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Yes it has a bracket. Also clear instructions how to fit to the wall, get it in your preferred position, fit bracket to wall and then hang fire onto bracket. There is two more screws on the bottom of the fire to make sure it can't fall off.
17 May 2014 by Steve Budd
Hi DJ,The actual width is approx. 900mm measured from the 2 widest edges(The edges of the curved glass front),The actual main body behind it(Where it's anchored to the wall) is approx. 700mm width if that makes sense??Cheers,Paul
6 Jan 2014 by DrEvil1970
Out the top of fire, just turned mine off as too hot now!
7 Dec 2013 by Luke
Yes you would need to get socket fitted behind fire though we had one just along from it so pulled it down and then along skirting to socket and just painted the wire the same as the wall and it's totally fine.
12 Apr 2014 by Sharon B.
what width is fire 1 day ago
Hi Irene, the fire is 88cm wide, 56cm high and the glass is curved, so the distance from the wall at the centre point is 14cm and the distance from the wall at each end of the glass is 6cm. Hope that helps you! Nicky.
1 day ago by Nicola Bevan
No it uses electric like a fan heater.
10 Jun 2014 by Mrs. Sl Bissell
does it have a fan 26 Apr 2014
I only us my fire for the flame effects, which can be dimmed or brightened, however, I did turn it on for the heat and a fan started up, only one thing I have against this fire is if a bulb should blow it is very awkward to replace. I hope this helps.
27 Apr 2014 by Mr. A White
The instructions contain details on how to change the bulbs, so I believe they do wear out.
25 Apr 2014 by Mrs Taylor
Not at all. Heat comes from top.
20 Feb 2014 by Mr. G. H. Wright
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