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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 23 April 2012
I've been a Kindle owner since the very old and chunky Kindle 2 device. Here's my personal pros and cons on the new Kindle Touch:


1) Smaller and lighter than my previous Kindle Keyboard model. Dispensing with the physical keyboard and using an on-screen keyboard has saved a lot of space. This makes it nice and light to hold and also it's now small enough to fit into most of my handbags too.

2) The touch aspect is very responsive which is both good and bad. It's ever so easy to turn pages with a very light press on the right side for moving on a page or left for moving back. You can also swipe to turn pages too which again is very easy. I love the fact that Amazon have added up and down swiping while reading which means you can move to the next or previous chapter very quickly - if chapter markers have been added by the publishers in the book.

3) Using a touch screen is probably more intuitive for most people who are used to tablets and touch screen gadgets. It's great to be able to simply touch a word and you get your dictionary definition rather than having to navigate down to a word using buttons and then select it which is tedious.

4) I was very concerned about fingerprints over the reading screen but I've been pleasantly suprised with that. You do get fingerprints but they are admittedly very difficult to see on the matt finished screen unless you look closely. So hopefully that shouldn't put you off if fingerprints are a worry.

5) The text is clear and easy to read with lots of options of changing the size of the text and a few options on the font - just the same as with the Kindle Keyboard model. I compared both screens on my old and new device and noticed no difference with clarity of text between the two models.

6) Great new X-Ray feature (only works with some books where the publisher has provided it) which means you can see more info about characters, events and places with your book. This has been brilliant with reading the Harry Potter books where sometimes I want more detail. No having to go online to look it up - the extra info is there for you.

7) Some operations are made a lot easier with the Touch model like selecting words to get a dictionary definition, highlighting your favourite passages and quotes, adding a bookmark by just pressing the top right corner etc.


1) I can't type as quickly on a touch screen keyboard as I can on the physical one on my Kindle Keyboard model. This may not be an issue for most people but I use my Kindle as a research tool as well as to read books so sometimes I can make extensive notes. This will be a pain for me with the touch model - plus sometimes my fingers press the wrong key on the Touch model because they're not very big.

2) The touch screen is very responsive which has its good points as I mentioned in the pros. But it also causes some issues too because if I don't press the power button when I'm done reading to activate the screensaver right away then any accidental movement on top of the screen causes something to happen which has ended up with me losing my place while reading a few times. Also my clumsy fingers have pressed on screen items by mistake on a number of occasions causing me confusion as to where I was.

3) I definitely seem to get more screen ghosting with this model than with my Kindle Keyboard so I'm a little disappointed in that. First thing you might want to do when you get your Touch is to go to settings and make sure you get the device to refresh the e-ink on every page turn. If you don't then I kid you not, you will see parts of the previous screen 'ink' on the current page that you're reading and this is known as screen ghosting. It's very annoying. Even having the page refresh on every turn, I still get a little of this ghosting so that's a slight con for me.

4) My BIGGEST CON with this new Kindle is the lack of physical page turn buttons. Yes, I know it's a Touch model but personally I'd prefer the option of being able to use page turn buttons while reading OR to use the screen to navigate. Problem with using the screen is that your thumb (which you'll use to move forward and back whether tapping or swiping) ends up obstructing some of what you're reading. If you're a fast reader and turning pages quickly, this can be pretty annoying. I love the physical page turn buttons on my Kindle Keyboard and I just wish that Amazon had provided them as well with this model. Personally I don't want to have to touch the screen to do every single thing.

So while I think this new model is great and has many advantages over the Kindle Keyboard, I'm not giving it a full-out 5 star rating because the device isn't quite perfect for me. I don't see any improvement with the sharpness or clarity of text over the previous model, I do get a little of the annoying screen ghosting and I just wish Amazon had provided those physical page turn buttons as well so you're not forced into having to read by touching (and covering) the screen.

And that's my very honest take on it. Great model but just missed the mark of being the perfect Kindle model for me.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 21 May 2012
Up to this point I was completely against Kindle's for a number of reasons of which I'll discuss in the hopes to reassure people like me that the Kindle is the way forward. First of all let me tell you why I chose the Kindle Touch. For me, Kindle Touch seemed the most inviting because I was used to Touch screen but I was still a little worried about it's features. So here's what I was worried about and what I found out:

1. I was worried about the sensitivity of the touch screen: The Touch IS sensitive but in a great way - it takes only a very light tap or brush of the finger to turn the page. Additionally there are features which mean that if you press a certain area of the "page" or screen you can go forward, backwards or bring up some further options (like adding annotations or going to a specific page). In comparison to other touch screens, like the iphone let's say, it's less sensitive in my opinion. In particular, if you wanted to scroll down the page of a website (because yes, you can use the internet too) this is bit less sensitive and also, it can take a second or two to refresh the page that you're scrolling down to because of the E-ink mechanism.

2. What would this E-Ink mechanism actually mean for my reading experience?: Well E-ink to be honest just looks like any other reading format, the difference you'll notice is that when you change the page the screen refreshes almost instantly OR it will flash. Now this flashing can happen after every page if you set your Kindle to refresh it's E-ink after each page. Why would you want to do that? Well some people have noticed some sort of "ghosting" which essentially means you can still very faintly see the words from the previous page. I have never noticed this myself (probably because these people are experiencing a fault of some sort rather than a drawback of the Kindle). But anyway, you can select this option to refresh your ink and get a shiny new page. For me, E-ink is great. It takes a bit longer if you use the internet for the Kindle to refresh but overall you'd never know it wasn't just as always.

3. Would I be able to download books straight to my Kindle or is there a "middle man" if you don't have 3G?: At first I thought that maybe you'd need to hook up your Kindle to your computer in order to download books - like any other USB stick - but that's not the case at all. The Wi-Fi options for the standard Kindle Touch means that as long as you have an internet connection and a wireless connection to join you can download books onto your Kindle at any time. For example, if you're in a "hotspot" and you join the wireless network (which is simply one button push on the kindle) you can download straight away. The drawback maybe if you don't have 3G is that you can't do this ANYWHERE you can only do it where there's a wi-fi connection to join. With the 3G you can do this absolutely anywhere you like and amazon funds it. Personally, I chose the standard Touch because I don't travel a great deal but also if I knew I was going to be travelling I would just stock up on e-books before I left - therefore I wouldn't need 3G. But of course, if you're away for a great deal of time this may not be appropriate but for any week or two week holiday stocking up should be fine.

4.Can I keep my books forever? Well that seems to be the case because you have an "Archive" within amazon. Much like when you purchase a book normally, you have a previous history of purchases in your account which shows what you've bought and how much it cost you. Well now with Kindle you have a log of all of the e-books you download which is great because if you were to lose your Kindle, bought a new one or yours became damaged and was replaced you can go straight into this archive and re-download everything you already had. This is a tiny bit different for newspaper subscriptions in that after 7 years they delete because the Kindle deems them as out-of-date. BUT if you're not happy about this you simply archive certain articles or an entire paper so that you can keep it until you choose to delete it.

5.Would I miss books?: It's tricky because my favourite authors or books I know I'll love I still buy in paperback because sometimes a good book on a shelf is nice to look at. But no I don't really miss books because I still have them just I don't have to hold a heavy book in my hand anymore. And actually, I was getting tired of having book dents in my hands from where heavy books had been digging in whilst I'd been reading. I don't think the Kindle should be looked at as a book replacer unless you're looking for that. It has everything you could possibly want out of a book so it could be used in that way but for me, and I think for a lot of us, the Kindle is a way of reducing luggage whilst travelling, book dents in our hands and it's just something different and new for reading. For children, this thing makes reading seem fun but for adults it's an add-on to the reading experience. So what I'm saying is, don't look at the Kindle as the end to books, just as a different way to read if you wanted to - you can still read books too and have them age on your shelf.

6.Would it be too difficult to use?: Not in the slightest! This is something I was really concerned about because for some people reading is a relaxing way to spend our time and adding technology to it would inevitably confuse us right? Wrong. This is such a simple but brilliant device that has everything so easily laid out and structured that it's obvious how to use it. There's also a free e-book which comes on your Kindle that you can read straight away which is a step-by-step of how to use your Kindle. After reading maybe half of this I was well on my way. The buttons are not ambigious, they are very well labelled and categorised so that it's easy to see what you're looking for. The "Menu" button is your best friend because it brings up all these options for you.

7.Will it remember my page?: If you want it to, yes. There are bookmarking options but also the standby option. What this means is that, if you leave your Kindle for a short while it will put itself into standby whilst remembering what you were last looking at. Additionally you can tell it go into standby by very briefly touching the on-off button. Also, this button is well out of reach of being pushed by accident because it's right down the button and on the edge of the Kindle.

8.Are Kindle books more expensive?: That again was something I wondered about because to me, whats the point in buying a kindle if the books cost just as much. Well Kindle books range in price as you'd expect but a lot of them are FREE. Some other books are the same price as paperback, some are more expensive but these prices fluctuate. I've found the Kindle most useful for books which aren't published in paperback but are published as e-books. Some of my favourite authors write smaller novellas to go between their main novels which are only available in e-book format so that's a fantastic addition for me. I've found that a lot of the books I read, predominately young adult, are much cheaper in Kindle format so it's worked out well for me. I have noticed though that new books are often very close to the same price as a paperback so if you only read newly published books this might be something to take into consideration if you're just looking to save money.

But is there anything I don't like? At the moment, after having used it religiously, I just can't find anything worth mentioning. You can have free books, cheaper books sometimes too, it's easy to use and it looks quite nice too. If I had to pick something I'd pick the web browser feature.

Web browser feature: This feature had a couple of issues for me because initially my Kindle decided that even though all my settings were for UK that my primary source for the Kindle Store should be Amazon US. Now as I live in the UK I didn't really understand this but after using the browser to search for amazon UK it re-set itself and figured out that I'd be buying my books from the UK site. Additionally, something that annoyed me a little bit is the e-ink capabilities for web browsers. If you were to scroll down the page it's jumpy and quite slow because the ink has to reset and reprint new information - this is very different to turning a page in your book so don't think this will be the case whilst reading, it's just the web browser. Now the Kindle has labelled this feature as "experimental" so I suppose you have to expect some room for development. Still, it does the job and I'm able to buy e-books which is all I really wanted the feature for anyway.

So overall, if you're like I was and you're worrying that the Kindle just isn't for you then hopefully I've addressed some of the worries you might have. If there's anything I've missed out please comment below and I'll try my best to answer your question. The Kindle Touch is a great device. I can't compare it to previous Kindle's because I haven't owned one but I can more than recommend this - it's completely changed my mind about e-readers. Hope this helps.
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on 12 June 2012
I wasn't immediately keen on the idea of the Amazon Kindle as I thought I would lose some of the enjoyment of the reading experience - I suppose I thought it would be like reading from a standard computer screen. That was until I had a look at my mum's Kindle and from the moment I started reading I knew I had to have one!

I ordered the Touch, as for £20 more you get a more slimline product, and I am delighted with it.

It is light, attractive and comfortable to hold;

The screen is responsive, but not excessively so;

It is nicer to read than paper. I activated the 'refresh e-ink after every page turn' feature to avoid the ghost writing that people have warned of and have not found it to be a problem whatsoever;

It is simple to shop for books using the Touch screen, and downloads take less than a minute to appear on your Kindle;

It has superb features such as the 'x-ray' which, if the book you're reading is enabled, allows you to 'dig deeper' into the story. Such a good feature! I also love the automatic bookmark, the option to highlight text and save quotes in a 'cuttings' file;

When you touch a word with which you are unfamiliar or do not understand the meaning of, the Oxford definition comes up. This has enhanced my reading experience immeasurably;

The screensavers are very nice and enhance the product and my enjoyment of it - they have an artsy feel, which I love;

The thing I love most is this: when you're lying down and reading it is so comfortable. I used to like the idea of relaxing with a good book, but trying to read the words which had been printed too close to the binding, folding back pages and then losing my place, bulkiness, heaviness... all these things and more used to make reading difficult. The Kindle has actually enabled me to love reading again, and I really can relax with a good book now (or 3000 - which is what it holds) while lying down or even in bright sunlight.

I love it, and could probably go on and on about how good I think it is.

I would love to own a Kindle Touch cover by Amazon but they are too expensive, which is a shame, as that would be the 'icing on the cake'. I will have to buy a generic one from eBay instead!

I would wholeheartedly recommend this product - I will never go back to ordinary books after reading from a Kindle. In fact I sold most of them!

5 big, flashing, bold, bright and beautiful stars from me :-DD
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on 21 June 2012
First, let me just quickly say that I've rated the Kindle Touch as 5 stars because I love it and not because it's completely flawless. With this is mind, read on.

If you're thinking of getting a Kindle Touch you're either a tech savvy geek upgrading or you're coming in to the Tablet/ Ebook world as a newbie. Very few people will be staring at Kindle pictures and browsing reviews with such persistent if they're already a tablet owner. So for this reason I'm not going to flounder around and try and tell you if a Kindle Touch can meet your needs according to what they may or may not be. Instead I'm going to tell you very clearly whether it's worth the upgrade or the plunge.

The answer if very definitely yes.

If you're considering it as an upgrade and are comparing it to previous versions of the Kindle then quite simply it's sexier. Being sleeker, smoother and having some design tweaks makes the Kindle Touch feel and look that much more streamlined and even natural. If you're used to a touch screen in some form then this will feel like second nature very quickly. After only a few hours of swiping or taping (I vary it depending on my mood) going back to the Keyboard version is tedious and clunky. Highlighting is far easier (something I never thought I'd find myself doing but because of the effortlessness I have taken up - I highlight words I've never come across before so I can quickly flick back and find them at another time) and navigating the menu takes only seconds.

Whilst some critics have complained about the lag I think that's more to do with their tapping it too hard or long which like constant double clicking on a PC causes loading to actually increase because you're effectively making more commands. It's true that the touch screen isn't as fast as the best Samsung Androids/Tab or iPhones/ iPads but it's no slower than the lower ranges of such makes and it's one hundred times better than the WH Smiths rival Kobo reader!

For those worried about complexity - fear not! My own 60 year old, technophobic mother got to grips with it with very little help from myself in less than an hour. This is the same woman whom after 4 years of my constant reteaching cannot attach files to emails. It's in moments like this that the Kindle Touch strongly reflects an Apple product and I can only thank Amazon for this. It looks good, it feels good and it's easy to use.

The screen doesn't have a lock so unless you turn it on it is constantly 'live' and 'active'. Hypothetically, this is a negative as you could easily touch the screen and be flicking pages. However, unlike when I knock my Samsung galaxy with my wrist the Kindle Touch seems only to properly respond to finger tips. Which almost solves the issue - one I fretted about before I took the plunge and bought it. I also find that keeping it in a case means your finger positioning is ever so slightly different in the way you hold the device so accidental touching is never really an issue.

The other disadvantage that I had read about before getting one was the ghosting. If you're not familiar with the term it effectively means you can see the page before. Under the bright lights of John Lewis, flicking exceptionally fast (I went to try before buy) I did notice this. Then again I was looking for the problem after reading about it. Once I had my own however, in normal house lights and in daylight I find it isn't as noticeable. Moreover, like all things in life, once you forget about it you don't realise it's there. Like when you live next to a train track or the airport. You become immune to it. Changing how often the pages completely refresh also affects this so it's very easy to almost completely be rid of it.

Although I don't believe there were any outright claims about battery, I have personally found that it charges more effectively and holds battery for longer than the Kindle Version 2 (no Keyboard but no touch). I constantly have my Wifi on too yet since buying it in March have only had to charge it once which is excellent if you're travelling!

In addition, smaller than the Keyboard Kindle but barley noticeably bigger than the Version 2, the Kindle Touch still fits in my smallest clutch bag.

I could say a lot more about this product that I was first so sceptical about but have fallen in love with but I think I've covered the most important points that you'll want to know about/ have already read about.

One last thing, I am a bookworm through and through and buying a Kindle Touch hasn't changed this. I haven't given up buying paperbacks and I still love the smell of books and the feel of the paper as it runs through your fingers. However, with Project Gutenberg [...] making so many classic books free and some great deals on new releases/ top rated titles, the Kindle Touch has not replaced but rather carved out a new little book area in my heart. It's just accessible in a different, more convenient way. Long live literature! Now go and get your new Kindle Touch :)
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on 25 April 2012
I bought the new Touch to replace my old Keyboard 3, thinking that it would be so much better. I am sure that in many ways it is. The print is as Kindle has always been; bright, clear and sharp. It is lighter and smaller than the old KK3, though some of that lightness will go when a case is put on it - especially if you need a light. The build quality is good, I liked the feel of the back, not just smooth, but a bit of grip. I appreciated that the USB cable was a good length, so many products have cables that are too short. I found the keyboard easy to use and the menu system was very much the same as my old version, so no problems there. I was afraid a touch screen would get dirty with fingerprints and make the whole thing hard to read, but no, it was great. Downloading books was a breeze as well. I found the page turning sluggish and often had to tap or swipe more than once to get it to work. My main disappointment with this new Touch is the ghosting on the screen. Even using the page refresh setting so it refreshed each page turn, I was still getting ghosting. It is very distracting. I have decided to return my Touch and wait for an updated version with some of the little niggles sorted out. It has great potential and the selection of books is the best. I just wish it was a bit farther down the line in development.
UPDATE: my Touch was faulty and Amazon has replaced it. No ghosting on this one, even on 6 page refresh, and the page turn is nice and fast now. So, I have changed rating to reflect this.
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on 13 May 2012
Increasing health problems have meant that reading and holding conventional printed books is now difficult most the time, and sometimes impossible. I was bought, as a gift, one of the newly released Kindle Touch (UK release April 2012)with the view that it might bring back the pleasure I used to have reading.

So far, after 2 weeks of use, there have been no problems with the device at all and its performance has exceeded expectations. Now, I must admit that this is my first experience of an e-reader device (I have not used any tablets yet, either) so I am in no position to compare with other similar technology. But, here is my take on the pro's and con's of the Kindle Touch (2012 vintage).

The set-up of the Kindle was fairly straight-forward - after reading the manual from cover to cover (I am one of those saddo's who download manuals on their laptop so they can swot-up before the device has even been delivered!). The setup of the Kindle account/ wireless connection/ e-book management system (called "Collections") is not too deep in the menu system as to be user unfriendly. Anybody who is a technophobe could get a techie friend set up in a few minutes - thereafter..... don't need to do anything more!

Things I like:
1.The device is easy to hold (about 330g with extra protective case; quite compact);
2. Screen very easy on the eyes, less fatiguing;
3. Font changeable and re-sizable;
4. Touch screen Navigation of books, mini-onscreen keyboard and menu system is surprisingly precise - even with nerve damaged, ill-coordinated digits!;
5. Able to carry around loads of books (and PDF/ Word DOC documents!) without knackering myself!
6. Easy to purchase books from Amazon.
7. The Daily Deal - books for 99p. Excellent!
8. Long charge-life of battery.

Things I Don't like:
1. The robot sounding text to speech facility;
2. The naff products that some publishers are putting out for Kindle - check the book & newspaper/ magazine reviews for KINDLE versions on Amazon before buying (if they offer a trial or sample to download - do that, before you part with hard earned cash!). eg some books etc are put out as Kindle versions, but do not have necessary pictures converted and included in the new version :o( BUYER BEWARE!!
3. Not able to use the Kindle with e-books from the electronic UK Library - the DRM protected E-PUB format that UK libraries use is not usable with Kindle devices.
4. Unable to bring onboard anyother formats of e-book other than the Kindle formats (MOBI; AZW; PRC) -Amazon, I suppose have to make a living. I normally buy my books via Amazon, but I would like the option. Not everything I would like is available in Kindle version.

Handy things to know:
1. Can convert E-PUB books (non-DRM protected) into Kindle format using free software (Google "Calibre").
2. Loads of free e-books available on Interweb (and indeed, to their credit, Amazon - look for "Free book collections" for out of copyright stuff).

Summary: For what I wanted, reading books with less physical effort, it does a stormingly good job. Just don't expect to play "Angry Birds" on it!
ps don't reply if you have found a way to do that - I'm not interested!! lol.
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on 21 April 2012
I received my Kindle Touch today after my boyfriend got it for my birthday. I had it out of the box straight away, plugged in to mains to charge (I didn't buy a mains charger specifically for it, it worked fine with my phone charger USB plug which I bought for 2 quid) and used it straight away. Very easy to set up to my normal amazon account, and the touch screen is a joy to use. I haven't used a Kindle before so I'm not sure how this compares to the previous version. I can't imagine not having the touch screen though. I was able to get on to Wifi and had a browse of some websites which I was really surprised it could do! The screen is fantastic, completely glare free and I love that you can change the fonts. I immediately changed it from the standard font as I always find the norman Times New Roman type fonts hard on the eye. So having a choice is just great. I sometimes struggle to read books, as the fonts can be quite small, and I find holding a book open a hassle. The Kindle is great for solving this. Very happy with my pressie! Great gift for anyone.
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on 21 April 2012
I bought my wife a standard kindle for Christmas last year and was so impressed with it that i thought i would get one for myself. As i was about to order it i noticed that the touch model was coming out soon and thought i may as well pay the extra to get the latest version, although it meant a few weeks wait (.....i am not very patient when waiting for new toys to arrive).

When i saw it was being released a week early i started to regret opting for the super saver delivery (although this seemed a good idea at the time) but was pleased to see the postmman walking up my drive this morning bearing gifts (and not another bill).

After managing to despatch the kids to bed (and having been charging the touch this pm) i set about seeing whether i had wasted £20 in getting the touch instead of the standard model and am pleased to say that i made the right choice.
Firstly, its the new model kindle; to a bloke the new model of any product is always better than the old (...well, usually...) and secondly because it really is easier to use. I found it is a bit of a pain to use the little buttons to work a cursor around the page on the old model kindle and despite a few worrying reviews about the responsiveness of the touch screen i am pleased to find my concerns were unfounded (i suppose reviewers have to write some negative stuff about everything to prove they are not on the payroll).

I have found the operating system easy to use and it was really easy to register the kindle and set up wireless access.....i didn't go for the 3G model as i couldn't ever see a time when i was so desperate to get a book that i couldn't wait a few hours.

I find the screen easy to read and it has lots of useful features (which are all listed in the techspecs). The best thing is that most of the books are cheaper to buy in kindle format than in print and there are loads of free books (which can take a little time to find sometimes).

I would thoroughly recommend the touch model over the normal model (although my wife says she prefers hers...........i'm not sure if this is because she is a technophobe or just jealous) and is well worth the £20 extra. If any one is thinking of buying a first e-reader i would say DO IT, and buy a kindle touch.

I also bought an amazon cover for the touch.......this was very expensive at £30 but i justified it by using birthday money from my sister....thanks sis. It fits perfectly and is much better than my wifes non-amazon one.....but she prefers hers because it is blue and because it was cheaper. If you have the money it is a great cover....but at approx 30% of the price of the actual machine i think this is probably a tough call.

Overall this is a great product and one i am going to get a lot of use from (kids permitting). If anyone is reading this review thinking about whether to splash out or not i would definitely say....splash out!
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Wow! got mine very quickly, worth paying for the one day postage option that Amazon offer.

I have the Kindle Keyboard 3G model which I love, I wanted a Kindle for my wife and this seemed an ideal option, thought it would be easier with the touch screen, she's not the best with gadgets.

The Kindle is similar to the model which was introduced to the range around Christmas which is an ideal size, screen is 6" E Ink. Can be seen in poor light and direct sun light.

The touch screen is broken up into sections, touch the screen one side it changes pages forward, other side goes back. Bottom of the screen is a button which serves as the home page. It is very easy to use and my wife seems to manage it with out any problems. To change the size of the text is the same motion as when you want to resize a photo or text on a touch screen phone, took a bit to work out as the user guide was hard to follow.

Using the touch screen is very easy, far more involving than my keyboard model. Found looking for a book in the Kindle store easier as the keyboard isn't as fiddly as my older kindle.
You can swipe to change pages as well as touch. If you want to look up a word all you do is press the word, much better the the keyboard navigator

I ordered the wi-fi model rather than the 3G model, I have 3G with the other Kindle I have and for the price it doesn't give much, these days your never far from from a wi-fi signal, I thought the 3G would be great when I'm on Holiday in our caravan in France, which it is, but there is also Free Wi-Fi. I also have a netbook which follows me around so can always hook the Kindle to the USB and download via that. One thing that I didn't think about was when the caravan wi-fi didn't work and then 3G is a massive must.

A few earlier Kindles had a slow page turn but these have the later software which has sorted out the slow page turn.

A superb model, might be worth upgrading your old Kindle If you want a small more interactive model. I may try and persuade my wife to have my old one and I'll have the new one.


First touch developed a fault, it had a line from west to east of the screen that was present all the time, tried the reset that is suggested via the Kindle help but made no difference. When you log on to the Amazon returns page it gives you a link to phone, you give it your telephone number and it rings you instantly, a chap from Amazon answered (Josh) who asked a couple of questions then arranged for a replacement which arrived next day, i also have a return postage label to send the old back with, perfect service, I bet you wouldn't get that service from one of the high street multiples.
Thank you Kindle support.
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on 22 August 2012
what an amazing item a kindle is, and i didnt even know i wanted or needed one. i have always loved reading and to get a book for christmas or birthday is the best present you can give me, my collection of books was outstanding and took up a lot of space, but i have been seeing more and more people with kindles and wondered what all the fuss was about, so with a bit of research i was amazed at this little gadget that can hold over 2000 books

so why a kindle touch, well i like the ease with which you can just touch the screen and the page turns, easy to use, and no you are not aware of finger marks on the screen to distract from the book, and cos i wanted a touch screen

as i dont have wi-fi thats a bit more of a challenge getting books from amazon but it can still be done with usb...and everyday i download books that i fancy..mostly the free ones at the moment, well why not there are plenty of free books that are amazing and i am still playing with the kindle, as with all new gadgets it takes time to get use to something

and all my other books, i have given them away to a charity shop and will be collecting my favourite authors from now on on my kindle, plus having a kindle in my bag for the bus is so much lighter than a real book and doesnt take up that much room either, so i no longer have to worry about weight when travelling abroad, plus books in other countries as in new zealand are very expensive and now i carry my entire library with me, how cool is that
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