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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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Price:£50.99 - £229.99
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This Karcher WV60 Window Vac has lived up to expectations in producing sparkling clean windows. In the WV60 outfit you get the Window Vac, two nozzles - a "normal" 280mm nozzle plus a narrower 170mm version for windows with small panes, a charger, spray bottle and cloth, a sample of Karcher Cleaning solution (20ml), plus, a user guide and warranty. The actual Window Vac is the same model whether you buy WV50,60 or 70 kit - it's just the accessories included which differ.

The unit weighs about .7Kg so is easy to handle and the only control to worry about is the on and off switch. The ergonomics of the unit are good - it is easy to hold and the on/off switch is conveniently located. In practical terms a 2 hour charge is more than sufficient to do a 4 bedroom "new build" detached house and more and this includes large patio windows. The unit effectively vacuums off the window cleaning solution and this collects in the ample reservoir which is easy to empty.

I note some people have said that the unit suddenly stops when the battery is exhausted, well, there is a charge indicator but it isn't incremental like a car's fuel gauge, so yes, the unit could suddenly run out of charge. However, unless you are cleaning windows all the time, then it makes sense to charge the unit before you use it even if you think it is part charged. If the battery was more capacious it would make the unit heavier, more expensive and probably take longer to charge.

I've experimented with a number of different cleaning solutions and, in my opinion, the Karcher Concentrate is the best - it may not be the cheapest per ml but you need only use it very sparingly.

Overall, this is a very effective product which works well. Recommended.
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on 11 January 2013
I bought this Window Vac after hearing good things about it from a couple of friends. I spent a lot of time looking at the reviews and researching which model to go for. This pack looked particularly good to me as it has the spray bottle and more importantly for me (who lives in a house with quite a few smaller windows) it comes with the small suction nozzle. The machine itself is a breeze to use - spray, wipe and then vac; its quite therapeutic actually! Very pleased with the results as my windows and mirrors have never been so clean. As a bit of a bonus it is also great for quickly mopping up the condensation which is common during this time of the year and is brilliant on shower screens and tiles. As you can tell I only wish I'd bought one ages ago!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 14 March 2013
Review re-written 28/03/14 (shortened).

So you're thinking about buying a Window Vac ?, the trendy must have that practically everyone rants and raves about, you've probably read many reviews, all of which say how wonderful the device is, do you want an in-depth and honest review from someone who says exactly as it is, if so read on, if not look elsewhere.

Way back in March 2013 I got the bug and felt the urge to buy a window vac, a year on what do I really think (to be honest my opinion is exactly as it was in March 2013, in simple terms it's ok, but not the wonder device people harp on about)

Price wise the Window vac is usually just below £60 on Amazon, which is generally cheaper than in the shops.

Despite what Karcher may say essentially the window vac could easily be described as dustbuster with a squeegee attached, sucking up dirty water. It's a pretty good, well designed device, that is very easy to use, and because it is very lightweight practically anybody can use it. The WV60 bundle comprises the vac, a normal sized squeegee head, a one shot amount of concentrate, a spray bottle with large head (with terry bibs), a very good smaller squeegee blade, which is great for smaller windows etc and the instructions.

To clean windows etc; squirt & wipe with the spray bottle & oversized head & then vacuum, either from top to bottom or from side to side, and then once all done empty out all the dirty water thru the small pouring hole, it's that simple,

Battery life is 20 minutes (as stated in the manual) and it takes around 2-3 hours to charge it, once charged and in use it does sound exactly like a dust buster.

The good;
With the aid of a cloth, ok on windows, mirrors, for condensation, tiles (although water runs down grout channel), and any flat smooth reflective surface/work tops, if you hate cleaning windows and very rarely do clean windows then I can highly recommend the cleaner to you, as it does clean windows pretty quickly, with very little fuss and effort.

There is one other thing that the Window vac is capable of and yet very few mention, clearing up liquid spillages; I knocked over a full glass of soft drink on a short pile carpet, I experimented with the window vac, (it is a wet vac after all) and to it's credit it sucked up a lot of the drink, making it easier to mop up. So a spillage on a smooth surface should be no problem :-).

The bad;
Imho the on/off button is way too easy to press (often turning it off when you don't want it off).
The instructions are very Poor and you'll notice how few mention them.
The oversized head unit is cumbersome and useless in corners etc, watch any sale's pitch and you'll notice they prefer to use a cloth.
The supplied concentrate won't last long and more costs a lot.

Battery life is poor, for a quick one window job it's fine, but anything else and you'll have to be quick, I have yet to do all the windows in my 2 bedroom house without a recharge, even worse the window vac suddenly dies so you could be half way thru doing a window.

Smears, stains, dried water marks, yes I know hundreds say it leave crystal clear windows, however there has never been an occasion where a cloth hasn't been needed to clean up the mess/marks that the window vac leaves, especially around edges and corners, regardless of what solution you use or how much.

I ask those who do regularly clean windows; how have you managed so far and is a £60 window vac truly the answer?.

Conclusion; I've given it 3 stars, so it's not a poor device, however you'll notice from the comments below that my honest and frank approach to reviews has hit a raw nerve with some people, and because of abusive comments I no longer read / or respond to them, I'm not saying don't get a window vac, I'm saying don't expect the wonder device you'd heard/read about - have an open mind, after all how many 4 and 5 star reviewers moan about or mention battery life & smears, and how many actually go into any real depth ;-), try for yourself, the chances are you'll like it but if not, you'd have wasted £60 on something that can be done quicker and for a lot cheaper.
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on 4 September 2014
I had watched the TV adverts and succumbed. I bought it and it arrived well packed and early. The sachet of cleaner fluid is only 20ml and enough for one filling of the spray bottle and I thought that refills of the detergent as being expensive so I used Fairy Liquid!!!!!! It works and the first kitchen windows I used it on, I just could not believe the results, they were crystal clear. However, if you have bird droppings which have dried on to the window pane, the cloth pad on the spray bottle will not remove them; I had to use a kitchen scourer, nylon, to remove them first. I have been going around cleaning more windows, but find that the upstairs top opening windows will not allow me enough room to use both pieces in the normal upright position, the vac does not like working upside down! That apart, I am very happy with it. It is easily rechargeable and the charge lasts long enough for my use.
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on 2 January 2015
On the wole this package works well. The window cleaner pad has two rough strips that will clean off stubborn dirt and it retains a fair bit of dirt before it needs cleaning. When it does need cleaning it can be washed in the washing machine at up to 60 degrees. A fair bit of trigger finger work is required to get enough cleaning fluid onto the window. This is squirted directly onto the window, not onto the pad as I would have expected. It also has quite a lot of back spray when the spray bounces off the window and dribbles down your index finger. This cost it a star. Despite the lost cleaning fluid down my finger, I found that 1 bottle of diluted cleaning fluid (with the complete contents of the stupidly small sachet of cleaning fluid that comes with the vac) cleaned all my windows of the Gwaednerth mansion inside and out. (9 windows & 1 door). The window pane must be saturated with fluid for the vac to work. This could be a challenge with big windows on a hot day. The vac then does a near perfect job of removing the fluid. Slight marks are left at the side of the blade if I was to be picky although I did not take a lot of time over the window as the purpose of this package is that it is quick. For my own interest I switched the motor off and tried wiping the window dry with just the blade. This comes close, but leaves more prominant marks at the sides of where the blade has finished wiping and of course leaves a river of dirty fluid over the window sill.
One area where it does excel is drying bathroom tiles after a shower. It is extremely quick and does not leave much water in between the tiles to run down after drying a section. Far better than with the blade itself.
Changing the heads between the wide and narrow blades is very fast. Cleaning the blades, seperator and tank takes little over a minute. The silicon blade has a square edge to it. The working surface is one of the corners of the square. The blade can be taken out and reversed so that when one corner has been worn out, the other can take its place. Blades can be bought seperately as it realy does not work well with a worn blade. I have not owned it long enough to comment on blade life but mine still look as good as new after quite a few windows.
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What a fantastic thing! We bought this on a whim as we're forever finding that when we clean our windows and tiles they end up in a streaky mess. Would this help? YES!

It's smaller than I imagined, and light too. Inside the box you'll find the vac, a mains charger, two squeegee nozzles (one narrower than the other), a sachet of cleaning solution, a spray gun and a fleecy attachment for the spray. Once the vac has been charged (took about an hour for us I think - a red light close to the power connector blinks while charging and is on constantly when charged) you simply clip a nozzle to the device, spray the window, give them a wipe and off you go. To operate, the vac has an on / off switch inside the handle (a button you click on / off, rather than a trigger) and you simply use the vac like a squeegee. The results are brilliant - our largest kitchen window has always been a problem to clean as every streak stands out like a sore thumb, but after a few seconds with this it looked amazing. We had no problems getting to the bottom of the window - you can use the unit horizontally if you need - and there were no streaks at all. Off the first charge I managed to do six picture windows, sixteen small windows, six glass door panels, and a seven panel glass porch! In use the vac is light and doesn't make too much noise - it sounds a bit like a hairdryer actually. To empty, simply pull out the rubber bung on the clear / grey water tank and tilt the unit over a sink. You'll probably be shocked at how filthy your windows are!

The spray gun is essentially a plastic plant sprayer, and the sachet of solution is enough to fill the bottle (20ml, then fill the bottle with tap water to a "MAX" line on the neck) - the windows I mentioned earlier used maybe three quarters of the bottle. 500ml bottles of solution are also available from Amazon and other retailers, including supermarkets. To be honest you can also use soapy water, or other detergent for that matter. Additional microfibre pads are also available, and the one supplied with the unit is washable, but again you could just as well use a cloth or paper towel to wash your surfaces.

Does it just work on windows? No! I've used it on windows, mirrors, tiles (the bathroom wall around the shower), and the stainless steel cooker hood, and all came up brilliantly. Be warned though - it's not a wet / dry vac and is only for clearing up liquids, and is also only for cleaning windows and the like, rather than mopping up spillages.

All in all this is a fantastic little thing. I wish we'd bought one sooner.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 21 February 2013
Ok, first of all let me tell you something about myself. I was trained as a CSI, so I am quite tuned into marks of any kind and secondly, I have a house with a lot of glass which is south facing and has Velux windows, huge windows, glass doors, mirrored wardrobes and black granite short it it a total nightmare to keep clean.

We currently spend £20 a month on window cleaning which is great the day they are cleaned, but once my ten year old twins and our various pets run round, the surfaces are left with fingerprints and nose smudges drives me to distraction!

So, I ordered this having researched them a number of times and decided that for a few months window cleaning bills I could have this instead and do them myself when they needed it (rather than when the window cleaner comes - which is often in the rain!)

The item itself is remarkably light to hold, it plugs into a charger and stands up on its own (no wall mounting required). It came with a squirty bottle and sponge head, interchangeable heads for different windows and a sachet of cleaning liquid.

I could not wait to try it out....the sun was shining and my windows were grubby, so after a quick charge I was off!

It is exceptionally easy to use, spray, wipe, suck repeat. The vac really does suck up all the water and left my windows streak free in no time at all. I then tried it on my worktops......I usually sponge them down and then e-cloth them, and even then sometimes they look streaky. With this vac they were dry and shiny - in seconds!!

I then moved onto the mirrors.....crystal clean in seconds.....I couldn't stop so I went through the house wiping down everything I could, windowsills, showers, the fridge door, the kitchen cupboards....all clean and dry without streaks with hardly any effort.

Honestly it is an amazing gadget - I wish I had bought one sooner and I am glad I went for this one with the extra bits.

The water that came out of the collection reservoir was mucky and most importantly it was so easy to do I now don't have to wait until the window cleaner comes to be able to look out of my windows without feeling irritated!

Buy one, you will be glad you did.
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on 18 March 2013
Wonderful little machine. Cleans windows streak free in no time. Wish I had bought it years ago! So easy to use!
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on 29 April 2013
I was very disappointed after reading all the rave reviews. For me this product is very over priced and very over rated. The instructions weren't very clear (still haven't figured out where the second ring goes) and poorly written. The window liquid was horrible, left a film and smudges on my windows, had to re-do them with good old fashioned vinegar. The vac it's self is ok, but will be using it mostly for my shower - brilliant for the shower room, otherwise I thought this product was very disappointing and a waste of money.
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on 12 December 2014
BRILLIANT! WONDERFUL! I want to shout from the rooftops about how good this window cleaning kit is! I bought it as we have problems with condensation on our windows. It is ideal for that - no more soggy cloths to wipe them down. I just vacuum the moisture up and that's it! I used the enclosed sample of the Karcher window cleaning solution to wash the windows, and wow! It makes window cleaning a joy! I never in a million years thought I would ever make that comment! Spray the diluted solution on, using the trigger spray with the microfiber pad attached, wipe the glass, and then simply vacuum it up! Clean, gleaming glass with NO SMEARS! It's so quick and easy, that I went around the house cleaning several windows (which I hadn't intended doing that day!). It made cleaning the doors and windows in our conservatory an absolute doddle - that was a real chore in the past, and I always had smears and marks left afterwards. Not with this though! I actually don't mind the sun shining on the glass now, as all you can see is the shine! I genuinely cannot recommend this highly enough. Buy it, you won't regret it!
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