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4.6 out of 5 stars79
4.6 out of 5 stars
Platform: Nintendo DSChange
Price:£15.99+ £2.03 shipping
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VINE VOICEon 26 June 2008
This game, like Lego Star Wars is a lot of fun and very addictive!

In this game you play as Dr Indiana Jones, guiding him through the far flung reaches of places such as India and South America. The game looks nice, handles well and requires you to take on the various bad guys in movie themed levels.

Like the Star Wars game you are able to switch between various characters of movies past and present. You also break open boxes build bridges, whip shoot and jump your way along collecting as many lego pieces as possible.

When playing a game on the DS you obviously lose out a little with the smaller screen and the reduction in graphics capability but there is no doubt that in many cases you gain from playing with this unique platform.

In this game all of the DSs special features are utilized. Not only are the graphics lovely and colourful but you will also be required to blow into the mic, for example to extinguish candles and use the touch screen to choose which weapon to use.

With most levels being impossible to fully complete on the first go the replay value is quite good, although, in terms of difficulty the game is not that demanding. However, with the DS, you can bring this game anywhere and play at almost anytime. I found this game a lot of fun and I think you will too.
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As with Lego Star Wars, the game developers have made a real effort to make the DS version a different experience to the Wii version. You get microphone blowing (to say put out torches or as the `wind'). And it all works really well (just like Lego Star Wars). That said occasionally you feel it would be easier just using the DS buttons - although when playing you don't use your touchscreen for much other than the hidden mini-games. You can swap between the two main characters, who have different abilities, and sometimes you help the other one get through barriers. You have to play as set characters in gameplay mode until the level is completed. This game looks good (I like the earthy brown green tones and Tomb Raider feel) although it's naturally not as visually enthralling as on the Wii and gameplay is modified to fit into the DS. The cut scenes are funny, and the humour runs right through the game, rather like the movies. No Crystal Skulls though, this is a romp through the old Indiana Jones locales, giving you the typical jungle, cave and Indian mountain scenes.

Naturally the game-play has similarities to the great Lego Star Wars console games, although The Whip replaces The Force. Indiana's world is one full of hidden levers, spear traps and abyss's, and there is some puzzle element in finding the trap-door/bridge to the next level. There's a lot of fun to be had whizzing about the screens solving it all. There's also plenty of hidden stuff/areas to find (which you might easily miss first time through the level, so do try it again after it's unlocked). Like Lego Star Wars, you need to play the story mode to unlock a lot of the game content and allow you to change characters. The campaign mode is great but it's over fairly quickly on the DS, so the unlocked free-play mode after each level is very welcome. You build stuff on the way and there are also mini games to find, which bring the stylus into play. The DS Indiana tends to have to slug it out with his fists, but you have infinite lives and should you ever succumb, you just lose your Lego coins. This game looks good and handles well on the DS, and it is a safe buy for any Indie obsessed kids. Plus it has the superb two player wireless mode where you control a character each (but as well as a mate, you also need two game chips & two DSs for this). According to my son [12] the only downside is that 'the levels are a bit long' - and this can be very annoying as you can't save til the end. So you will get kids refusing to leave the car until the levels completed as otherwise they will lose everything completed on that level. Plus occasionally they accidently knock the DS off switch and lose it all that way.

OK the game is a bit similar to Lego StarWars (no bad thing really), but the storyline and game-play is different enough to make it all seem fresh. More importantly this Lego Indiana DS game doesn't seem to crash all the time like my son's old Lego Star Wars II [original trilogy] DS game, which rendered the game pretty much unplayable. However I notice a few reviewers are saying that their new Lego Indiana DS game is also freezing at the end of levels [e.g. chapter 2: "Fight at the Raven"] which could lose hours of game-play, so perhaps there are a few software bugs in Indiana. However our game seems pretty stable so far, and my son says he's completed all the levels. Possibly it's faulty game chips rather than bad programming, although being kid friendly the game apparently adjusts its speed to the ability of the player so the crashes could even be people specific. My son is a dedicated Indiana Jones fan, which no doubt helps him really like this DS game. At home he much prefers the longer Wii version, but on the move the DS Indiana takes over. So highly recommended for any kid over 6 - and this DS game is a bit less 'violent' (as suggested by it's rating) and a fair bit easier to play than our Wii implementation (making it great for youngsters under 9 - assuming they are interested in the Indiana movies).
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on 16 June 2008
This game is faster to play, less complex, but just as much fun as the PS2 version. Nice use of the touchscreen makes interacting with whip, levers etc easier for younger players.

Could be completed in a day story mode only, but the additional games/ rewards available mean it has a longer shelf life.

However my copy is very 'buggy' and sometimes freezes right at the end of a level, preventing saves - very frustrating.
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VINE VOICEon 29 January 2009
I have really enjoyed playing this game. I have also played Lego Batman and Lego Star Wars and have found the Lego Indiana Jones version to be, by far the best. This may be partly due to the fact that I am a big Indy fan and know the stories very well. I particularly like the free play mode, where you can choose any character you feel like playing, from 'goodies' like Marcus Brody to the many villains from the films. This in turn, unlocks areas of the game that are inaccessable during the story mode.
I would fully recomend this game to everyone - great fun for young and old alike.
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on 29 March 2009
This game is one of the best games in the Lego saga that I have played

easily equal to the Wii version of lego star wars

inventive dual screen controls and good multiplayer features

I would recommend this game to any person who likes the films

the only down side with the game is the levels take quite a while to complete and so it is not a ten minutes a time game
but this is also a good feature as it increases the playability factor

a great game

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on 22 November 2008
I loved this Game, being a fan of India Jones, I really liked the fact that is stays quite true to the original films, & the little film clips after each level are very funny. Graphics are good, and you get to use your stylus and also blow into the mouth piece to inflate rubber dingies! Being a logo man/woman is lots of fun and something everyone should try!
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on 5 January 2010
I wasn't expecting much from this game when I got it for xmas - I wasn't sure how much fun a 26yo female could have with it! But I am pleasantly surprised! It's a great game - loads to do, and the replay value is amazing. You can go back to any of the completed levels and play them again with other characters. On each level there are different parts that can only be accessed with a particular character so even if you've done the level a couple of times, there are always new places to explore if you have the right charhacter!

Sometimes I get a bit stuck - it can be a little challenging, but that's what I like about it. Also love being able to bash all the plants and boxes, basically everything on the screen to get the little coins out of them.

Already can't wait to get home and get playing again! An easy game to get into, great for long waits at airports and travelling. I'd reccommend it for kids and adults alike.
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This is a brill little game. I bought it to add to my ever growing DS games Collection. (had the DS for Xmas and never looked back!)
This is excellent for me who is new to this gaming lark, and loving it! Its fairly simple and great fun too.
As other reviewers have stated this covers all 3 Indy films in the medium of Lego, and what a great idea! It is very humorous and uses the DS well.
Most of the touch screen you use your thumb, so makes it good for young children and older not so good gaming Adults such as myself. There are also mini games and you can go back over a chapter and replay in free play mode to go back and find all the items you missed first time round.
A good game all round. Would highly recommend it!!
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on 30 March 2009
Great for both my kids (ages 3 and 6 )Loads of fun especially if you like lego
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on 25 February 2009
This is just great.
We have Lego Batman too and these games are fantastic.
The really cute little lego figures are cool (according to my son) and the sound effects of stacking lego bricks make him laugh.
This is a simple to follw game with good graphics which take you through all the Indy adventures (except Crystal skull).
Each game is brilliant on it's own merit.
Can't recommend it enough to kids of all ages !
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