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LG 32LA620V 32-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD Cinema 3D Smart LED TV with Freeview HD/Built-In Wi-Fi

This set was purchased for the bedroom to replace an ageing Hitachi 720p Plasma. The delivery by Yodel was painless and the big box arrived in perfect condition.

Set up.
Not much to do here to the hardware, only attach the stand with the supplied screws. I attached my Sky box to HDMI 1 and my surround amp to HDMI 2.

Switch on.
There are several things according to how you want to use the TV. It found my Sky box and surround system quickly and set that all up automatically. The next stage was to log into my router. The set found the router wirelessly and asked me for the password which allowed it to join my home network. It took about a minute and then it was connected. It asked me to accept a firmware upgrade which I did and this took just over a minute to download and set up.
That was about it really and within 10 minutes the TV was connected to everything I wanted.

Initial impression.
Comparing it to the older Hitachi the picture quality being full HD was amazing, very sharp, and bright and no action smearing like the Hitachi had. Sound from the built in speaker was above average but through the surround amp it was amazing. Sky HD looks brilliant in every respect. The screen illumination is very even with no dark corners.

After a week of mixed viewing including YouTube and Blue ray.
This TV has great picture quality and it really is a step up in technology from what we had. Using the internet to find shows, music and YouTube stuff is easy and the quality very good. Along with my Sky box and the internet on this TV I can find just about everything I could ever want to entertain me.

The Remote.
This is similar to other LG remotes we have and it is useful and easy to understand. I have programmed my Sky remote to do most of the TV adjustments like sound and input selection. Overall the remote is logical and well laid out with quite big buttons. The only problem I can find is it is not back lit so if you have the lights off it is difficult to see what you are doing.
You can also buy an LG Magic remote for this TV, I have not done so but it does add extra functionality including voice control.

This is a 3D capable TV and it comes with 4 pairs of 3D glasses. I have not tried this function out just yet and will report back when we do.

FreeView HD.
As we have a Sky box I have not tried this but it is equipped with Free view HD. It should be fine as we have duplicate channels on the Sky Box.

A very nice TV from LG with all the latest stuff on it at the time of writing. It is easy to set up and use and has plenty of features to keep you amused.
I am so pleased with the ease of use of this TV I may buy a bigger version of it for the lounge. I highly recommended this TV.
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on 10 September 2013
Ordered yesterday and delivered this morning . First class service from Amazon as always . Ive just set this TV up and love it. It makes my Samsung 40 inch plasma look ancient. Love the stand, a nice grey colour also grey rather than the black round edges. it swivels. Colours are stunning , HD channel just blow me away. I haven't tweaked any of the setting yet, comfortable viewing as it is. No tinny sound on mine, Nor tried the 3d yet due to sky's fault but will add later. This TV is light, managed it all alone. It set up via wireless immediately and has even picked up my laptop which is ready to view on screen. there is so so much that can be done on this Tv that im looking forward to testing. i would recommend this set to anyone , its the best ive had. was a bit apprehensive moving from 40 inch plasma to this one but i have NO regrets, worth every penny. In saying that I did get a real good deal on this from Amazon £602 for a 50 inch screen :0) No sound equipment will be needed for me, ive got sound on 23 and it goes up to 100. will update a bit more later! Have ordered the magic remote from Amazon, £30 cheapest i could find but the remote it comes with is great, big enough buttons and very clear
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on 17 June 2014
i have a LG 32" 100htz LCD TV, still working perfectly well since the day i bought it, about 5-6yrs ago - without going overboard i decided that i'd treat myself to a larger tv, for my birthday, so after looking around at descriptions, specs. & prices the tv that stood out was this LG 42" 200htz Backlit LED (i read that overall backlit LED has a better picture than side-lit LED) 3D Wireless SMART tv - a fantastic bargain and a doddle to set-up.. the 42" option is perfect for my living room, the tv looks fabUlous.!, not oversized like a 50" might have been.. the delivery was quick and the communication service has been great..!! i'm lovin' all the new features of this smart tv (e.g. watchin' netflix without having to put my pc on first).. N.B. don't name your HDMI PC input as PC, you won't get a full screen, name your pc = 'Home Theatre' and set your picture, sound and other settings as Cinema Mode (All Inputs The Same, for a crystal clear faultless vibrant picture and Cinema Sound, where 20 out of 100 is more than enough to shake you up & keep you awake all night, every night), the neighbours will be jealous, everyone will be jealous.. when i find a compatible 3D blu-ray 5.1 home theatre, i'll prob. buy it from the same company..!!
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on 3 December 2013
To cut a long story short without leaving out any important details, I basically sent two of these back because of issues (both TV's featured all the same issues). I have docked two stars off the TV in respect to this, as even though the TV itself is very good, I feel this could be due to a lack of poor quality control since both TV's had the same problem. I do, however, believe that if you got this TV without the issues, or only used media where these issues aren't a problem (more on that later), this TV would definitely be an amazing performer. What can I say, for £600 I can't honestly say I expected total perfection from a TV with so many features, but I was disappointed to have to send two back nonetheless.

The first issue was the fact that the screen featured dirty screen effect and light bleeding on the sides and corners. This initially didn't bother me since I only watched a bit of TV on it at first, however when I played games I quickly noticed it vividly when I was in dark places or during panning camera shots. If you only use media where this isn't such a problem you might not notice it, but I found even watching Top Gear it was a problem (fast cars mean lots of panning shots). The second TV had this to a worse extent; so far as to have a big dark bar about 6 inches wide all the way from the top to the bottom of the right side of the screen,visible even when just on a plain white screen.

The second issue was that the TV's repeatedly turned themselves off, particularly when scrolling through the menu. Have no idea why this was the case, never did get it figured out so I can't go into deeper detail on the issue.

That aside I feel perhaps I may have gotten unlucky but it has certainly soured my experience with the television, so much so that after sending two back I have opted for a refund and am going to try my luck with a different brand/model. The TV does actually have some really cool features, and I'll go over a couple of these now.

Firstly, the screen is perfectly sharp, so much so that I found it ideal to do my graphic design work on once my laptop was plugged into it. The colours are good on it, and it has a wide range of standard setting if you don't want to set them manually. It has a lot of wizards built in to help you get the settings perfect, and this makes it very user friendly.

I've seen a lot of people aren't too happy with the sound on this TV, but I personally didn't have a problem with it. I felt it played music very well, with a wide range between loud and quiet sounds and good sound all round. I am by no means an audiophile, so take this part of the review with a pinch of salt.

The smart apps were good with BBC iPlayer and 5od, as well as netflix and facebook, but beyond this I didn't find much else worthy of using so in my opinion they're nothing to write home about. I found the appstore to be limited at best and if you're a heavy user of apps on your TV, I would suggest looking into a different model. The apps it did have, however, I never ran into any issues with.

The web browser was okay, for a dual core you can't expect amazing performance and I feel it handled very well. At this price I would definitely say it performed adequately. I didn't use it much, so I'm afraid I can't go into greater detail, however I can say it had a wide range of features you would find on a PC browser, such as bookmarks, settings to browse and delete your history and cookies etc.

While I initially didn't buy into the 3D features since I've always viewed it as somewhat of a gimmick, I was actually pleasantly surprised. The colours remain good, and it definitely gives the screen such a sense of depth that it "pops" nicely. Although it doesn't support true 3D, I found Mass Effect looked really good when converted to 3D, and games that supported 3D looked even better. TV was okay, but in reality there isn't a whole lot on there that was worth watching in 3D in my opinion, however people into sport might take advantage of it. One downfall of this is that you have to be quite far from the TV at a rather specific angle to get the effect well, but with passive 3D this is pretty much a given (as far as I know, feel free to correct me if I am wrong) and I can't really fault the TV for it.

I think that about covers all the main features of the TV, if you have any questions about my review do not hesitate to leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
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Loads of problems with this TV. If you just bought it, you have about 12 months (or 12 months plus a few to take you out of warranty) Ours goes black and we are left with sound but NO picture. In addition there are issues with sound being out of synch if watching a movie through a sound system. Only BBCIplayer and 5ondemand available. C4 and ITV do not work (not even if trying to launch through the web). There are endless problems with NETFLIX (not because of netflix) because of LG. I googled the problem with the black screen to see if there are any solutions offered and I found one website from the US that showed more than 100 complaints all with the same problem. A known fault that makes the screen go black. TIP: if you still go ahead and buy this TV, buy it on your credit card to give you extra protection. My friend has a Samsung TV and it looks and feels 100% better than this LG. I would say pay more and get a decent TV.
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on 8 July 2014
This TV is great, however LG really messed up with the remote otherwise this would be a five star review. Two key buttons are so close together on the remote keypad, that 9 out of 10 times (even when taking care) its easy to press the wrong one. Would not be such a big headache if this was not such a crucial button. Several times I have been at the end of a 10 minute process (arranging channels for example) and pressed the Smart TV button instead of the up button(they are literally touching), only to lose all the work and have to start again. Simple stupid mistake, easy to avoid and really annoying. will be getting a magic remote only to overcome this issue, but its a pain I have to shell out extra money for LG's incompetence. However I cant speak highly enough of the TV itself, great piece of kit and fantastic value.
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on 12 May 2014
I bought this TV to replace an 8 year old Sony Bravia LCD which was starting to suffer the odd fault.

Setting up the TV was easy enough - had to download a 650mb udpate but thats fine - I was able to do this using the inbuilt WiFi - which was also dead easy to connect to my home router.

I've yet to use all the features, but the picture quality is brilliant - the sound is absolutely fine. Some reviewers recommend getting a sound bar, and I see some reviewers think the picture quality isn't 100%.

But I think there's two types of people when it comes to TV's. Those who enjoy what is actually on the screen and need sound to accompany it. And then there's those who appear more obsessed with looking at the TV - the colours, the shading etc etc - almost desperate to spot faults - same with the sound. Of course I get it if there's a fault with the sound, but this isn't a bit of kit made in the 80's so if you're a regular punter, the sound will be fine for you.

The TV is nice and light, thin enough for me - I've now got it on a bracket on the wall. Thought the stand looked absolutey fine to me. Saw one reviewer who thoought it looked cheap and a bit rubbish? its a stand. for a TV. and it means you can put your TV onto a cabinet. it works. I'm amazed that people would even bother commenting on it.

not tried the 3D yet - need to get an HDMI cable long enough to plug into my Sky box - although think there might be some demo 3D clips so will try them.

anyone looking for a very good modern TV with all the usual gadgets could do a lot worse than plump for this. You just have to look at the 5 star ratings. even if you got a dud (which can happen with any product) - you can simply return and get a working one.

I'm very happy with the TV and would highly recommend.
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on 19 June 2014
Very surprised at the quality of the picture from this tv. Easy to install with step by step instructions displayed on screen. Only issue I've had is connecting my sky remote as codes offered didn't work properly but if that's all I have to gripe about then I'm a happy person. Totally recommend.
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This review is for the LG 42LA620V. This TV has a number of different features which are highlighted in this video.
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on 30 May 2014
Apologies in advance for such a long review but I hope it helps in your decision making!

I bought this TV for my girlfriend as a birthday present as thought it would be nice to have the TV to go with the PS4. We haven't had a new TV since around 2010, and I decided on the 42" as we have a very small living room area. Ordered 28 May and received on the morning of her birthday on 30th. The delivery driver was very nice and brought it right upstairs to the apartment door. Very happy with this as I was worrying I might have to go down to collect.

Be aware that you will need to assemble the stand - luckily I had a screwdriver to hand as there were about 8 screws to put the base together and then attach this to the TV. Taking the screen out the box was easy, just make sure you remove it on the right side, so you are then able to slide the 'put-together' base to the back of the TV screen. The TV screen is very light compared to our 32" Samsung circa 2010 LED, so I was able to pick this up easily and put the base onto the back with no issues. Initial TV setup was easy, it took about 20 mins to attach the base, set up on screen (very simple menu options) - to input wifi password, and scan for Digital TV channels.

Our table is just the right size for this new TV, and again, I'm quite petite but was about to pick this up easily with no help. There are additional attachments to secure the TV to a table surface, this may be useful if you have children or pets. The tilting function of the TV stand, is very smooth and helps if you are putting the TV in the corner of the room. Viewing from any angle and it's excellent quality; either via DTV or Satellite or Blu-ray. The Smart function is really cool, we already have Netflix, Blinkbox, Amazon, NOWTV accounts - so we got set these up right away and tried them all (not much need for the Apple TV now...). We both love the additional smart button on the remote control. In the Smart feature, you have 3D gallery which is amazing as we only own 1 3D Blu-ray, so having an additional library included at very good value is an added plus.

What tempted me away from a Samsung equivalent was ultimately the LG dual play function which had originally won us both over at the Gadget Show. Simply, you can play games with your friend / family member / partner and not have to endure the usual split-screen, by just using the 3D glasses provided you both experience a full screen experience in a 2 player game. Game play is out of this world, my girlfriend is currently playing 'Watchdogs' on the PS4; also a present delivered today and I have not seen graphics like this in a while. The colours are vivid, viewing from any angle is faultless, sound is clear and no need to adjust any settings to get the perfect light /dark balance.

You receive 4 x 3D glasses in the box, this is something that most TVs provide as an additional feature, which is kind of annoying when you just want the whole package. Compared to the £100 less for a non-Smart 3D TV, you really are getting value for money, absolute bargain. The sound quality is awesome, I am sitting in the room with it on 15 and that's loud enough, cannot imagine what it will be like when it goes to 100 (I can imagine this will be great for entertaining guests)! Scrolling through menus is very quick and changing inputs, which we do often with the additional electronics we have attached, is easy - you have a mini view of what is on each input when switching. Not many of the TVs with this value and size have 3 x HDMI ports which we also needed, and they are all placed at the left hand side of the unit. The bezel is very thin and again something I wanted as our original TV had a high bezel which took you away from the actual TV watching.

Overall, general TV watching is different... It took us a couple of mins to get used to because it is such high resolution. LG definitely do this justice and I am very happy that I decided on this model. As the TV is raised slightly due to the stand, the cables are hidden at the back of the unit and all gathered on one place. On the right hand side of the unit, is the power port, you want to check where you are placing this because it's only a little longer than the width of the TV; definitely found this was on the short side.

There are newer models out there but if you haven't had a Smart TV before and looking for something with a bigger screen and good value for money, you cannot get any better than this! Some of the reviews I read mentioned getting a second one, I would actual consider doing this, we've only had the TV for about 6 hours! I cannot say how much more I love this TV! My girlfriend and I have already joked about how we would be fighting over this if we broke up!!!
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