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The entire film takes place in a car. Not just bits and pieces, the whole thing. Locke (Tom Hardy) is driving to London to see the birth of his child by a one night stand. It will take him about 90 minutes, and like a Hemingway novel, it is done in real time. Ivan spends almost the entire trip on the phone and when he is not on the phone he talks to his deceased father.

Ivan decides he needs to do the right thing by being at the birth of his child because of his poor relationship with his father. He imagines everything will be good afterwards. He takes calls from his son watching the football match. He has told his wife what has happened, and she is not dealing with it very well. The woman giving birth has issues as he talks to her and the hospital staff. Ivan is the foreman over a large concrete pour that will happen in his absence. He has to deal with corporate while micro managing a drinking worker through his job over the phone. He does so very cool and collectively, yet things don't go his way.

The film never went anywhere. After 20 minutes or so in the car, I was groaning as I knew this was going to be another one man play. Fans of "Vehicle 19" or "Buried" should love this one too. Oh the drama.

Parental Guide: F-bombs. No sex or nudity.
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on 7 October 2014
This was absolutely not what I expected. I had read no reviews so started with an open mind. It consists of one man, in a car, answering the telephone, and making phone calls. There are no other visual actors in the film. Given that outline, it is easy why so many people have given this one star, but what for me raises this above the farcical are a couple of things., The moral of the tale, one mans quest to do the right thing, and try to make everything okay, has you hanging on every word. The other thing, is Tom Hardys performance, which I thought was outstanding. Atotally different type of movie, and one in a strange way I enjoyed.
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#1 REVIEWER#1 HALL OF FAMEon 22 September 2015
If you're on the look out for a slow burning drama which is completely different this might hit the mark for some viewers, but the attempt at making an entire film misfires in a few places not the fault of the cast or crew I would add.

Tom Hardy plays Ivan Locke a construction manager due to oversee a huge project early in the morning. However Ivan heads off in his car and starts a long drive; during the trip we see him uncover problems with his marriage and conflicts with work and questions over his future direction in both work and his relationships/family. That is basically the story without spoiling what unfolds during the 85 minutes more is revealed during the drive piece by piece.

Bar Hardy entering his car at the start the entire film is shot in the vehicle and the supporting cast are only heard never seen this is a one man show taken to the extreme for a film production whilst this puts a lot of pressure on Hardy's performance it also uncovers some weaker elements with the story which could leave some viewers disappointed in the lack of pace or conclusion to the film. Credit has to be given to Hardy he carries his role well and is entirely believable as Ivan and he laps the role up easily if you wanted an intense actor trailer this would be ideal - but we're watching a film and there are times you feel detached from the events.

Supporting cast even though they are only heard are up to the job too Ruth Wilson plays his Wife Katrina, Olivia Colman as his former lover/one night stand and Andrew Scott puts a perky performance in as one of the men working for Ivan. Ben Daniels and Tom Holland also have supporting roles too. I can't fault any of the acting in any way all do a fine job and more than I would have expected (not having a visual cue might make it quite a hard task voice acting isn't that easy)

A nod has to go to Haris Zambarloukos the Cinematographer; what a nightmare for anyone shooting the film one man a car and that's it you have very little variation in scenes. He succeeds in holding some attention during the film some wider night shots driving, close up shots of Hardy and the control console where he's scrolling though the on-board phone numbers he keeps it as fresh as you can during the near hour and a half run.

Where the film fails for me is a few areas the storyline whilst it's quite a good one doesn't reach a satisfactory conclusion there is an event near the end but we never see him leave the car or meet anyone else. It's also unlikely to bear repeat viewings very well as you will not only know the story but the visuals as good as Haris has tried to make them offer little variations for viewers there isn't a lot of chance you'll spot something you missed first time it's dialogue heavy (though moments where Hardy is silent he does that well too) Perhaps over ambitious and trying a bit hard to be off the beaten path possibly worth a look.

After 20-30 minutes you'll know if the film is for you if not it will quickly get the off button. The story needs more work and I also think that it was a mistake to have it limited only to the car this hugely limits the scope of audience interest and it really needed some segments out of the car and some visual connection to the other actors at least a little. I blame the director/writer Steven Knight he boxed himself into a corner and didn't allow himself room to move trying to play the "oddball" card with a single extended scene was risky and in my view has not really worked. It has lots of potential but it will divide viewers I can't really call it a satisfying watch even though I admired the cast and performances. You can only work with what you have; here there isn't that much to work with

I'm puzzled it got such critical acclaim I'm giving this 3 purely for the acting which is excellent as a story it's a 2/3 out of 10 some viewers might love it many will hate it
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on 6 March 2016
I had my doubts, one man in a car and no one else featuring visually in the film at all? Sounds dull.. But no, this has a great script and Tom Hardy already has the accolade of starring in one of my favourite films ever (The Drop) so all should be fine. Ivan Locke's Welsh voice is calm and measured throughout, as his unraveling life is fed out to those closest to him via a series of phone calls as he travels on the motorway at night. Dickon Hinchcliffe provides a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack (available on Fiction) which adds to the melancholy. I see headlines describing this a a "tense thriller" etc etc - utter utter nonsense to try and drag doubters in to the cinema. It's actually a gentle, very personal film about a man trying to put right his mistakes. Don't hesitate to see this.
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'Ivan Locke' has a seemingly idyllic life both at home and at work, the climax of his career should
take place in the morning, however a phone call received turns his world upside down, he just has
to respond.
He's on the way to be with 'Beth' who he'd had a one-night stand with, she's about to give birth to
his child.
He really should be at home watching the match, and be in work early the following morning to
receive delivery of a massive consignment of concrete for the construction of what he considers
his project, however he's on the way to London.
He has to try and explain things to his wife and his work colleagues , his decisions could cost him
He is upsetting and concerning many people as he answers call after call on the road, his life is
beginning to unravel whilst driving.
Just when it can't get any worse, it does, over and over again.
There are many possible outcomes to the several different issues he's trying to deal with on the
road to London.
This is a very different style of movie, not sure i've ever seen it's equivalent down the years....this
is primarily a one-man show, plenty of different voices on the other end of the phone however.
The film is pretty compelling viewing, an intense journey indeed.
Certainly worth viewing.
Special Features -
* Commentary with writer/director - 'Steven Knight'
* The making of Locke
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VINE VOICEon 3 May 2014
I saw this British gem of a film at my local multiplex cinema and I was completely taken in by it. It was one of the best British films I'd seen in a very long time. It had pretty much everything, drama, suspense, and terrific acting by Tom Hardy I thought.

It tells of Ivan Locke, who's happily married with two sons, who leaves work in Birmingham on his way home or so we're led to believe. He's on his way to a hospital in London and be there for the birth of his baby he had with another woman. He wants to "do the right thing" and be there at the birth of his baby. With plenty of calls on his Bluetooth hands free kit, with names of his family, work colleagues and the other woman, coming up on the screen, it all makes for a gripping and frenetic 80 minutes. He also speaks to his dead father as though he was there in the car with him.

All the action takes place in and around the car of Ivan Locke. Very strange some might say. May be. But it kept this viewer gripped right on through to the end. My eyes never left the screen for a single moment. It's one of the best films I've seen so far this year at least. It's a brilliant idea and in all honesty, the film works on so many levels. It's dramatic, emotional, and completely absorbing to this reviewer anyway. I would recommend it definitely.
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It's wrong to call it a thriller, hence all the poor reviews from disappointed people who expected blood, guts, guns and fast action.
For me this is one of the best films ever. If you have any interest in family life, belief in principles, job dedication, and yet also in how we are prey to a mistake, this film is for you. Don't expect a cast of thousands, do expect a superb principal actor and a fascinating interaction between him and the rest of the characters whom we only hear yet never see.
If at the end of it you reflect on the nature of human frailty, and the difficulty of having enough compassion to be able to forgive, and somehow between the two things still striving to do the right thing; AND not wanting an ending with everything done and dusted - then this is your film. Steve Riches, Northampton, UK.
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This is a thoughtful and thought-provoking exploration of the soul. It's much more like a stage-play than a feature film, and definitely won't be to everyone's tastes.
'Locke' showcases Tom Hardy's astonishing acting talent as he appears solo on screen for over an hour. It's a very ordinary story, in many ways, or an ordinary person who makes one of those life-choices which have important consequences. But it's also a very small story, with a tiny plot, and a claustrophobic feel to it. Very definitely art-house, not multiplex.
Some of the photography of the car in motion on the motorway is utterly gorgeous. But the whole film has a curiously muffled tone to it - as if we're distanced from the protagonist. We don't share the same space as him but are often separated by the windscreen or window, and occasionally it feels as if we're viewing everything at an angle.

This is a remarkable movie, one which touches on domestic issues that will be common to millions. Having said that, it's not exactly enjoyable. Admirable, maybe, but hardly a lightweight piece of entertainment.
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Interesting (and short) film starring man of the moment Tom Hardy. Ivan Locke has decided that he has to deal with all the serious issues that have been bubbling up in his life and sets off on a long car journey after finishing work to sort them all out. That is pretty much the premise of the film as all we see in this film is Hardy driving on a road and talking to various people on his hands free phone. The situations he's involved in may well strike home to many people who watch and to be honest, when certain people's names appear ringing on his phone the tension can become unbearable, be it his boss, wife, son or past one night stand! Full marks go to Hardy for making what could be a difficult slog a gripping experience, but whether you'd want to watch it again, or indeed whether you can get past his Rob Brydon accent, just stop it from getting 5 stars. Well worth a viewing though.
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on 9 November 2014
I really enjoyed this film. It didn't take long to engage with the character of Locke because Tom Hardy was fantastic in the role. Everything from his welsh accent to his physical movements were brilliantly executed given that he spends the whole film driving from Wales to London while his world comes crashing down around him. I could really empathise with Locke and found myself worrying that he would come to some harm. The claustrophobic space of the car together with the applied pressure from the incessant phone calls really added to the sense of urgency and the unfolding of his project managed life and work. This film will make you think about why people live the way they do and how sometimes lives are dictated by careful management in a desperate attempt to erase the past or to always do the right thing. I thought that it could have been called `Something Concrete' because there are so many parallels between the mortar and life, get it wrong and everything crumbles.
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