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The Macbook Pro, if I'm correct, is a laptop, which uses a different type of RAM, this RAM is designed for desktops. Try these It's through Amazon, and meant to be used in Apple products. It's also designed for laptops, as you can tell by its smaller form factor. As with any component, ensure you ground yourself by touching something like a metal PC case before touching the RAM, and hold the edges of the PCB at all times during installation, should you have any issues, test each stick individually, you should be able to send them back to Amazon for a full refund. An issue should be A) the computer does not turn on at all or B) you only have 4GB of RAM (after installing both sticks) Hope that helped.
28 Jan 2014 by Smaste
Hi L B., unfortunately I'm unfamiliar with Macs, but to the best of my knowledge they use SO-DIMM, and this memory is DIMM. SO-DIMM is what you'll find in Laptops and is therefore smaller (trying to fit a square block into a triangular hole). I'm sorry I can't help you beyond your best chance is for you to head to a Mac user forum and posting the question there, best of luck to you.
27 Dec 2013 by Smaste
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