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3.9 out of 5 stars481
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 21 May 2013
Amazon have for some reason listed the same set of reviews for this recent 2012 blu ray edition as the original 2009 DVD version. I just want to point out that the inferior red/green glasses are with the old DVD edition. This Blu ray features the proper high definition 3D that requires a 3D TV. I bought the DVD release a few years ago and the tinted glasses obviously ruin the overall picture quality...,so much so that I preferred watching it in standard 2D. This updated release on blu ray shows the 3D off to spectacular effect with rich full colour and objects flying out of the screen. Some of the effects are done just to show off but overall it's a fun film that can now finally be enjoyed in proper 3D not in a green/ red mess. Avoid the DVD version, Amazon need to separate the two sets of reviews
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VINE VOICEon 24 April 2009
10 years after the death of his brother, Trevor (Brendan Fraser) and his young nephew Sean find an old copy of Jules Verne's Journey To The Centre Of The Earth with various notes written amongst the pages. This takes Trevor and Sean to Iceland where they meet Hannah, their guide, and they begin their own journey to the centre of the Earth.

Yes, this is a kids film. Yes, this is very loosely based on the classic Jules Verne novel. Yes, the story is absolutely ridiculous, but who cares - it is just good fun! Anyone expecting a perfect adaption of the novel (or the 50's film) will be disappointed but if you watch it for what it is, it is exciting, action-packed and looks amazing in 3-D. I've seen other 3-D films on DVD (this is my first on Blu Ray) such as Shrek 3-D and Friday the 13th Part 3 and they didn't really work that well, maybe because they were done quite a while ago or because they weren't on Blu Ray - I don't know, so I was a little sceptical about getting this, but when I was watching it I was just so impressed with how good and three dimensional it looked that I couldn't stop saying to my friend how stunning it looked. It wasn't perfect though - the colour has a very washed-out look to it (as it's mainly greens and reds) and some of the effects where they're supposed to pop out of the screen (like the bird and the yo-yo) sometimes have a ghost effect on them, but generally I was so surprised at how good it looked that I didn't once think that I'll have to watch the 2-D version too (which was my initial thought when buying it).

Overall this was a really enjoyable and silly film that I recommend to anyone who wants an light-hearted and thrill-a-minute family action film and also to anyone who wants to see how well 3-D films work in HD Blu Ray. A solid three and a half stars from me!
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on 27 May 2009
The Journey To The Center Of The Earth comes with two pairs of 3D glasses and watching the film in 3D really is amazing on my 42 inch Panasonic tv. I kept on finding myself moving from side to side as different things came flying towards me. Watching the film normally is just as enjoyable because it's such a good fun film, which is taken from a classic fantasy novel. Brendan Fraser always makes me laugh in his films and I can't wait to see The Mummy 3 which he stars in too. If you like your fantasy films fast paced with some humour then Journey To The Center Of The Earth is for you and, watch out for the fish they will make you jump out of your seat when you are watching it in 3D!
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on 30 October 2008
Well, there's already the known classic movie based on Jules Verne's timeless book. Fact is, in the trendy "Let's shoot all the film classics new!"-hype, there could basically be no such better adventure than "Journey to the center of the earth." In todays computer-driven blockbusters, the whole power of Vernes epic idea could blast us from our seats in the 21st century if the production would be appropriate.

Eric Bervig, directing this movie, did all in all a fine job. The cast with Brandan Fraser is quite good and he is doing a nice performance. I will not go into detail here regarding the storyline. All of you might be more interested in how the long anticipated blu ray release turns out.

The movie was intentionally done to be produced and shot in 3D, which means that two cameras have to face the objects from a different view, then in post-production the material is being rendered with green and red shapes (one from each camera) and in addition to the included 3D-glasses in the package, you simulate your brain that acutally you are in the movie!

Question is, how great turns the technology out? "Bugs! Adventures in the Rainforest" was a 3D HD-DVD Release last year that had the same technology. Trouble was, the Hi Def picture lost a bit sharpness and contrast in 3D-Mode, but was looking stunning in 2D.
Here, in "Journey...." we have the complete Opposite.

Let's get straight to the point: The Movie in 3D is just AWESOME!!!! Thankfully, there is no big loss of Hi Def picture quality in 3D and you will be amazed, on how incredibly detailed rocks, skins, hairs or other objects will be. The moment when the trio enters the big cave is absolutely stunning in its beauty. Colors are bright, detail is crisp and contrast solid. Some scenes may have a bit loss of 3D effect, but thats not a lot.

The producers put actually two times the movie on the 50 GB disc. According to my codec-o-meter of the PS3, the data flow in 3D is MUCH higher than the 2D picture version. It seems that the director wanted the 3D Version of the movie to become the featured part on the blu ray and gave it a moren than solid compression.

The 2D picture looks quite nice, but once you saw the film in 3D, you never want to switch back again. In 2D, some scenes look a bit soft and blurry, sometimes lacking the incredible sharp detial that is Hi Def. All in all, the 2D HD picture is still very good and worth a Blu Ray release in every case. I guess that the director gave a shot to the 3D mode in production, that is why the compression flow of the 2D version was intentionally a bit lower.

Included on the disc are three short featurettes, thankfully all in HD!
You will get four 3D glasses and a bonus digital copy disc of the film to be shown on iPod etc.

Parting toughts:

"Journey To The Center Of The Earth" might be the most interesting blu ray release at the moment when it comes to the incredible 3D effect. Imagine this movie to be shown in 3D on a 70" LCD or projector screen!
The supplemental stuff is satisfying. This blu ray showcases the actual power that is Hi Def in a whole new way and might be an inspiration to other filmmakers or producers to show off cinema in a different way...


2D: 7/10
3D 9.5/10


English DTS-HD: 8/10

Bonus Stuff: 7/10

Note: The US-Blu Ray is region code free!
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on 31 January 2009
my fiance and me just watched this film on blue ray and have to say very impressive, picture is very clear indeed. Story is easy to follow and certain bits can make you jump. A kinda film for the family, kids will love it cant go wrong for under £15 for blue ray when dvds can be more. well worth every penny in my eyes!
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on 7 December 2008
Poor story.

Poor 3d.

3d was in wierd colors. Purple seemed to overpower everything.

I had a throbbing head after an hour and my eyes were sore.

Also the 3d was out of focus.

i believe there is a scene where a gun or a pike is thrust forward. All i could see was two images out of focus. Not at all clear.

Agree spykids was better with the 3d effect.

Didnt anyone watch this before releasing onto DVD? Perhaps they did as it was thrown in as a freebie!
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on 6 November 2008
Contrary to the other reviewers I really enjoyed the 3D version. The colour is not perfect because it is red/green 3D but you can see colour and the 3D effect is stunning. The disc also includes a 2D version.

The film was also very entertaining. All round I thought I got my moneys worth.
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Firstly, let me make it absolutely clear that this review refers to the Eric Brevig/Brendan Fraser version of this film, and the version we watched was not 3-D (sometimes Amazon reviews seem to develop the nasty habit of being applied to the wrong edition of a particular product*, so I thought I ought to make that clear).

This is a yet another film version of a book that's been brought to the screen many times over the years. Like all the other films sharing this title, it's based on Jules Verne's book of the same name, and like the book itself it perhaps ought to be renamed, 'Journey Some Distance Towards The Centre Of The Earth' (anti-climactic perhaps, and certainly less dramatic or seductive, but a better description of the narrative). Having just re-read the Verne book, I was excited by the prospect of watching a new film version of the story, but this version was infinitely more anti-climactic than the original: in the book the failure of the protagonists to actually reach the centre of the earth doesn't stop Verne serving up a ripping good yarn, but sadly this movie fails to get anywhere near the centre of anything.

This is easily amongst the worst films I've ever seen. I watched it with several friends who regularly get together to watch all kinds of movies. This was a real challenge to just sit through, but we decided to endure it, mostly to see if it might at any point in any way redeem itself. If I could give it no stars at all, I would, it's that bad! But as the Amazon review system doesn't allow that, the single star can be for the only thing which even gets near the appearance of the film having made any effort to rise from depths of it's own excrescence, and that's the plot device whereby Fraser and co.'s adventure uses Jules Verne's book in the same way that Jules Verne's original book makes use of a supposed lost/rare document, as a coded map to the entrance to the centre of the earth.

This is the directorial debut of Eric Brevig, an Academy Award winning special effects wizard. If you're someone who finds 3-D movies compelling just for the 3-D effect alone, well, perhaps this movie, seen in that format, might have something going for it. But I find this hard to credit, and even if this were the case, it'd only be on a purely technical level, because everything else about the film is so incredibly dire. Watched as we did on non 3-D format, even the special effects looked woeful, a case in point being the trip across the inner sea, in which the monsters and the water both looked utterly artificial and unreal, and entirely unconvincing in terms of a contiguous environment: you could really feel that the actors were acting a 'blue screen' vacuum.

I've not seen the film in 3-D - apparently this movie was made specifically to seen that way - but I have no desire whatsoever to sit through such rubbish for the sake of 3-D effects alone, not even for a deeper appreciation of Anita Briem's purely physical allure. Whilst Verne's hero pines for his surface bound fiancé, accompanied only by a taciturn Icelander, Brevig has Briem and Josh Hutcherson accompany Fraser, a directorial choice that reflects the overall dumbing down that typifies this movie, which is, very ironically given the title of the book/film, all about surface appeal, and fails even in that respect! These points underline the essence of my review: this film is based on a good story, but that story has been butchered both conceptually and technically, by bad acting, direction and a truly woeful script.

Technical exercises in any medium are always enhanced by being completely realised works of art; if this is purely a vehicle for 3-D thrills it should still have been hung off the frame of a good/interesting story. But, like so many modern sci-fi movies, substance is stripped away in favour of style. In this case what's left is beyond being purely insubstantial, it's an act of vandalism on Verne's highly imaginative tale.

* As indeed happened to this very review: it got appended to the US import version... c'mon Amazon... sort it out!
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on 16 March 2009
The only reason for this buy was the 3D Version, because I love everything in 3D.
The story is far away from Jules Verne, but who cares?
You will need magenta/green glasses to see this film in 3D. They were exclusively made and you have to buy a minimum of 50 if you need more than the 2 included in the package.
The effects are acceptable. Do not expect too much even if this is a BD. There a just a few scenes in which the picture came out of the screen. The rest is divided in fore- and background. The actors are mainly in the foreground and the background is kind of blured.
Anyway, compared to other productions this one is on the better side even for me as a colourblind male ;o)
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 8 October 2009
I really enjoyed watching this film in 3D. It is a shame you only get two pairs of glasses, you should really get four. And wish they had been better made (eg plastic and not card).

Anyway, really enjoyed the film and watching it in 3D is a whole new experience. The 3D effects are really good, and of course will depend on the size of the screen you are watching it on. Yes, the colour isn't really there when you are watching the 3D version, but the 2D version is also on the disc.

Don't know about anyone else, but I was seeing green and red for about five minutes after I took the glasses off!

Would recommend getting this film, and as more films are coming out in 3D hopefully they will start bringing out better quality glasses.
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