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4.2 out of 5 stars67
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 24 January 2010
This series has always been a hit with my now-seven-year-old, but with this chapter it has stopped. Confusing level design, horrendous difficulty spikes and the most uncontrollable vehicles you've ever seen. Coupled with the removal of a central hub this has become a bewildering, charmless mess with so little user-friendliness it's virtually begging you not to play it.

Do not buy this game for under-tens, even if (or especially if) they loved the prequel, or the Star Wars episodes. And if you're over ten there's much better games to spend your money on. My son and I are very disappointed.
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on 25 December 2009
Lego Indiana Jones 2 is simply a sequel to the first one, which was a great game!

It captured the essence of Indiana Jones as an enjoyable/engaginc piece of work mixed with the humour and innocence of LEGO games -- all with a simple and family-friendly environment and gameplay, in which there were easily tolerable flaws.

The second game is another retake on the brand, mostly focused on the 4th movie: The Atomic Fridge... sorry! I meant, Crystal Skull.

This retake is done with some interesting plot changes, in which even an ice cream truck came into the scene at the beginning -- typical LEGO style! -- but the levels, for some reason, are much more simple and not so fun to play, mostly because they are generally much much smaller, less creative and the gaming experience isn't fluid at all, unlike the previous games in the LEGO series by Traveler's Tales -- and, for me, these are quite some issues.

The levels are structured differently, too. Now there are small worlds in which the levels are distributed, just like a small island with some houses being the levels -- to sum it all up, it's basically like GTA. There are nice vehicles and additional challenges and secrets, but finding the levels seems to be a bit too hard or just boring. I miss the simple structure in which there was less to explore in the main map but levels were easy to find and replay!

The retake on the first 3 movies in this game seems more like a bunch of bloopers, in which there was no intent of resuming the story, but making fun of some scenes! That's ok: even though it's not as funny as the first game, at least it's something different! But the levels aren't well thought: most of them are quick scenes of pointless boss fights or one of many car chases, none of them a strong point in favour of the game itself, since they were never really well done in any LEGO game!

The creator mode adds some length, but the game is funny for its references and humor, not creative capabilities, which are limited and complex here! Yes, it's fun to make our own character, but that's enough! It "ain't" nice to spend a lot of time doing a square-shaped level with nothing special on it!

To sum it all up, it's a good game, but easily the worst of all in the series -- including Star Wars and Batman chapters. The fact that the screen may split in two when the two players are too far away from each other is a nice inclusion, but between that and a smoother frame, I'd go for the last one!

As usual, the product was shipped fast and in perfect condition by Amazon.
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on 24 October 2011
This isn't really suitable for young children as it's quite confusing to navigate through the different hubs. On the whole I enjoyed playing it although that enjoyment came to an abrupt end when I discovered two of the trophies are glitched (i.e. not awarded despite fulfilling objectives), making the 10+ hours I spent on it seem pretty worthless - for a game primarily aimed at collecting/completing objectives this is not excusable. I won't be buying another Lego game again.
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on 27 February 2010
I have been a patriot of the previous Film base Lego games but this was a huge disappointment!

They've completely changed the system from the old one, Instead of a home where you can access the levels using doors (starwars) vehicles (batman) or maps (old Lego Indie) which you can wander around in, and have a single simple place to pay for the things you have collected, Each film has it's own world which you can wander around, and it's here that you collect red (and now green and blue) bricks by hitting say 10 things, no searching for things, or secret areas. The levels are shorter and there is now no free play, so you can play as whichever character you want, instead theres mini games which you require certain people for (e.g 'You need a spear to complete this level'). Because you wander around it's less clear how much of the 'film' you have completed, and you have to find the things you want or need to buy, or change into (no using the L1 and R1 buttons anymore! :-( )

All of these things makes this new game a HUGE disappointment, I haven't used the level creater but it doesn't look brilliant and probably takes a long time to master. The use of PSN would make it better for people with siblings but that's to be expected with the upgrade to the PS3 system.

If you haven't played the old games you may still enjoy this game, the actual way to play the game is the same, and it was vastly enjoyable in the old games after all, but you are much better off with the old PS2 games.
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on 11 July 2010
Bought this game for the PS3 as have enjoyed all the Lego games for PS2.
It is the usual blend of humour, and ingenuity. Clever little set pieces to get you to create stuff.
The problem I found now on the PS3, is that due to its advanced nature, the scenes can be so much bigger there is so much to do, each level takes longer.
On the PS2 games, you could do a level in ten minutes, on this it can be half an hour.
Is that a bad thing? It can be, as the boredom repetitive factor comes in. O rmaybe we are just getting tired of the same old Lego formula games.
But you should not hold that against this game really, the graphics are brilliant, and it keeps the kids quiet for hours!
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on 9 July 2015
What a waste of time. Lego Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues is the biggest flop of all Lego games and is easily the worst one. The game takes a completely different design layout than the first game. I admire the game for trying to do something different, but its weirdly designed, you are brought to the warehouse where you select the film you want to play through, but each film is like a mini-hub and it is so small there is not much room for exploration. The levels are terrible, far too short and condensed and poorly re-created from the 4 Indiana Jones movies. The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is on this game but they have split it into 3 parts giving you like a 6 story saga to play through, I guess they wanted to make it feel like Lego Star Wars. The level builder addition is awful, its confusing and jumbled, its not even much of a level that you can create. The graphics aren't bad I suppose and hearing John Williams' music kind of adds one positive aspect. The game play is dull and tedious offering little to do and the levels become short and repetitive. Overall this game is a mess and just stick to Lego Indy 1 for all you Indy fans Lego Indy 2 is terrible, worst Lego Game ever, seriously, don't buy.
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on 11 December 2011
If I hadn't already bought all the other Lego games for my 7yr old I probably wouldn't have bothered with this one but he wants to have the complete set and £12 was a bargain. Don't get me wrong this is still fun and great value for the price and the new features are interesting but I'm not sure there was enough in the Indy films ( especially crystal skull) to warrant a 2nd game. In short not worth full price ( hope they never charged £30 for it) but good for £12.

Delivery was from canada and was very prompt ( same as uk). I was a little worried when I saw it was region 1 (which I don't recall seeing on the product discription) but it works fine so I guess ps3 games aren't region coded.
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on 13 November 2012
We bought this game after completing the first one LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures for Sony PS3, having enjoyed the fun and simple Lego games. We like the style of these games with a complete adventure story, a hub where levels can be replayed to find all components studs and Lego cubes. The other reason we love the Lego games is that they are two player and not too much for my limited PlayStation ability. With many parts and a adventure story I would recommend to anyone who likes a Lego game.
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on 7 August 2012
I personally was put off buying this game after reading a few bad reviews. However I ordered it as my 9 year old son was desperate for this as a birthday gift. My son it has to be said is very adept at the PS3 (unlike me) and change does not faze him at all. He loves this game !! He likes that it is different and has a few new features and is enjoying it just as much if not more than the original Indiana Jones game. If your son or daughter wants this game then please do give it a go.
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VINE VOICEon 23 November 2009
Not a very catchy title but it's what they should have called it, it would have given fare warning to all those who have loved the Lego games up till now and forked out £30 thinking it would be a safe bet this would be another great game.

Everything that made the Lego games great is gone or has been changed.

No central hub to keep check of all your levels, you now have boxes in a warehouse they really don't tell you very much about your progress, perhaps a degree in cryptology would help, sadly I don't have one so will just have to have a guess at what I need to do / collect then.

You start each level in a free roaming village / camp / town, you wander aimless round and round trying to find a entrance to the story, once you one you get quick very boring levels, two particular high lights are the level where you drive round the jungle for what seems like hours trying to shoot some phantom cars that never appear while a red arrow directs you in a circle till you get so frustrated you throw the controller at the cat and the level where you have to stick cones on top of holes, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat till you decide it would be more fun to clean the toilet.

Once you complete these tedious levels can you go back in and free play (the best feature of the Lego games), no you can't you can repeat the level with same characters but no free play fun and when the levels are this dull why would you want to repeat them and get a better time?!

Press continue story and you don't continue the story, you will get thrown back to the village / camp / town and spend another 15 minutes (if you're lucky) wandering round trying to find the next door to the next level.

There are some bonus levels you can unlock in the free roam village / town's, but you have to have the correct characters to play them, which you can't buy from a central shop anymore so you can't instantly play these in a free play style, you will now have to wander round the village / town for hours trying to find the right person or item then go back in and find you've only got one character right so set off again to find the next one. It's so tedious that at one point while wandering round for hours trying to find a shovel I actually nodded off, I've played some rubbish games before but I've never come across one that actually bores you to sleep.

They've also managed to ruin the two player aspect, you used to be able to play together as a team now the second you stray a few paces away from your friend the screen splits into two tiny triangles so you can't see a thing and end up just doing your own thing in your triangle.

All in all one of the most frustrating, boring and confusing gaming experiences I've ever had, which is made even worst by the fact that all the other Lego games are amazing.

I've really been looking forward to Harry Potter Lego in 2010, but if it's anything like just Id rather watch paint dry thanks.
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