents include: topic maps; revision checklists; sample questions; personalised study plans; podcasts; Q&A support for winning essays and interactive quizzes.

Law Express: Understand Quickly, Revise Effectively, Take Exams With Confidence

Foundation Series: Cementing Your Legal Knowledge Fast