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4.6 out of 5 stars41
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 4 November 2005
In this follow up to his very successful handbook "Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner", Scott Cunningham expanded on his original material and gave the solitary practitioner more information, more material to build on and further encouragement to practice as they are inspired by their Deities.
The book opens with a "Note to Traditional Wiccans". His original book, published in 1988, seemed to threaten many Traditionalists. This book, published in 1996, has a note to let them know that he never intended to attack their ideas or ideals, but rather he meant his books to be general access to those who are not part of Traditions, covens or to those who do not have access to traditional training.
This book is broken into three sections; learning, practice and your own tradition. Scott advances the solitary path and gives guidance to those who want to pursue their spirituality even further.
Scott carefully goes over these elements, showing where you can pull things to make the traditions specifically yours, yet having it remain always identifiable as Wicca. Discussions include Deity Concepts, tools, ritual designs, beliefs and rules. Some of these sections include Suggested Reading lists, or tables of correspondences to aid you in your choices. There is further discussion on Wiccan Symbols, Books of Shadow, and passing on your tradition. There is also a chapter on Living Wicca; walking the walk as well as talking the talk. The book concludes with a glossary and a bibliography.
What Scott Cunningham started to do in his first book is continued in this second. The path of the Solitary Practitioner, in the Tradition of Scott Cunningham, is developed even further, giving the practitioner more food for thought, more direction and additional instruction in how to live as a Wiccan in today's world. The book is a good follow up to the first and is again a book that has been lovingly dog-eared and held dear by those who follow the Solitary path. boudica
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on 2 April 1998
This book is a good follow-up to his first book. Cunningham discusses Wiccan protocols and idealogies in more detail. Although I find this second book useful, I enjoy the first book a lot more. Cunningham seemed more cordial and open-minded in his former book. In reading the second book, bear in mind that Wicca is a very personal religion. Hence, one may not agree with everything Cunningham says, which is perfectly alright in the Wiccan sense. Overall, I recommend this book as a good resource for ideas on Wiccan practices, and important exposure to another Wiccan's religious interpretations.
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on 14 February 1998
There are many incorrect wicca books on the market but Scott Cunningham's books can be trusted. Not only was it informative but also very enjoyable to read. This should definitly be the second book anyone interested in wicca should read(the first being the prelude to this book).Blessed Be
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on 4 April 1999
An excellent book for the intermediate Wiccan. The suggested readings should really be looked into, and are worth the book itself. Like "Wicca", I still refer to this book every once in a while. I've taken this book and "Wicca" with me to college and it helps keep me grounded in a changing world. The message of the book for me is: "Anything you do to enhance your Wiccan experiance is good, and there is so much you can do that I can only give you suggestions." Recommended!
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on 17 June 1998
Any book by Cunningham is an informitive resourse, but this book and his first book in this series are by far the best he has done. I enjoyed both books, but this is the one I use most often. As with any book published by Llewellyn, I would recommend this book in particular. The book itself is well thought out and consise, helping the begining solitary through ever step they need to know in their first few efforts as a practioner. It also will be a book that the practioner will go back to time and again.
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Coming from near zero it would be hard for me to compare books for quality. However this one hit the spot for me. I needed a good overview. You cannot be a live and not know something about Wicca and I have many books that refer to Wicca. However that is like reading biographies vs. autobiographies. Not saying any one is more real than the other.

Scott Cunningham's book was not only well written but easy to follow. There were more than enough references, tables, and appendices. You were moved from what Wicca was not, including magic, to that which it is including the fundamentals of the religion. His center point being that you will never know it by just reading.

He delivers what the book promises. This book is designed for the Solitary Practitioner. And any perceived shortcomings or comparisons to more in-depth or complete books must be weighed against the purpose of this book. He also does a good job of compare and contrast to other religions with great insight.

In his discussion he skirts around, subjects as magnetism, altered-states, hypnoses, and the like. Now these subjects I can relate to and use as a reference point to begin to understand Wicca.

I am not going to rush out and buy a non-Shaker shaped broom. I already have some left over advent candles, and a place in the library for this Book.
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on 21 February 1999
I picked up this book because i wanted to explore the world of solitart wicca. This is one of the most helpful books for solitaries considering there isnt much on it. He teaches other aspects of wicca than the usual- He explains what it really is to live wicca in your everyday life other than in just ritual. i took off one star because i thought that it kind of got boring towards the end. i thought the first one was a little better. great book though!!
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on 9 April 1998
Along with the internet and Scott's first book, this is the book I come back to again and again. He breaks down the fundamentals of Solitary Wiccan practices, but also encourages each person to build their own practice.
I used it when I was wanting to know the fundamentals and I still use it as a reference tool.
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on 24 February 2010
I've been meaning to get this book for several years to add to my general books and finally purchased it a few days ago. I really like Cunningham's writing style and the break down of the book into three separate parts which makes it really easy to follow. I wasn't reading it from a beginner's perspective and I liked the way the layout made it easy to skim or skip certain chapters without getting confused unlike other books. I also like the constant reminders that it is just Cunningham's opinion as all to often beginners seem to think the first book/author they read is the be all and end all and this encourages you to branch out more, especially as the references are included within the chapters as well as in a bibliography. Overall a really good read with a slightly different take on things that are presented in many other books.
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on 19 May 1999
I have enjoyed this book but not learned as much as some of the other Wiccan books I have read. It just doesn't seem like there is a lot of good content in it. I enjoyed his book, "The Magical Household" a lot more. But still, a good book for beginners.
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