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4.6 out of 5 stars32
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 2 October 2013
If you haven't read Forget Me Not don't worry. Lily of the Valley takes place at the same time. Only it is in Jack's point of view. That being said I loved it just as much as I loved Forget Me Not.
We get to see what makes Jack tick. We get to learn more about his family and how he truly feels for Lily. Jack comes from a dark place and Lily is his light. Alana is there for support but she would follow Jack into the darkness quicker than you can say stop. Jack and Alana boy they sure do know how to tear each other apart but love one another in the way that they need at that time.
I have to say their relationship starts off rocky but then it smooth's out as they begin to learn about one another. Their sex if freaking awesome, I mean who wouldn't want to try what they did? I can't get enough of Jack.
I don't want to give too much away because if you haven't read either book then I might spoil it. I can tell you that Jack is in college when he meets Lily. Everyone makes the wrong impression of him. Yes he is a bad boy but he is a hard worker trying to get by like everyone else. I didn't go to college so in a way I got a glimpse of how it could have been. I highly recommend this book as well as Forget Me Not
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on 15 September 2013
Oh my. I am an emotional wreck after reading this book. It was so well writen it hurt. I was with Jack the whole time. I cried and laugh and everything in between.
This book is pure genius. You experience a hurricane of emotions during a storm of the past and present. It was developed in a way that drew me in, grabbed my heart and didnt let go.
One of the best reads I had this year.
Bloody brilliant
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on 9 October 2013
Have you ever just LOVED a character in a book, not just because they are sweet, rich, and handsome, along with all the other fantasy characteristics that we all love in our `Book Men'...but what about the characters that are REAL, they have real problems, real emotions, real life tendencies...these are my favorite kinds of characters and that is why I love Jack!

Lily of the Valley shows us the side of Jack that we did not get to see in Forget Me Not. We get to hear his point of view, how he feels about Lily and what is really going on in his life when Lily is not present. I fell in love with Jack even more in Lily of the Valley. Jack is a broken young man that thinks he is worthless and is incapable of being loved, so he thinks. However through Lily of the Valley we can see that Jack is so much more than a dark, bad-ass bass player; he is sweet gentle kind soul that wants to be loved as much as he wants to give into loving someone.

What I truly enjoyed about both Jack and Lily's stories is that the characters are real, they are struggling with real life issues that many people all over the world can relate too, such as depression, anxiety, happiness, sadness, anger, confusion, etc. I think that this story will touch a lot of lives and for those who have already read this story understand what I mean, most of us can relate to Jack in one form or another.
Okay and lets not forget the fact that the sex scenes are HOT & STEAMY! If I have not said this so many times in the past ~ READ THIS NOVEL, I promise it will not disappoint!
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on 26 September 2013
Jack, vulnerable and lovable Jack. How dare people look at him and judge him - so rude!

This is the same storyline as Forget me not but from Jacks POV, so includes his friends, band members and co workers.

It's very emotion pulling read jack really struggles with life and his history and certain scenes in the book bought tears to my eyes.

Alanna is Jacks best friend with benefits, it's something they agree on but Alanna still wants more than Jack wants to give, which adds more pressure sometimes to Jack as he beats himself up over there relationship, and it really shows up his true colours, he has a warm heart.

Enter Lily and his world is turned upside down by the feelings he has for her.

This is a fab read, really enjoyable, it was great getting to know Jack better.

You could read this on its own, but Forget me Not is a great read too so would suggest reading that first.

Ps. They have lots of sex as new young adult love does!

I'm giving this a strong 4.5 Vampy and a Racey stars.

I received this book via the author for an honest review.
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on 24 September 2013
When I read the author's first book, I saw far more than hot sex. The characters came alive and while I didn't much care for Lily, Jack walked right off the page. So in this second book, we get inside Jack's head and the author lives up to the potential I saw. I didn't read this as erotica at all - I read this as using sex as a means of expression. It's the only way Jack knows of communication. I'm not entirely convinced that telling the same story from a different point of view works, but regardless of that, I loved this book and I can't wait to see what the author comes up with next. I'm really hoping she's brave enough and has captured enough people's hearts and minds with the quality of writing (and not just the sex) that she'll go on and write something bigger and deeper.
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on 1 October 2013
I just finished reading Lily of the Valley and I loved the book. I like Jack so much because throughout the story he develops and starts to understand how life as a survivor can go on. He can be happy. He learns that life isn't always about the darkness. He finds his hope after he meets Lily. She shows him there is someone who can love him completely and he shows her true love. This book was such a wonderfully written love story about acceptance, hope, deep respect and love for one another. I enjoyed reading Jack's POV, and I feel, as a reader, I was able to see his soul and in the process, he touched and stole my heart.
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on 2 October 2013
I can say this. I love jack. He's a broken man and he finds lily. I love his POV. Some parts broke my heart. I love the way this was written. Love all the characters. I can't wait to see what Sarah has next. :-) highly recommend
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on 1 October 2013
Lily of the Valley takes place on parallel with Forget Me Not, as part of the Flowering series. Lily of the Valley shows the same series of events, starting with moving in day, and up to Christmas, though it does go slightly further than Forget Me Not in that it shows Lily and Jack's Christmas. The main difference is that this book is from Jack's point of view, following his past, feelings and emotions.

Link to Goodreads
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I don't tend to read books from a male perspective of this genre (as in I will of other genres) but romance, and fairly erotic romance at that, for that it doesn't really make sense to read from a male perspective, it all comes down to being able to relate with the character, because there is very little that I have in common with Jack (there are a few minor things, but because they don't make up the majority of his personality they seem a bit silly to point out).

I wrote the above paragraph because I think that it is important for me to say the following. Despite the above, I found that I enjoyed Lily of the Valley far more than I thought I would. It is slightly strange to read something whilst already knowing the story, which probably doesn't allow the reader to properly feel Jack's pain at certain points, but it also adds something different. As a reader, after reading Lily of the Valley (which I believe is designed to be read after Forget Me Not) you know how both Lily and Jack feel, meaning that there really is more of a relationship between them.

Don't get me wrong, I think I still prefer Lily as a narrator, mainly because I can without a doubt relate to her (and even if I couldn't, she's female, I can at least relate to that!) but I found that I liked Jack more now. I liked him before, but now that is concrete in my mind, he's messed up and he has reason to be, but he still wants to move past it, and that is respectable as a character.

I was incredibly glad that Lily of the Valley continued on to show Lily and Jack's Christmas, since finishing Forget Me Not I had been wondering how that would have gone. Plus the present he got her (the 'real' present) was incredibly sweet, I'm with Lily that something like that is much more preferable to jewelry (though that is nice too!)

Oh, should probably reiterate my warning from my review of Forget Me Not, there are lots of sexual scenes in Lily of the Valley, including threesomes and light bondage. I don't think that it takes anything from the story, to me it makes the college romance seem more realistic, but I know that not everyone feels the same as I do.

For someone that tries to steer clear of contemporary romance, I seem to have become drawn into a contemporary romance series...that should tell you something!

Original review posted on [...]
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on 1 October 2013
JACK! My heart broke, shattered into pieces, crumbled all over the floor; the pieces were swept up, glued back together and healed while I read this story.

I fell in love with Jack in Forget Me Not and I really enjoyed getting into his head and background in this story. I loved getting more of his back story with Alana. It helped explain why he acts the way he does throughout. Again, this is not your typical college love story. It has an edge to it that makes it extremely sexy and unexpected when you first start reading it.

"It's her eyes that get me. I don't even know what color they are. They seem to swim across the entire palate of blues and greens, no color enough to own the eye completely. There is something else in those eyes. A strange innocence mixed with a subtle sensuality that I bet she doesn't even know she possess. I can't look away from her."

This is by far the best novel in this series and it shows in Sarah's writing. She weaves her writing in a way that you get sucked into the characters lives and forget what is going on around you. There are no cliffhangers and if you are looking for good overall story, I highly recommend! I look forward to more from this amazing author!!

"She looks at me with so much love in her eyes that I feel like I'm falling apart and I lean down to kiss her. It's the kind of kiss I never imagined I would have, the kind you see in movies and read about in books, but that doesn't seem to exist in real life. The entire world stops moving as I kiss her. She is all I can feel and I want and need her more than breath."
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 22 September 2013
Lily of the Valley. Sarah Daltry
Arc supplied by author.
I read the first book and just loved Jack, so was really pleased to read the story from his point of view. This book starts with Jack in his dorm room, unloading his stuff, then he goes to the café where he works, and we meet some of the staff who are such an important support for him, and who we see at intervals throughout the book. Jack's a year older than Lily, and already has the basic college routine set out. When he meets her she epitomises everything about people he thinks look down on him, but there's also an underlying appeal that he can't work out. and he gives her his room number partly in jest and partly hoping...They seem like total opposites and yet somehow as the weeks go by they keep bumping in to each other and the attraction grows on both sides.
I loved hearing more about Jacks life, he's a very closed person and the details seem to slip out in snippets. They show though just why he presents the face to the world that he does, he thinks he's broken and he acts in a way to protect himself from hurt. If he doesn't feel. then he cant be upset, but life isn't like that and like it or not what he feels for Lily grows. When they get together its a real fireworks situation with explosive. incredible sex that leaves them both panting and shocked. Jacks still holding back though, Lily still needs to find her feet at uni, and decide about Derek and all comes to a head when Derek comes back to see her.....
Its heartbreak all round, Derek is shattered, Lily has to face what she's been putting out of her head too long, and Jack - just as he's decided to trust someone is once again discarded. Well that's the way it feels to him. Learning about his background ( the snowman story, what a choker that was!) I can understand why he feels that way, and though we only see part of him in Lily's book we find so much more to love about him here.
Once again the story goes into the sex - hot, erotic, graphic sex, but we see that's just one way Jack has of coping, and with Lily's help he finds there are other ways to be with people. Alana comes up trumps and we learn more about her too, how she met Jack, and about Dave, another "broken" person from their shared past. They are a trio that need to be together for support, as they really understand each others problems. Alana helps Lily to see where Jack is coming from too - she really does act as a good friend should. Hopefully she'll get her reward with Dave.
I love the way all the characters learn to face their pasts, and move forward, to deal with problems instead of ignoring them, and the way they grew and matured. Home to uni/college is a huge step, and people change so much at a time when emotions and hormones are running high. It makes for some great stories, and Sarah has captured that change in people really well with these books.

As with the first book it's a great mix, smokingly sensual sex, hot and messy and very, very real, with characters with genuine problems and emotions and it makes for a great story. Sarah has written these as stand-alones - that's great - I'm tired of waiting for follow ups that are sometimes years off, and in some cases never seem to get written. I applaud these stand alone novels - please lets have more of them, or if the story needs two or three books at least have them written/ready to write so readers aren't left in limbo.
I've only one problem with these books - with all that sex, with so many different characters its clear from the graphic descriptions that they are not using condoms, and in this day that's not a message to be passing out. Its essential - even in story land- for people to use condoms for protection from STD's - its not romantic but it can save lives and heartbreak. Priced at £1.39 for a massive 410 pages/633kb (hurrah - I love long books!!) it's amazing value.
Stars: as with the first it's a great read, four and a half.
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