Jonathan Creek: The Clue of the Savant's Thumb 2013


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Itās time to dust off the duffle coat as Alan Davies and Sheridan Smith return to star in a brand new Jonathan Creek mystery, involving secret societies, seeming supernatural events at a girlsā boarding school and the miraculous disappearance of a body in front of several witnesses. But as Creek and Joey soon discover, there is more to this case than a mere locked-room mystery ā what is the link with the baffling red rings which appeared on the foreheads of convent schoolgirls in the 1960ās, and the horrifying, ghostly death of a student? And what could explain the repeated appearance of St Barnabas himself to the girls? Something supernatural is hiding in the old convent school grounds, but Creek has an inkling that not all is as it seems. Using his powers of deduction and lateral thinking, Creek races against time to uncover a number of intriguing clues which lead him to the unbelievable truth. Can he once again render the impossible, possible?

Rik Mayall, Michael Lumsden
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  • Feature ages_15_and_over
Runtime 1 hour 29 minutes
Starring Rik Mayall, Michael Lumsden, Sheridan Smith, Alan Davies, Sarah Alexander
Director David Renwick
Rental release 6 May 2013
Main languages English
Hearing impaired subtitles English

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Customer Reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

37 of 38 people found the following review helpful By Anne, a selective viewer on 19 April 2013
Format: DVD
I know that I am merely rehashing what all the other reviewers have written, but after watching this I felt confused. There were many elements that gave it that Jonathan Creek atmosphere, except for Jonathan. What they have done to his character is absurd and nonsensical. That he, a quiet introvert genius, would leave his gorgeous and beloved windmill, his life's work, all his magic files and possessions, Victorian posters... his whole life; and suddenly marry a shallow bossy woman who turns him into a boring old corporate business man and makes him live in a ghastly ultra-modern box of a house. He even had to hide his trusty duffle coat in the back of the closet! It doesn't make sense at all and he looked rather miserable throughout the whole episode, like a fish out of water. Very strange and wrong.
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46 of 50 people found the following review helpful By EKY on 7 April 2013
Format: DVD
Firstly I am a huge Creek fan and have been following the series since the beginning. I am also an avid follower of Alan Davies career, have been for the last 14 years. This episode was long awaited and it was with great excitement that I sat down to watch it. Unfortunately I was bitterly disappointed.

The positives - the cast are great. Alan Davies of course always manages to pull off a combination of puppy dog eyes, lateral thinking faces and humour without appearing smug or dislikeable. Sheridan Smith was highly entertaining, my favourite actor in this piece. It was great to see Rik Mayall back as good old Gideon Pryke. Nigel Planer also returns but, annoyingly, as a new character. I found this inconsistent as he was previously Sheldon in Series 1, episode 3 and thought it odd that Mayall was allowed to return as his original character but Planer was not. It was almost as if they expected viewers to not have seen the previous episodes. Joanna Lumley gives a great performance as someone haunted by her own conscious. Supporting cast were also strong. It was a shame not to see Stuart Milligan return as Klaus, so we can only hope he will feature again in future episodes.

However there were numerous things wrong with this episode in my opinion. Most importantly for me the aspects that made `Creek `special as both a character and a series are now diminished if not non-existent.

I had always admired Creek's eccentricities. The fact he was a loner always resonated with me and his living in a windmill added to a bit of mystical charm. But what do we find here? He's suddenly married living in some sort of suburban mansion with no plausible explanation as to why he's left his beloved windmill which had been in his family five generations.
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31 of 35 people found the following review helpful By Hello on 4 April 2013
Format: DVD
Okay, I love Jonathan Creek: it's fun, it always looks gorgeous, and its puzzles can be terrific. The more I see of special episodes, though, the more it seems like the formula needs to be kept within an hour, and this is one of the worse ones: over-complicated and ultimately unsatisfying.

To work, the puzzles need to meet certain criteria. We need to have all the information available for us to solve them, they need to have a completely physical explanation, and they need to involve lateral thinking. These puzzles depend on a number of things that don't really work with those. There's no way to talk about it without giving away some details, so skip this paragraph if you like, but ... the explanations very often feel thin. A vision is explained by the victim having been drugged: apart from the fact that this seems an implausible thing for nuns to do, placing the explanation in drugs is very close to 'then I woke up and found it was all a dream': it means the explanation rests in the witness's perceptions having been distorted instead of what they're supposed to be with a magic trick: accurate, but misdirected. It isn't as clever as you'd want from a Jonathan Creek episode. A lot of murder attempts are explained by unknown Special Forces people operating around the margins, trying to cover up something that we, the audience, were not told about: this is unfair, because it hides so much from us that we can't guess based on what we have, and it's also unsatisfying because so much of the explanation depends on the actions of characters who aren't really part of the story.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful By DailyCrumb on 26 Aug 2013
Format: DVD
Before writing this short review I had a look and discovered that TV crews are unable to film at the Windmill anymore. Jonathan Creek always filmed both inside and outside of the Mill. This unfortunate update means Jonathan would no longer have his beautiful and wacky home.

That aside, how did they deal with this? Unfortunately David Renwick did not deal with it and just scrapped everything from the past. Even Jonathan's career as a magicians assistant. Adam Klaus did not appear in this episode, i was waiting and waiting and unfortunately he never appeared in new Jonathan's life.

While I like the casting of Jonathan's wife there is no point in him being unhappy in the relationship when he connected better with 3 previous women. Seeing him in the office was a mess with my head as a fan and because of all of this change something was totally out of place. He was still and non-magical. So sad to see him like this and end this episode on this.

The mystery is average, not the quality of previous adventures, The Grinning Man being the most recent highlight.

I would have liked the windmill to make some sort of cameo, as such an important part of Jonathan's life, or even he mention it with a good reason for the move. Even to see how he met his wife would have been a nice add on.

There are only 2 highlights of this episode, Sheridan Smith and the fact we've missed this show so much anything is good.
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