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3.2 out of 5 stars6
3.2 out of 5 stars
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on 15 August 2009
Jean Rollin's art films aren't going to be to the taste of the mainstream horror fan. Lips of Blood is a surreal vampire film that is like a dream in form and style. Visually its amazing. Dramatic lighting and wide angle compositions made it startling to look at. Also there are the nude young women, bright colours, blood and lovely scenery. Thats what you get. Dont expect a strong narrative or horror set pieces. The film makes no attempt to create suspenseful horror scenes. In fact, the few scenes of action are executed in a very clumbsy way and more could have been made of the blood drinking scenes. However, its a haunting film that will be enjoyed by people who like El Topo, Valerie and Her Week of Wonders and other surreal, visual films.
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on 22 January 2012

Ok, no reason to go into any sort of synopsis with this one, as like most rollin movies simply describing the plot is pretty pointless as narrative is one of the least important things in any rollin movie. This film, like most other rollin films is more about atmosphere and dream like imagery and feels like sitting through someones nightmare. In this sense lips of blood this is no different, though rollin does attempt to insert some commentary on film and perhaps a few autobigraphical touches to the preceedings.

If you dislike jean rollin films, don't bother with this, as its not a film to change any minds about his work. Rollin is like the cinematic equivalent of marmite, your either going to love his work or hate it. For me, i've been enjoying his work a lot more as I get older, and the use of many attractive naked girls certainly adds appeal, but many will probably find his work far too obtuse to really enjoy.

As for the disc, well its a Region free blu-ray. Totally uncut and sits up there with midnight legacy's alien 2 and the Fernando di leo criome collection from raro as textbook examples of how cult movies should be presented. Theres scant extras aside from some interviews and an intro from the late rollin himself but we also get a fantastic booklet from Tim lucas that is well worth a read.

Overall, if you like rollin's movies you will DEFINATELY want to get this blu-ray for the gorgeous transfer alone, if rollins not your cup of tea then save your cash.
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on 5 January 2004
OK- the plot is confused, and I am not at all clear (even having twice watched the film) what he is trying to say. Appears to be the story of a young man caught in a story over a young girl's past. As usual he ends up in a uninhabited gothic ruin, with semi-clad women making obscure pronouncements about the visitor's doom. Not Rollin's best, but again uses camerawork,light and nudity in a way that is wholly his own. For experienced Rollin fans only.
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on 10 January 2016
Utter nonsense
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on 10 December 2014
Splendid transaction - recommended!
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on 10 January 2005
This film is an appalling waste of time-- in fact when I watched it I was so bored I hit the Fastforward button with the intention of hitting Play again when it seemed to be livening up-- sadly it never did.
To label this film 'horror' is something of a joke-- it's about as scary as Crackerjack doing a Dracula spoof-- the other reviewers' comments about the build-up of atmosphere, etc are just not true. And when a sequence has potential to be scary, eg the rising of the female vampires from their coffins (note: two of them (twins maybe?) look uncanninly like Sally Thomsett), it is ruined by some of the actresses grinning in an embarrassed way! Mind you, the fangs they are wearing are about as convincing as dangling a couple of pieces of Monster Munch from your bottom lip.
The storyline is coherent enough in my opinion, but there are certain sequences added purely for titilation value-- the whole scene at the photographer's is completely gratuitous. The acting is terribly wooden-- apparently Rollin is one of these directors who employs non-actors, which in itself can be ok, but if you were going to cast a film using non-professionals then you'd hopefully have the sense to use people who are half-way decent instead of the worst performers imaginable.
However, it does not take the greatest leap of understanding to realise the preferred attributes for which the majority of the cast were picked, suffice it to say practically every female in the film sheds her clothes at some point.
Yet to call this film 'erotic' would also be completely overstating the case. A bland, uncomfortable flesh-show would be closer to the truth.
Also, the photo itself of the castle, claimed to be so creepy and powerful if you listen to the script, is bland and badly taken.
This is my first experience of the much lauded Jean Rollin, though I am more than familiar with a wide range of both horror movies and of the greatness of European cinema-- I can only conclude that Rollin is a hopeless amateur, a charlatan of the Emperor's New Clothes school of film-making and a sad voyeur.
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