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on 17 March 2009
Oh, how much I wanted this phone! I paid an arm and a leg to get it a couple of years ago. And a kidney, for travelling expense! (sorry review is so late)
Although definitely the best looking phone I ever had, it is undoubtedly the worst gadget! (like the reference to Blondes being beautiful but stupid!)
I will not go much into detail:
-Texting is awful experience with this phone, I text very fast and I cannot begin to tell you just how much this phone frustrated me.
-Touch Pad is so awful too, so sensitive that you spend 5 min just to read a small text message. Don't get me started about having to do anything on your phone, you need to take a day off to get it right!!
-Ring tones you can barely hear, and all vibrating in the world wont save it!
-If you take a picture in full resolution but want to send it in a text, don't bother, because it WONT send such big pic! You need to set a much lower resolution for it, so don't believe their specifications because they are just fooling you
-Screen and body scratches so ugly at every drop, I mean they cant expect us NOT to drop the phone every now and again. It shortly started to look like a sorry scruffy thing.

I was so unhappy with this product I still want to scream, even though it has been a long time since I stopped using it.
Don't buy it!
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on 5 July 2006
Just received this phone as a free upgrade from O2...and I LOVE it!!! I'd read a lot of mixed reviews about the phone before deciding on this particular one, but I'm so glad I chose the LG. First of all, and most strikingly when you first see it, this phone looks stunning...think iPod but classier. It has this sort of lustrous, highly buffed finish that looks sooooo cool. I know, i know, it's shallow to rate a phone so highly on looks alone but, seriously, you've gotta see this thing to appreciate it. The touch-sensitive pad works brilliantly and is a stroke of design genius as it allows the phone to retain it's ultra-smooth finish. I've been playing with it for a couple of days now and everything seems to work very well indeed. I like the layout of the menus, there's no annoying lag between choosing a menu option and it actually appearing on the screen (as my V3 RAZR did - a HUGELY overrated phone), the camera and video camera both work well (and the lens is protected within the phone until it is opened via the sliding front), the playback on MP3s is very reasonable for a phone and, finally and most importantly, the Chocolate actually works as a phone extremely well too! The sound quality in-call is much better than my RAZR, as is the battery life, and just the whole build-quality in general. I know I must sound like a real fan-boy, but I genuinely am so impressed with this phone, it is a real masterclass in great design. I can't see the novelty wearing off any time soon.
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on 8 November 2006
I've had this phone for a week now and its absolutely great!! It took a while to get used to the touch screen but once you do it's really easy to use. It's also got great sound quality on the MP3 player and holds more songs than one of the previous reviewers said. Camera's zoom isn't great and overall quality of the pictures is a little shoddy but it's a phone and not a camera after all!!

i'd agree with the previous reviewer who said that it's impossible to keep fingerprint free and if you like things to stay shiny and new long after you bought you might find that a bit irritating!!

overall though i'm really pleased with the phone and so far i've got no complaints!!
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on 25 July 2006
First impressions of this new mobile phone were very good, the box is stylish, contemporary and well thought out, it even smells of chocolate! I had read reviews that stated that the battery life was poor so I charged it for a full 12 hours. I read somewhere that these types of batteries have a memory that remembers the charges, so the first charge was very important. When I switched the phone on I was very impressed with the quality of the screen which has 262k colours, most other screens are only 65k colours. The functions are easy to use and well supported and are actioned quickly. The settings on this phone are quite vesatile, you can change the screen wallpaper, ringtones very simply and effectively, even animated screensavers! The sounds from the speaker are clear and sound natural, not dull or muffled, I have not used the headset to listen to music yet. Overall the phone is a nice stylish peice of kit and I have only a couple of issues that dissapointed me which are :- When texting there is no option to start the text with a capital letter, the options are T9Abc, T9abc, T9ABC, 123, abc, ABC. I dont like using T9 it infuriates me, so with my previous phone I normally used Abc which starts a sentence with a capital letter and not lower case or T9. But with the 'Chocolate' I have to start the text with ABC and then change the type to abc which gets annoying after a few texts. The other issue is that there is only one game preinstalled on the phone which is Sudoku. When I tried to drag and drop Java games from my p.c. to the phone via the supplied usb cable there is no folder entitled 'Games' to put them into, so I put them into a folder called 'Other', these show up on the phone but they cannot be installed or played from that location. This is not the case when transfering music or ringtones to the 'Music' folder as they are installed and play as normal. This means that I have to either pay and download games via the internet or buy a bluetooth dongle for my p.c. and send the games from my p.c. to my phone via bluetooth. I queried this issue with L.G customer services and they could not give me a reason why there was no folder for games. So Yes I would recommend this phone but it is not the finished article from my point of view. It is however a beautiful looking phone and one which has impressed my friends. The phone is very trendy and cool but there are other phones on the market that will surpass the features of the LG KG800 Chocolate when it loses its trendy and cool status. I would give this phone a probable shelf life of about 6 months before it is found out to be just a good looker!
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on 9 May 2007
There may be hundreds of reviews you may have read on this phone. for example "predictive text is s**t" and this never gives you the true qualities of the phone. First of all, if you text real words instead of nxt or hllo etc. you won't have a problem with the predictive, but you can still go back to normal. the only problem is in order to start a new text. its quicker to go back to the main menu and open a new one. deleting text from a message will take some time.

As for the camera. Normally a 2 or 3 megapixel camera will be the standard today, but this 1.3 camera does the trick well and if you're not bothered on the camera, even better.

the touch sensitive controls may be a bit frustrating to get used to from the start, but will become easy to use after.

a drawback of this phone, if you consider it a drawback, is that the internal memory is only small at around 128mb (not too sure on size, look it up if you want to know) so storing music files may be a bad thing if you want a music phone (but isn't that what mp3 players are for??)

the phone comes with a set of standard games, which is ok if you're not interested in them.

I'd say i've had this phone for at least a year now and i can honestly say i haven't had any problems with it. (although fingerprints on your phone will be something you'll have to get used to, which is why they give you a case and a screen cleaner to make sure it's sparkly clean)

if you're a bit clumsy at times, i say avoid this phone as it WILL chip easily.

Overall if you want a phone that doesn't over-complicate things with a hundred features and menus just to find your contacts(because a mobile phone is intended to CALL people, not to hear your latest tunes blaring out whilst walking down the street annoying everyone in your path), you've found the right one. At the price it's at now, it's a bargain.

BUT: if you're the kind of person who wants the latest features in everything, i'd say look elsewhere, because this is a phone that calls people.
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on 30 June 2008
I haven't had a lot of phones, but decided to get the chocolate after seeing it on the TV and internet. The first thing I thought when I got the phone was: 'nice box!', in fact, I think I've still got it somewhere. The phone itself looked really good in its little bag thing-although it lost its lustre after a while due to fingerprints and scratches that's just natural and it still is a really pretty phone. I had no trouble adjusting to the touch screen-in fact now when I go back to normal buttons I get thumb ache! :) I love the way you can personalise the profiles and the camera is actually pretty OK except its annoying having to find bluetoothed stuff when it's been sent ( it usually ends up in some obscure file) and I would have liked to have had the choice of different text alerts rather than just the set few. Also, I am RUBBISH at sudoku so the game annoys me no end...on my last phone I had a platformer which was really good so I miss that a bit :( But overall a really pretty and useful phone!
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on 30 December 2006
-Well, I got this phone for christmas and was very impressed. The touch pad is amazing and although people say it gets fingerprinty - and it does - but it also comes with an attatchable cleaner, which works! The phone is trendy and has wowed the few friends I have seen since I got it and Virgin do a good deal where you get £10 credit a month, available from carphone warehouse, where I got mine. The delivery was amazing. But anyway, back to the phone - I was impressed with the box and the camera on the phone was very good. The instructions were easy to follow and overall it is a great phone.

-However... I would agree with some of the previous reviews that the predictive text is annoying as it always comes on, but you can easily add to the vocabulary. It takes a small while to flip from lower case to capital letters.

-Overall, this phone is very good, with lots of features and I would reccomend it to others. I would advise going to see it in a phone store pre-purchasing the phone though.
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on 3 February 2007
I've had nokias, and motorolas in the past. I was unsure about getting this phone - but I think it's fantastic. You just can't be heavy handed with it. Photos are great, Stores mp3's which can then be your ringtones, very easy to use. Anything you have stored on your computer you can transfer very easily to the phone.

This phone is like Marmite you either love it or hate it. I LOVE IT!!!
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on 5 December 2008
I bought this phone because it looks really stylish and looked like it had some good features about it. How wrong could I have been!

The main issue I have with it is its battery life, which is absolutely shocking. I am finding I am having to charge it daily because it just keeps dying. The battery meter also keeps going up and down depending on what it feels like.
It has been turning itself off for no reason. Its also a bugger to clean as its touchscreen and its very difficult to get perfectly clean.
The camera on it is very poor, especially inside.
I was really hoping this would be the phone for me, sadly it isn't. Maybe its me just being the unlucky one with a dodgy phone, and hopefully others wont have the same phone as me. But I wont be recomending it!
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on 5 February 2007
I wanted this phone for ages and after several battles with my operator I managed to upgrade to this phone and I kind of wished I hadn't now! It looks really great, but within a few minutes it got me quite frustrated. My major issue is how slow it is when texting. If you're a supreme texter and can type very fast, it just wont keep up with you. Also, it doesn't automatically capitalise letters after a full stop - something that really annoys me. You can obviously change it to capitals, but it takes so long to get back to the predicitive function again that I never bother! I've not had an MP3 player on a phone before, but it doesn't seem to hold many tracks. The ringtones are all quite annoying and if you use an MP3 track its not very loud. Also, I've noticed the battery doesn't last as long as my old Nokia. Overall, I like the look of it but it frustrates me quite a lot!
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