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4.4 out of 5 stars1,309
4.4 out of 5 stars
Colour Name: White|Style Name: for iPad mini|Change
Price:£28.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 6 March 2013
By Ipad keyboard standards this one is expensive, but you pay for what you get. Its compact, the same size as the Ipad Mini its self, The build quality is excellent and has the look and feel of a high class product. Like the add says its like the bit Apple forgot to ship.

The keyboard is a british layout with the £ sign and signs, unlike most other alternatives. Tons of great short cut keys, including a cool set of cut and past ones

Personally I think its a perfect addition to the ipad mini, but at £69 its going to be a big ask for most to justify
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on 10 December 2013
The Logitec Ultrathin attempts to bridge the gap between iPad and a laptop by giving your iPad Air a usable keyboard, and I must say it does a reasonable job of it.

Unlike a laptop, the "screen" (the iPad itself), detaches from the keyboard to clip into the hinge along the long edge (guided by magnets), and is then folded flat like a book. When closed, it really does show it's beauty. Basically, the screen closes down over the keys, leaving what looks like two iPad Airs placed together like a sandwich. When you place it down, you can hardly tell if you've got the iPad or the keyboard facing you. Top marks to Logitec for matching the finish so closely to the beautiful aluminium finish of the Air.

When you want to use it, you just gently pull the iPad and keyboard apart, and drop the Air into the magnetic slot on the top. Nice design feature - but it does mean the keyboard feels a little cramped, as your fingers are so close to the screen, and the keyboard itself is placed in the seemingly tiny space between the front edge and the screen. But all is not lost. Despite the small space, you can touch type on this, and the keys have good "travel" - you can feel when they've been pressed down. Keyboard layout is excellent, but the numeric keys are smaller than the others - adding to the feeling of keyboard being cramped.

Of course, the downside, is this keyboard gives almost no protection at all. At best you can place it down so the keyboard (not iPad) is placed on a table, and doesn't get scratched. I think if you accidentally dropped them, the two would just fall apart, and the keyboard will give no protection from bumps or scratches.

The up-side is, you've just spent literally hundreds of pounds on a beautiful piece of Industrial Design in the iPad Air, and it's a shame to hide that in a plastic case. At least the Logitec Ultrathin matches the Air in style rather beautifully. Just don't drop it.

One concern I had, was could you use this on your lap? Well, sitting in bed typing this review I can reassure you that it works fine. A clever combination of magnets and gravity mean the Air sits nicely. Of course a back-lit keyboard would be nice (like the Zagg Folio), but that would add to the weight.

In common with nearly all iPad keyboards - the iPad automatically switches on, and then off when you close it - a great feature. Also they battery life on these things is incredible - typically lasting for months without a charge.

What's great about it?

* Build quality is great (as you'd expect at the price), and touch typing is great - almost at top speed.
* It snaps together nicely to place away, and once closed up, matches beautifully with the air in finish
* It's incredibly light and thin. In fact, my research shows (below), it's the lightest keyboard on the market
* While it will happily sit in place on your lap or a table, you can very quickly remove it, and use the iPad "au natural" - a great bonus.
* You can use the keyboard in portrait mode (although I found it felt "unnatural" and wouldn't bother myself)

What's not quite so good?

* They keyboard does feel a little small and cramped. The keys are placed too close to the front edge.
* Unlike most other folio style keyboards, the screen is fixed in one position. For example the Belkin Quode has 3 settings and the Zagg folio a huge range of positions.
* The Logitec Ultrathin provides little or no protection from bangs, scrapes or scratches.

On balance - pretty good. Whether it's the best for you however, depends upon your needs. In particular, for protection against scrapes Vs incredibly thin & light, and the ability to detach iPad and keyboard quickly.

What else is available?

ZAGG Keys iPad Air Case Folio with Backlit Keyboard - Black. (535g). Complete keyboard cover, very laptop style with backlit keys. Much larger keyboard, but heavier than others.
Belkin QODE Ultimate Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad Air - Black. (413g). Complete cover with aluminium finish and 3 screen positions. Good quality, but similar cramped keyboard.
* Logitec Fabric Skin. (425g). Wipe clean, water resistant keyboard but keys a bit "spongy"
* Logitec Ultrathin (This one!) (313g). Beautiful aluminium finish. Incredibly light, but no protection

Personally I considered the options above, finally narrowing it down to the Zagg and this one. I liked the "laptop" look of the Zagg, and the backlit keyboard is wonderful (but it's also relatively heavy, and covers the iPad in plastic). Having said that, it still weighs less than a MacBook Air. You can read my review of the ZAGG Keys iPad Air Case Folio with Backlit Keyboard - Black on Amazon.

The choice is yours.

PS. Final word of warning. This review is for the Logitec Ultrathin keyboard for the iPad Air. Be careful, if you have an iPad 2/3/4 or even an iPad Mini - this keyboard will be the wrong size. Easy mistake to make. :-)
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on 16 January 2014
There have been some reviews that the new iPad Mini Retinas are sitting at the wrong angle for this keyboard to work, but I have not found that.

The keys have a good feel to them and the iPad sits at an angle of 73 degrees. So is perfectly usable (having already been working on it for three hours at time of typing)

Would have been nice to have a standard charging USB input, will be worried about losing the cable in the future, hence reduction to 4 stars.
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on 25 June 2014
I've always had an iPad right from the the very first iteration. The thing I've struggled with most is I've never really thought they get enough use, so each time I buy a new one I have doubts as to why I'm doing it....eventually I end up buying one because they look so nice! In some respects its frustrated me because I have wanted to be productive on my iPad but never really felt that's been an option.

I've tried all sorts styluses to try and get more use from my iPad from the cheaper versions to the much more expensive versions but in the end I never felt comfortable with them and ended up back at square one just using my iPad on and off.

After returning my last stylus I started browsing and came across keyboards in the search results. Don't get me wrong I know they've been around for a while but it's never crossed my mind to buy one because in some respects I've been conditioned by Apple...what's the point in a keyboard when there's an onscreen one, surely that defeats the purpose of having an iPad?!

In the end having seen the positive reviews for this Logitech I decided I didn't have much to lose so went ahead and bought one. In a nutshell it's brilliant and has completely changed the way I use my iPad. I now feel I can get some proper work done on it. It's a strange feeling because it was so unexpected and I had little optimism!

The Logitech makes such a difference and to be honest it's kind of made my MacBook Air redundant. Of course my iPad isn't as powerful as my MacBook Air but for most of the things I do it's more than sufficient. If I need to do some real heavy lifting I turn to my Retina MacBook Pro but certainly when I'm out and about or sitting on the sofa my iPad is now always with me. The keyboard works incredibly well, there's no lag between key presses and anything appearing on the screen, the shortcuts are perfect and it feels nice and solid with plenty of battery life. The keys are closer together than a standard keyboard but it took me no longer than 5 minutes to get used to the slight change and now I can quite easily swap between my Retina MacBook Pro keyboard and the Logitech without any issues.

This is without doubt one of the best accessories I have bought for any of my devices, my iPad is getting much more use and I no longer feel guilty about having an expensive piece of kit that was infrequently used. If you're on the fence, give it a try, I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Oh one last thing that really has made a difference and that's there's now no need to use the onscreen keyboard so you have much more screen real-estate and I was massively surprised what a difference that makes.
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on 4 March 2013
Among other things, I use my iPad to connect to my office PCs while travelling, and used to find that actually doing anything other than reading emails was tedious with the on-screen keyboard.
The Logitech Ultra-thin Keyboard has changed the iPad into a completely useable remote desktop with a great battery life -- certainly better than any notebook PC currently on the market.

I can just about touch-type on the keyboard, and the key travel, though small, feels just fine in providing tactile feedback -- it feels like a proper keyboard.

I also particularly like the magnetic clip that holds the iPad upright in place on the keyboard, making the combined structure quite rigid, and you can even pick up assembly without fear of it falling apart.
When closed, the keyboard provides a rugged outer layer which slips easily in and out of my shoulder bag, and, of course, can be very simply pulled apart and put away when I want to use the iPad "au naturel".

Overall this excellent keyboard is a thoroughly essential piece of kit for anyone who uses, or wants to use, their iPad for working while travelling.
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on 3 August 2014
I was really looking forward to using this product and making my iPad more functional. I had read reviews for a number of (cheaper) products and thought this would be the most worthwhile in the long term. Can't fault Amazon on their service and delivering the product on time, and the product is very stylish, but beyond that it's been a bit of a disappointment. Having initially struggled to connect the keyboard to my iPad, it worked well for about a day, and ever since I've been able to sync the keyboard and my iPad but connection gets lost within minutes. Occasionally if it is showing signs of working, it freezes and types a row of the same letter.

Having bought this about two months ago, I became frustrated with it and had a lot of work to get done so went back to using my laptop. Going back to the product more recently and trying to get some luck from it I'm still experiencing the same problems, and it has essentially been a waste of money. There's no option for me to directly contact the seller about my problems connecting, and as the returns window has expired, it seems that I'm stuck with a relatively expensive product that simply does not work.

Overall, the product looks awesome, and I may have just been the unlucky one, but I would urge caution before buying the keyboard as it has been very temperamental and there doesn't appear to be much support for customers experiencing difficulties with the product.
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VINE VOICEon 25 July 2012
Colour Name: Black|Style Name: For iPad 2,3,4|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I got an ipad 2 for Christmas last year but never really got comfortable with the ipad keyboard. So I quickly bought myself a keyboard case which had no brand to it. It cost me about £20 and had some decent reviews.

However, I found that it would often drop the bluetooth connection and this would meannnnnnnnnnnn - exactly that, the key would get stuck and just keep typing for a good while. So it meant that take notes in a meeting was often hindered or slowed. the keys didn't have a great feel underneath but they were okay.

The Logitech keyboard is first off, of much higher quality - and you pay for it. From the finish and the feel of the keys to the fact that it doesn't drop the Bluetooth signal at all, it is great. It also has some really handy short cuts for typing on the ipad. for example, one of the Fn keys lets you select the word to the left and another a word to the right. For those who have used the ipad getting that right is a pain and this makes it much easier.

It also has a dedicated key to go back to your ipad home screen and other such handy short cuts.

If you have £70 spare then this is definitely worth purchasing and it will mean that people who use their ipad for emails will find it much MUCH easier.

In terms of it being a protective case, however, I am less certain. I think the £20 keyboard case did a much better job because the ipad clicked neatly into place with the keyboard. i.e. the keyboard covered the four corners of the ipad. this logitech keyboard doesn't. It utilises the same magnetic strip as the common ipad cover. It would obviously offer a bit more protection that the basic ipad cover but should I drop my ipad, I don't think this keyboard would provide much protection.

So if you want something protective, I would go with something else, but if you really want a great keyboard then you can't really fault this one.

Hope that helps
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on 1 April 2013
This product is amazing it works really well and is really easy to use! It turns the iPad into a mini laptop so it is compact and easy to carry round, I'm currently using it for university lectures but I would suggest for everyone it's expensive but in my opinion worth the money.
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on 5 June 2012
I have been using this keyboard cover for over a week now and I have to say I am seriously impressed.

I have an iPad 2 and until a week ago I thought that my apple branded smart cover was just about the most useful accessory I had - this has all changed since I started using the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover. It really is as good as it looks, it's lightweight, connects just as a smart cover would and will even wake my iPad from sleep when I open it. It came almost fully charged and simply worked straight out of the box - I found myself looking for excuses just to keep using it! The keys are very nicely spaced, there is a good selection of function keys and the travel is surprisingly long. Even my wife who touch types rated the feel of the keystroke as very good.

Usually when you read one of these reviews, the reviewer says "if I could make just one change though" - well not me, this is perfect, if Logitech change anything on this then they would merely be 'gilding the lilly'.

For those of you that are worried that It is perhaps a little expensive, I can categorically state that this is worth every last penny.

I charged this last night for the first time since its initial charge (4th October and I have been using it since 3rd June)! I think the charge would have lasted even longer if it was not for the fact that I haven't bothered to switch it off since August - it just sits in the case for my iPad permanently switched on. Still loving it!
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Colour Name: Black|Style Name: for iPad Air 1|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've previously used the Logitech Ultrathin Keybaord Cover for my 3rd gen iPad and thought it was generally a great keyboard, one of the best depending on what you're looking for. When I bought an iPad Air I thought I'd check out Logitech once again.

The keyboard is pretty much identical to previous models except that it comes in Space Grey to match the colour of my iPad Air. One downside is to watch that this doesn't get scratched when you're typing as the Space Grey covering touches the surface that you're typing on. But as for the cover itself, it attaches via a magnetic hinge in much the same way as the Smart Cover does and protects the screen of your iPad. It's quite thin so doesn't really add any unnecessary bulk or weight to your iPad and is great for slipping into a bag when you need to take it with you.

Typing is great, the keys are well spaced and you get good feedback from the keys once pressed. There's a nice range of shortcut keys across the top of the keyboard for most commonly used functions such as cut, copy and paste, music playback controls, etc. It can feel a little strange tapping your iPad screen when using it with a keyboard and the added shortcut buttons just make it feel more natural.

The iPad itself slots into the cover via a groove which has magnet at the bottom to hold the iPad in place. It provides one single viewing angle and one only, presumably optimised based on various tests conducted by Logitech. Depending on where you're typing the angle can be perfect or it may need some adjusting which is where this cover falls down. If I'm typing on my lap then I feel like I need to adjust the viewing angle, if I'm in bed late at night then I tend to want the angle to be more upright. For the most part I can get by but it would be nice to have an adjustable viewing angle and I guess this is aimed at typing only at a desk for instance. I sometimes like to use the cover to hold my iPad for watching movies and for that the angle is no good in most cases.

But it's a good cover if you're after something of great quality and gives a good typing experience. It's well made, attaches to the iPad well and doesn't add bulk or weight too much. The battery should last you a good 6 months and I'll hopefully be able to see how that pans out over time. It's worth spending the money on if you don't mind the one and only viewing angle, that would be my only gripe with the product.
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