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3.8 out of 5 stars10
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 22 December 2011
Most authors are known for something, be it a genre, a style or a typical format. Well, Eric S. Brown is famous for three things. First the zombie story - he's known as King of the Zombies. Second, for pretty much re-inventing the novella in volumes such as Seasons of Rot. And, thirdly, for his Bigfoot War series. One could also add in `action-packed' & his short stories into this.

So, what to expect from a copy of his latest offering. As a reader LSDL is a flawless, Adrenalin-fuelled non-stop action killathon of a survival book. It really does have it all packed into one neat & very readable package.

We're talking small band of survivors, zombie apocalypse, tragic deaths, a major arsenal of weapons & then toss in a sick madman in a morgue & a legion of pi*& off bigfoots...

Mr Brown is a prolific story writer in the Stephen King tradition. The tale is always king in Brown's books & if you like this you will enjoy his other stuff. The dialogue is crisp & there is never a dull or dragging moment.

You get what you pay for with Eric. It's fast, furious & with a very creative story to boot. Plus, if I know Mr Brown, there is bound to be a follow up.
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on 24 October 2011
Did you enjoy Bigfoot War and its sequel Dead in the Woods? If so, then buckle up for Eric Brown's next thrill a minute ride through a land filled with sasquatch, the undead and an obscenely large amount of cool weaponry. Once again Eric puts together a slick and well paced story that will suit all who like their horror with a touch of comedy and massive amounts of blood. Like the sound of it? Well get out there and snag a copy now before bigfoot rips your head off!
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on 24 October 2011
Just finished this novel on my kindle and have to say it was pretty good and an unexpected surprise. Won't give anything away, but the writing is fast-paced and easy to read - just how I like it.

The horror is grim, the humour is clever and the whole thing hurries along to a pretty satisfying conclusion. Wasn't expecting much to be honest, but I like to take risks on new authors, and in this case it paid off!

Big Thumbs up!
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on 27 March 2012
BE AWARE some spoilers

good bits first; this was fast paced and grabs you by the whatsits straight off.... imaginative story that just goes off the rails a bit...
bad bits; not consistent in its outline, very disjointed and could have easily been set out better or even made longer to explain the big holes in the time line or just missing huge chunks of how and why
awful bits; Bigfoot? seriously! I know Mr Brown has written other great (so Im told) books about a big foot war but this random creature popping up does not fit in this story! I actually felt sorry for it.
Characters are a bit off too, you only get a physical describtion once the big boobed, skinny blonde turns up that all the men start lusting after, she just happens to be a bit kick arse too....!! the little rescued girl that was being horribly abused one chapter suddenly gets all sexy and lustful herself in the next... not very believable (sorry).
too much general convenience too.... cars with keys in, the sexy blondes hubby not making it, drinking from a toilet - but then where did he wee/poop?
they all seemed good until they all just got wiped out at the end, rather randomly to fit the (seemed like) rushed ending....
ending was imaginative, did not see coming but could have been done SO much better.

I am looking forward to reading more by this author because the general hop along was great... just left feeling a little bamboozled at the end of it.

(oh and you if the author has a fav saying.... pls dont use it for every character!)
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on 10 March 2012
As a huge zombie novel/movie/tv show fan I couldn't wait to read this. I was hooked from the very start, the eerie end of the world feel worked well throughout the story, as a massive fan of The Walking Dead I found the farm scene very familiar to the show but that's no bad thing. Big Foot was a very interesting addition to the story and a first for me (would like to read more) I sort of of wanted it to save the humans from the zombies but I guess that wouldn't have worked lol!!

One gripe I have and it's really petty is that for me the term 'Rotters' just didn't work, guess I'm just used to 'Walkers' or 'Roamers'. That said it took nothing away from the enjoyment of the story.


Now just when I thought "zombies and Big Foot in the same book????" along comes a third totally different enemy, not quite sure if I "got it" but I'm glad Thomas got out of that farmhouse when he did, just not sure he's enjoying where he is now :/ All in all a very enjoyable read :0)
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on 8 August 2012
I bought this on a whim, intrigued by the synopsis and reviews.

What I read was a short, brutal book, lacking depth of characterisation and a realistic landscape. One can forgive fiction of this kind for not exhibiting high literary ideals, but i felt that even then, it was all a bit thin.

There is some characterisation, but what there is feels rather scant and generic. The landscape in which the action takes place is sketched rather than fully illustrated.

I can see why this is though: the action moves at a breakneck pace, the protagonists lurching from one crisis to another which I admit is entertaining!

Ultimately, it's a fast-paced book with a very silly plot and lots of gratuitous violence. If you like that sort of thing, you will probably enjoy it. I was hoping for a bit more, I guess!
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on 7 March 2012
Although this book contained lots of death, horror and gore, it was still darkly humorous and made me laugh out loud a couple of times. I thought it was just going to be a zombie book, but no - it's more than than that, and for all it's a novella and not a full length novel there's an awful lot going on in there!

I thought the characters were very realistic, and I felt I got to "know" them quite well. This book really kept me on the edge of my seat, as just when I thought they were safe, something else got thrown at them! I also thought the ending was great, a really good twist.

This is the first of Eric S. Brown's books that I've read and will definitely be searching out more, and I would highly recommend it for any other zombie lovers out there!
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on 18 November 2012
Just as I had decided I liked this story, it took a twisty turn and by the end I had changed my mind. It is still a good book in terms of storyline, characters and a quick paced plot. There were quite a few typos which did get on my nerves somewhat. Once again, my plea to authors is to ensure their drafts are proof read meticulously. I can't say that any of the characters are particularly likeable, but there are a couple of feisty female in there. Thomas the farmer, the last person they meet on the run is the most likeable of the male cast. Why did I end up not liking the story? The ending. I like to have a clean and tidy finale. The epilogue left it all a bit messy for me and I felt it was an unnecessary addition.
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on 26 March 2012

Jacob and Daniel are just doing their jobs, but on this particular day they have to stay late to do it, and in doing so, they are cut off from the current events of what's happening in the world. Then they make the mistake of opening the wrong door and the walking dead of Brown's "Last Stand In A Dead Land" descend on them and make a late dinner of Daniel, and while occupied, Jacob escapes and barricades himself in the office's break room as the zombies decide that they want to munch on Jacob for desert. It's here that a mysterious stranger rescues him, and as they escape, the stranger, Elijah, reveals to him that there are other survivors that they have to rescue. And so, they rescue the newlyweds Lori & Michael from the house that they've barricaded themselves in, and then they band together to rescue Helana from the crazy mad rapist Mark (HEY, I resent that) who's fortified himself in a morgue and who's having fun killing zombies and raping Helana. Then it's time for a road trip.

This novella is separated into three parts and in the second part we are introduced to Thomas who lives on his late parents farm, and who has put an electric fence around the farm and is just trying to carry on normally in the best way that he can. Then while he is out chopping wood he is attacked by something large, fast, and strong, and deciding to beat feet instead of fighting, he quickly races back to the old homestead. He's been meaning to visit his neighbor for some time, and being attacked by this creature is just the excuse that he's needed. When he gets there he finds his neighbor's farm devastated, his neighbor dead (well, living dead anyway), and it's here that he finds out that the monster is a man-eating, zombie killing Sasquatch, and it's on a rampage. While escaping the zombies and the Sasquatch, Thomas literally runs into Elijah's motley crew. After a fierce battle, and an exciting escape, Elijah is hurt and lapses into a coma.

After reading the atrocious Kinberra Down I was leery of reading this novella, and while the beginning is a bit rough, Brown is in desperate need of a good editor, Brown keeps things zipping along, and he staffs his novella with easily identifiable and likable characters. Despite myself I found myself eagerly waiting to see what will happen next. Unfortunately, it is in the third part and last quarter of the novella that the story completely falls apart. ***SPOILER AHEAD*** It turns out that Elijah is a superhuman, alien, killing machine, and he's escaped his captors, the military, during the zombie outbreak and is heading up to Thomas' farm to contact the mother ship. It also turns out that he was bringing the humans along as a buffer against the zombies until he's rescued. He also decides that since he's arrived at his destination it's time to slaughter the humans, and Elijah proceeds to kill off everybody that we've come to root for and that he's previously rescued, for no damn good reason. There is no build up to this, Brown just pulls this dopey plot twist out the air.

Now, nobody sets out to write a bad novel, but some people, like Brown evidently, are just gifted that way. Most novels can survive a bad beginning if they end up having a good ending, but the beginning here is clumsily written, and while the middle is pretty good, the ending just blows. Brown manages to totally eviscerate the entire story that he had so far written. I mean, really, is there really a reason for flushing the story down the toilet like so much brown waste matter? Did Brown just lose confidence in his own story, was he just taken with his own cleverness, or did he just write himself into a corner? Whatever, the last quarter of the story is just mean-spirited, and pointless, and destroys everything that Brown had created up until then. Brown is turning out way too many of these brown babies, with way too much positive praise, in too short a time. He's sloppy, and he needs an editor to keep him on track if he ever wants to play in the big leagues.

And despite what we see on the cover, there are no man-eating plants. The cover art by Jade Moede is a bit crude, but decent, and way better than the story it represents. "Last Stand in a Dead Land" also has a forward by Gina Ranalli, who really manages to embarrass herself. One of her points is that Brown doesn't waste space on pointless details, but y'know, SOME details would have helped. I mean, what did ANYBODY in this novel do for a living, what were their last names, how did Mark get to kidnap Helana, etc. This whole novella often reads more like a detailed outline than a self-contained work. The clever alliterative title aside, this is a zombie novel that is only for completists. Avoid.
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on 26 December 2011
This novella is a unique blend of folklore, science fiction and horror that only Eric S Brown could spin into an undead thriller. I would not consider this a serious zombie story, but it's some great dark fiction. Too many spoilers to discuss, but fans of the author will be quite pleased to sink their teeth into this.
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