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The latest version has sign above 3 and $ sign above 4 now standard Logitech layout. As I use two of these keyboards the earlier version was US layout.
3 Dec 2013 by richard english
it spans two rows; great for speed typing.
21 hours ago by Kweef
Hello Yes we can send to USA but regarding layout you have to check specs. From logitec Web. Thanks
24 days ago by bonanzaelectronics2013
Sounds like you have a defective unit. Alternatively this could possibly be a side effect of your Bluetooth bandwidth being maxed out, are you streaming Bluetooth audio perhaps? Try it connected to another device such as a smartphone and that will give you a clue as to where the fault lies.
27 Apr 2014 by M. Benham
I have used this keyboard with ps4 and it work flawlessly, so I think it is safe to assume that it is compatible with ps3.
8 Mar 2014 by Maymo3
Sounds like Windows is set to use US keyboard format. Change it to UK, via Control Panel.
3 Mar 2014 by AV Junky
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