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4.5 out of 5 stars845
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 6 February 2010
I believe the smoothie maker really is a must-have, especially for all those looking for a cheap, quick, and (most importantly) a delicious way to bring more fresh fruit and veg into their daily diet.

Apart from the colour (black), this is essentially the same model as the silver-coloured Kenwood Smoothie To Go SB055 Smoothie Maker, which I originally bought over two years ago now, and which is still going strong. (And used at least four or five times a week on average over that period, that's my first and only smoothie maker). So I suggest you check out the other reviews (including mine) on Amazon about that model too.

Note for first-time users: Don't be conned into buying any smoothie recipe books; it's like telling you how to boil an egg! I say: The recipe for any smoothie is simplicity itself: Half a dozen ice cubes (essential); some tap water (or other liquid) for lubrication (also essential); various fruits of your choosing, veg, nuts, fresh yoghurt - and you're away! Be original: Make up your own recipes as you go along, So now you have no excuse for walking past the fresh fruit and veg counter next time you're in your local supermarket. Equally good with frozen ingredients, even frozen spinach works (although better tasting with fresh soft fruits, easier on rotor blades too, see second update below).

Please note that the motor in this smoothie maker, based on my experience with the silver-coloured model, is robust and reliable, but common-sense tells you it is not designed to run like a car engine. I've used my smoothie maker regularly for almost two years now, it still runs as good as new: but I never keep the motor running for more than ten or fifteen seconds at a time. It's simply not necessary - indeed, I usually find less than 10 seconds is more than enough time to do the business. (And I believe this also keeps the motor in good health).

Highly recommended. The smoothie maker is a must-have, especially for those looking for a cheap, quick, and delicious way to bring more fresh fruit and veg into their daily diet. Don't miss out!

Update: July 5th 2010 - Today, I had my first problem after over two years' regular use with this smoothie maker (silver model). Motor whirred round, made a lot of noise, but failed to turn mixture and make smoothie! Cause - Overloaded with fruit, I had not properly sliced the mango/apple chunks, and I had perhaps also been too sparing with the tap water for lubrication. Remedy: Switched off motor - immediately - when this happened. Simply took out some of excess load (into the second beaker) and also cut up/sliced up the apple/mango more/added some more water. And tried again. Voila! Problem solved. Even regular users of this product can sometimes misjudge and overload the beaker in this way - but the problem is easily remedied - just remember to switch off and reduce the load - and not to blame the smoothie maker! And of course never keep the motor running when the mixture is clearly not turning, you must reduce load and/or add more liquid.

Further update: July 28th, 2010 - Today, another problem! This time, smoothie maker (silver model) made horrible loud screeching noise, and turned mixture much too slowly. Cause - Rotor blades damaged. The rotor blades are in the lid unit, these are delicately balanced, and they can be damaged by anything too hard, and once this happens, difficult to repair, even though they still look okay, they must remain in perfect balance. This was my mistake (again)- a small, very hard piece of fruit included in the smoothie mixture, should have been removed. The motor in the main unit still works fine - and as I also have a spare Smoothie 2Go SB055 - previously unused - I found that merely replacing the rotor blade unit in the lid solved the problem. I decided to phone Kenwood to buy a spare rotor blade unit, but they refuse to sell this as a separate item, so if you don't have a spare, you must buy a complete new smoothie maker! (The customer rep told me that they can't sell the rotor blade unit as a spare because it is now 'obsolete'. But as I pointed out, it is not obsolete at all, as Kenwood continue to sell this item whenever they sell a complete Smoothie2Go unit, indeed it is an essential component, of both the SB055 and SB056 models. I said to the Kenwood rep that I wanted to complain about this poor service, and was referred to their website, but could not find anywhere there to record this complaint).

Anyway, in summary, my smoothie maker (silver model) continues to work just as well as ever, despite this problem, albeit I had to cannibalise my spare for a new rotor blade unit, which Kenwood refuses to sell as a separate spare item, preferring to inform customers that it is now 'obsolete', so they must buy a complete new smoothie maker. (What would you think if you had to buy a new car, whenever the fan belt goes, because the manufacturer refused to sell the fan belt as a separate item, telling you it is now 'obsolete'?) I still think five stars for the smoothie maker, but now I deduct one star for poor service from Kenwood.

Further note (3rd November 2014) Thank you Veterinario for pointing out that you can now easily buy replacement rotor blades (at a very modest price too) direct from Kenwood . For more details, copy and paste the following link into your browser:,642769
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on 4 June 2014
I've had quite a few blenders and smoothie makers over the years, but once I tried this one, I was hooked!

1. Compact design that doesn't take up too much room on worktop.
2. Makes great smoothies.
3. Soooo easy to clean, and in you know it's clean as there aren't any bits you can't get into, unlike some smoothie machines.
4. Handy lids for if you want to transport your drink, and they don't leak!!

Not really anything more you could ask for from a smoothie maker.

My one has been going strong for the last 4 years, and I bought one for each of my sons to take with them when they went to university.

Interestingly, of all the smoothies we've done over the years, hubby and sons all have the same favourite one, and it's probably about the simplest one to do too, although it does need a little bit of forward planning:

Whenever you have an over-ripe banana, slice it up and freeze it (with slices in a single layer) in a food bag. (Having the slices in a single layer makes it easier for the blade and motor to deal with). Or, like us, buy a big bunch of bananas, let them go very ripe then slice, put in single layers in food bags and freeze!
Put milk (we use skimmed and it's fine) and frozen banana into smoothie maker.
It's as simple as that.
If you blend it a little longer than you think you need to, it will thicken up slightly, which seems to add to the texture.
One of my sons has likened it to a McD's milkshake!!
This smoothie doesn't seem to need any ice added, presumably because the banana is frozen.
(It's nowhere near as good if the banana isn't frozen!)
This smoothie doesn't keep well, so it's better for immediate consumption rather than to make ahead.

Anyway, back to the smoothie maker:

Buy it, it's great!
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on 24 February 2014
Simple and easy to use. Also easy to clean.
Very reasonable for the price paid.
Needs quite a bit of 'start up liquid' with some harder fruit/veg.
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on 25 September 2015
I purchased this as wanted to start making breakfast smoothies and saw this item as a recommend smoothies maker in a magazine article. The design of this Kenwood smoothie maker makes it blend in with other kitchen appliances and doesn't look out of place. The smoothie maker itself does the job its intended for. My tip on smoothie making is not to overload the cup with veg / fruit and if using something like spinach make sure to finally chop it other the blades cant cope and it take a while longer to blend.

The device has a high and low power function and comes with a recipe book, i tend to blend high for 15 seconds then low and check to see if all the bits have gone. The ease of use with the fact it comes with two cups with handles to blend the smoothie means you can make two at once, also when the smoothie is ready you can just pop the black lid on the cup and you are good to go as the lid comes with an opening and you can drink the smoothie straight from there. i would recommend if you intend to but it in a bag then make sure it stands up otherwise there can be some leakage from the lid, i had this problem once put its because it was sideways in the bottom of my bag (luckily my laptop wasn't in there!).
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on 22 March 2013
I was a little unsure of how well this would work as its so compact but there was no need to be worried - it's absolutely brilliant! The three settings are more than enough to blend everything down and the fact that you use the cups themselves to make the smoothie is brilliant. I take my smoothie in the cup to the gym so I can have it after a workout and it has never leaked even though I just chuck it in my gym bag! I love that it all fits in the corner of my cupboard as well ... it's just such a handy product to have and I recommend it to anyone!
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on 15 November 2013
Super easy to use and to clean afterwards. Love the travel cup as can make the smoothie and take it with me to work. Quite stylish as well.
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on 8 May 2012
Brilliant product, makes one smoothie at a time, put the lid on and go! Item arrived quickly and was exactly as described.
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on 30 December 2015
Most people seem to have bought this to make smoothies, and from reading the reviews it doesn't do that very well. I bought it to replace a Moulinex liquidiser and coffee (and spice) grinder which has worked well for over twenty years. The Kenwood is candidly useless. If you are trying to liquidise something with any degree of stiffness, the blades liquidise the bottom inch, and leave the rest untouched. Every blender I have had before this had a dynamic within the container which cycled material from the top to the bottom and vice versa. This doesn't. You have to go in with a wooden spoon every five seconds or so. How a maker like Kenwood should get something so basic so wrong beggars belief. And the grinder gets tired. It can't, for example, handle cinnamon. Useless.
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on 4 July 2015
I bought a Smoothie to go a year ago. (My first smoothie maker).
Plus Sides: It's very reasonable -you can get them for €29 in some stores. I like that it comes with two mugs. The travel lid has an opening in it that is wide enough to use a straw (I use a glass smoothie straw). -Great for drinking in the car on way to work. The mugs are a nice size and also fits my in-car mug holder. I
I don't find it too noisy -more powerful motors (like nutri bullet/ninjs) is goig to be louder of course!
Easy to wash.
Takes up little room.
Speed settings -good.
Motor running perfect after a year (used it every morning)

Blended foods (Iike celery) would be broken down more in a more powerful machine than this one.
Mugs break easily if they fall on a hard surface. Both mine are now broken :-( (Costs about £5for replacement plus about £7 delivery)
I have tried the nutri bullet -definately blends to a smoother consistency -but way more expensive.

It manages to make smoothies! Although the consistency of what's blended could be smoother, I imagine the digestive system is well able to take in nutrients and good to have some fiber I think! On a budget/as a first smoothie maker I'd go with this one- it's 300W but certainly not bad. Otherwise if you're an a regular smoothie maker I'd look at Nutri Ninja (900W), or NutriBullet (600W) which are around the €129mark. ...the stronger engines make them sound like power tools though!

You get what you pay for. Product is excellent value for money.
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on 7 July 2013
Previously owned a very expensive all singing and dancing smoothie maker, which ended up in the bin as far too difficult to use/clean. This item is quite the opposite!! I can't believe how cheap it was. The two travel mugs are ideal as my husband and I tend to make different smoothies and we can take them to work to have for breakfast or lunch. Very little washing up to do after which is always a winner. It's powerful too quickly cutting through ice and frozen fruits. So far I've found nothing bad about it and hopefully I never will.
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