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on 4 January 2012
Having looked at many tablets by unknown manufacturers I was pleasantly surprised to find one under £200 by such a reputable brand. I have been using Lenovo products for years so I knew that I would not be left disappointed.

Althought the A1 is only running Gingerbread (2.3) and not the tablet specific Honeycomb - it still performs extremely well and does exactly what it says on the tin. Downloading apps is a breeze with the full edition of Android Market and not the restricted version you get with a lot of customized Android builds.

The Ideapad A1 has a very good build quality and has a nice glossy finish to it both back and front. Having read a couple of reviews saying that the screen was a bit difficult to view from certain angles, I was again pleasantly surprised with the quality of the screen and have yet not found any issues.

The only downside to this tablet is the quality of the camera, but at the end of the day why would you buy a tablet for its photographic capabilites - thats why you buy a camera. To me its just an added bonus that can be used as a last resort.

I would definitely reccomend this to anyone looking to buy a good quality Android tablet.
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on 17 April 2012
The Lenovo
the good things about Lenovo is it's lightweight , great for downloading books because not only does it have the Kindle, & Kobo apps on it there is a Number of other book apps on there as well so I don't need to take as many books about with Me now when I go away as long as I have a connection to the internet . also I don't need to take a Camera with Me because it has a built in Camera it will store lot's Photo's on it ,download Films play games go on Skype, also I can keep in touch with the World via Facebook and I am sure there are lots of things I still have not discovered about the Lenovo as of yet but will have fun finding these things
The only downside I can see is that I am always going to need to be connected to the internet to be able to read any of the books that I have stored on My Lenovo. Which means I can't read the books outside. So will still need a book for the Beach or anywhere outside if there is no internet connection, which I think if You have the Kindle it can be read anywhere
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on 24 February 2012
Arrived after only 5 days (including weekend) with free delivery. Looked good and with a "name" like Lenovo I thought I had done very well for the price. However one week later (and still getting to know it) - it wouldn't switch on! Pressed various buttons and tried connecting charger but no light came on and the unit seemed dead. I think it had the makings of a nice bit of kit and perhaps I should have gone for an exchange but I'm not prepared to stick with something that just gives up after 7 days - I wouldn't be able to trust it with entering any sensitive data from now on. Luckily I've only got to change 3 email passwords and hadn't got around to entering any contacts. Returned to Amazon for a refund - the returns procedure is excellent and item has been collected by Yodel day after reporting it.

Very disappointed both in the brand and Amazon for selling it!
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on 24 January 2012
Lenovo A1 7 inch Multi Touch Tablet (Cortex A8 1GHz, 16Gb Storage, 512Mb RAM, Dual Camera (0.3MP front/3MP rear), Android 2.3.4) - White

I was looking for a tablet for quite some time, in order to check emails, browse the web, read ebooks and watch movies while I am sitting comfortably on my sofa or commuting to work using public means of transportation. I was trying to find a cheap model with some characteristics that I consider important:

- Price: 250 euros max
- CPU at least 1GHz,
- RAM 512MB minimum,
- Storage 8GB minimum,
- Screen of 7 or 8 inch but with a resolution higher than 800X600

I missed the chance to get an HTC Flyer at 200 GBP from Dixons and at 210 from (limited offer) and then all I could find was some Archos models in this range (70 Internet Tablet and 80 G9), but I didn't like the fact that I had to do some workaround in order to have Android Market installed as well as the fact that some of the video codecs had to be purchased individually... some additional models were from brands unknown to me, so I could not be sure about their quality.

Then I found Lenovo A1 tablet from Amazon for 169,99 GBP and I was really glad to see that it met my criteria and it was at a nice price as well! Apart from what I asked for, A1 has a GPS receiver (hardware, not working solely on 3G like other models), 16GB of storage, bluetooth and a 1024X600 bright capacitive screen. On the other hand, it doesn't feature an HDMI port, it doesn't support USB OTG/USB host (so for example a micro-USB keyboard cannot be connected and it comes with Android 2.3.4 installed (I hope that there will be an upgrade at least to Android 3.2 soon!).

The construction looks sturdy and A1 fits comfortably in one hand, while one can type with two hands using the software keyboard. The software needs some tweaking (search on the web for "xda lenovo A1") but it is still quick out of the box. Some app (e.g. battery calibration, density change etc.) required rooting, instructions for which can be found on the web again. The screen is bright (at auto level) and clear, sound coming from the only speaker is clear (could be better) and there is also a useful "lock-screen" hardware switch, which can be used for locking the orientation of the screen. In addition, I never faced any wifi disconnection issues with any of the wireless routers I used (both at home and at the office).

My first impressions are really positive (I only have it for two days now and it is my first tablet) but I would like to see how the battery behaves after some charging-discharging cycles in the next weeks. I am really glad with my purchase and I hope that I will not face any issues in the future. What I miss? Android 3.2 for sure (Lenovo do something about that!), HDMI/video out port a little bit and a Cyanogen ROM in the future!
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on 21 February 2012
I have only had this for a day so can't give a 5 star review but so far it seems great. Quality build and surfing web and Skype work fine. Main reason I wanted to write a review was to counter the earlier reviews that say there is a fault with the tablet dropping WIFI connection, especially with Belkin routers, and they have had to return the item. I have a Belikn router and was having this problem but is is easliy fixed. It is just the WIFI settings that need ammending to Static IP and the easist way to do that is to simply download WIFI Static (free) from the Android Market. Using the settings for this all you need to do is select force connection and it does the rest. Other people had advised setting WIFI settings for sleep to never and putting it in airplane mode which I did but not sure if that was really necessary. I also updated the firmware first but still had the issue with WIFI dropping afterwards so think this can be done afterwards as it was frustrating downloading it with WIFI connection dropping all the time. Since using WIFI Static it works perfectly and I'm sure it will work with any router. I got this for £149.99 and it is fantastic at this price, for these features you can't go wrong even at £169.99.
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on 17 February 2012
I am very surprised at the quality of this product. I was a bit dubious at first as it seems cheap. Anyone with an Android phone will master this in minutes. I linked mine through my BT internet and its very quick and responsive. I have one each for the family and all of my daughters can use it with great ease including my 4 year old with the games. This is a very good product and the sat nav alone is fantastic. Its build quality alone is good and it feels heavy.
I have a 32gb mini sd card in mine as well as the in built 16gb. It holds mountains of data and i have stored thousands of photographs on it. The kindle is very good and the android market seems to be neverending in downloads and games etc.
Buy this and you will not be dissapointed. Its brilliant. NO ITS NOT an I pad but its a third of the size of a laptop and does almost as much. I love it.
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on 17 April 2012
This thing arrived next day, even with free postage! It is an Android Tablet, what more to say? It works well, great screen, nice touch sensitivity, GPS works very well, USB is good, Wireless connection was painless and reliable, battery life seems very good, and it was a good price from a good brand. I'm becoming dependent on this thing as it seems to do just about everything I need that isn't PC dependent. Especially good with a OBDII scanner with the 'Torque' app, and of course many, many more apps which have become essential use. Skype works well but the video display is upside down! Good quality construction, feels tough, not too heavy and is easily carried in a coat pocket rather than a brief case. Great buy!
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on 23 February 2012
Bought this tablet primarily as an e-reader after a lot of trial and error. I wanted to avoid a locked down version like kindle as a lot of my chosen books are free classics out of copywrite so why pay to download? I tried a kobo mobile but didn't get on with the ink screen indoors so decided needed a backlit screen like my i-pad... so this became an affordable option when on offer. I should add that I'd tried a cheap no-name android previously but discovered not all androids are created equal - it wasn't supported in the android market so couldnt download apps or books, so I plumped for this Lenovo in the hope that with a major computer manufacturer they would be well supported - and it worked thus device works even better downloading apps than the apple store!

so I use it to play music and read book at the sane time, it's great on the web, multiple email accounts, loads of battery life .
screen great. In the manual it looks as if a sim card version exusts somewhere in the world soif youcan get one of thise it would be almost perfect as l like the A1 EVEN MORE THAN MY IPAD AND LAPTOP

minor gripes - the cheap case on amazon isnt a great fit, the spellchecker is as bad as aniphone, navigation between functions and folders less intuitive than apple, in part because buttons on outeredge around screen arent lit all the while....but worth a lot more than the £150 paid for my snazzy white version
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on 23 May 2012
I bought this on the New Years lightening deals offer for £150.

It's quite a nice looking tablet, perfect size for what i wanted which was mainly the odd bit of browsing at home and watching videos on the bus.

I'd seen a couple of reviews that mentioned screen problems so was a bit wary but when it arrived it seemed fine, although not nearly as responsive as most touchscreen phones, but for the price, what else do you expect. The viewing angles were pretty bad too but again, for the price...

I've had it nearly six months and just recently noticed the screen was less responsive and it would freeze up for a while. When i pressed the home button, the app shortcut i had in the middle of the screen (not in the bottom row near the soft key) would activate, or i'd press on one app and the one across the screen would activate instead.

I tried a touchscreen calibration and the problem still occurred.

I have contacted Amazon to request a refund which they have accepted. I suspect there have been other people with problems with thier tablet as there are currently quite a few for sale through Amazon Warehouse.

It's not all bad, it was OK other than the screen glitches and some people seen to have no problem at all, i'd just say to be a little wary.
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on 25 January 2012
Original launcher is pretty laggy and even heavy(?) but since I replaced it with LauncherPro, the device has been working extremely smoothly. Battery-usage is easy to control with connections-widget and I've been happy with the battery usage altogether. Only small disappointment is that there will not most likely be and official update to HoneyComb from Lenovo but donut think it's even necessary since the GingerBread is running without problems. Also looking forward for a firmware update to fix the bottom-button lights. Anyway, one of the best budget android tablets there is out now!
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