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on 5 June 2010
Well, i've been looking for an docking system for a while and i came across this unknown name on amazon. Thanks for
the reviews guys, without them I wouldn't have bought this superb sound system.
As I've been always a fan of separated sysytem, i only believed in amp+speakers+cd player, but with kitsound, it's a different story now.
I still have my separate cambridge A5 + gale gold speakers, cost me over £250, don't get me wrong, they produce great sound; but now kitsound totally won my heart over, i just couldn't believe how good this all built in docking speaker is. Volume is loud enough to wake up your neighbours, treble is clear, bass can shake the floor, I absolutely believe this is one of the very best iopd docking speakers in the market right now.
Ps: my mate owns a B&W zepplin, sound is amazing, but to be honest, my kitsound is as good as his B&W, according to my ears.
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on 10 November 2011
Well, I feel quite passionate about the excellence of this product so 2 reviews for you, one quick and one long protracted affair for the tech geeks and audiophiles - I fall somewhere in the middle of the two.

Quick review. Simply put, their are better sound systems out there. They start at approximately £350-499. And they aren't leagues better either just technically better - Ill explain that in the detailed review.

For your money at the moment around £80 their is no better sound system on this planet. Stupendous value. After owning this for a year I've bought a second for my front room as my 2.1 system (I have babies who would eat and destroy a 5.1 - yes I know I'm upset about the lack of surround too) Its that good it makes my plasma TV's speakers sound like they are made of tin foil.

For those on a budget I would happily pay £200 for this I think its that good so around £80 is an absolute steal - get it.


Ok so how does this differ from:

BOSE £199-299, arcam rcube £350-, B&W zeppelin £499. - the main competition.

Bose - not the force they once were their tech has lost its way, my in ear buds were quite frankly rubbish as is their speaker system for ipod. So Boom-dock trounces all over it for bass, treble, volume and value. Sounds are clearer on the boom-dock too.

Arcam and B&W - These guys take audio processing to the next level by extracting the raw data from the iPod and not using the built in amplifier, instead using their own custom built audio processing chips which make up the bulk of the cost. These re-sample the mp3's filling in the parts that the mp3 compression has taken away producing a cleaner more natural sound, resulting in less distortion. If Price isn't an issue or you cannot tell the difference then I would plump for one of these two, but they are between 3-5 times more costly and they don't produce the same level of deep bass.

Personally Im not an audiophile and I actually prefer the raw sound the boom-dock pushes out.

As an iPhone 4 owner I admit I haven't experienced any interference but if you do switch it on to air plane mode. you're at home with a non portable device so people can reach you on the land line.

Lastly. FM/AM and not DAB. Thank god for that as FM sounds better. If you do want to listen to some random radio station on dab download TUNEIN app on iPhone/ipod touch or a similar streaming radio app, most are free anyway and sound fantastic on the boom-dock.

Quick point, the audio in allows you to connect any other device using 3.5mm to RCA. Buy a quality gold plated oxygen free copper cable for this to prevent distortion.

Hope this was helpful!!!

Interestingly have £20 off your first order which makes it £7 cheaper than amazon. (I bought mine at £69.99 off here a week ago)
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on 10 December 2010
Congratulations Kitsound on a brilliant product.Checking out docking stations you find plenty of flimsy plastic,rubbish sounding ,crap looking bits of kit at stupid prices.Top end you get two and three hundred pound docks that sound good but not hundreds of pounds good.Then you get a company like Kitsound who go out of their way to produce a great product at a great price(under a hundred pounds).When you recieve the product you get a shock by the weight of it.Robust is not the word,but to sound well you need a great accustic case and this has got it.Design wise it looks plain but real classy.Then you switch on.......then there is the shock........pure unadultarated class sound.better than any ive heard on my travels to find a good dock.Bose yes good sound but worth Four hundred pounds i think NOT.You will find the kitsound on a level par at a fraction of the price as 'What Hi-Fi' found out and awarded them five stars.
Thanks again Kitsonnd i'm looking foward to years of wonderful listening,and as well as this review i will be telling everybody about this product i just love it ,love it,love it,and i promise you will too unless you are a little simple.
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on 5 October 2012
If you were looking for an iPod/iPhone dock that will deliver good sound quality as well as have a good build quality you might be looking at £200 or more to get a bargain, and I never thought I could pick one up for less than £100 pound and not have to compromise on sound and build quality.

The BOOMDOCK Kitsound Boom Dock was one that I was skeptical about at first after looking at the price, but having tried it out, I can give you my verdict; first thing is to show you what you get inside the box and a first look at the product design.

Inside the box you get a remote control with batteries included, your dock port holder, AM/FM antenna, auxiliary cable.

Around the box, it has a nice, slick simplistic design to it with the few buttons to press and the volume control knob giving it a nice modern homely look should you wish to place it on your living room cabinet. The front has two satellite drivers and underneath is the down-firing subwoofer to give you the best base as possible. Underneath you also get four studs to keep it sturdy and help reduce any vibration from the base.

On the front you get your Tune + and - buttons, Input, volume control knob, alarm button and the power button and behind you will find a metal plate placed to help produce the best amplification; you have your AM/FM antenna port and a left and right audio port for your cinema system or games console. You can use the remote control to control the treble and bass to suit your hearing needs.

Sound quality and performance

With the option to connect just about any audio source to the Boom Dock, it is inevitably a sound system that serves its purpose and for less than £100 you are having nothing but a bargain. The bass sounded right with no crackling, vibrations even at high volumes and no distortion at all. The Kitsound Boom Dock is highly suitable for parties or even for general relaxation time. The only downside to the device is the lack of DAB radio functionality but you can download Tunein Radio app for your iOS or Android device and listen to all the available digital channels from there. What we also liked is how it charges your iPhone or iPod while its docked.
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VINE VOICEon 18 April 2010
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Many docking speakers struggle to make themselves heard, either because they don't have the volume or lack clarity. The Boomdock doesn't struggle.

The volume range goes from a whisper to absolutely, bloomin' too loud. Really, standing right next to this thing, I couldn't turn the volume to full. My sister gave it a go and the windows literally shook, whilst small objects danced across the table. If you like loud music, then you'll like this, the neighbours though... For me I couldn't really conceive of a time when I might need to play music that loud, that might just be me, but it's nice not having to struggle to hear over the sound of everyday background noise.

The Boomdock really handles bass notes well, you can feel them in your chest and through the floor and furniture. They never become loose and flabby at high volume either, retaining a definition as good as your music file. In fact audio quality isn't diminished for the sake of quantity at all and you can get as much out of a track at any volume.

A docked iPod can be utilised with the remote control, so you have effectively a very decent home stereo, and one that has cool, understated design.

Versatility hasn't been forgotten about either and there are multiple options with the boomdock. Having standard left/right audio in jacks, other audio equipment than an iPod can be connected. I tried with a Sony Ericsson w995 and got satisfying results, though the full range of functions that you get with an iPod aren't available. Televisions and computers ought to work just as well. An FM/AM radio and alarm clock function complete the range of features.

The asking price in light of this review is reasonable as other docking stations in this price range and higher may find it hard to compete with.
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on 20 September 2011

it literally shakes my whole house, not just insane bass but amazing clarity! i havent even had this on full and it blows me away. well worth the money you WILL NOT find a better docking station than this. i listen to all kind of music and this thing sounds amazing for everything from DRE.... TO MOTLEY CRUE THIS SOUNDS AMAZING!
i use it for my iPhone, old school iPod classic and my laptop ( comes with leads to plug into headphone jack) and my TV

the remote control is very clever, allowing you full access of all your ipod menu's and functions. it has a cheeky reset button which quickly lowers your volume to a nice steady level from THUNDERING LOUDNESS TO quiet chilled out listening with a touch of a button ( i have used this many times already in the middle of a quick blast)

this is by far the best dock out there and you MUST buy it you will not regret it,

it charges my iPhone perfectly and sits in there most of the day and i have never had any problems

5* for sure!

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on 29 March 2011
Bought the BoomDock in January. Wanted a dock that could charge and play music on my iPhone 4. The BoomDock is nothing short of superb. The folks who sell it recommend you put the phone into airplane mode as incomimg calls and texts can cause some static noise. As i wanted to use an iPhone radio app i needed to use the phones Wi Fi connection to recieve the channels and i've had no problem when calls and texts have came in. A message appears on the iPhone screen when you first connect informing you that the dock is not compatible. Just dismiss this and you're on your way to sonic heaven. Apart from the bass removing one of my fillings it's been a total pleasure so far !
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've auditioned quite a few iPod speakers over the years and never found one that I really liked that I could actually afford - I'd reconciled myself to having to find big money for something like a B&W Zeppelin to get true room-filling Hi-Fi sound. Then I met the Boom Dock.

Bass is usually the crucial factor for me - I want a lot of it but volume isn't enough on its own, it needs to be clear, punchy and undistorted and you have to feel it in your toes. To put this into context, when I was a reckless teenager with my first Hi-Fi I loved the lower frequencies so much that our neighbours put their house up for sale (no, I'm not joking) and were incredibly relieved when we moved before they had to. Be warned, it might look small and genteel but, in the hands of an expert, the Boom Dock could clear a street...

It doesn't just slam all your bass-lines either, the treble is clear and sharp without being harsh. Vocals sound especially great too with lots of 'presence', like your favourite singer-songwriter is in the room with you. As you ramp up the volume it hangs onto the fidelity and nothing rattles except the teeth in your head. It's not the most 'neutral' sound and audiophile purists might like something more polite but there's no denying the basic quality - you get the feeling someone designed this to really sound good and not just to fill a gap in the product range.

So what's wrong with it? Well, the circular arrangement of buttons on the remote would be much more intuitive if they mirrored the arrangement on most iPods. The numeric display is a bit bright (especially in standby) and there's no option to dim or extinguish it. Most significantly, there's very little stereo separation between right and left channels, but this is a limitation of any one-box design and isn't unique to the Boom Dock. However these points are really just nitpicking and you can forgive any minor weakness because the main feature, the sound, is so strong.

If you're looking for a great iPod speaker-dock at a realistic price then you really owe it to yourself to audition the Boom Dock before deciding. If there's a better sounding iPod speaker in this price-range I'd be amazed. Stop dreaming of Zeppelins and buy 4 of these instead, one for each room! Sometimes five stars aren't enough.
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on 29 January 2011
My Boom Dock arrived yesterday and I'm over the moon with it!

It looks stylish and seems well built, and has a weight to it that makes it feel sturdy and solid. The sound is impressive for a unit of it's size. Got this unit for my bedroom, but set it up in my lounge and it is certainly loud enough to use as a main system in a medium sized room. The vocals are treble are reproduced with clarity and detail. The bass is tight and punchy and really fills the room. Can hear it thumping away downstairs when walking around the house.
It puts a 2 x 80 watt(rms) mini system I own to shame.

I'm using a iPod nano 5th Gen and and iPhone for on it. An message comes up on the iphone4 saying that you may experience some interference to the sound. I got a small amount for a few seconds then it was perfect, without the phone being in flight mode which would eleminate this problem. My nano works perfectly on it.
The remote is a little on the light side, but you can scroll through the full iPod controls, choosing playlists, artists etc.

Read so many reviews and listened to loads of docks in shops. You'll need to spend at least double the price of this little gem to get a sound anywhere near. It's not far off the Bose and B&W Zepplin in terms of reproduction of sound and it's built in sub means it thumps harder.

For under £100 you can't go wrong.
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on 28 April 2011
Delivery was spot on as estimated with tracking all the way.
I cannot stress enough how the boomdock is such great value for money. If you are in doubt about buying this or something else in the same price range.... the boomdock is for you. Just look at the 5 star review that 'what hi-fi' magazine give it.
When my iphone is connected I can control Jango radio via the remote also, little extras like this just make it even more of a gem.
Whatever input i am using the sound is fantastic, i have been nowhere near full volume... no need to and the detail that can be heard is a joy.
I also have this conected to my Sky + HD box which was easy with the AV cables.
In all i would say great Sound, great easy funcionality, easy set up, just a great great product at an amazing price for the look, build and sound quality.
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