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  • Kestrel 4500 Weather and Environmental Anemometer with Bluetooth - Yellow
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Kestrel 4500 Weather and Environmental Anemometer with Bluetooth - Yellow

by Kestrel

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  • Handheld tool for measuring wind speed, temperature, barometric pressure, and altitude
  • May be vane mounted to be a rapidly-deployable fully functional weather station.
  • Flip-top impeller cover allows use of other functions while protecting the impeller
  • Multi-function 3-line display; automatic and manual data storage
  • Bluetooth Data Transfer allows the user to wirelessly send data to smart phones and PC computers

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£524.25 & FREE Delivery in the UK. Details Only 2 left in stock (more on the way). Dispatched from and sold by Amazon. Gift-wrap available.

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Product Description

Product Description

For years our customers have been asking for wind direction along with wind speed. The Kestrel 4500 does just that with its built in digital compass. But it doesn't stop there. It also calculates crosswind and headwind/tailwind with reference to a user-set target heading, and stores the information along with all the other environmental readings in its 1400 data point memory.

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Kestrel has outdone themselves 10 Dec. 2008
By HMMWV - Published on
Verified Purchase
Kestrel's patents on a low cost precision istrument have been expanded with the model 4500. Our troops oveseas have come to rely on the accurate data from the kestrel to indicate signs of dehydration, wind, dew point, condensation, all of which it measures with grace.

I bought my first 2 Kestrel 4000 units and I must caution that with excessive use (battery changing) they eventually broke the battery door on both units. I'm subtracting one star from an otherwise perfect product because Kestrel has chosen not to incorporate a green rechargable option yet and still uses AAA alkaline or lithium cells - HOWEVER -

In the earlier models (4000) if you wanted a graph over time you had to leave the unit turned on CONSTANTLY - batteries were dead in 3 days, which wasn't bad for a 2xAAA alkaline system. With the 4500 you leave the unit turned off and give it a wakeup period (say every 30 minutes) when it takes measurements of every weather reading and stores them in memory then powers off right away. My first 2 aaa batteries have been in the unit since I got it and are at 87% full so no more "always on" usage - a big fix.

The case is hermetically sealed to prevent moisture from entering the electronics. The data output is infrared allowing you to download the long term data sets.

Additionally, the 4500 has a compass and optional mounting bracket so you can track wind direction and crosswind.

Kestrel makes 2 versions of the 4500 - Mine is the bright yellow with a neon blue backlight. For military purposes they make an olive drab green case with a subdued red backlight that does not interfere with night vision equipment.

All data (humidity, dewpoint, heat index and a ton more) are graphed based on the time index you specify in setup. The sealing allows you to use it outside in the moisture without fear of damage. Graphical data is viewable at each point you specify numerically with a cursor later. Days of data can be stored, allowing you to review barometric pressure over time in this manner.

Timekeeping has improved over the 4000 model which is a real help as the 4000 gained or lost 3 minutes a week. So far the 4500 is dead on.

The wind speed meter installed in the unit is removable and replacable for about $20. It is very accurate and uses a magnet that rotates. This speed sensor is common among all of the Kestrel products.

Finally you can choose the units you want data displayed in e.g. mph/kmh, deg C / F. It is small, light, comes in a protective case and has software for documenting weather data on your computer.

I would easily give it 5 stars if they used a li-ion battery / charger but the wakeup mode in the 4500 makes it very stingy on the batteries versus the older model so I'm not too concerned about breaking the battery door. One nitpick - there is no rain sensor in the small package so it is not "complete" but good enough for my use.

Given the wide array of sensors and low price plus PC connectivity and a much better design of software, I would highly recommend this to anyone needing critical weather data in a small package.
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this *IS* the version used by the US Military 15 Sept. 2009
By HMMWV - Published on
The Kestrel 4500/4500NV is a pocket sized weather station weighing in at a mere 102 grams with NIST tracable accuracy, trend recording data for plots of barometric pressure over time (in days) or windspeed (in minutes), and numerous calculations of wind chill, heat index, and many more. Its compass is one of the most accurate electronic compasses I have used (and I use garmin's frequently) with a reading to the nearest degree that is repeatable. Using just 2 AAA batteries and an included brace to prevent them from rattling causing compass errors, it provides 400 hours of active usage or months of weather trend logging.

Basically the older 4000 unit had a few bugs, mostly with the extreme case sealing to make the unit watertight so it could be left outside overnigt or dunked in the water. While you could buy the 4000 in grey or orange and get the same electronics, the olive drab 4500NV is substantially different than the 4500 yellow model. The NV stands for night vision and uses a backlight scheme that is compatible with Gen 3 NV goggles. While both units are identical during the day, at night the 4500NV has a dimly backlit display while the 4500 yellow case has a bright green backlight along the lines of the timex indiglo (TM) design. If you are using night vision goggles, the 4500NV is the proper version, however many people have complained that without NV goggles the backlight is not sufficient on the 4500NV compared to the 4500. Unfortunately the case color and backlight go together and you can not swap either. While the 4500NV is not invisible to the naked eye, it is sure dim compared side by side with the 4500. To sum it up, the 4500NV can be used on a dark night if your eyes have adapted.


The 4500 is an amazingly accurate piece of weather forcasting equipment, however there are a handfull of functions left out. Keeping in mind the 4500NV is a low power device designed to run for months of plotting pressure / temperature / windspeed trends, it lacks such items as a moon phase calculator found in garmin's handheld GPSs. For a true military mission meterological data on a full moon or new moon is always taken into consideration, but your gps will tell you that. Given that 2 lithium AAAs will power the 4500NV for 6+ months of 30 minute weather samples, I can do without the moon function to know when the coolest time of day is and the pressure trend over the past 3 days.

I think both military and non-military users would have liked a design with a choice of colors and a switch in the setup menu for NV backlight or normal eyes backlight, but perhaps we will see this in some new 4XXX model down the road.


Basically it's a weather station in the hand and lightweight enough to take with you. It serves the medic, the sniper, and the intelligence planner with up to the minute accurate information.

Timekeeping is great - with a clock settable down to the second and fantastic accuracy it's seldom +/- 1 second with my GPS - better than alot of watches.

Another major pro - because the whole unit is hermtically sealed - if you want to know water temperature, just dunk it into the water and set it for measuring temp. It won't damage the unit provided you stay within specified boundaries (e.g. don't try to boil it)

A personal favorite pro which is common to most kestrel units are 3 user setup screens in which you can put any reading from the supported set and have 3 "windows" for such readings. For example, you can make one screen to measure barometric pressure related values, one for temperature values (e.g. temp, wind chill, heat index), and the 3rd screen for wind related measurements (wind speed, wind chill, crosswind) which you use when the protector is open. In this way you can customize the display to your liking.

The final pro is that although you have a compass and altimiter you now have a non-GPS dependent navigation tool with fast response time and light weight. While the Kestrel 4500 costs more than some $99 GPS handhelds, none of them can tell you if a storm is approaching and none will work for months on one set of batteries.

Overall the 4500 and 4500NV represent significant advances over their cousin the 4000 model. Choosing which to buy is tied to the backlight and case color. If you are really fond of the olive drab color at the expense of a bright backlight, then the 4500NV is the model to buy. If a yellow case is fine and you prefer the indiglo style backlight, the normal 4500 is the one to buy. Either way you'll be very happy with the PC connectivity, accessories, and reliability of your palm sized weather station.

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Evolution of the Kestrel 4500NV 26 Dec. 2008
By HMMWV - Published on
During the Iraqi and Afghanistan campaigns, soldiers needed to know fairly precise windspeed for artillery and marksmanship purposes. In fact, some rifle scopes today expect the user to own a kestrel wind speed meter and need the data from the meter to compute the scope adustment.

Kestrel worked with the US DOD to make the 4500NV (after all the 4000 was hunter orange) - in fact they worked so hard that the backlight on the 4500NV (NV stands for Night Vision) is so dim that it is not as useful as the standard 4500 (bright yellow case) which has a nightlight like a timex indiglo watch (too much for our Gen 3 NV systems).

The download data function *IS* very slow - the reason is that the case is weather sealed and the data is sent and received using infrared diodes on the back of the case. Back in the days prior to usb, these went to a 2400 - 9600 baud serial line, and they were fine. The USB version of the data adapter maintains the clock rates of the old serial standard to be compatible.

The biggest win for the user is that on the 4000 you had to leave it turned on all the time if you wanted a graph of weather readings every XX minutes to predict the weather. It did a great job graphing, but also drained the battery, and there was no way to tell the 4000 to wake up every 30 minutes, take a reading, and go back to sleep. The 4500 series does this so now you get accurate weather without wasting batteries. In fact, 2 batteries which lasted 3 days on the 4000 can last 3 months on the 4500 due to this one simple improvement.

Other military uses of the Kestrel are the Heat Index function which is used to ensure troops do not become dehydrated and to assess the risk of heat stroke in the summer sands of iraq. High in the mountains of Afghanistan and other-stans the windchil function is of great value.

For civilian uses, the 4500NV looks cool but unfortunately you give up alot of usage when the brighter glow of the 4500's backlight would be nice. The 4000 was made in 2 colors - hunter orange and black. It's too bad kestrel marries the feature set with the case color.

Other than that they are identical. A pet peeve of mine is that you can not strap on the computer interface while the unit is in the windvane to give direction data. If you could, you would get live, real time weather data. unfortunately the cable drag would be prohibitive so you must collect data over time, then remove the unit from the windvane and dowload the data. I guess you can't have your cake and eat it too.
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By Gary - Published on
I've owned this meter for some time. The reality is that Kestrel has not posted current production software for this meter to be used with Windows 7 and the latest .NET environment.

Given the cost of these meters anyone would EXPECT that the support software would be robust, and available.

The reality is that the Kestrel support site requires that the moderators approve EVERY post that you make on the site! So this means that if you have a disagreement with their business practices, your posts WILL NOT BE APPROVED!

If you simply want to use the meter by itself, without transmitting data or being able to backup the unit's configuration, then you are fine.

Otherwise, the support and software that is SUPPOSED to be available is not. The only thing they have posted on their website is a few years old.

This is an expensive item and everyone should expect top-of-the-line support.
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Kestrel 4500 1 Jun. 2009
By Terri L. Welisek - Published on
Verified Purchase
This thing is GREAT!!! I fly, sail, do astronomy, target shoot, hunt. Basically a lot of stuff that is weather related. The Kestrel 4500 is very pricy, but everything works as advertised. From the other reviews I gathered that the battery door is flimsy. It is, you have to take care not to break it off when loading the batteries, but once they and their spacer are in place. the thing is accurate, intuitive and provides just about every piece of weather data you would want to use.

The wind speed and direction, crosswind and headwind calculations are excellent for flying. Density altitude is also very handy too.

For astronomy, being able to watch the temp and dewpoint is real handy to know when to turn on dew heaters. I pondered over getting the "night vision" version so that the light wouldn't blow my dark adaption, but the green LED backlight isn't too bright.

The altitude and baro pressure features are very simlar to an aircraft altimiter, if you know one, you can get the other.

The graphing is really cool, easy to read, the increments can record from 2 seconds to hours.

I'm sure the wind chill and heat index will be handy during those extremes.

The battery life is practically "forever" with two AAA batteries.

Overall, if you need a device like this, get this thing. It just comes with a lanyard and soft pouch, but I'd recommend buying the belt clip pouch too.
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