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4.8 out of 5 stars244
4.8 out of 5 stars
Size: Nylon Sheath, Box Packaging|Change
Price:£85.13+ Free shipping
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on 15 February 2012
This is my second Leatherman only because I lost my first one (gutted) .I had owned my original Leatherman for twenty years and was quite upset when I lost it,I'm sure it must be in the house somewhere.Anyway....time to replace the old faithfull,there are a lot more multi tools on the market now than when I bought my original one and I did a lot of research on the subject looking at Gerber and Swiss etc but none of them felt like they has the build quality or comforting weight of the Leatherman Wave (it is quite heavy in the pocket but at least you notice when it's not there!)
All the tools and blades were a little stiff for opening when I got it but after a bit of thin oil and use its nice and easy to operate one handed now,all the blades are razor sharp and the tools feel sturdy and they also all lock in place now (unlike my original) which is a great improvement .
The price may seem a bit steep compared to other multi tools on the market but you get what you pay for with Leatherman and I would still have my old one if I hadn't lost it,it was still in daily use 20 years after I bought it.all the tools and the blades still operated just fine so if this new one performs as well as the old one I'll be one very happy customer again :-)
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on 19 August 2013
I received my first Leatherman (Wave) for my 21st birthday, and what a present. After a few months of using it, i wondered how i ever lived the first 21 years of my life without one.

Over the 6 years of owning it, this small tool saved me so many times in work (technician), outdoors, around the house, in the car - you name it, it's helped me.
Although i never had any issues with mine, my brother had a few problems (the scissors snapped as well as the small screwdriver - possibly because of his heavy hands), but with the 25year warranty, it was a simple case of having it replaced by them (although he lost his engraving).

Unfortunately, 2 months ago whilst on holiday, i misplaced my trusty Leatherman (i think down on the beach at night). I was, shamefully, extremely saddened by the loss and i felt like i'd lost a part of me. I tried using a small alternative multi tool, but it just didn't feel the same, and so i've purchased another brand spanking new Wave. Although costly, the quality far exceeds the price in my opinion.

It's very stiff when first opened, but this is down to the extremely close engineering of parts. I sprayed a bit of white lithium grease on it and spent 20-30minutes opening/closing it to loosen it up (which it has done already).

Overall, a must have tool for ANYONE. Buy one, put it in your coat pocket and be amazed at how many times you use it.
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on 6 January 2010
I will first say that I am a huge fan of the Leatherman Wave Multi-tool, it has been quite indispensable in my life and travels. Great quality, useful tools, I have used it effectively in conditions where I would've thought only a dedicated tool could have done the job properly.

I would not attempt to discourage anyone from buying this product, but due to my own recent experience I feel I must advise others about UK knife law:
"It is now ILLEGAL to have any sharply pointed or bladed instrument in your possession, in a public place without good reason or lawful authority."

Now pocket knives have their own special category where if the blade is foldable and under 3 inches it's OK but the Leatherman's blades are locking (one of the features that makes them an actual useful tool).

I recently narrowly escaped arrest after a security bag searcher in a public place asked me if I had any sharp objects on my possession. I immediately showed them my Leatherman Wave expecting to have to hand it into the information desk and retrieve it later, which would be an inconvenience as I had it with me for a purpose - as minor as it sounds I was going to use it at this time as a pencil sharpener, as I was at said public place to sketch for my studies. The multi-tool was confiscated, the police were called, and I was told my Wave would be destroyed and, since it was a locking blade possession out of the home, was illegal in itself. My reason for using it was valid, honest, and I was a bit ignorant of the law to be honest as my record is squeaky clean, but I narrowly escaped an official recorded warning thanks to police discretion.

I hope that this informs others who might, like me, want to generally have something as useful as this on them without a definite, provable, work-related reason for carrying it.
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I love Leatherman! Proudly made in the USA with a build quality that is legendary. They are simply the best - though saying that I do own a Camo Swiss Army Knife that I have had for years and still love, but Leatherman are King in their class in my opinion. I own the Original Leatherman Supertool from donkey's years ago (was kindly given to me and I haven't let it out of my sight since) and also the Skeletool which is awesome and exceptionally light weight. I wanted a new Leatherman though and pondered for a few days between the Juice XE6 (purple) which is gorgeous and so appealed to me as a gal but I was put off by the fact that the blades do not lock. If I am outdoors in a survival situation, I want locking blades. I used this a few hours ago to light a fire in my Kelly Kettle and even though it is brand new I did manage to get the blade open without breaking a nail :)

I think I'm going to treat myself to a leather holder for it as well though. as although the ballistic nylon case that came with it in the box is more than adequate I like the quality and tighter fit of the leather cases (have one on my older Leatherman) and they look better too on my belt.

I use my Leatherman in the house too, screwing in screws (yes, I can never find a screwdriver when I need one) but I always can with my Leatherman handy, trimming candles, all sorts of nonsense - its my go to tool for most things. I also love the 25 year warranty. I've never had to use it as yet and my original Leatherman is around 20 years old and still going strong (how's that for build quality) but its comforting to know that if ever one of my blades does break etc. they will replace it for me.

I LOVE this and its great for girls too! so ladies, don't always depend on your men to do those odd jobs or to trim bark from a branch to light a fire out in the wilds, get your own Leatherman and you can do it yourself.

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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 24 April 2016
Having owned two other different multi-tools over the years, I was prompted to purchase the LT650 when my previous, non-Leatherman, mysteriously grew legs and wandered out of my office desk drawer... Thus presented with an opportunity to purchase a replacement, I elected to try out the brand that made the multi-tool famous - and am very glad that I did.

The LT650 distinguishes itself from cheaper competition immediately, and in multiple ways. It's hefty - nearly 300g in it's (supplied) tough leather pouch. It's so tough that it feels as though it has been milled from a solid billet, as opposed to be pressed and folded. Although the stainless steel-and-titanium is rendered in a superb satin finish, the size, shape and design means that this will fit perfectly into your hand, offering excellent grip. Every single joint, every single hinge and knuckle is perfectly machined, working with a solid, workmanlike feel that just oozes quality.

The main blades have big, chunky thumbnail slots cut through them, making it both easy and safe to open them; they lock into place with elegantly engineered spring-steel that required positive pressure - applied safely to the side of the assembly to eliminate the chance of snicked fingers. The plier-cutter assembly slots into shape with more spring-steel artistry, helpfully ensuring that the mechanism doesn't unfold itself at an inconvenient moment. Lastly, all the smaller, utility items, such as mini-scissors, screwdriver blades, can-openers can be easily operated, even if you have larger fingers or are not especially dexterous.

Lastly, the fold-out assembly options include a "socket" for additional functionality that can be added by purchasing thing Leatherman Wave Bit-Git - a remarkably handy addition of some 42 further tool heads, able to extend this simply multi-tool even further. The whole assembly comes supplied in a very sturdy, gloss-black finish leather belt pouch.

To wrap up, some "positive" and "negative" points...
1. Build quality off the scale - the use of titanium and top quality steel make this likely the best multi-tool on the market.
2. Design - it isn't that everything works flawlessly (you'd rather expect it to at this price point), but it's the way that everything falls to hand effortlessly, that it's so unerringly logical that you don't need the instructions sheet.
3. Engineering - not all multi-tools are assembled with such incredibly attention to details. The LT650 is designed to have a long, tough life and to not let you down. You only need to heft one of these in your hands to realise the world of difference between this and the knock-offs...
1. It's not a lightweight. If you're paring down your kit to the absolute bare minimum, then some of the incredible flexibility may be excessive and may add weight that you don't need to be carrying.
2. Functionality - in terms of the range of tools provided - is intentionally not as broad as many of the competition. Bear in mind, though, that the LT650 is all about quality, not quantity. If you want a fire-lighting-fishing-rod-come-canoe-paddle in your multi-tool, look elsewhere.
3. Price - OK so I've put this one down as a negative because, let's be honest, the LT650 isn't cheap. But then a fair chunk of that cost has gone in to producing something that looks like it could survive the end of the world with nonchalant ease. You get what you pay for. Chalk this one up as "reassuringly expensive"...

Sum-Up: This is neither the cheapest nor the most feature-laden of the multi-tools on the market today, but 30 seconds with one will be all you need to convince yourself that you made the right choice. Bullet-proof and brilliant.
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on 8 March 2015
Great tool. I bought it few days ago and keep taking it out of the pouch. Very good built quality that you will notice by its weight first. It is like one piece of stainless steel. Knife blades veeery sharp so watch your fingers. All tools are easy to take out, but same time not too easy, so they don't come out without pulling. I like the blockade mechanisms that my old Victorinox is missing. It blocks not only knife blades but basically everything apart from scissors. 4 stars for three reasons:1. scissors are very small and the blades although placed well against each other don't give you the feeling of being sturdy like the rest of the tool, 2. the pliers halves stick together only on the top of the tool and not throughout the whole surface, so you can see light going between halves, although the wire cutting bit is very well positioned, 3. the box came damaged and I like this type of items to have it all in great order in case one day I decide to sell it.
I hope though, I will be happy with it also in future. I will update my post otherwise.
Update 20 Sep 2015
I removed one star from the original review. The steel used for the multitool is too soft. The tip of the main knife has already broke. Just the very tip but it doesn't change the fact that it did. Also the small removable screwdriver is for really small jobs like hand watch opening etc. Hence if you require more robust tool you should try the Surge model. Apparently the steel it is made of is of higher grade. I still like the overall functionality of it though. I really like the file.
3 stars just because I expect a bit more for this price. I would buy higher model next time and check the grade of steel more carefully.
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on 28 October 2009
These are the ultimate in handy always there tools! Since buying, they have become a permanent fixture attached to me at all times. The time saved while working having a multi function tool with you at all times is fantastic and would without a doubt recommend them to anyone interested in purchasing. Although expensive. In this life you get what you pay for and they don't dissapoint.
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on 5 January 2013
Well I have owned mine since 2007 and I guess now is the time to review it. I originally bought it as a multi tool for adjusting my bindings on my snow board, as carrying a screwdriver in pocket is a tad dangerous! The accessories available, Philips, flat head, Allen key etc are second to none.

It has worked well over the years. The blade has been sharpened recently as it has had some heavy use stripping wires etc.

Mostly I use it for electrical work. Difficult to strip thinner grade wire but I have wire strippers for that purpose.

Overall I'd recommend this tool. Was given a Gerber recently for my job and the build quality is not as good as the Leatherman. If I lost it, I'd buy this one again.
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on 11 March 2010
I can't say much about this product that hasn't already been said by lots of others. In short - it does what it says on the tin and its the most handy tool I've ever owned. This, in combination with my ever present Swiss Army Knife (the top range one), does everything I need on a day to day basis as a video film maker. All the bits of gaffer tape and ropes etc to cut (knife and scissors), all the adjusting screws (the various driver heads) and on the hoof equipment mods. (the file and pliers etc). All I feel I can add are two comments. The first is if it weren't for the lack of tweezers, pointy bradawl tool, magnifier and wood chisel, I wouldn't need to carry my Swiss knife as well. Secondly there's the worry about the locking blades. I am 63 years old - never had more to do with the police than the usual speeding fines etc but I'm seriously worried about the locking blade thing. I'm not going to try and remove this facility like I heard someone do by using a small grinder. I think the locking mechanism is far to useful and safety protective to be removed and so I'm going to risk keeping it. All I would say is if anyone is thinking of taking this piece of kit into a public place (and that includes your car) without a very good reason be aware that its possession alone is illegal and is a criminal offence. Bear this in mind when buying and if necessary go for a non locking option. Anyway, I'll write to Leatherman from my prison cell if the worst happens!
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on 5 October 2008
I know a lot of people that don't know the Leatherman name think £70 is a lot for a multi-tool but you really do get what you pay for. This is a tool that WILL last you for years, always handy for all the little tasks you need to get done and if you are an outdoors person it's fantastic for all your little camping trips.
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