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4.7 out of 5 stars708
4.7 out of 5 stars
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I have read quite a few (favourite) stand-up biographies but I have to say that this is the best one I have read to date. I actually saw Michael Macintyre live at a small venue before he became famous and it has been great to see such a naturally funny guy prosper ever since. `Life and Laughing' has everything; it is very funny and so well written that you actually get pulled in to the life story rather than just chuckle at interesting anecdotes. The book maps Macintyre's early life with his talented gag-writing father (for Kenny Everett no less) and glamorous mother through the trials and tribulations of a marriage break-up and time split between 2 families with his sister. The awkwardness of adolescence coming from a single sex school is written with just the right level of wit and pathos; ditto MM's pursuit of his future wife, Kitty. MM's Hungarian grandmother is such a strong and amusing character throughout, and you really feel for how MM's relationship with her ends on such a sad note. Finally there is the struggle to make it as a comedian, and believe me MM has to work for his success, putting all else on the line. This is no overnight success story, and that is perhaps why I have even more respect for Michael Macintyre now having read his excellent life story (to date) . Would make a really good film.
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on 14 October 2010
I really enjoyed this autobiography. It was nice to find out about the 'real' Michael McIntyre behind the stage version. Who knew such a seemingly confident man struggled just as much as the rest of us. To go from drowning in debt to where he is now is truly an astonishing story. After reading this book it makes me like him even more. The book is funny with McIntyre experiencing hilarious romantic problems but also at times poignant and at one point I had tears in my eyes! Even though I knew that McIntyre was going to succeed there is a point in the book that I was so caught up in it (when he's crying at the Edinburgh Gala with his wife) that I had to remind myself that I already knew that everything would turn out alright in the end! I would definately recommend this book and I hope it does very well- McIntyre deserves all the success he gets!
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on 27 July 2011
I read the Kindle version of this book whilst on holiday and I have to say, it was a fantastic read. Michael interlaces the melodrama of his early life with his trademark humour.

What I really liked about this book is that I got to have a glimpse of his background and understand where his humour comes from. It has just made me more interested in what he will be doing next. (Please be aware when reading this book abroad that fellow holidaymakers may become alarmed at your frequent laughing outbursts...) Great book- buy it.
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on 20 October 2010
McIntyre is generally regarded by many newbie Standups as a bit of a commercial Clown. However Newbies take note,this autobiography is a Gift of knowledge from a man who had the discipline to stay the course when I am quite sure many of todays
instant fame bunnies would have fallen at the wayside.In this book he leaves a breadcrumb trail to any aspiring comic of just how much graft and personal loss it takes just to get noticed and in turn delievers alongside the likes of Logan Murray,one of the best books on Standup that is out there. As to the audio book, McIntyre could have just taken the money and delievered a monatone read instead with brillant gusto he delievers a hilarious voiceover, peppered with adlibs. To the point you actually at times feel your having a one to one with a very funny and charming friend.....I raise my glass to you Sir.
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on 29 December 2010
This autobiography of Michael McIntyre, the King of observational comedy is well written, funny and with an unexpected touch of pathos.
Great characterisation; the blonde bombshell teenage mum, the Patrick Swazye step-dad and the mad Zsa-Zsa Gabor Granny.

But difficult for him to create any suspense, as of course we all know the ending, he does eventually become famous (and how!) and he does indeed get the girl, despite her fickle absorption with "it's complicated" guy. The only cliff hanger was "who does Granny leave her money to?". I soldiered on with anticipation only to be denied the denouement. Michael never tells us, damm it! Was it saucy Marta, the Polish cleaner?

The only jarring note for me was Michael's complusion to explain the simplest things to his audience. On page 173 he explains the University clearing process in tortuous detail.Oh dear. Later, on page 273 he actually explains what an epidural is. Er, at least half of his readers will have children and the other half will have watched Holby City, so I think they all know. Okay we haven't all been to Merchant Taylors' but how stupid does he think we are?

That aside, all his anecdotes are very funny and as charming as the man himself. What did come as a surprise is the amount of material he unexplicably chose to by-pass.
For example, it transpires his father in-law is dishy heart-throb Simon Ward!! Yes, Simon Ward!! At primary school I had a bit of a girlie crush on him in "All Creatures Great and Small". Well, I perked up there and waited for some fun showbiz stories! Hang on a minute, doesn't that make his sister-in-law the stunning Sophie Ward? And his mother-in-law is a Jungian Analyst, they specialise in dream therapy! And his wife Kitty is, wait for it, an Aromatherapist, perfumes enhance your moods and all that jazz. But where were the jokes? Hasn't Michael had his dreams analysed whilst infusing Bergamot and Lavender? Surely there is plenty of scope for some harmless situational comedy in all of that. Maybe he is saving it for his next book.I do hope so!

Overall, a most charming and enjoyable book, with an underlying sadness. It takes a writer and not just a commedian to master that, so well done Michael. The lasting memory I will retain, is not of the jokes and the gags but the beautifully sweet footnote to the photo with his late father opposite page 91. "My family. All together." How proud his father would be now. Such pathos. Therein lies the essence of Michael McIntyre.
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on 22 October 2010
I was surprised when I heard that Michael McIntyre was releasing this book as he is only in his early thirties but God he's had an action packed life!

It was really intriguing to find out how he met his wife Kitty and, at the same time, his struggle to become one of Britian's best loved comedians!

From coping with the death of his father to retelling hilarious anecdotes about the loss of his virginity, trying to attract girls and his legendary grandma this book is a must-read!

He certainly deserves the title "The King of Comedy"!
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on 5 November 2010
I loved this book!! Very funny, right from the start. It had all the charm of the man himself, in fact I often found myself giggling quietly after I had closed the book thinking back to particular stories or jokes.
There are deeper moments, and these are equally well written, although it will come as no surprise that the 'funny stuff' is where he shines. The pace is slower towards the end of the book, before he gets the big breaks, but it was easily interesting enough to keep me reading to the end. This pictures are a welcome visual addition to his descriptions of the people around him.
All in all, thoroughly enjoyable!
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on 14 July 2012
Great book, laugh out loud funny (the thing is I can actually imagine him sitting at his 27" Mac to write this book!) and very moving in places (I even shed a tear on the beach which was a bit embarrassing). Gave a great insight into what he has been through to get to where he is. Started off strong, but I felt it finished a wee bit flat when it covered the start of his stage career onwards which sounded a bit bitter in places. Just makes me want to give him a big hug, for being so flipping funny and just such a nice bloke. He deserves every success. Book could be a bit longer, it didn't take long to read. Worth a read, just be prepared to laugh and cry!
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on 20 February 2012
During the first hundred pages I truly doubted every good review there had been of Michael McIntyre's book, but very swiftly, the story changed into a much more engaging read.

The challenge Michael McIntyre faced almost beat him and seemed close to spend the rest of his days selling phones, but fortunately for us all, he struggled forward and now one of the biggest stars of our generation.

If I could change the book, I'd love the early chapters to be covered more quickly but the years covering his attempt to make it; to last a bit longer. As it is though it's still a good read, funny and highly enjoyable.
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on 5 January 2011
Love Mr McIntyre to bits, but I'm not usually interested in celebrity biographies, especially of one so young, but my daughter took it to read during a visit to hospital and I didn't have anything so I gave it go. However, as is the man hilariously funny, so is his book. A very easy read, though at times it was difficult, as I was crying so much with laughter I couldn't actually see the words. . A very honest account of a young man's struggle to make it big. Half of it probably made up, but it's so brilliant it doesn't matter.
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