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3.8 out of 5 stars313
3.8 out of 5 stars
Style Name: Burr Coffee Grinder|Change
Price:£37.55+ £4.95 shipping
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 15 January 2012
This is an excellent coffee grinder but it is a delicate piece of equipment that needs to be used carefully for best results.

I suspect that the bulk of the problems some people are having with it simply flows from their not having read the manual or failed to act on what it says. This is a delicate machine and it will jam or fail if allowed to become blocked or if it is not used in the right way. So the first thing to do when you get this device is to carefully read the manual before using it.

Here are a few points to bear in mind.

If you remove the upper grinding mill to clean it or for any other reason it is CRUCIAL to do this correctly. Failure to do so will prevent the fine/coarse level selector from working correctly. I suspect this is the cause of many of the complaints about coffee not being ground correctly. If you find the coffee is ground too fine or too coarse then remove and replace the upper mill in the way the manual states. To do this first turn the lever to the finest setting and remove the upper mill and then turn the selector to the coarse setting and replace it, remembering to lock it in position.

The ON/OFF switch is not a mechanical button, it is electronic and delicate. If the unit fails to to work DO NOT keep pressing the button or try and push it harder. This will not make it work and will only cause the plastic retaining strip to fail and the button will fall into the mechanism.

When not in use keep it turn OFF or unplug it at the wall. The grinder has a sensor that detects when power is applied and this needs to be reset before it will switch the motor on. Turn it off and on at the wall if it fails to work first time. Also, when plugged in it consumes a small amount of power.

Avoid regrinding half ground coffee as this can cause jamming.

There are sensors to prevent it working with the hopper lid or coffee receptacle absent and these can be triggered if blocked by coffee grounds. Make sure the these areas are clean before using.

Put more coffee beans than you need into the hopper before use. The added weight helps the grinder to work. The unit will only dispense the amount of coffee selected on the front lever and so there is no danger of wasting coffee. You can easily decant unused beans back into the storage jar.

As other users have said, two or three clicks up from the finest grind setting produces the best Espresso.

The Good
Provides a good range of coffee grinds from coarse to very fine.
Automatically dispenses the correct amount of ground coffee
Attractive looks
Quiet compared to some rival products
Good price.

The Bad
Easily blocked or jammed
On/Off switch is will break if treated roughly
Needs to be turned OFF at wall when not in use
Hard to read multi language manual

This is an excellent device and can grind beans from very coarse down to almost Turkish coffee levels. However, it needs to operated properly in accord with the manual and kept in good order.
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on 30 January 2011
Krups Expert, GVX231, Burr Coffee Grinder works very well and is a price most of us can afford.

Before I purchased this item I had read a few comments from people saying this grinder did not grind the coffee fine enough. In anticipation of this possibly being the case.
The very first time I used this grinder I placed the dial on the finest grind setting. Expecting anything coarser to be too much.
However I ended up throwing out my first grind because if anything this wonderful grinder does the job too well. If the coffee was any finer it would disappear!
Maybe Krups have upgraded the burrs on this model recently.

Every morning I have a perfect double espresso with an excellent crema.

I used to think to get a grind as fine and smooth and this would require spending more money than I was prepared to.
At last we can all enjoy freshly ground coffee at home without breaking the bank.

The Krups Expert GVX231 Burr Coffee Grinder does the job very well. I only wish I had bought it sooner.

- Very easy to clean
- Looks good on the kitchen counter
- Light in weight
- Accurate pre-set button
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on 29 December 2007
I've had this grinder for around 2 years now and it's been 100% reliable. It's very easy to operate and the grind settings are good enough for all machines. I've just bought a Gaggia Baby Class D espresso machine and this Krups grinder makes fine enough coffee to use in it.

There are some small niggles; the beans sometimes get stuck and you have to shake it to loosen them again, also the two safety mechanisms (hopper lid and grind container) can occasionally be temperamental, but these are small prices to pay for such quality at a low price.
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on 25 July 2012
This is a mechanically well built machine that performs its grinding function pretty well. So it should be a good product? Unfortunately after building a good grinder Krupps decided to surround it with poorly made switches, controls and electronics. Mine stop working properly after a year, basically it worked in short bursts of about half a second at a time. After a brief google search I found this was common enough problem often caused by poor quality switches used to prevent grinder operating when collection container or lid is not properly fitted, the advice being take it apart and by pass offending switches, which I did only to find mine had a more general electronic problem with timing circuit just not working, so I by passed the thyristor on circuit board and mine now works perfectly by operating mains switch on the wall.

If none of what I have said makes sense, or you you couldn't be bothered with making such modifications, or you think you shouldn't have to make such modifications to a simple grinder to get it to work; then don't buy this grinder. Otherwise it's okay but better should be out there somewhere.
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on 8 January 2009
I have used this grinder for 18 months, it has been perfect. Why do people look for little niggles - most problems reported are user errors. Yes you do have to shake the beans down if container is not full and you do have to unplug after use, this grinder is not perfect, if mine broke I would go out and buy another.
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on 10 December 2010
January 2013 update

With regret I am down-grading my rating to one star. The grinder is extremely good but it has a major design flaw, the button. I had to junk the first one because this broke so we have been careful with it. However the button on the new one has now broken so we are back to using a chop stick to start the grinder. Krups should have taken note of the comments about this fault and strengthened the button.

Are you listening Krups? probably not

Original review

I have used one of these for five years and it has ground a great amount of coffee. On the finest setting it is perfect for an espresso machine or pot. It will reliably grind any grade up to that for a cafetierre. It is very easy to use. All of that is why I am now buying another to replace the one that has just died.

Two hints. First, clean it more often than I did. Mine might still be going strong if I had. Secondly, don't push hard on the start button as it will break. It is the one weak point of this machine. Mine broke and I had to start it using a chop stick to push the microswitch on the circuit board. Both the hopper and the top have to be fully pushed in for the machine to start. If either isn't in place it is tempting to push harder on the button. DON'T!

Later additions:

When I was about to take the old one to the dump I decided to find out how to take it apart. The outer case is held by two projections on the brown outer case. These are at the bottom, about midway back on the sides. Two thin knife blades pushed in should release it so it can be slid up. I had already 'persuaded' it to come apart so didn't get a chance to try. When I found the switch it was held in place, on one side only, by a very thin bit of springy plastic. No wonder it breaks so easily. I imagine it would be possible to buy a spare. My problem was being unable to open the case.

Another hint. I have already mentioned not pushing hard on the button. I have discovered a reason why the grinder doesn't start sometimes. If fragments of bean fall into the groove into which the top fits, they can prevent the top going in far enough to push down the microswitch. The fix is simply to turn the thing upside down and bang it to get the bits out. Any that are jammed can be prised out with the end of a pointed wooden stick. Take care not to break the microswitch.
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on 4 November 2007
This little machine does an excellent job. We have to set it at its coarsest setting for our cafetiere, but the finished ground is comparable to that we used to buy from a specialist retailer. The cup setting (where you set it to mnake the amount of coffee you want to grind) is accurate and consistent.

It blew its fuse the second time we used it, but we replaced that and it has been fine since then.

Update January 2011
After more than three years of daily use the on/off switch failed. A new machine is not wildly expensive so we couldn't be bothered to investigate a possible repair and simply bought a new one.
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VINE VOICEon 22 September 2008
This little machine (that's what I like about it - it's small and doesn't take up half of the kitchen) does a brilliant job and, if you use it correctly according to the instructions (which some of the 2* reviewers clearly haven't done), it produces consistant grinds and consistant amounts of coffee every time. I keep it next to my Krups coffee maker which is styled in the same way and it looks very attractive. It's a bit loud but then coffee grinders always are. I love it!
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When I found out I was going to be given this grinder as a present I checked the reviews here and to be honest, they made me a bit nervous. Turns out, I needent have been - this is a great little grinder.

I'm not going to accuse any other reviewers of being elitist but as far as I'm concerned, this grinder does everything I'd hoped for from a burr grinder. It is efficient, fairly compact, easy to use, not too expensive and gives a good even grind. I only use it for an espresso machine which it does well so I can't account for rougher grinds.

There are a few small niggles people should be aware of - sometimes the beans don't feed through but a quick shake solves that, and the fine ground coffee does have a habit of sticking to the side of the container because of static, but that is no big deal to me. Neither of these outweigh the good value for money that this represents in my opinion.

Some reviewers have commented that the safety mechanisms are a bit over-zealous but I've not had any experience of that.

All in all, this should be enough for an everyday coffee lover who wants to upgrade from buying ground coffee to having it fresh every day in the home - if you want something more than that though, you will have to pay for it.
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on 3 May 2011
picked up this grinder after a little research showed that burr grinders are preferable to blade grinders due to the control on grind size and the the reduced likelihood of scorching the beans. this grinder seemed to be a good compromise of value and quality.

it is an automated grinder; you simply drop in your beans, set the fineness and how much you want and press the button. it will grind away until the quantity has been reached and then it switches itself off.

a couple of things to note: sometimes beans can get stuck in the hopper and the unit needs a little shake to persuade the beans down into the grinder. also, the fine setting is very, very fine. i used it for an espresso machine and a stove pot and in both instances the resultant grind was too fine for the water to be able to force its way through. the espresso machine simply leaked and the stove pot blew a seal.

with all that in mind, this is an awesome little unit that allows us to enjoy freshly ground coffee for a very reasonable price.
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